Lateres – Breakout for Watch

Last updated on June 10th, 2023 at 10:40 am

Lateres – Breakout for Watch


Lateres – Breakout for Watch is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Raffaele D’Amato, Lateres – Breakout for Watch is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 26th April 2015 with the latest update 17th December 2021

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


41 people have rated 5.0.2

You can download the game Lateres – Breakout for Watch from APP STORE.


Lateres is a fun retro breakout game.
Use Digital Crown to move your paddle on Apple Watch!
Hit the ball with your paddle and destroy all blocks to discover other levels!

Compete for the high score in this classic brick breaking game and relive the 70’s!
Discover all 20 original levels, even on your wrist!


Game mechanics inspired by Atari’s Breakout.

Updated on 17th December 2021

  • Optimized for the new Apple Watch
  • Fixed a crash on start related to Assistive Touch

Lateres – Breakout for Watch Reviews

The reviews for this game are very outdated. It works perfect, loads just as quickly as every other app on the watch, doesnt need the phone to work, gets consistently updated and runs perfectly smooth. Its breakout on your wrist, and you can play it for as little or as long as you want. Its perfect for a trip to the bathroom or a little break from work or school. Its very uncomplicated, but thats why we like it. Our only request is to have an option to remove the white border along the edges of the screen or change it to a lighter grey so its not so jarring to play at night.

These bricks are easy as good and ball are just fine because its the fun of casual.

A good classic arcade-style game to have on your phone.

We really like this game. We know there are many games, so mabey it’s tough to know. But this game we can play and play without getting tired. We recommend this game to anyone who wants a game that’s simple and benefits from skill.

It’s a great game for a watch but the line where the ball dies is level with the paddle on the watch. Sometimes you think you’ve got it but next second your dead.

The issue with launching the application is common amongst many new applications. We restored the watch, deleted all music on the phone, and redownloaded the app and now it launches without a problem. We would recommend updating that app though because the paddle lags on normal speed and on fast speed.

Great job. We previously had 1 star rating. LOVE WatchOS2 update. Paddle still sluggish on fast. Medium is too slow #paddlespeed.

This app has great potential and we look forward to more updates, we need more things to speed up the game, 2 balls at once, power ups etc.. Add those and smooth out the Apple Watch app and you have yourself a good app, until then it’s pretty slow and gets boring fast.

We like the look of the app but we noticed when using the crown to move the bar it lagged and was not fluent. Hopefully the developers and fix this issue.

Bought it for the Apple Watch. Looks promising but totally buggy: First of all, the slider is inaccurate but even more problematic, continuing the game after a break does not work since the Digital Crown does not work after continuing. Frequent crashes too. Developer doesn’t seem to care. No update since 2015!

Loaded but paddle won’t move when we play on our watch.

We wish we would have spent this dollar on the claw game at the grocery store exit. It would have been a better use of our money. The game is terrible, and the lag/hesitation on the watch makes it unplayable. Keep looking for anything else.

When we try to open to game on our Apple Watch, it automatically crashes. We’ve yet to be able to play it despite the many hard resets we do and installations. We’re mad now. So mad we feel myself literally boiling, and it hurts. Fix this please. We spent our hard earned dollar on this game to actually play it. Please. We beg of you, good sir!

The sole reason for our purchase of this all was to be able to play on our iwatch. When we open the app it ‘loads’ but never functions. All k see is a loading bubble circle. Please fix n we’ll rate up.

Hey guys this is a great game when we left our last review they fixed everything we told them what was wrong thank you and do you think you can speed up the paddle a little because it hard to get he the ball.

This game is amazing all together. It’s so much fun to play on the Apple Watch and the iPhone. There’s only one problem. The sounds effects don’t work on the Apple Watch. This would be five stars, but because of this we give four stars. PLEASE FIX!!

Works good but we can’t get it on our apple watch, as a matter of fact it doesn’t show up in our apps in settings. Help?

Dosent show up on watch. Annoyed.

This app is great and runs very smoothly. It would be perfect the ball didn’t go straight up every time it hit the middle of the paddle thing.

This game is pretty dope! Only thing we would change is the sensitivity on the little platform. It doesn’t move fast enough sometimes. Maybe it’s just us, who knows? Lol.

It would be better if as you play the ball gets faster like in the original breakout. Also you could add more blocks to break.

We can’t get it on our watch pls help.

Game plays at what looks like 10fps. Cool idea though.

This game is terrible on your watch… If freezes and it’s very laggy.

We can not even play this on our watch, it freezes every single time.

The game mechanics are poorly implemented. You have very little control of the ball, and the paddle is too small to do much. Often times the ball just bounces straight up, and it is nearly impossible to hit the corner tiles. We regret buying this game.

Garbage. The watch app is a joke, wish we hadn’t wasted our money.

We bought this game to plan our Apple Watch but it doesn’t even work. We can’t even get it to open on the watch. It was a waste of money even though it was $.99.

No issues, fun game. One of the best games so far that we have for Apple Watch. It is a 100 times better now that it is a native app. For not being able to incorporate native animations they have done a good job. We’re a developer.

The iPhone app functions as expected, and is very fluid. The watchOS app, however, is very choppy, and is not smooth in any way. It works, but needs major optimization.

It’s not a fluid experience. And we sometimes lose because we don’t know which way the paddle will go if we scroll up or down.

It works. Gets potato framerate.

Same here, appears on the phone but not on the watch. We don’t recommend buying if they haven’t fixed this issue yet.

Bought the app for our watch, and it won’t even install on it. The "Watch" app doesn’t even recognize that it’s compatible.

Game play on our iPhone 5S is fine but is painfully slow on our Apple Watch. Maybe the next update…

We rarely write bad reviews, but the watch app is horrible. Beyond slow and wonky controls.

Not worth a penny! Don’t buy this.

App seems to overload cpu or something, causing slow gameplay and to become almost unplayable. It would be cool if the digital crown could control paddle movement.

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