Lep’s World Plus

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Lep’s World Plus


Lep’s World Plus is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by nerByte GmbH, Lep’s World Plus is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 16th December 2011 with the latest update 20th June 2018

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Action, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


906 people have rated 3.2.2

You can download the game Lep’s World Plus from APP STORE.


"Lep’s World" is a legendary platformer, with over 250 million downloads! So, get in on the fun!

Be nimble… be quick… and help Lep find his gold. It’s hidden in a range of awesomely well-designed levels, and he’s determined to find it all!

5/5 – "The best game ever! I love it so much, I can’t stop playing it!"
5/5 – "It’s a lot of fun, regardless of your age!"
5/5 – "This is the best app on my iPad, by far! Highly addictive!"

Lep’s World features:

  • 160 well-designed levels
  • Fabulous animations and in-game graphics
  • 6 different world themes
  • 9 challenging enemies
  • Many items, including jumping shoes, an hourglass and more
  • Compare your progress with that of your Facebook friends!
  • Seamless synchronization with the Facebook version
  • Game Center with tricky achievements and awesome leaderboards
  • Multiplayer capability
  • 50 extra Gems
  • iPhone X support

Lep the leprechaun has lost his gold, so to find it he needs you to help him run and jump through the fantastical realms of Lep’s World. Be careful, though. This place is full of beastly monsters, and they’ll do everything they can to stop little Lep. If you collect a cloverleaf, Lep’s health grows. Ah, but health alone won’t keep Lep out of trouble. Even an angry bee could sting him! Use your smooth, easy moves to guide Lep on his adventure. It’s "forty shades o’ fun"!

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Updated on 20th June 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

We hope you’re having fun playing Lep’s World Plus! We update the game every few weeks so don’t forget to download the latest version to get all the new features and levels!
New to the game? Don’t be shy, join the fun!
Coming back after a break? About time!
Let’s play! :)

Lep’s World Plus Reviews

We first played this game back in 2013and Im glad we’ve found it again in 2022 so much fun.

Addictive we have been playing the this for years.

We liked it the game because its very fun and its feel smb1 and we totally recommend this bye -YouTube.

This game is great for long car rides when Im bored. And we know what your thinking, dont drive and play this 2d game, and to that we say Im 7 and dont own a car.

Obviously we love super Mario Brothers and this is actually pretty darn close. Since we cannot play Mario brothers on our cell phone this is the next best thing. Plus on our iPhone Xs it looks amazing and the controls are fantastic. Thank you for making this game we will pass all the levels. Woot Woot we recommend this game to anybody.

Its a fun game but it doesnt fit on the screen with our new cell phone. When a pop-up ad or window for purchasing things for the game pops up, we cannot push the exit button at the top right-hand corner because it is off the screen. This means we can no longer play the game. When we completely close the window and try to open it later that add it remains on the screen and we still cannot play the game at all.

The only thing better than this game as far as side scrollers go is the old Nintendo stuff, if you want something for your phone that gives you something like that this is for sure it. Its great for playing while pooping or after fun time with the other.

We like it you should make more levels and the characters cheeper a little.

Overall we think the app is good. Its a lot like the other Leps worlds but without advertisements. The only problem we have is that we have an IPhone 11 and the top bar of the screen where your acorns and your lifes show up doesnt show because it is off of the screen. We can still work without seeing it but just to let anyone know if you have an iPhone 11 part of the screen will be off the screen.

The game is super fun but Im stuck because we cant get to the X to close pop up screen.

Fun game, but definitely showing signs it needs an update. The game does not fully fit the screen of our phone (iPhone 6 Plus – a large screen). When we play tournaments, we win stuff – but never actually get it. Sometimes helmets, lives and acorns just show up in our account weeks later. We can only assume these are the items we won, but never received. If you play an ad to continue in the regular levels, Lep wont move forward ward – only backward. So you have to kill yourself and start over, anyway. So dont bother watching ads. (This happens in another game version as well.) The character movements become sporadic and do not follow your key strokes. We figured out that if we use a helmet, we die almost immediately every time. Its like the character has a life of its own. We dont even have to hit buttons.

We’ve got an iPhone 11 and the entire top of the screen is inaccessible. Anyway to fix this?

The game isnt formated to fit our iphone xr, which is really annoying because half the hub is missing and also we cant click the x on the adds. Please fix because we love this game.

We got the free game first to try out we really liked it so yeah we bought the series because of the ads now we played about 30 mins and a ad showed up but to buy stuff in the game but now we cant get it off no matter what we do the x on top dont show up cause the game screen is to big so we thought Ill try the other 2 games yep same thing ugh now Im stuck with 3 games we cant play! Please fix the screen so it can fit what ever phone your one like iPhone 11 for example or give us our money back cause we cant play the games and just wasted our money to keep looking at a screen ad.

Its a great game but the screen is zoom in towards the bottom and cant exit certain pop ups.

Theres a glitch in level 13-7 where a block is suppose to be present in order to get over a wall and its not there.

We love this game and it was our go to for entertainment on our phone, but when we upgraded to a new phone this no longer fits the screen and makes it impossible to play.

One of the most unbalanced and money hungry games. They start you out with awesome perks but as you use them its a pain in the arse to get those… Because youd have to pay. Your lifeline has three clovers. Every time you get hit, you lose one…. This game starts you with 1!!!! How fair is that? For every level!!!! The castle in level 14 is absolute ludicrous we’ve never been so mad at a game. We have more success playing resident evil 4 pro than this horribly unbalanced game. Level 16-04 is pain in our side too, especially when you land centered on the enemies yet it kills you… Um, okay? Dont do it. It is fun at first, but youll end up throwing your phone or tablet at the wall (wishing it was a developer of the game) because Mario Bros. At least had good controls and didnt want to make you bust a blood vessel in your head, or even worse, pay for perks, thats right… Itll take you forever to accumulate diamonds to even buy anything. Money hungry savages.

Game doesnt fit the iPhone screen, its too large. And it seems like Im playing the same 5 levels over and over again.

Being that the last update was 2 yrs ago, we dont think yall are gonna fix the screen, so we wont even ask.

Fun game but doesnt fit our screen. We paid for it!

We have loved this game for many years and had to get a new iPhone in June and havent been able to play since then with it being so zoomed in. We paid for a game now we cant play so please fix it.

They snagged the ball and the. Dropped it.

We used to love Leps world and would play all the time but now with the new update, we cant stand it. It is very distracting having lep always being in the middle of the screen and the screen moves really fast to get him in the middle. We also do not like having 10 lives instead of 7 because with 7 lives it was a challenge but with 10 we feel that we dont have a challenge because we have so many chances. There is also so many icons on the screen that we cant focus on what we need to actually do:(

Like Mario but not Different but same same.

This Game Is good but there is so many icons on the screeen that we just sometimes keep losing because the icons are sometimes to hard to focus on when you are in the middle of playing the game you accidentally tap one of them and it whines you up to a add leading you to the AppStore while tapping within it.

This game is too cool!! LOVE IT!!! The most fun game of all!! Level 11-3: There is a big gap close to the beginning that is too far apart,I can not even get over it no matter how many times we try!! Kind of frustrating!!!

All of the Lep’s games are so addicting!

We love this game we play it at least twice a day and our 5 year old son plays whenever he can get his hands on our phone!

We love this game and we are addicted!!!

It is an amazing game! We’ve been looking for a game this good for a long time!! Thank You to the guys that programed this one!! Boone likes! Our nephew really really likes it, he always wants to borrow our phone to play it!!

Really, we need more pine cones. Fun game that gets progressively difficult.

We absolutely love this game is a great timesaver great adventure we just love it. Leprechaun version of Mario.

Reminds us of super Mario brothers 1.

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