Lofi Ping Pong

Last updated on July 26th, 2022 at 04:00 am

Lofi Ping Pong


Lofi Ping Pong is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Nikolai Kislitsin, Lofi Ping Pong is a Music game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 24th November 2020 with the latest update 1st December 2020

Whether you are a fan of Music, Sports, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


102 people have rated 1.0.2

You can download the game Lofi Ping Pong from APP STORE.


Rhythm game with great soundtracks in lofi hip hop genre, different game modes and cool story part

  • Six locations to play/relax to
  • Several gameplay modifications to test your rhythm skill
  • Proceed through story part to open more lofi hip hop tracks

Updated on 1st December 2020

Hi everyone! In todays’ update:

  • Ball is flying smoother
  • Continue button in Playlist is turned off when you finished playing song
  • You can go back using physical Back button
  • Buttons on Homescreen received some shadows
  • When you hide the game it will pause automatically
  • When the game is interrupted (e.g. phone call) it will go on pause automatically
  • Back buttons are bigger now

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Lofi Ping Pong Reviews

We bought this game on PC, Nintendo Switch and iOS, the difficulty is quite different across platforms, on PC there is no room for mistake, but there are more info about the storyline, you can check messages in the phone and the menu is a train stop. On switch you get 3 chances like iOS, but slightly more difficult than iOS because touching the screen is the most intuitive way of control. Overall this game is a piece of art, its just that the song list seems incomplete, the last song is called acceptance and its not in the player once you beat the game, maybe you can unlock more songs by getting higher scores, just our guess.

We think this game is really nice, the art, the music, the story, everything. It has a really nice feel that even when we mess up its still ok and Im not mad. It still is challenging and we mess up a lot, but it is still a brilliant work of art.

Really relaxing game; we love how the metronome matches when ur hitting the ball. Sound track is excellent. Wish there were more levels to play but its very good as is.

If a zen mode with no consequences could be added it would really bring the vibe up.

It would be cool if you continued to update the game with new songs or give us the option to make custom tracks in the game. Great game btw for just a 1$ :)

Now Im not one to write a review but seeing that this game was a 3.3 star was baffling to us because back before all the major companys made games and started the whole pay to win systems. Games like these are a treasure a simply enjoyable game and if people didnt like it was most likely it probably was because they the creator hasnt made enough content on the game yet but slowly there will be more.

This game really helps us calm down, its such a relaxing environment to just chill with.

The game is very calm and challenging at the same time, it has a great feel to it and would suggest to spend 1$ on this if you will play it.

A lot of reviews are from people who dont know how to play the game. (I e tap in rhythm) Ignore them. Its actually a great game!

We came across this scrolling across the App Store page just yesterday, and saw this little gem. It looked like an interesting concept (and we’ve been a little more involved with rhythm games lately), so we bought it. Didnt play it today and, we have to say, its a fun, relaxing, and yet invigorating game! Controls are simple, and its up to you to sync yourself to the beat. Definitely worth spending money on <3.

There are some ui issues (some stuff gets cut off in the screen edges on some screens- never anything critical) but other than that this is a very unique and addicting rhythm game well worth a dollar.

Please keep updating and adding more story we really love this game.

It was difficult for us to get used to the game initially, but once we got the hang of it, it was fun. A lot of the negative reviews written for this game are generally from people that gave up, didnt take the time to learn how to play the game, or got frustrated. It is challenging, we can tell you that, but it is definitely a game worth playing. This game is worth the dollar in our opinion, but there should be a free trial option for the people that are unsure. Maybe then, the game will be recognized for how great it is.

We were skeptical at first at this game. We thought it would be bad. But once we got in it was kinda confusing at first. The ball would keep going through our paddle. But, we then realized that the ball comes at a beat. So you would tap at the same time as the best goes. Sometimes its kinda off. But really you want to hit the ball once it lands inside your little boxes on the bottom near your character. It was confusing at first. But once we got the hang of that. The levels were nice and challenging nothing to hard. Over all it was a pretty cool game. We loved the lofi music in the background. Very calm. If there were more levels to be added that would make it so much fun. We spent at least 25 minutes on this and already beat all the levels. Making more levels would be fun! Also would probably want some more clarification on the tutorial so people dont get confused. But overall, fun game and we would recommend to anyone whos bored and needs a little game. We for sure loved it.

Its the perfect thing to put your headphones on and play on a rainy day or the in the bus.

This game is very fun. We beat it really fast but nonetheless one of our favorite games on our phone.

Bad comments are because it is hard. Once you get the groove going, its amazing. Huge thank you to the developer for including input from the arrow keys on an external keyboard. One suggestion would be to put the song title and bpm on the screen in game. Id buy this game 10x over, bravo!

This game is great, and honestly one of the best simple pick-up and play apps out there. Its not overly complicated. It knows what it is and does a great job with it. Its a great little rhythm game, perfect for mobile. It could definitely use more songs, the story mode is a bit odd and really short, and the app display is really awkward at least on iPhone 12, but its still a really novel experience that we cant wait to see the future of. Definitely worth the $0.99 and download.

Not too challenging, and we ended up beating it after a couple hours. It took us a while to get the hang of it at first. We love the lofi music, thats honestly our favorite part. Its an awesome, chill game and Ill definitely be playing it again.

We love lo-fi. Its our go to study music. Now this game is our go to get distracted from studying music. Big fan.

This game is amazing its fun addicting and it have a great score we sure hope we get a medal for finishing candid on double ball mode though cause that was a painful thing to attempt to do.

We didnt understand how to play at first, but once we got the hang of it the game was fun. Probably should have a demo to show you how to play.

We came from the desktop version on Steam. An extraordinary, relaxing game. We like how refined the mobile version is. We appreciate the keyboard support on this version. One suggestion: make the game less forgiving for keyboard players on mobile?

The UI scaling is a little messed up for mini iPhones but other than that its a wonderful game with a great sound track.

Its a pretty unique idea, combining a ping pong game with a rhythm game and we think the result is pretty fun! 4 stars because its kind of hard to learn at first and tapping the middle of an iPad Pro while holding it is kind of hard but its still a pretty nice game and we think you should try it!

The game is fun and easy for the musically inclined, really hard for those who dont have rhythm. Buttons and the feedback on the bottom right are cut out a little on iPhone 12 Pro. The phone camera blocks the option to change main menu background as well. TL;DR: Put an option in the settings menu to have IPhone 12 pro support, otherwise, very good game!

The core gameplay of this game is great, it has good art, its fun to play, and we liked the majority of the music. Its a great vibe overall. The story, however, is practically nonsensical; at least in English. Its just a bunch of non connected phrases by different characters. The opponent youre up against also doesnt change who you play against in the actual game. We enjoy playing through the story mode, but the story aspect of that mode is defiantly where Id appreciate some more work put in.

We love this game a lot we cant get past the first level (its our bad) but still love it none the less and we will be getting it on steam once we have the money. We do recommend.

We love this game but we just need more ya know?

We love this game. We love the vibe its very relaxing. We enjoy playing and Im already getting good. There are no glitches what so ever. We have a question, could you do online games with friends?

We love the idea but its just so difficult. Ill keep up with the rhythm great but if we miss it just by a millisecond it screws us up for the rest of the game and we cant even get through the first stage. Which that may be our problem but we were reading the reviews and many people are having the same issues.

It is a good game but it should have more clarification in the tutorial and we don’t know why the ball keeps going through the paddle.

So we’ve seen a lot of reviews saying that they cant hit the ball, if you pay attention to the tutorial, you have to wait for the ball to be inside one of the three squares before tapping to hit it, with that being said, the game is quite bland and we will be requesting a refund.

We love the idea and the vibe of the game but the rhythm you have to hit the ball just doesnt seem to line up right with the music.

Its cute and has a great art style, but the gameplay itself is off-beat and difficult to understand the first time around. Youve got to tap the square right before the beat hits and it took us a good few tries to figure it out.

After the 3rd or 4th hit, the ball keeps going through the paddle no matter the timing on our tap. Flawed game. Dont buy.

There must be a bug where we cant get past the fourth hit. The ball goes through us no matter what. So this was a wasted effort.

The tutorial doesnt teach you how to play, the announcer literally just says, you will lose. How do we refund a game?

It won’t ever let us hit the ball. We have yet to get a single point even in the tutorial.

We’ve played the tutorial three times and for whatever reason, we can’t even get past the first level. We’re doing he same thing we did in the tutorial just in a level and we’re losing. The character won’t hit the ball when we go to the spot the ball is going to. This was a waste of money.

Dunno why developer put a timer into his app that limits the swing time…. The ai is too OP… Do not buy.

Developers take a hint from the countless people complaining that they cant figure out how to play and fix the tutorial, and then once youve done that go back and fix the game itself cause we cant make the character swing no matter how on beat we tap inside the boxes like the 2nd level with two balls is totally broken.

Controls are glitching cant get past the first level we have an iphone 11 pro this game runs like hot garbage we want our dollar back.

We’ve played the tutorial several times and we can hit the ball back a few times and we hit it in the same beat as the others and for some reason we miss? Not sure why there are good reviews for this game.

Why is this game featured in the App Store? We want our dollar back. Hitting the ball a fourth time does not register, either in the tutorial or level one resulting in the player being locked out of progression. The game itself is also not optimized for iPhone X and newer. The top and bottom of the game are cut off.

It wont even let us hit the ball it just makes us stand there and it gives you three lives but it doesnt matter because you lose after the 3rd hit.