Legends of Andor

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Legends of Andor


Legends of Andor is one of the best $5.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by United Soft Media Verlag GmbH, Legends of Andor is a Strategy game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 23rd January 2019 with the latest update 14th June 2021

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Entertainment, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


348 people have rated 1.1.4

You can download the game Legends of Andor from APP STORE.


This epic fantasy game takes you to a fantastic kingdom full of magical creatures and brave heroes.

Play a warrior, sorceress, dwarf or archer, and defend the king’s castle! Pass difficult trials, defeat determined opponents and protect the land from a dark secret.

Guide your group of heroes through twelve exciting legends in which new, challenging opponents and old companions await you. Choose your strategy carefully—you have only a limited number of moves to complete your quests. You can guide any legend to a successful resolution in several ways if you use your characters and their abilities to your best advantage.

Delve deeper than ever before into the mystical past of the legendary kingdom and discover a previously unknown story of Andor that takes your heroes into inhospitable and dangerous realms beyond Rietland.

Play the award-winning board game solo and take your group of heroes on exciting adventures anywhere, anytime. The Legends of Andor: The King’s Secret provides an easy introduction with simple rules and an extensive tutorial, and offers Andor fans and beginners alike a challenging gaming experience.

The land of Andor needs your help! Can you fight off the new threat from the south?

  • Exciting fantasy game
  • Single-player game
  • New, epic Andor legends
  • Familiar heroes, old companions, new adversaries
  • Discover Andor’s past
  • Straightforward rules and tutorial
  • No Andor experience necessary to play
  • Developed by the Andor creator Michael Menzel and games author Jörg Ihle
  • Based on the board game The Legends of Andor from KOSMOS (awarded “Kennerspiel des Jahres 2013”)
  • Can be played in English, German, French, Spanish

Funded by FilmFernsehFonds Bayern.

Questions or suggestions:
Mail to [email protected]
We are looking forward to your feedback!

News and updates: www.andorgame.de, www.facebook.com/AndorGame

Updated on 14th June 2021

Greetings, fellow Andori! This version updates Andor’s game engine to the latest version and includes several technical optimizations.

Legends of Andor Reviews

Obviously, its a little different from the board game. But we have really enjoyed the virtual adaptation so far!

We literally cannot stop playing this app or the board game!!!! Was really well done and matching the board game well.

Ok, we admit that Im not the best person to talk about these kinda games, we dont play as much as other people. But let us tell you that this game is fantastic. The story is compelling, giving more context in every completed quest. The board comes alive with standing pieces and unlimited actions. Strategists and fantasy enthusiasts alike will love the complexity of this game, you will always be contemplating and scheming your way to victory. This board game turned virtual is a storytelling and RPG marvel, we would strongly recommend this game.

So, theres lots to like about the game. The graphics and game play seem to work well, after a bit of figuring out time. What we dont understand is why this game deviates from the rules of the actual board game. What we mean is, in the board game (if Im understanding THAT correctly) you only progress up the letters once all the heroes have finished a full day (by clicking the rooster button). Here, it seems that it progresses much more quickly. Why change that?! What was wrong with the original game rules?

Love the board game, love for the iPad. Would like more content.

We cant honestly find any weak point in this wonderful conversion of the original table board game. We find the journey more important of the final destination so we enjoy the fact of having to restart the legends from square 1 if failed. Wonderful graphic and sound as well.

The best digital board game in our opinion plays just like the table top and we were glad to see the legends are different also, loving this game!

App is working fine but there is no sound. We checked that it was on in the options and sure enough it is. Is this a known issue? Havent tried on our iPad yet.

We enjoyed the game and finished all but the last two levels. Honestly having to restart at the beginning of each level after losing was exhausting after awhile. The game mechanics to learn and improve by repeating stages is decent, however when you pass 1 or 2 levels in a stage, but having to start at the beginning each time you lose has been a design flaw of games for making them longer. In the end, this game became tedious. These are outdated and obsolete game mechanics for this day in age. Dont buy unless you love spending hours repeating steps over and over.

Loaded fine, tutorial fine Tried to actually play a game, cant get past select equipment screen. Tried all buttons,options.

Super addicting = bad for your life. Fun to play but we wish we could fast forward some animation and that there were better descriptions for the items and the wolf guy. We have to learn from trial and error so we end up tired of suffering through the whole adventure. We wish we could restart at certain levels within an adventure instead of the whole thing. Ugh. The mines. Update: Playing the Kings Retinue. We are pretty sure our dwarf girl left 4 coins on space 4 after defeating a Skral. We closed the game and came back and the coins are gone. Its not in anyones pockets. The dwarf girl must have an off-shore account.

We love this game. Theres some strategic elements in the timing of everything. But its an amazing game. For the developers: Are you guys going to add dlc or the Journey to the North expansion? We would love more content.

The only thing missing from the original board game is the cardboard. The UI is smooth and intuitive. A very faithful re-implementation of the board game.

The app is great, and the game is keeping us involved longer than other board game apps we own. Its a decent puzzle. As the scenarios got longer and more complex we had to set it down, but now that there is an undo option we will likely pick it up again.

So, we’ve been enjoying the game, but we’ve run into a bug that prevents progress. This has happened to us 3x on the Hunt Big Gor adventure. Bug When winning a fight with a hero (Thorn) and hes the only one in the fight and he has 19 or 20 strength, the game wants us to allocate the reward from the fight (2-4 strength depending on the creature) but it wont let us give Thorn more than 20 strength. So, it never gives us the green check mark and the bag keeps highlighting to make us allocate the reward. We are unable to bypass this and am forced to restart the legend.

This game is slow to load and minimal value. Everything takes a long time and the level of interaction is tedious and relatively boring. Too basic, and without any real substance. Definitely not worth paying for.

Crashes every time on our month-old iPhone 8 Plus running newest iOS…….

Andor as a board game was… Well, different… To wrap our head around, and the app version plays exactly like the physical game. It isnt a hack-and-slash, attack everything kind of game – you have to carefully consider when to attack enemies and when to let them attack your castle (or similar… Based on scenario). Also, even though youre always tempted to divide an conquer the multiple quest objectives, your characters have to stick together whenever possible (at least in pairs) if you want any chance of beating enemies stronger than the basic Gor (and even a Gor has the ability to beat a single hero… So teaming up on them is often a good idea too). The digital version of the game is – of course – beautiful. And we really like the additional maps and scenarios (at least additional to the base physical game we purchased years ago). Only real complaint… Sometimes the lack of an undo button is frustrating when we click something by accident… But thats a minor complaint for such an enjoyable game.

Im having a lot of fun playing. It could use a few UI tweaks. We dont think you can undo, even things like moving that could be undone easily. We havent figured out how to trade items (if it is possible). But still a 5 star game!

Everything you could ask for from the board game experience! The board game is so much fun but sometimes you need a big table to play and even though you can play solo, it is always fun with other people and we personally dont always have that option but with this app theres no need to setup the whole board and its on the go! New legends and minor tweaks to in game rules makes it an awesome game for any fan or new player!

We were able to play it once. After that, it crashes every single time. We tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it still crashes. This is on the newest iPad Pro with the latest iOS. It was fun the one time we played it, but… Update: the game magically started working again. Not sure why it started crashing, or why it stopped, but all is well again. We’ve upped our rating to 4 stars because thus far, it is a lot of fun.

Got the game and every time we clicked to start it would clock and glitch and exit in two seconds. Eventually got on and was enjoying the gameplay. Got glitched out and now cant get back in as he continues to do the same thing, clock for 2-3 seconds and bump us out.

Love the app when it works… Had no problems when we downloaded it and played for a few hours, here a week later we cant get it to pass the loading screen with the sleepy guy. Crashes out. Our phone meets all the specifications but it is hit or miss on launch. When we double click the button at the bottom of our iPhone, the preview for the app is the last place we left off in our adventure, but once we click it, it goes to the sleepy guy loading screen. We have closed the app and restarted our phone. Still hit or miss. We’ve seen this complaint in other reviews. Please fix so we can all enjoy the game.

Closes in moments of our opening it every single time. A useless app through and through.

Game keeps crashing to desktop on iPhone 8 Plus.. Reinstalled and reset still crashes.

Crashes on initial splash screen. Cant play it. Waste of 5 bucks.

This game will not open. Other reviews say it has done this and the dev team has fixed it. Ill wait to see and then review again.

Cant get it to load. Keeps crashing.

Latest update causes it to crash before it can fully open. Would like to review the game, but am unable to even get to the opening menu.

We absolutely love this game! We just played through the final legend, and feel that sparkling satisfaction of beating a game, which is rare in our iOS world of games. It was a challenging puzzle!

Our initial review rightfully blasted the game publishers for releasing a buggy game that crashed relentlessly. Happily, all issues seem to be resolved. So, lets talk about the game itself. Simply stated, its a fun game. The graphics are simple and clean, yet effective. The music and sound effects are appropriate and, although repetitive, they never annoy. More importantly, the gameplay is solid as it utilizes both familiar mechanics and original ones. The challenge, as a whole, is fair as it steadily inclines as the game progresses. Our one complaint, and depending on the player this could be significant, is that the game is less of a role playing board game and is more of a puzzle/strategy game. And, unfortunately, it depends a bit too much on a trial and error mechanic. Worth the five bucks.

update we’ve discovered that the game only works while on WiFi. Im not sure if thats intentional. It would be nice if it was playable while we were out and about. ** Like the title says. We cant start the game without crashing. It loaded the first time but never again sense. We’ve reinstalled it. Hopefully a future update with fix this as the game was promising. & Im a huge fan of the physical board game. If it matters; Im on an iPhone X iOS 12.1.4.

Game crashes at start, restarted phone and have IOS 12.1.4 still does not work. Have most current version of game and still crashes.

Loved the first couple of legends, but now that they get longer and we dont have the time to finish them in one go it becomes unplayable. Very frustrating is, that while there is a continue feature, once you exist the app and later continue all the heroes are back at the castle with zero gear and none of the other upgrades previously acquired. So basically it is start over, time and time again until you have the time to play a legend thru in its entirety.

We just downloaded it and it cant even launch. Just crashes on the opening screen. Not sure if it is the last update cuz other people seem to be able to get it to launch based on the reviews. We have a gen2 iPad Pro 12.9 so hardware shouldnt be an issue. Very disappointed.

We’re writing this review to spread the word that the developers of this online game have worked hard to deliver a good app to their customers. There were some problems when we first purchased the game. After we sent a description of our tablet and the nature of the problem, the development team fixed the app within a couple of days. The game runs smoothly and is very enjoyable. We now highly recommend this app to all. We consider this to be excellent customer service. Thank you team.

Current state is unplayable which is unfortunate since this seems excellent otherwise. We really hope a patch is in the works since this is a frequent and common complaint in the review section. We restarted our iPad as suggested in other responses but that did not remedy the issue. We tried to start the game over 10 times but crashed exactly at the same spot (tutorial start after choosing hero). Please fix Dev team! Edit. Great job dev team. Fast and responsive. Issues resolved. Great game and app. Download if a tabletop fan and support a committed and engaged team.

This is a wonderful implementation of a fantastic strategy boardgame.

We’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps and the program still crashes at the start of the first tutorial game. We have ipad 3 with IOS 9.3.5. I’d be happy to change our review after the game is fixed.

At one time we owned this table top game but we had a difficult time getting it to the table because others werent as interested in the bookkeeping. The app presents new scenarios that offer the same flavor of puzzles without the fiddliness. This is a very good port of a very good game.

We love this game. We own the table top version and was excited to see it available for iOS. This app version was easy for us to learn and we were playing right away. We’re not sure how complicated it would feel for a new player. For example not every rule is explained in the tutorial or first campaign. However things the game is designed to start off relatively easy and ramp up from there. If you like strategic board games, this is for you. Expect a little up front rule learning. So far the story line it’s exactly like we remember from the physical game. You can adjust difficulty level though in case you have played before. We haven’t played enough to know if the iOS version has the same randomness built in to the ai as the physical board game (for example placement of certain things on the board based on dice rolls). This randomness is what gives the game replayability. So far we’re really happy with this version. Recommended!

This is a fun, challenging game. Id not heard of the game before but thought it looked interesting. This digital version is very well done and has high production values. Our only complaint – and it is a minor one – is that you are supposed to be able to tap and hold on most things to get more info. You can on a few, but there a lot of things and times when you cannot. For example, tapping on heros often does show details. Tapping on tokens revealed in the fog by the spyglass does not show anything either. Its not a big deal, but makes learning the game a bit harder.

The production values of this game are outstanding, and we’re enjoying it quite a lot. We’re only on the third quest but am really getting the hang of it and getting into it. The view of the board is a thing of beauty. Great decisions during gameplay that lead to a satisfying experience. Highly recommend for fans of adventure and fantasy gaming.

New legends here – not just a rehash of the legends in the game. (I would have liked that as well). Same difficulty as board game, same incredible Michael Menzel art, same feel. Heroes are the same in the base. So excited to see if there will be DLC of more heroes/quests. Great job with this.

We have LOA the board game and all of its expansions (because Im a nerd who love this game) and was blown away when we discovered that there is an app. If youre already a fan of this amazing game then dont hesitate to get the app as it is faithful to the physical game and wonderfully executed. If youre new to LOA you need only play the tutorial to learn this game. The rules are almost ridiculously easy to learn but the game play is brilliantly challenging! Thank you for bringing this to the digital realm!!

After much time, a little frustration, trial and error, we are figuring the game out. Support by the developer has been wonderful! The more you play, the more you get sucked in. Things are moving along and then you run out of time, so you start again but learn from your mistakes. Once you start a scenario it is hard to put down until you either win or lose.

Game crashes after the initial tutorial battle. IPad Air.

Also, some of the button placements in the ui are counter-intuitive.

Game crashes when you battle something and kill it. P,ease fix.

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