Spot The Hidden Differences

Last updated on June 10th, 2023 at 08:50 am

Spot The Hidden Differences

Spot The Hidden Differences

Spot The Hidden Differences is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by AI GAMES FZ LLC, Spot The Hidden Differences is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 13th April 2022 with the latest update 11th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Entertainment, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Spot The Hidden Differences ?

69,999 people have rated 1.58

What is the price of the Spot The Hidden Differences ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Spot The Hidden Differences released ?

Spot The Hidden Differences was released on 13th April 2022.

When was the Spot The Hidden Differences updated ?

The latest updated date of Spot The Hidden Differences on 11th March 2023.

Where can Spot The Hidden Differences be downloaded ?

You can download the game Spot The Hidden Differences from Apple Official App Store.



Find 5 differences between two pictures in Spot The Hidden Differences – five differences photo hunt puzzle game!

Spot The Hidden Differences is a kind of searching and finding difference photo hunt puzzle games where your task is to find out five differences between two pictures. Keep your eyes open, look at the pictures carefully and train your observation – some differences are not that easy to notice, so Spot The Hidden Differences can challenge your mind!

How to play Spot The Hidden Differences:
Compare two pictures and look for the differences between them. Spot the difference and tap on it. Find out all the differences in the time allowed!

Explore lots of different colorful pictures and have fun while you’re trying to spot the differences within the limited time. Train your brain while enjoying the game!

Why you’ll love Spot The Hidden Differences:
– Tons of amazing colorful pictures: rooms, animals, food, and many more
– Brain training game which suits both kids and adults
– Useful features: zooming in and out will help you to spot the differences

  • Helpful hints
    – Easy & hard puzzles – train your brain and observation!
    – Intuitive game interface

If you like playing entertaining brain training games, then Spot The Hidden Difference is just what you need! Improve your searching and concentration skills while solving photo hunt puzzles. Win all puzzles and become a master in searching and finding differences!

So, what are you waiting for? Download Spot The Hidden Differences for free and enjoy this photo hunt puzzle!

Updated on 11th March 2023

  1. Bug fixes.
  2. Other minor changes.

Spot The Hidden Differences Review

Good game wish it was add free.

This game is very fun and amazing if we have a lot of stress we play this game and we feel better.

Thanks for this game God bless you.

We love this matching game!! Its so much fun and very challenging!

This is a good game but there are just way to many ads.

This game is fun if you ask us but it has like 5 adds between 2 of games so we would not use it that often.

Love this game, it is a good time waster.

The game is the best game ever.


This app helps your mind and keep you on your toes. It also make you aware of the things that your mind might not let you see, but you will see it is awesome.

Its a really nice game because you have to find the differences between the two pictures.

This was a great game and used to be challenging until it switched from ten items to five items. It is now too easy to be enjoyable.

Demasiados anuncios pienso desintalarlo.

Pay, and advertising, so remove the lesson star.

Needs new material. Repeats too often, still enjoy it. Paid $3.99 to avoid adds but hints bring adds. There is no customer support within the app itself. Kind of strange.

We have no complaints really. Its a good zone out game. If we have any suggestions it would be to complete against other players along with rewards for beating the game before the timer. Also, it would be nice to see different graphics. We appreciate the different skin tones.

One of these things where inappropriate it had a like15yo girl yousin a toilet whith pants down and every thing else. Charlie.

Im up to over 30 pictures and its not getting harder. Im able to find everything quite quickly.

Its very fun because all the pictures are very creative and you get to find all the the different differences The only problem is you have a timer and with the timer you have a certain amount of time you have to finish the thing and every single round the timer will go down a little and every time you get something wrong it takes away a lot of time from the timerAnd also there are a good amount of ads but still annoying but overall its a fun game we like it.

Great game but way too many ads.

The game is alright . Idk if there are bugs that need to be fixed or what but Id literally click on one of the differences & it would say Im wrong , but Id click again & it would work also , we get that most games have adds now , but the adds are a little excessive.

Too many ads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pls take them away :(

The game is super fun, but the ads are EXCESSIVE!

Can not enjoy game. There should not be an ad on every level that you cant even close out of.

We paid for the No Ads version and there are still ads. Huh?! We wish we could get our money back for fraud.

Level 3 is a picture of a girl sitting on the toilet with her underwear at her ankles this is a 12+ game! Totally inappropriate and grossly unnecessary. The adds in between are about storys of step brothers making out??!!!!!! What the heck is child appropriate about this!

Too many ads between EVERY game.

After every game is a long ad, not like other games where 2 or 3 rounds go by then an ad. We spent more time waiting for the ad to finish then playing.

Just another app with ads every 4seconds dont waste your time.

We love this game it calms us down when Im stressed and its the only game we play on our phone and its the first game in our life that actually doesnt make us mad Im ten years old and every day after school we play this game as soon as we get home.

We absolutely love this game! We noticed that it went from finding 10 differences to having to find only 5 differences. We were over 550 levels, when this happened. Any suggestions? Thank you.

We think the scapes games with the poor mom and child are degrading.. Who wants to play a game that makes a mom and kid suffer!!!

This game is really good for memorizing or a quick game before bed we personally think it helps us got to sleep and get the negative out of our mind. And so we can be focused on the game.

We love it, so good and we wish it wasnt 12+ so everyone can play!!!!!!!!!

This book is so good that we play it ever day and you should to do get on the game and play It right now.

This game is so fun we love it so much we think everybody should download it because its a really fun game and cool game but we think its more than a game.

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