State of Survival Patch 1.11.50

State of Survival Patch 1.11.50

Last updated on June 24th, 2021 at 11:27 pm

These are the changes for State of Survival Patch 1.11.50.

Seaside Resort:

  • Summer is coming! Hot weather slows down the Infected. Becca suggested that the crew should head down to the nearby beach. There used to be a famous seaside resort before the Outbreak. These days it offers safety and relief from the heat.
  • Every Chief can participate in Take the Bait, Bait Hunting, Bait Formula, Infected Ice Cream Man, Full Sail events to receive rich rewards.
  • Take the Bait: Chef wants to make some delicious grilled fish for us, so hurry up and catch more fish! Get ranked and win great rewards!


  • Optimized Resonating Hero reminders: a red dot will be displayed to remind you that you can resonate with other Heroes; if you change from Legendary Resonance to Epic Resonance, you need to reconfirm the change and the fragments required.
  • When the max refresh times of the Underground Shadow Exploration Store is reached, you will see a reminder.