Lawgivers is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Damian Bernardi, Lawgivers is a Strategy game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 15th November 2018 with the latest update 4th January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Entertainment, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


333 people have rated 2.1.0

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Lawgivers (formerly Laws of Civilization) is a turn-based politics game. Enter parliament and use democracy to approve important laws and rank among first countries in the world.

◉ Choose a party, promise actions to citizens and run for elections
◉ Approve or abolish laws with parliamentary votes
◉ Take care of lawmaker’s experience, popularity and loyalty
◉ Corrupt concurrent politicians in order to win majority
◉ Build up relations with other parties and appoint the president

PREMIUM edition includes:

  • 17 playable nations such as the US, UK, Russia, or South Korea
  • Over 120 ordinary and constitutional laws
  • Additional features like assassinations and money laundering
  • 42 science advances
  • no advertisement

Updated on 4th January 2023

  • 7 new laws "National lottery", "Decriminalize minor offenders", "Divident tax", "Night curfew", "Mandatory winter tires", "Fireworks prohibition" and "Christmas Gift"
  • 2 new events "Chemical accident" and "Heat wave"
  • several balance changes
  • engine optimizations and fixes

Lawgivers Reviews

We absolutely love this game because we are such a political junkie but we think there are some things that are missing that you should add on such as having the Presidents have there own individual election frequency that should happen every 4 years 2 years 6 years or 1 year. And we think that you should add a Vice Presidents post.

A game with great potential. We believe the download is correct now. We hope to optimize the difficulty of language translation and operation.

We love this game but you guys should add an economic factor into the game where countries and their laws can ethier make or break an economy. Also, you should add a feature where you can remove/impeach a leader of a country. Add more money making bills, democratic style governments (US), tax bills and debt ceilings.

We really enjoy this game. By and large the mechanics are really good – even if the AI behavior doesnt really make sense. Our biggest issue just comes down to the very obvious hardcore right wing perspective this game is made from. A lot of the effects and supporters of different policies dont actually make sense unless viewed through the prism of Dinesh DSouza-type conservatism. This also goes for the budget function. We would prefer if the game were more consistent and more realistic. All that said, once youre familiar with how it works it is fun.

Love studying political parties and this game is awesome! Keep it up! Maybe bring in features such as filibuster and better design.

Awesome game guys its super realistic and its own little way.. It like simulates what the real people would feel its crazy 10 stars… And we never write reviews you guys should make it where you can have wars with other countrys to effect the economy and the people…

We love this!! Theres always places for improvement for those who play many hours. For a beginner like us this is exciting and Im only on level 3.

The game is fun, although it feels a bit empty, so we will say some things we would add. 1. More nations such as the Netherlands, Greece, China, Norway, and Serbia 2. The ability to establish a monarchy instead of just abolishing it, maybe even having a monarch mechanic that could allow us to see the Monarch and maybe even give them some power. 3. More laws, cause while there is a lot, there could be more. 4. Make the parliaments shaped like an arch in countries where it is shaped like that and like in Sweden and the UK shape it like a Westminster Parliament, as well as making the starting seat sizes accurate. 5. Bug fixes and fixing the Swedish Constitution as in the game they aren’t shown as a monarchy when in reality they are. Those are just our suggestions, thank you for making a good game, we’ll just keep breaking the UK’s parliament as the SNP lol.

We love the game but there are a few mistakes with the years that countries are founded in which is kinda annoying for someone like us with ocd but besides that 10 out of 10.

Its a great learning tool on how laws are passed. Keep up the good work.

The ability to call a snap election is really cool, so to that effect, if its not possible to add it to this game, the developers should consider votes of no confidence and more perks to being president.

Lawgivers is a fairly simple game on the surface, but it has significant depth lying just beneath that keeps you thoroughly engaged. We never buy mobile games and we rarely ever play the free ones, but we bought this one because its such a joyful time sinker for any person who is even casually interested in politics. Highly recommended!

We love the game, one thing that should be added is the ability to impeach the president that would be cool!

We have one seggestion to the president when you can impeach him or the prime minister other than that keep up the good work.

We appreciate that theyre still developing this game.

We’ve bought this for PC and for IPhone. We’ve played maybe 2 dozen hours. It remains unclear to us the scope if any impact we have in the game and how we can make our party succeed. Even on easy mode.

We think forming a coalition government to gain a majority in government and presidency and also parliamentary systems in parliamentary countries.

Until we saw that the developer is constantly updating the game! Its a steal at this price. Very well made, lost of options and customizations, and an interesting game.

Yall should add approval ratings for the president or prime minister and add a option where the parliament can have a vote of no confidence/impeachment to remove the leader then after they do that there should be a special election but only for the president/prime minister.

This is a very cool and interesting game. Very in-depth, which is what we ask for from any kind of sim game like this. We rarely buy the paid version of a game, but we paid for this one. Theres a bit of a learning curve, but if youre into this kind of game, you probably enjoy the learning curve.

We love this game! But, it could use more options in addition to the already many options such as minister positions. Also if the country government setup was specified to each country or just major countries instead of each country having parliament. Also try adding options for diplomacy between the nation leaders and even options to join different alliances than just NATO which also adds the option to vote the leader of that alliance and even set alliance policies to be more realistic. Also add another category that is for the number of military personnel for when you add the option of war. Then add more advanced options for corruption related things. Also please add a world map that shows the other countries. Also make it so that if in war your nation wins or looses then you get negative and/or positive effects. Thanks!

Love this game! If youre into politics, this game has basically everything for you, regardless of where you stand on the issues. You can run a bare bones libertarian government or you can start a communist revolution. The game really has it all, and we enjoy it loads.

Maybe add a war, or a nuclear arsenal. Add much more.

Its great idea add more countries reconsigne like of South America Venezuela and something like that we liked tris game congrat Damin.

We regret buying the full version without spending more time in the Lite game. Had we done so we might have seen how sparse the instructions are. The tutorial is quite slim, the help boxes also; theres hardly anything explaining a lot of the mechanisms in the game. We’ve had to learn mostly thru trial and error, which can sorta be sorta fun in its own right, but unfortunately not in this game. Its hard to develop any strategy when you cant even tell what effect your decisions have. Oh well.

This game, man… It doesnt force you into a box, almost everything is customizable, and its extremely competitive and just so well-balanced. If youve been looking for a game that really just strikes the core of the competition in politics and the legislative body, this is the Holy Grail. The customization options are truly what makes this game so great. You can seriously tell that the developers made it for YOU to enjoy, an open-world where YOU literally right the rules. It really is just so smooth, and honestly just naturally fair and competitive. We cant say enough about it without getting into every single detail and feature, which would make a novel out of this hahah. We do have some serious advice though. We understand that were not really using any sliders for the individual laws, and that their effects are very very simplistic, which helps add to the games smoothness, but if youre going to do that, then we HIGHLY suggest giving the player the ability to write their own custom laws, give them values according to each ideology (like banning Sunday shopping we know would be a high conservative value and low capitalist value), which would help give other parties what they need to vote accordingly, and then just the basic effects that go along with all of the laws built-in, like lowering income by 1 and adding 1 happiness. Then you could brag that there are basically unlimited laws, and would allow the player to actually legislate, which in our opinion would just MAKE the game. Of course, Id recommend leaving the built-in laws for players that dont trust their judgement and would rather play the game on your terms. Also, being able to change the color values for the parties more would be cool! Also, just a simple fix, you cant raise the starting party representation percentage beyond 30%, which in a two-party system isnt really realistic. Id appreciate the ability to raise that as high as we want . Anyways, if youre reading this and deciding if you want to get the game, Id say get it and buy the premium version, because it truly just gives you aaaaall of those customization options that truly MAKE the game so great. We have no clue why this isnt rated higher, maybe because its organic and not the tap to upgrade garbage people love so much. We dunno, but give it a shot, and throw some support to the developers who truly created a game that is made for you to enjoy.

Its perfect, yet somehow it keeps getting better.

Seriously fascinating and surprisingly deep gameplay. We love that you can change the rules of the game via constitutional amendments. Please keep developing this game, there is nothing else like it. Really fun!

We cant see the option to preform coups.

So we like the game, its hard, and we like that. This will be a sort review, and we wont give it 4 stars because simply…. The game is rigged, balance it. Make it fair, and more realistic.

Simple enough for someone whos not into politics to understand yet entertaining enough for someone whos very into politics as well. Highly recommend. Just a few suggestions though. – A few parties missing Like Mlenchons in France and FdI in Italy. Not a big problem though, because you have the ability to add parties yourself – Acronyms too short Self explanatory. The ability to create acronyms longer than 4 letters would be nice. – Nationalist parties What is the point of parties like the SNP or the BQ if Scotland and Quebec cannot get independence? And their support is often too high. Sometimes the SNP will win 20% of the vote. There should be some sort of independence mechanic. – Independents When a member of parliament leaves a party, they should become an Independent and remain in parliament until the next election or potentially afterwards. Those are all minor concerns though. This is by far one of the best government simulation games out there.

We dont know if this is a glitch or our lack of understanding but we the interview setting to promise to pass new legislation doesnt seem to work. After the interview we wait a few weeks and then pass new legislation but instead of the game telling us we completed the promise it says we instead broke the promise and our support plummets.

We actually found this gem on Steam. Our computer had needed to be fixed after the power supply went out. We really missed playing Lawgivers and found it here on the AppStore. Now we can play on the go and also at home since our computer is up and running again. Even though this game is still in development it feels like a finished product with more improvements underway. We would definitely recommend this game for your inner politico.

This is an awesome game, we would give it 5 stars if you add a few thing such as: More abilities for the President, declaring and fighting wars versus other nations, more foreign policy stuff, and Id find a way to make elections being more exiting. Overall great game though!

Great game here Loving it Was going to play it on the pc but found it on here and really addictive.

We find it fun to take long gone political parties like the whigs and dominate the parliament. Game makes our school days enjoyable. We’ve also learned more about how the government works. Some minor bugs and stuff but overall great!

We find this game consuming us everyday! Great political simulator that really encapsulates the daily struggles of leading a political party in the 21st century. With a wide selection of countries and parties to choose from, this game certainly does not disappoint. We would really like some more bill updates in the future and more dynamic elements to be added soon, like a cabinet, world map and diplomacy options. One area this game really falls short in is with the population. The laws passed dont seem to affect the populations favor with a party very well and at times, the polling can feel sporadic, but all in all its a great game!

Absolutely love the game, one thing we would add is impeachments, we think that would give an extra level of thought to any decision that is made by a President/PM etc. That would be amazing, it would add a whole new level to gameplay.

We think this game is amazing!!! But theres a few things Id love to see added, like a law or whatever that changes a countrys government type (e.x. Republic, Monarchy, Democracy ect.) and being able to let parliament elect a president from any party and not just the top 2.

Is there a limit on missions now, Im unable to send some party members on missions even if we havent maxed them out.

Simply put this is a entertaining game. The full version is loaded with features and really puts you in the shoes of a government representative. What should you vote on? Should you vote what you believe or vote what will get you more popular? We would recommend this game for anyone looking to spend a few bucks on a game that will draw you in and having you playing for hours at a time. Theres nothing like trying to lead the country and balance your power at the same time. We look forward to more updates to the game. Its be crazy cool to have a full 100 representatives (Senators) when playing as the United States (and as a side bonus having the state they represent by there name). And do similar things for the other countries. Just small details like that we think would make a more immersive experience.

Great game, however each countrys parliament/congress should have the ability to have as many seats as they do in the real government, for example the U.S. House of Representatives has 435 seats and the highest the game goes up to is 40. Just a suggestion, otherwise its a great game!

Amazing game! Definitely a political simulator worth checking out and supporting. Would love more options though, like possibly creating a government from the bottom up? Start off after a revolution/civil war where the country is in anarchy, and you must create a new government to run the country. And add the war feature, where foreign countries are trying to take over your land and you must defend it while building a new country.

We love the game, we play it all day. BUT would be better to add more laws, we know the creator might be working on it but we’re just going to give some possible laws, like for example corporate tax, payroll tax and inheretance tax. Given those possible laws that would make a greater income, we can’t come with laws that would make spending bigger. But we would also like a law that would extend the elections more (like each 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or even 6 years like in many countries). Another thing it would be awesome when starting a game to select either a parliamentary democracy (like how it is) or a democracy like in the US, with the President, Senate, and a House of Relresentatives, and also a Supreme Court, in which you can make the Senate, House of Representatives, Supreme Court, or even the Parliament (if you are playing a Parliamentary democracy) more bigger, like the Parliament from 24-60, 80, or even 100 seats. It would also be fun to add a map of the country with the regions to show the election results, and add district for election (instead of being a at-large representative election). And, last but not least, it would be great, for example if you control most of the parliament, and you have all the laws you want passed, you DON’T want anything changed, so if the opposition wants to add or remove a law, there could be a botton to make your representatives vote NO automatically. Thanks, we hope you take some of these ideas into consideration!

Why the box can we get a semi circle or a Westminster style Parliament?

We absolutely love this game and we have been addicted to it for the past couple days, however, we think it would be amazing if the A.I. Could play as one of our custom parties. This could add some randomness to the game as some parties could be wiped out of the government while others go into the government. Basically not every party has to be in power at all times.

We like political sims, and this looked interesting. We sprung for the full-priced version thinking it probably had a lot more functionality. But this game doesnt really have a lot of depth. And once you understand the mechanics, its very repetitive. There are honestly free abandonware political sims from 20 years ago with more depth.

We love this game and cant wait for the next update. We would love to see maybe the ability to make your own country that would be awesome!!

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