Legend Fighter: Battle of God

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Legend Fighter: Battle of God

Legend Fighter: Battle of God

Legend Fighter: Battle of God is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Hop Tran, Legend Fighter: Battle of God is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 6th April 2022 with the latest update 17th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Legend Fighter: Battle of God ?

6,517 people have rated 1.9.8

What is the price of the Legend Fighter: Battle of God ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Legend Fighter: Battle of God released ?

Legend Fighter: Battle of God was released on 6th April 2022.

When was the Legend Fighter: Battle of God updated ?

The latest updated date of Legend Fighter: Battle of God on 17th December 2022.

Where can Legend Fighter: Battle of God be downloaded ?

You can download the game Legend Fighter: Battle of God from Apple Official App Store.



Legendary Fighter: Battle of God is a classic fighting games with lots of game modes.
In Versus mode, you will choose one and fight the others in 1 vs 1. In Tournament mode, fight with the strongest warriors from different universes. In Story mode, You will be immersed, transformed into z warriors. You transformation to Fighter Z to fight against enormous Dragon bosses, the most dangerous enemy in the universe.
Be the strongest, win and earn rewards!
You will be never defeated, fight to become the legendary Warrior and take the wish of the dragon god.


  • 60 fighter and more
  • 10 fantastic maps
  • 4 game mode
  • Amazing effect & pixel graphic.

New updates coming regulary, enjoy!

Updated on 17th December 2022

  • Many New Character: Gku, Vgta, SSJ…
  • Improve Performance

Legend Fighter: Battle of God Review

Dokkan really got us down man Im not even gon cap how this game more relieving and fun than Dokkan rn?

We love the animation and how you can start with your best ability when you first start the game the abilities in this game is amazing.

Its fun and simple. Would be cool with a story mode tho.

Can You Update To The 2.9.5 Version, please? On Apples iPhone.

This game is great downloading it was the best thing we ever did awesome game.

We love this game but we really need a multiplayer in there yk but at the other hand the game is perfect we just need that multiplayer update pls?

Needs more attacks Im not trying to say we dont like it LOL but it needs like 2 more attacks and we need health over 2000 and most of all more characters.

Love the game cant stop playing please add a story mode also pvp and way more characters.

This Work Is Really Good! But could you just add more transformations for goku and vegeta? Like Mastered ultra instinct and super sayian blue and god? And for vegeta super sayian blue evolution.

Tbh every character yall had at one point and took out we bought so you owe us sun characters oh and we been waiting on a new boss probably for like 3 months now we think the last boss was merged zamasu Im not sure but yh new boss and characters plz.

This game is amazing but it would be better in our opinion if you made more just like it with games such as naruto and one piece and several other animes.

The game is amazing, unlike most dbz games out there this one is amazing. Its got great combat system, good combos you can use and good fighter. Honestly cant express how happy we are to be bale to play a dbz game like this on mobile.

This is the best game we’ve ever played 10 of 10.

Has all our favorite characters and has good gameplay.

Its very good and entertaining and we love pixel dbz games.

Can you add all the characters in one in one update plz that really help us out.

This game is such high quality for this type of game, its combat is really polished and it doesn’t feel bad to play it. One thing: you should add more characters (maybe), and definitely a campaign mode, it would be really fun to play through.

Its pretty cool game to pass the time.

Its amazing we love how this thing doesnt require you to only have a computer and how its actually challenging.

The game is awesome and all but we think it needs more forms like Ssg, ssb and ss4 bc gt Goku needs a tail and be Ss and ss4.

Hey we love this game can you add restrained broly blue hair broly.

Bro we will play this forever even if you give us 500B dollars we will still play this.

Everything is good about this game but it really needs be updated so can you please update this game.

Next update you should add all of goku and vegeta forms.

The problems are. GOKAN. FZAMAS ZAMAS BLACK BLACK FIZA just who is coler?

One of the best dragon ball mobile game we’ve ever played, we just hope they dont be late with updates and add more characters to unlock because we love it!

We enjoy this game a lot. And its very fun to play but could you be so kind to add more characters. Also more coins for defeating bosses.

This new update really brought out the characters and the new characters are better than ever keep up the fantastic workthe only thing we would love to see the super versions of broly its our all time favorite character it would be amazing to see the Pink version of Buu we were upset on the brown look on him we would enjoy a super Buu variation as well but anyways great update.

We absolutely love this game, we love the pixel style and we love the combat in the game, the only thing we want in the game is Beerus being a playable character, probably should add UI Goku and UE Vegeta, maybe even add Granolah,Moro,Beast Gohan,Orange Piccolo or God Ki transformations, but it would be fair if Beerus would be worth like 50k, UI and UE 35k,Beast Gohan 30k,Orange Piccolo 25k,Moro and Granolah 30k, the only thing this game is missing are more updated characters, other than that the game is basically complete.

Good game, just freezes during transformations and tournament load screen. Would love to see more playable characters and maybe even story mode but outside that the movements awesome. Needs the characters from the android version gotta say it will bring this game all the way up !!! Played on Android and it has beerus, cumber, all Z fighters just a bigger variety of players to choose from !! You guys removed certain characters that we previously won not cool also whats the deal with the color change to only 5 characters nice flow but bad execution.

We would love this game and play this a lot more if it had Broly from dragon ball super.

This game is great, but there are some things that we wish could be fixed. One example is that when a new update came out we couldn’t use any characters to even play. Because we still wanted to play, we had to delete the game and then redownload the game just so we could play again. We lost all of our characters in the process. This game is very good, but still we would love to see some more potential put into the game then changing colors of characters. But most importantly we would like more original characters brought into the game. Other then those things this game has a bright future in store, and we look forward to see that as a reality.

We cant wait for the next update! But we think that this game should be more like LEGENDARY FIGHTER: BATTLE OF GOD. Like add SSJBK Goku and add Base Goku while bas goku can transform to all forms. We think thats really cool.

We have been playing this game for a month now, and the game is fun and has good graphics and easy to learn controls. But theres one problem. You cant get Goku and Vegeta and all their transformations like the android phone version has on IOS. Please add the android phone update to IOS!

1 minute of fun then a 5 second Add.

Bardock has a ssj1 transformation that keeps him at the same pwr lvl as his buff base form of 1200hp same as Future Trunks ssj1 pwr lvl can there be a better pwr scaling lvl cucumber is fine where he is but give broly that many pwr buffs from 1600-2000hp(very recommended) regular gku should have original colorway and his ssj3 form needs more of a buff he should be 1600hp max 1700 he is stronger than kid buu, kid buu needs a transformation buff at least 2, can we get a mystic gohan and a ssj1 gohan +ssj2 gohan they both need to be stronger than cell at least 1500hp max, Vegeta needs to have a immediate buff his base is 1000hp while every other character is 1100 thats a main mention in base form. Vegeta needs to hve a ssj2 form and Majiin Form + bring in hit jiren ssj blue forms whis beerus and all the bosses we suggested to you trust us your numbers will go up have everyone restart the boss mode start from a low number the higher the pwr lvl the more difficult thats why im telling give these certain player buffs to match them. Perfect Cell and Kid Buu have the same hp. Give ssj2 gohan 1500hp and keep perfect cell the way his is give ssj3 goku 1700 mx hp and kid buu a 1600hp. Broly should get 4 buffs of hp 1600-2000hp. Fake gku has a hp max of 1300 while fake ssj4 gku has a pwr lvl of 1400 with ssj4 vegeta give those 2 characters better moves and buffs or swap them out for better players/more characters. Ssj Turles is stronger than ssj bardock which isn’t true to source. Ssj2 Kalifa should not equal ssj future trunks nor Kaba they should have hp lvls equal to ssjb and ssjr.

This game is so fun and addicting but our problem is that some of the characters are going missing in an update like The two other versions of buu and more.

Great update, we like how you added more characters but theres still a problem, these boss battles are so long, you gotta give a way to bring it down without having to play the game for so long just to beat it, like say your fighting the boss but you have to go somewhere or get busy and you lose your progress, we think the game is great but overall the boss needs some type of better way to function also add more and more characters, your doing a great job.


We’re glad this game added more characters and more transformations personally I’d want Super Gogeta or Super vegito or Majin vegeta but the real problem is the modes they have there’s no multiplayer or online/ranked one on one those modes would make the game even better because once you get all the characters it gets boring and you have nothing to work for. Second we believe that you should be able to make your own character and you need coins to buy transformations and you can choose your ki color hair and clothes and you can choose the animation of your blast example kamehameha animation or Big Bang attack animation like those, with forms super saiyan would be 6,000 coins super saiyan two would be 10,000 coins super saiyan 3 would be 17,000 coins and you have to buy them in that order also alternate forms like legendary super saiyan would be 11,000 coins false super saiyan would be 4,000 coins and even super saiyan four would be 22,000 but you need super saiyan 3 to be able to buy it, we would say you need oozaru but if oozaru was a thing it be kinda unfair so therefore you need super saiyan 3. Lastly we believe transformations take too long to do because you need to power up to 100% base or whatever and 100% again to transform unless your against a boss you won’t be able to transform so maybe once you get the first 100% instead of getting another you just need max ki to transform it’s not much faster but it’s easier then powering up 100% again that’s the only problems we have with game and how some characters are real money like xeno vegito and ssj4 broly.

Stop re-coloring the characters put the normal versions actually listen to what people want.

The bosses just keep spamming ki blast and its annoying when we killed the boss it crashed our game and made re-fight him the bosses also have way to much Health and it takes a long time to get a few thousand coins the ai keeps spamming counter cant even get close without of course the ki spamming dont even know how the game got so popular.

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