Legend of Grimrock

Legend of Grimrock


Legend of Grimrock is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Almost Human Oy, Legend of Grimrock is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 7th May 2015 with the latest update 6th October 2015

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


393 people have rated 1.1.3

You can download the game Legend of Grimrock from APP STORE.


With over 1 million copies of the series sold on PC, the ultimate dungeon crawling RPG is now available on iOS!

5/5 "Simply put, there’s not a better RPG on the App Store right now." – Pocket Tactics

5/5 "The perfect blend of modern action and classic dungeoneering." – TouchArcade

Legend of Grimrock is a dungeon crawling role playing game with an oldschool heart but a modern execution. A group of prisoners are sentenced to certain death by exiling them to the secluded Mount Grimrock for vile crimes they may or may not have committed. Unbeknownst to their captors, the mountain is riddled with ancient tunnels, dungeons and tombs built by crumbled civilizations long perished now. If they ever wish to see daylight again and reclaim their freedom the ragtag group of prisoners must form a team and descend through the mountain, level by level.

The game brings back the oldschool challenge with highly tactical real-time combat and grid-based movement, devious hidden switches and secrets as well as deadly traps and horrible monsters. Legend of Grimrock puts an emphasis on puzzles and exploration and the wits and perception of the player are more important tools than even the sharpest of swords could be. And if you are a hardened dungeon crawling veteran and you crave an extra challenge, you can arm yourself with a stack of grid paper and turn on the Oldschool Mode which disables the luxury of the automap! Are you ready to venture forth and unravel the mysteries of Mount Grimrock?

  • Explore a vast network of ancient tunnels, discover secrets and find a way to survive in the perilous dungeons of Mount Grimrock.
  • Cast spells with runes, craft potions with herbs and fight murderous monsters with a wide variety of weaponry.
  • Create a party of four characters and customize them with different races, classes, skills and traits.
  • Pure blooded dungeon crawling game with grid-based movement and thousands of squares riddled with hidden switches, pressure plates, sliding walls, floating crystals, forgotten altars, trapdoors and more.
  • Experience a real labour of love, created by passionate game industry veterans. A spectacular big screen experience, now on your iPad!

The game works on iPhone 4 but iPhone 5 or a newer model is recommended
to fully enjoy the Grimrock experience.

Updated on 6th October 2015

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

-Minor bug fixes for iPhone version

Legend of Grimrock Reviews

We wish there were more of these games available.

Absolutely a dream of a rpg dungeon crawler.

Pretty much said it in the title! Old style grid based dungeon crawl perfect for this old fella.

Challenging puzzles and battles. All around awesomeness for any lover of RPGs. Please make more………..

Great job! We’ve played LoG 1 & 2non Mac for a few years. Solid port to iOS. And yes, the game is challenging.

Love the game! We recommend to play it on the hard level of difficulty. Amazing puzzles, interesting fights.

A beautiful game and extremely difficult and the hideous but just right.

Wow, what an amazing game. Brings back the old school challenge with beautiful and moody graphics. Great job. The best dungeon crawler by far on iOS.

Awesome game, just like the old snes dungeon masters. Please put legends of Grimrock 2 in app form soon.

This is such a fantastic dungeon crawler. It reminds us of many classics only better. We hope they port Legend of Grimrock 2, to iOS. Well done developers. A couple of suggestions to the developers though. In game mini map. In game compass.

This game is great for those who love to be surprised by every turn and want to use their brain. We highly suggest it!

In a graph dungeon, guide 4 characters through dangerous encounters and puzzles. Some of the ways out of levels (puzzles) require patience but they’re not nonsense or trivial, especially if you decipher the clues carved into the rocky walls. Characters are unique with stats skills & gear that change as you like just like pen-on-paper. If you’re fed up with bad games and have ever liked anything about pnp roleplay &or dungeon crawling (even action rpg like diablo or torchlight 2) delete all the junk with IAP & no heart off your phone and play Legend of Grimrock! We couldn’t recommend it more highly if you’re someone looking for a fulfilling meaningful & challenging-but-never-stupidly-so mobile gaming experience.

For some reason we never got around to playing the PC version, so this is brand new to us. This is our new favorite game. The graphics, atmosphere and retro style are just what we were hoping to find.

The game is Great! Period. We just love dungeons like these. Reminds us of Ultima Underworld and Phantasy Star we That being said, we miss more: classes, battle styles, spells, puzzles, etc.

This dungeon crawler takes the best from old and new school video games. They use the touch screen in an amazing way. All in all one of the best apps we’ve ever played.

True RPGs are incredibly rare on the App Store. This is one of them.

Waiting for Legend of Grimrock 2.

Finally got around to buying and playing thanks to our new tablet. Fabulous game. Looks awesome on the iPad.

Reminds us of the classic Eye of the Beholder series, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Don’t let the simple gameplay fool you, this is one of the most challenging games you will ever play. Same basic strategies apply here as in more modern games like Diablo III and VainGlory. Knowledge of game mechanics, effective skill allocation, resource management, kiting/positioning, and using your environment to your advantage is the only way to win.

If you want a challenging RPG full of strategy, puzzles and fantastic graphics — this is for you.

We are absolutely addicted to this game, the puzzles are great, the combat feels powerful, the spells and magic are amazing, but there we only have one question. Why is this game a whole gigabyte?

If youre used to playing games where being the right level means that youll win every battle, then this game is not for you. You cant tap your way to victory, but if you are clever, youll be rewarded with an awesome game filled with challenges, and great puzzles. This is an exploration and strategy game where you have to earn every scrap of power you get. Every step is fraught with the possibility of danger, and you have to think long term as you spec your characters, because the wrong level of magic is useless most of the time. We really like the option to play as a bug too. Very fun and immersive.

This one is the one all others are compared to. We kid you not, play this for a while and youll want more. Still love this and play it years after release.

We love these kinds of RPGs. We’ve got 25+ hours into this and we’re still not finished. We can’t wait to play Legend of Grimrock II. This game is easily five stars.

This is by far the best dungeon crawler on the App Store. Some reviews say its too hard for casual players and we would say they are correct. But this is why its great. If you love old school grid-based dungeon crawling with modern graphics and puzzles look no further! Will you have to look up help for some puzzles or battles, probably, but why is that a bad thing? Newer dungeon crawlers hold your hand too much. Legend of Grimrock wont. Bask in the challenge Grimrockers!

Love LoG. We hope they can make LoG 2 for IPad app as well.

Just read the top review that this game was too hard for casual gamers… This game is old school awesomeness and while we havent beaten it yet its freaking amazing. You have to use brains and tactics and not button mashing to win which we think younger gamers hate.

Lengthy gameplay, quality character creation, and highly difficult. If you get stuck , simply ask the Internet.

We played this game on pc. We were super excited to see it on IOS. It plays amazing, takes us back to our childhood playing PnP games. We wish they would release the follow up games as well.

This is one of the best games we’ve played on the iPad. It’s just a great game period. If you think you might like it just get it!

Ok, first off we played this game on PC. Was never able to beat it cause we don’t have a ton of time to sit at our computer. Once we saw it was on IOS we jumped on it. As always, we expected this port to not be so great (as most mobile ports can be). But we gotta say, playing it on the phone, it almost seems like this is the platform that the game was made for. Switching weapons seems to work faster and smoother and the ability to save anywhere at anytime really heightens the experience as we can play and put the phone down in a moments notice. The original soundtrack and sound effects are all there, and as long as you have a high definition screen the game looks absolutely beautiful. All in all we give this 5 stars because the game was great to begin with and it seems to be even better as a mobile port. Enjoy!

Loved it! It reminded us of an old Sega Genesis Dungeons & Dragons game we loved growing up.

This is an excellent game! Great combat system, addicting gameplay and story line not to mention the awesome graphics Makes us think we’re playing a newer console game. Overall a very very good game – well spent money.

We absolutely loved this game! It has a great mix of combat and puzzles, along with a boat load of secrets to discover! Its definitely not the easiest game, so we would recommend casual players play on Easy, but even then, its a ton of fun! We would love to see the second game come to mobile at some point, because having played it, we can say its even better than the first!

Such an amazing game! Incredible port from the PC!

Great game. ETA part 2 for iOS? Please?

We cut our RPG teeth on Ultima Underworld, Might & Magic (old PC versions 1, 2, etc), AD&D on AOL, etc. LoG was such a surprise & breath of fresh air when we started crawling around the dungeons of Grimrock! Felt right at home playing. Well worth the $$. You an old school RPG person? If so, buy this now! You won’t be disappointed…

Extremely fun and plenty of customization. Although we would have liked to see more items or a wider variety of spells, we were pleasantly surprised by this game! We hope to see more in the future for this game and from this company.

Really enjoying this game. Brings us back to the 90s of good fun dungeon crawling.

Outstanding game. Thank you for transcending the normal experience of iOS gaming. Please release LOG2!

Okay so we love this game a lot! The only bad things are… We wish there we e a few more class and race choices. You could split the different classes into smaller ones like the fighter having an archer, a warrior and a juggernaut the archer could be quick on his feet the warrior could be average, and etc. We also wish that there was an arena or something and definetlu different dungeons with different themes. Like one being a steampunk one the other bieng a froz n ice one and another bieng a jungle one. Also random map generation would definatlwy improve the aspect of restarting. Another class idea is the Mage bieng split up into-healer-offensive-defensiv-and support. We think this game should be on the editors choice or if u add some of the stuff us and other people have asked for maybe you could get on best new updates. You should also add a crafting thing to it it and maybe, just maybe, you could add a way that if you follow the game and finish it you can go back to town And buy stuff and enter new dungeons to get gold or find the person that accused you.

Great old school dungeon crawl. Could use better balance in character options, as there are some serious ways to screw up your character but generally super fun and engaging.

Play for 2h and we love it . Im in lvl 2 (I spend a little time for our party creation )and so far it is worth it.

If you like old school style RPG’s like Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, Avadon, Avernum, Ember and Dungeons of Chaos on iOS, then this game is for you.

We used to play RPG dungeon crawls all the time including Bards Tale, Eye of the Beholder, Dungeon Master almost 25 years ago. Been looking for games like that forever but they went out of style. This brings back great memories and has solid execution. We hope they make more of these. Take our money!!

One of the best IOS games we have ever played. Mixes old school dungeon crawler with puzzles that make you really think and fun real-time combat. First play through was 20-25 hrs, definitely worth the price! Thanks for bringing quality games back and not more free to play junk.

Its an amazing game but the fact that you are so easily able to soft lock yourself in some of the puzzles which ends up making it so you no longer can progress in the game say if you DIDN’T HAVE AN ARROW FOR A PUZZLE AFTER PLAYING FOR 8 HOURS AND WERE LOCKED AWAY FROM SEARCHING PREVIOUS FLOORS… Its just really silly UPDATE: IM JUST DUMB AND HAD AN ARROW HIDDEN AWAY IN A SMALL CREVICE we COULDN’T FIND, THIS GAME IS ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD.

Learn to save often while tackling this simple to learn tricky to play RPG. We wanted to play a game near Halloween, and this one may take until December to finish, but the challenge is worth it. Lots of walk-throughs available on internet when stuck, but we try to puzzle it out first. Use strategy with all the battles. Nice balance between battles & puzzles. Haunting storyline and great graphics.

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