Fallen Hero: Rebirth

Fallen Hero: Rebirth


Fallen Hero: Rebirth is one of the best $6.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Hosted Games LLC, Fallen Hero: Rebirth is a Books game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 14th March 2018 with the latest update 29th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Books, Role Playing, or Adventure games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


237 people have rated 1.0.3

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Become the greatest telepathic villain Los Diablos has ever known! Once you were famous; soon you will be infamous. That is, unless your old friends in the Rangers stop you first. Juggle different identities and preserve your secrets as you build new alliances and try to forget the friendships you’ve left behind.

"Fallen Hero: Rebirth" is a 380,000 word interactive novel by Malin Rydén, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

  • Hone your telepathic talents, possess people and venture into their minds.
  • Build your own personalized combat armor: be a terrifying super-strong behemoth, a mysterious speedster or anything inbetween.
  • Make alliances or enemies in the Los Diablos underworld while you outfight and outthink the heroes set against you.
  • Explore relationships as straight, gay, bisexual or aromantic. Romance a mad scientist, your former partner, or both.
  • Juggle two bodies and three identities, play as male, female or genderqueer.
  • Above all; make sure your past never catches up with you.

How far will you fall down the path of villainy?

Updated on 29th April 2023

Now you can disable touch slide controls in Settings. If you enjoy "Fallen Hero: Rebirth", please leave us a written review. It really helps!

Fallen Hero: Rebirth Reviews

We made a previous review stating how great the game was then said we couldnt find the full version, turns out we did but it just felt so short because we were so invested, wish there was even more we are so attached to this game, anyway, how the devs are still working on it. Good luck dev team, great game!

You have to play this game. Amongst all the interactive fiction games we have played, this one is hands down the best of them all. Every single choice you pick matters, and the story itself is full of mystery and intrigue that will leave you guessing at every turn. Its so incredibly well written, with just about a million different ways you can replay it over and over as we have done; and youll unlock different parts of the story at every replay. Seriously, get this; you will NOT regret it.

This game really lets you make and shape your character, from remorseful to unhinged murderer. Theres optional romance and inclusive gender identities. We cannot wait for the sequel.

We’ve replayed through this game multiple times and each time we come out with some new outcome making this one of the most entertaining games that we’ve played recently and our favorite story game. Fallen hero is immensely enjoyable and well written and we cant wait for the sequel to be officially released but, until then, we will continue to enjoy this version.

One of the most exciting and interesting choice of games we’ve ever played. The protagonist is complicated, mysterious, and 3D. The other characters are enchanting. The whole story is well written. Theres plenty of plot and excitement in this book and it sets up wonderfully for the second and third books. Well worth the money. Very satisfying no matter what choices you make.

This was really incredible. The thing we normally hate the most about this kind of story is they normally force you into one route right away, or you fail. That wasnt how this one felt at all, we felt like we really could choose different things. The writing was also just. Phenomenal. We’ve always wanted to play a game as this. Regretful villain whos doing what she feels like she has to but is just falling apart on the inside, and this is the first story we’ve seen that really captures that super well. For us, we hope Ortega is (eventually) able to reach her, thats the ending that would make the most sense for our character we think. But the writing in general has been so so strong in general, so Im not too concerned about it. Like at first, we flirted with her as Eden, because we wasnt thinking, and then we literally got called out for how manipulative that was when we were feeling bad for fighting her and. Ugh. So good. Just absolutely stellar. We also appreciated how the PC is not just a self insert character. Like obviously you push her in different directions, but she has her own underlying personality that you cant just overwrite. Like no matter how much Im making the choices that this feels wrong, its still the decisions shes making, and it all just feels so thematic and true and ugh. This is the favorite story we’ve read in a very long time, and Im a writer myself so we read a lot. We have never left a review on any app before but we had to come here and just say that that writing was so incredible, we are so impressed and we are so anxiously excited for the next one, whenever it comes out.

We came across this by accident and thought we would take a chance on it. Glad we did! It was a very engaging and immersive story. We look forward to the sequel!

We have played many CYOA games, many of them from Choice of / Hosted, and Fallen Hero is the best one by far. The writing is fantastic and leaves you wanting more, the characters are genuinely intriguing, and as someone who has severe superhero burnout we can honestly say that Fallen Heros take on a super powered world is refreshing and engaging. An absolutely wonderful game that is 100% worth the money. Excellent replay value to explore different paths and learn new things about the world and the characters.

Stellar game! Usually stories like this (where you take the role of a hero or villain) dont seem to care about the story itself… They seem more childish, and dont seem to take themselves seriously, then anything. But not this fella! Here it makes you feel like your character has reasons, and although the reason is generally centered around one point, it still gives you a loose enough control that allows you to determine what exactly made youre character this way! Overall, stellar game, we are deeply excited for the follow up story!

Really great! Edge of your seat the whole time! One of the best CoH we’ve played. You can play as a traumatized hero, a cocky bastard, a trying-your-best guy. Our favorite and the one that most resonated with us was the traumatized hero. We highly recommend!

This and Samurai of Hyuga are the only two actual good works across hosted games and choice of games. The rest is garbage.

We love this game we cannot wait for the second part.

Im in love with this story cant wait for Retribution!

We loved being able to play the villain and loved reading it that being said we cant wait for the sequel in fact we are waiting for the day it is released we would put this story right up their with our favourite ones.

We found this game to be amazing! Its the first interactive novel we’ve played and that might an issue because its already set the bar so high for all the rest! We really like the writing style and all the choices in this game. We also just really like these hero-turned-villain types of stories and so we were really excited when we found this game! It totally lived up our expectations and then some! We cannot stop playing this and am really looking forward to the next book!!

Just pulled an all nighter on accident playing this game start to finish. We plan on replaying lots to explore everything this game has to offer. The level of choice and replayability fallen hero has is insane. Im too tired to write a better review just trust us and buy this game.

We usually dont write reviews on the App Store, but this was an excellent read! We were recommended by a friend and had never read or played anything like this before. So excited for the next book!!

We absolutely love this game. It is so well written we found myself immersed in the story. Its so unique. We love how it makes us feel as if Im actually there making those hard decisions and forming plans.

We had a total blast playing through this game. After we were done, we immediately started a new game. Would love the capability to look through the stats/info of our old save game, but Im sure its in there somewhere. Genuinely one of the most fun iPhone games we’ve ever played. Reads like an engaging action novel.

Yall gonna want to play this its frickin awesome!!

This has to be hands down one of our favorite choice of games. Be it the mind control or the fact youre a fallen hero, it is such a amazing story. The option to play as villain is amazing. We can not wait for the sequel!

Great story and great characters, cant wait for the continuation.

We think its pretty appearing that the writer took slot of notes from code geass. People close to the hero thought he/she was dead, Hero wants to bury the past at all cost. Mech suits, mind control, double life that cannot intertwine no matter what. A few other similarities but we think you get the point. Nonetheless this story is still amazing and we cant wait for retribution!

Its very entertaining and a great story.

We have been checking every few weeks or so waaaiiiting for the second installment. We absolutely loved this story!! Please please please continue this! You have a such a talent for writing!

We cant remember a time we read a story this quickly. Its such an interesting world theyve created and the characters are all so interesting. In the beginning it felt a little more like you could steer the story yourself but as things progressed we felt more like the characters bitterness kind of overwhelmed your ability to choose. So our choices looked out of place with the story. Maybe thats because of the answers we chose earlier on, we dont know, but playing a full on villain while not getting the full picture about what happened to make your character want to destroy their former friends/allies broke some of our immersion. If Im gonna be that vengeful to some seemingly decent folks, we kind of want more of a complete picture. Maybe Id have learned more about the incident from their past with different choices. Also RO wise, for a player choosing to date guys but not wanting to have a romantic relationship with Ortega, the interactions got a little frustrating. Kind of felt like he was the only real option and he was constantly thrown at you. Regardless of the things we didnt love, we really adore Fallen Hero and will replay it. Also excited for the next book!!

Really well written, had us hooked the whole time. We love how insecure the MC is, it makes the story really unique. We’re totally going to get the next part when it comes out. Also, go Ortega! ;)

Definitely left us wanting more to draw from but we like the theme of the new identity being the focus and not the past. Great flow, Amazing read. All around one of the better ones out there we’ve come across over the years :) cant wait for the next one!

We have been reading interactive and text based stories for over 2 years now. This story is arguably our favorite one. The story is told through choices you make in the present and through choices you make in a series of flashbacks to create a compelling narrative.

We love playing the villain so this game was beautiful in allowing us to do so, but at the same time, our empathy plays into our actions and makes things complicated. This was a wonderful twisty ride of emotions!! Give us another soon!

We really enjoyed being able to read from a villains POV. Very fun and interesting.

Great game! Interesting rewriting of history to fit narrative! We enjoy being the villain or feeling like we have to be the villain at least! Wish there was more clear romance. For sure Ortega was a RO but not sure who else was supposed to one… At least others werent very fulfilling in an RO arc yet. Ill look forward to next book for sure!

It would be impossible to over-emphasize just how much this game stands out. It is superbly written, the characters all flawed and three-dimensional, and the choices you make genuinely meaningful and thought provoking (never pigeonholing you into a narrow skill tree). Most CYOA games are content with just recycling genre cliches and attempting nothing original. This is not one of those – it borrows them only to turn them on their head and make something new. Bottom line: 5/5, will play again and get the sequel. Games like this deserve recognition.

When we saw the word epilogue, we literally exclaimed noooooo out loud. We’ve played quite a few choice of games, and read quite a few books – this title easily makes it near the top of both lists. So many other people are already giving more detailed praising reports so Ill keep this short but… Get this game. You wont regret it.

We think this is the most polished choice of stories we’ve read! We are eager to try another story arc. This first one was epic, and we hope more is on the way!

We dont usually get unreviewed choose your own adventures as many a bad game as cursed our screen. However, from the moment we made our first choice we were hooked; with us carefully evaluating every decision we would make. To fans of these powered choice games we say get it now. To the writers we say job well done and we eagerly await the next game.

Anytime we get the chance to make an angsty, drama fueled character. Im in. Love that there is pretty much no limit to the amount of characters you can make your self tailored curse word. We made ours a monologue from Sasuke. Very nice. Great writing! Couldn’t stop reading until we were finished!

So, this is a good game. Its also a good story. The author gives the player choices to make that, as far as we can tell, do have an impact on how everything plays out. However, they arent afraid to tell the story they want to tell. The characters are interesting and fun to interact with. The setting is cool but its not the focus. We dont really care for romance options but all of the dialogue felt real. If youre looking for a solid story that focuses on a six-fi hero setting, we think youll enjoy this one. If you care at all about time, it took us about 5-7 hours to get through it. Great way to spend a quiet afternoon.

The author manages to brilliantly weave a tale of delightfully customizable revenge using a dreadfully played out theme/setting, all the while making the reader completely forget about the numerous superhero vs. Villain tropes that inevitably plague all the works in the genre. Refreshing, exciting, powerful!

We’ve bought over a dozen of Choice of Games’s offerings, and we have to say that none of them have allowed the creation of such an intimate psychology of the player character. Your choices lie not only in what you do, but in why, allowing flurries of conflicting emotions, desires, and motivations. Every other character shows glimpses of the same, and we want so much more of them and this tired, beat up world. It’s really good, guys.

We dont write reviews often for apps but we urge you to buy this app if youre on the fence, its masterfully written with plenty of intrigue as the player is kept in the dark for a good portion of the story on our youre a villain as a psychic that deals with having to be multiple people and the complexity of a world without a true government. With how pumped this one made us we cant wait for the next part to come out as we have high hopes that this will equal or even excel the Heroes Rise trilogy and Redemption Season by Zachary Sergi. Malin Rydn, please keep up the good work.

We’ve always been a fan of playing from a villains point of view. What is their motivation? What does it take to pull off those heinous acts? Can you play the friend while being an enemy? Heroes make people feel warm and fuzzy when the good guy wins. But the villain challenges the worldview of the hero and there are times when you even root for them. Im looking forward to what the sequel(s) will bring to a story this deep and profound.

As a sucker for superhero stories this was a pleasant surprise. Very well written and we cant wait for book 2. Unfortunately it ended when it was getting interesting. We guess this first book is just to lay the scene. Worth every penny.

First, the idea of playing a complex villain in itself is so fun and unusual, but what makes this game top tier is the level of choice in building your character’s psyche and reactions to their trauma as well as how to approach their interactions with people they care for (or try not to care for). Plus the author is… Quite good at what they’re doing. You can tell a great level of care and attention went into this story. The descriptions of telepathy alone are so creative and satisfying. We’ve never had so little to complain about, to be honest, besides that we wish it was longer.

We loved this book. We honestly felt the motivation of the character without heavy handed narrative. We need a sequel. One of the few books to make turning evil so awesome. Playing the hero is default but turning in to the villain? Watching the fall and despair? Hauntingly enjoying to go through. Even with your secondary main character that can play as s foil to the villain main character. Very well done.

If not THE best story they have out. We havent been this involved in a game in a long time. With superb writing that leaves us completely engaged and wanting more and more and more, we cant wait until the sequel comes out. Cant recommend it enough!

The only thing we didn’t like about this game is that it ended. We can’t wait to read the next one.

This story has impressed us immensely not only in its quality but its somewhat risqu experimental jabs at what mental illnesses could possibly come with the job of being a superhero. All the dialogue felt particularly real, not strained nor too cartoon-ish. The characters all present their own interesting aspects and we sincerely enjoy this! Probably one of the best Hosted game CoG has given us since the Sabres of Infinity Trilogy (Thus Far!) truly wonderful work and we hope to see this story expanded upon more!

We must say that as of fan of the products youve produced this one might well be our all time favorite. We greatly enjoyed the mechanic of having control of two characters and potentially having two different personalities between the two. Plus we feel this game gives us an experience that isnt all that touched on too well. The ability to be the villain! We’ve played the academy for upcoming super villains and we enjoyed it our first time through. But ultimately it felt lacking in motivation. We entered the school because our mother was a villain? Here our character suffered a traumatic experience that caused serious mental and physical injuries. Also your choice of what villain you will be is a fine touch as well. And with how the ending appeared for us, Im looking forward to a potential sequel.

This is hands down the best piece of interactive fiction we’ve read in several years. The author writes in such a way that draws you into the character bit but bit, and the overall story plays out like a great comic book. We cant wait for the next installment.

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