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KPOP Poly Sphere: Low Poly

KPOP Poly Sphere: Low Poly

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, KPOP Poly Sphere: Low Poly! Developed by the innovative team at Phong Hua, this Puzzle game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 15th August 2019, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 25th September 2019.

Are you a fan of Puzzle, games? Then KPOP Poly Sphere: Low Poly is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of KPOP Poly Sphere: Low Poly

Over 102 players have rated KPOP Poly Sphere: Low Poly. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does KPOP Poly Sphere: Low Poly Cost?

Good news! You can download KPOP Poly Sphere: Low Poly on your iOS device absolutely free!

KPOP Poly Sphere: Low Poly Release Date

Eager to know when KPOP Poly Sphere: Low Poly first graced the App Store? It was launched on 15th August 2019.

When Was KPOP Poly Sphere: Low Poly Last Updated?

The latest version of KPOP Poly Sphere: Low Poly was updated on 25th September 2019, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download KPOP Poly Sphere: Low Poly?

To get started with KPOP Poly Sphere: Low Poly, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into KPOP Poly Sphere: Low Poly

  • Kpop Sphere – Low Poly Sphere Puzzle Game! is a completely new 3D brain teaser & game game for free

rotate the puzzle pieces, and when you get closer to the correct angle, the pieces will merge into a beautiful picture of the singers in the Kpop group.


  • Enjoy with photos of kpop group suitable for all ages.

  • We provide the soundtrack of the kpop group to make the game more attractive.

Come play and relax now with Kpop Sphere – Low Poly Sphere Puzzle Game! You will love this 3d color puzzle game.

We love you! Enjoy!

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of KPOP Poly Sphere: Low Poly updated on 25th September 2019:

New Models
Fix Bug

User Reviews on KPOP Poly Sphere: Low Poly

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of KPOP Poly Sphere: Low Poly below:

Bts exo Blakc pink twice nst txt Got7 big mama mo.

We always want to go to our favorite human beings BTS.

Over all we loved the game! But we finished in ten minutes… All we have to say is add more groups! Im getting bored the same ones over and over again. A.D.D. M.O.R.E.

Im not trying to sound mean about it but can you update the game? We finished all of it, please?

This game is awesome. Even the background music is kpop songs! Which was genius! However, every time we complete a puzzle, an ad plays. Super annoying considering a bunch of these are really easy and short to complete so ads just play, and play, and play! Thats the only reason Im taking off a star. Otherwise, amazing app.

This game is really nice and the pictures are great to but we finished all levels in less the 15 minutes.

We think its a good app, we actually really enjoy it, but there arent many levels and most of them were really easy and we wish they were more difficult and there were more to do…. We finished the whole thing in an hour :/

Its a great game but we think you should add more kpop idols like Stray Kids,EXO, TXT,Day6,NCT,etc. Because BTS, Black Pink, and Twice arent the only group that are famous so we hope you can add more kpop idol!!!

Its a fun game but…. There are way to many ads , only 3 k-pop groups, and not a equal amount of members. What we mean by that is in the bts part there was only one Taehyung (V) . We dont think its fare because V is our bias and there only one. But for jimin it was like half of the bts section dont get us wrong we love Jimin but could of added like 2 more taehyung.

Dont get us wrong we love this game it feeds our Kpop addiction but we finished all the levels in one day and we just wanna know if theres gonna be more levels soon cuz we NEED MOREEEEE lol.

But it need more levels then just Twice, BlackPink, & BTS. Please add more groups and not just those three.

We like the app but there is too much Jimin pictures and not enough V aka Taehyung. In the black pink one there is so much Ros images and maybe like, 2 Jisoo pictures and we want more. As for twice although we cant really tell the difference between the members we know what Momo looks like but Im not sure if we saw any pictures of her but if there are few and we missed them please add more because she is our fav along with Tzuyu if that is how you spell her name.

Its a great game but in the twice level there is only 1 Mina we need Mina!

Like what the title is called, its okay. We will tell you the reasons why its okay because 1. We downloaded it we finished quickly through all of them, it needs more K-pop groups like right now. And 2. The ads came when we finished one thing. And 3. We got bored very fast since there was only 3 K-pop groups. Its your opinion, thought. ._.

Its good we downloaded this app because we are a blink and most of all there are so little pictures and most of them are bad quality. So yah….. Its ok.

Its a very good game we enjoyed it but…. Why is there only twice, black pink and bts? You should add more kpop group in there that just them because it would be more fun with other fandoms.

Every time we would finish a level it would give us a ad. And Plz make more levels without the bunch of ads!!

This is a fun game, and we enjoy it, but there is only BTS, Blackpink, and Twice up here when there are soooo many kpop groups. Also, an ad comes up every single time we play a level. Other than that we love it.

Its a great game some are kind of challenging but good, we finished it all in on day also amazing pictures. We do have some complaints though. The very first one we noticed is that all you have on there are BTS, BlackPink, and Twice. There are sooo many more Kpop groups that should be in here so we hope in the future, more get added. EXID SuperJunior SNSD Got7 EXO Girls Generation Red Velvet BtoB Apink GFriend SHINee And more… Or Solo artists in one category IU Aliee G-Dragon PSY Chungha Suzy Sunmi Somi And more… Also for Twice, the first picture was not a member of Twice but a member of GFreind. Lastly for Twice there more pictures of some members then others it would be nice if they were all an even amount. Thankyou.

This game is pretty good. We finished it all in one day. There we just one set back. Not enough groups or puzzles, too many ads. We keep on getting ads after every single poly sphere puzzle do and it’s really bugging us. Some of the ads take at most 10 clicks to get out of. Please fix this problem.

The game is ok but there are so many ads and only bts, blackpink and twice.

There are only three groups and its so basic. We thought there was a NCT or SKZ but no its literally only BTS Black Pink and some other group that we forgot about. Pls stop.

There are a lot of pictures of js one idol and thats annoying along with an add popping up after every single picture and we want more groups like SKZ Txt Seventeen Enhypen Onlyoneof EXO Ateez Itzy And soloists such as IU Hwasa Bebe Jessi Jackson Wang Kim Tae Yeon HyunA And many more that we cant think of right now but Im pretty sure if you added A LOT more groups and A MUCH of soloists this app may be excellent.

Cant this company put more groups like Momoland ,IVE,or kep1er like bruhhhhhhh.

So we went on and looked and saw settings it said music playing boy with love bts but we didnt hear it we turned our volume up all the way and no music whatsoever.

Its a cool idea but there are currently only 10 with ads and 2 of them you cant play. And from what our friend told us they are all from Blackpink. So it shouldnt be called Kpop it should be called Black Pink.

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