Kpop Hop: Magic Music Tiles!

Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 09:30 am

Kpop Hop: Magic Music Tiles!

Kpop Hop: Magic Music Tiles!

Kpop Hop: Magic Music Tiles! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Phong Hua, Kpop Hop: Magic Music Tiles! is a Music game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 30th March 2020 with the latest update 29th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Music, Music, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Kpop Hop: Magic Music Tiles! ?

611 people have rated 38.0

What is the price of the Kpop Hop: Magic Music Tiles! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Kpop Hop: Magic Music Tiles! released ?

Kpop Hop: Magic Music Tiles! was released on 30th March 2020.

When was the Kpop Hop: Magic Music Tiles! updated ?

The latest updated date of Kpop Hop: Magic Music Tiles! on 29th April 2023.

Where can Kpop Hop: Magic Music Tiles! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Kpop Hop: Magic Music Tiles! from Apple Official App Store.



  • Magic Hop: Kpop Music Tiles! is a game that challenges your reflexes and reaction time.
  • Play now and feel new KPOP music challenges wherever you are.


  1. Touch, hold and drag to 2 sides to control the ball to jump on the tiles.
  2. Don’t "fall" off the track!
  3. Relax, enjoy KPOP music and challenges designed specifically for each song.

The ball will dance to the beat of KPOP music. Listen to the music, follow the melody and use your abilities to control the ball and overcome the challenge. Don’t release your hand while playing!

All free! Play Magic Hop: Kpop Music Tiles! today!

Updated on 29th April 2023

+80 Level
+Upgrade music qualiy
+Upgrade graphics
+20 Beautiful kpop themes
+Fix bug!

Kpop Hop: Magic Music Tiles! Review

We’ve been playing for a month now and its really fun it only has blackpink and BTS songs we really wanted twice there our bias group but we still like bts and blackpink but overall we recommend getting it, its really funStan twice.


We like the game and all but its only BTS and BLACKPINK. We wish there were more groups and less ads. A little mire improvement and the app would be really great!

Its good but it doesnt really have any songs we really like nor does it have Christmas songs.

When our volume is al the way up we should be able to hear but we wasnt able to.

When we did MIC DROP and we fell we couldnt choose to not continue and we HAD to choose an ad to continue so mm we dont like it and forced us to watch an ad.

The songs are not labeled correctly which is very confusing. The game is also very confusing like it would just randomly say we died and we would hit the stars and it wouldnt count it. Overall the game isnt even good.

There are only two bands, the two most popular, which aren’t the only good bands out there! Not only that, but only the medals for Ddu Du Ddu Du were actually showing up. Finally, there are way too many adds, if a level can be passed that quickly there shouldn’t be adds every time you get done.

They should add new bands and other groups besides BTS and black pinkExample:TXT,Enhypen,IVE,I*zone,Loona,etc.

It was a fun game til they updated it and took out all the EXO songs and other artist. Now theres only BTS and BLACK PINK. We dont think that was very fair for the other fans playing the game.

It isnt that bad its just, the songs are like weird remix versions and personally we really prefer the original songs, but we also recognize that this could just be because of copyright© Also there are wayyyyyy to many ads, and we also recognize that the ads are in place so that the creators can make more money, but please, its too many ads! There is one after every. Single. Level! And when you open the app there are ads! Thats all thank you for reading! Have a nice day!

Some reason it always says when we pick like dynamite by BTS always says ads are unavailable so we cant play it And its getting really aggravating Can someone help us?

We cant hear the music and we went settings and we still cant so like no but pls tell us how to do it.

So, we downloaded this game for probably the same reason you downloaded it or will download it for. We love K-pop, and we want to see a game with it. This game is pretty fun and has decently challenging levels. The one thing that we really dont like about this game, is that the remixed beats drown out the sound of the singers voices. So blinks or ARMY, youre not gonna hear (Jimin) (Rose) (Jungkook) (Jennie) or any other members that well. We really wished the game kept the real songs and didnt put new bears over it. Overall, this game is pretty average and we would recommend this if youre fine with the remixes.

There is a few ads, however you can choose from tons of different songs and it is so fun plus it is a relaxing game. It does come with a bit of difficulty if you are doing a hard song but overall really great game!

Love the game but the ads are annoying and we wish most of the songs were original versions instead of remixes.

Would like some more K-pop songs from different artists not just BTS Blackpink etc etc please add some different artists like Stay Kids.

Ok so the ads dont work like at all. And the other thing is the song names r not right. We need more k-pop bands like Itsy, skz, big band too WHY?! 50/50 god and bad at the some time. Good work theres is a lot of reasons why but Im not going to tell u.

Ok we know there are a lot of different songs and they are all enjoyable but it is so hard to get coins they only have one or two songs open then you have to pay for the rest of the songs and even if you try to do the songs a lot of times it only give you a little of the money to get the next song and that doesnt feel right. Also we try to get the song by watching the ads but it always says no ads available which is so annoying. We hope you can take our complaints with discretion.

Its really nice just add more songs of other people <333.

We think it is great but can you add more groups pls.

Its very good but more bts please and thanks.

We love it but there are some games that we cant play, it says that it cant be downloaded so it tells us to retry or to press home and when we press retry it doesnt work. But other than that we really love this game, it cures our boredom.

This is a very fun game to play! We like how theres so many songs to play. We think if you added a few other groups such as: TXT, Enhypen, GOT7, Seventeen, NCT (maybe including the other units too), Stray Kids, and Pentagon, it would give you more ratings and good reviews!

We love how it has bts we love bts and the music is so fantastic.

This is a very fun game to play if you really love K-POP it has a lot of BTS twice wanna one black pink and many more. We fell in love with this game.

Great like it but we personally recommend adding original vocals and make it a setting when we lose we cant go back instead we have to refresh to go back to chose the song again.

When we do the online it feels like Im playing with bots which is kinda annoying cuz we actually wanna have a challenge like it said this girl has 56 wins but she only got up to 65 like what?

We love love love this game dont get us wrong but we know a lot of people who play this game but theyre favorite people are not in the game such as nct and red velvet.

We like the app but we feel like there needs to be more artists and more songs but overall we like this app.

As someone that likes grams like these Im so happy they have a kpop vr! They do have a lot of ads but you kind of get used to it.

The app itself is good but there are too many ads. After every song there is an ad. We mean like, get that cash girl but still, we just wanna play the game not watch 20 ads. We also think there should be more artists and songs. Overall though its a pretty good app. Peace.

Disclaimer: This is for mobile users The app is really fun. There are plenty of songs to play as well as kpop bands. Only problems are that some of the songs skip part of the actual music. Also, when you finish theres not an X button. Theres only an ad. And to get out of there you have to close the app (by pressing the home button twice and swiping up on it). Thats all! Have a good morning/noon/afternoon/evening! Lol Bye!~

It takes a while to load otherwise its amazing.

We really love the game. Its really fun and challenging. But there are too many ads. We get it that we have to watch ads to resume the game and go play some levels. But we dont really like it when theres an ad after every game wether you win or lose. And we also wish there was a pause button. Sometime if we have to pause the game to go somewhere like when our parents call us, we would have to quit the game and we lose. So we hope there will be less ads and a pause button.

We give the app a four and a half, because the game itself has a good system and there are no large problems. We think they try to advertise too much. If we try to revive myself, it tells us its out of videos, so we exit out and BOOM! An ad. Also the music sounds different from the actual songs they use. We look forward to hearing the lyrics and singing along but its just full on karaoke and we dont know how to feel about that. Thats all we wanted to talk about,

The overall app is good but when it comes to certain BTS songs like Airplane 2 and others it barely plays the song. It cuts off to short and doesnt really play a lot of the song.

When we downloaded it we expected to be a really good app with a lot of artists. But there were barely any artists, and it was only the karaoke version of all the songs. Even when we chose to play TT by Twice, it completely played a different song, CHEER UP by Twice! We wouldve given this a 2 star but the idea is really good, considering any of the games only has around 2 or 3 K-POP songs, and theyre always the really popular ones like DU-DU-DU-DU by BLACKPINK. (Im not in any way hating on the song! Im kinda just getting bored of it) Alas, please fix these, and we would really bump it up to a 4 star! And if you add many more songs from different groups/idols, who knows, maybe even a 5 star.

We love the game but couldve u add more songs with words though.

This is a fun game but it has TOO many ads if you finish a song or you lose there is no resume or home button you can press to choose another song or even get back to the home page. It would really help to use less ads and have a home button please and thank you.

Some of the songs dont have the right titles and the data for a lot of the songs wouldnt download.

So the game itself isnt bad, but a lot of the songs arent right. Like the song thats labeled TT in the game is actually Cheer Up and the song labeled as So Hot by Blackpink is actually the original Wonder Girls version. They cant even bother to credit the right group for the song. Along with that, Im pretty sure the songs are all pitched down. We tried singing along with Twices Knock Knock which would normally be too high for us and was able to do it.

It only puts the background music no words no nothin this is a rip off you really expect words no words just background music Im done with these type of games.

We dont know whats wrong but we cant hear the music someone please help!!!

When we downloaded the app we thought we would be able to here the voice of them but no we cant.

We got this game it was nothing like the original game. For example it only plays half of the songs. And theres no words to the song. And to many adds. DONT GET THIS GAME!!!!

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