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Lichtspeer is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Noodlecake Studios Inc, Lichtspeer is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 28th February 2018 with the latest update 16th April 2018

Whether you are a fan of Action, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


516 people have rated 1.1.4

You can download the game Lichtspeer from APP STORE.


LICHTSPEER is a fast-paced lightspear-throwing simulator set in an ancient germanic future. Get ready to feel that beloved 80’s arcade rush in this brutal, stylish and psychedelic adventure.

In a land filled with Penguin Vikings, Wurst Zombies, and Hipster Ice Giants, survival is an art. Fortunately, an ancient champion with an elegant weapon has been summoned to please the gods and restore balance to the universe.

Embrace the future, eat Strudel, play LICHTSPEER.


10 Upgradable Lichtpowers
60+ Insane Levels
6 Uber Boss Battles
Achievements and Leaderboards

Updated on 16th April 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Lichtspeer Reviews

We love this game. That does not mean there arent things about it that could be better. The controls are slightly wonky, but no more so than any other phone game we’ve ever played. The soundtrack is somewhat repetitive but then again it also fits the mood of the game perfectly. We love this game for what it is. It is a mobile archery game, and in that respect it may be close to the pinnacle of the genre. Other archery games we’ve played have been functionally adequate much like this one, but none have had the flair and overall attitude that this one has. This is the only game we’ve ever played in which you can stare down hordes of the fell Nordic creatures And destroy them. Lo! Bring fourth your battle seals, Your zombie Giants, Your weird flying creature thingies!! They shall all fall by the might of the Lichtspeer!!! Is there a better archery game on the App Store? NEIN!!!!!!

Im very picky about games, having grown up with computer and Nintendo titles in the 80s and 90s. This games drew us in. The controls are intuitive and the atmosphere is dreams like. The upgrades and multiple worlds/levels l will keep you interested. This game is very well done.

The controls are fine, they are just like any other game. The game isnt that hard Im already on level 7 and it wasnt that hard to get there. We would get this game, its really good.

Like others have said, the controls are really difficult to use. It gets unplayable really fast…. If this was improved it cool be a really cool game. Graphics are great and its a fun concept.

Its a fun game, and we really want to like it. However, like everyone here has commented, the touch control is really really bad. Especially after you unlock more abilities. Like the Lichtrain, after you unlock that ability, every time you try to aim downwards, it would think you are trying to use the rain power, so it either activate that, or stop responding to all of your inputs cause the power is not available. It gets extremely frustrating to play cause of that… Please fix the touch control.

After reading the reviews of this game (which we should have done before buying) we see the developers only respond to positive reviews which is annoying. The game looks and sounds great but if youre planning on playing this on an iPhone we suggest you skip this one. It might be ok on the iPad but the controls are pretty difficult to use and your fingers cover up the bad dudes youre trying to shoot. We give it a two star for looking cool. We will be deleting this one.

Terrible game controls, boring game play very repetitive. We wish we could get our money back.

This game is so fun because there was so many levels and The game is just fun itself. This game is the perfect offline game we have ever had.

We were really enjoying game. Unfortunately, once we got the beam that shot straight forward the controls became completely untenable and every action tried to shoot for beam forward. After that even basic shooting became impossible. Stuck on level four now and will be deleting this since it no longer even an option to try and play it. Update: Despite being unable to use that power, the game is fun. So we settled on 3 stars. Fun, but the controls are very annoying.

We usually dont take time to write reviews but we have to set the record straight. Theres nothing wrong with the controls of this game. Dont listen to these whiners.. If you insist playing on a small device, it is a bit more difficult. We I have different size tablets and the larger the better.

We need…. More…. LSD…. Wait wat.

Its like Bowmasters on… Well, u knowRight off the bat, within the 1st few seconds of gameplay, we knew this was a winner. Its fun. Period. Plus, it looks/sounds amazing. Fluid controls. Us likey!

UPDATE : Game does sync between our iDevices! This game is one of the freshest & most purely fun we’ve experienced on the APP store in quite a while. Controls are intuitive & chasing a high score is addictive, The sound is fantastic; the visuals are awesome & theres just enough story to string everything together. PLEASE: WOULD LOVE TO SEE ICLOUD SUPPORT INCLUDED in a future update & would love to see the story expanded a bit. Im on Level 3 & having a blast.

This game is way better than bowmasters……. COLORS.

App wont start! Stays stuck on the loading screen indefinitely. Even updated to latest OS, and NOTHING. What a waste. UPDATE: Received a very thorough reply from Noodlecake app support troubleshooting the problem. The problem with the game not loading was due to the app not being able to reach Game Center. Turning Game Center off and on again in iOS settings fixed this problem.

Seems fun, a bit repetitive but definitely needs an invert aiming option. Other archery-like games are inverted by default.

We were looking forward to getting thispre-ordered it and was pretty excited for it to be released, but when we got to play it, Im very disappointed we must say, that its done-in by the repetitiveness of it all! We stuck with it to see if anything different or fun would happen as we progressed, but unfortunately it didnt. Just more of the same… It looked similar to Bowmasters, which we LOVE, and at first it looked like it would be even better, but its definitely NOT!!! Kinda bummed to tell you the truth. It got deleted fast! Too bad… Bowmasters is by far the winner here!

Its okay. Fun for about an hour.

This game has so much potential. The art style, copy and story/gameplay mechanic are amazing, but the endless bugs make it almost impossible not to be frustrated by. Solid effort, but needs more work – especially at the price.

Decent game, but highly reliant on a smooth experience to whip spears around quickly. Im getting pretty poor frame rate though on iPhone 8 Plus which makes the game unplayable. Wouldnt recommend until they address.

There’s a lot to love about this game. Excellent visual design and tight control of your archer elevate the experience. However, the frame rate on the third level titled "das forbidden glaciers" chugs to a crippling halt that makes it almost unplayable. We are hoping a patch can address an issue in an otherwise great game.

Game has potential but must fix the controls please.

Good archer game , story mode with mythology setting is innovative and really cool. But our issue is with this game is that its control are really buggy. The game is full screen which means you have to draw your control curves either by obscuring your character or obscuring empties. Its usually not an issue with turn based leisure play but in this game where you die in a split second , its impossible to quickly aim and fire without blocking essential battlefield elements with your own fingers. It quick gets from fun to some annoyance to unlabeled to progress and utter frustrations. Improve the controls or Ill have to delete the game all together …

Started the game and we thought it was great. Then we bought the swipe right thing and now its impossible to shoot or aim without summoning the power. How am we supposed to aim if we cant swipe?!

We had fun with this game until the stage where you’re being attacked from both sides by the sea serpent. We can’t get the knack (if there is one) of aiming the spear in this stage. It has become frustrating, and we’ve quit. Not worth the $3.99 we paid.

We like the art style, buts it’s crashed three times in 15 minutes of play. Also the "game" isn’t challenging or interesting. It’s like angry birds in a straight line. Really dumb game mechanic.

For a game we forked over 4 bucks the controls make it difficult to enjoy. Its impossible to enjoy this game when you die so quickly after being touched. Its extremely difficult to draw the spear accurately using the touch screen. Im going to discontinue playing unless there is an improvement.

It wont load its stuck on the headphone recommended.

The games all good and fun, but the controls are extremely wonky? Especially when the screen changed and youre getting attacked from two sides. Its super hard to control the spear, and No matter how much you turn up the sensitivity… It doesnt react well at all. Not worth the money.

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