Trivia Crack Adventure

Trivia Crack Adventure


Trivia Crack Adventure is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Etermax, Trivia Crack Adventure is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 17th November 2020 with the latest update 21st April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Family, or Trivia games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


48,317 people have rated 2.57.0

You can download the game Trivia Crack Adventure from APP STORE.


A new kind of trivia game is here! Put your explorer spirit to the test with Trivia Crack Adventure, from the creators of Trivia Crack. Jump into Mountain Track, roll the dice and answer questions about your favorite topics. Become a trivia star and get new collectibles to customize your experience!


  • Immerse yourself in Mountain Track and start a new trivia quiz.
  • Answer questions from different categories such as Superheroes, Movies, Music, TV Shows, Capitals, Animals and more.
  • Get exclusive collectibles as pawns, frames and dice to customize your gameplay.
  • Compete against other users and reach the summit before your opponent.
  • Put your knowledge to the test and become the ultimate trivia star.


  • Try your luck and win exclusive collectibles with Pick-a-Prize.
  • Earn a lot of gems playing Temple Trial.
  • Unlock Hidden Passage and get plenty of prizes.
  • Answer the trivia quiz from a random topic and become a master.
  • Challenge Toad Kingdom and turn into a trivia star.

Your wisdom will be rewarded in Trivia Crack Adventure, so prove your knowledge with the ultimate online trivia quiz. Answer questions correctly to get the best prizes. If you are a trivia game expert, don’t hesitate anymore!
It’s time to boost your knowledge and skills with Trivia Crack Adventure.
If you have any doubts, problems or suggestions you can reach us at [email protected]

Updated on 21st April 2022

Even the greatest of adventurers need to take a quick break to catch their breath. We made the most of ours to make some visual improvements and bug fixes so that you can return to the adventure refreshed and recovered.

Trivia Crack Adventure Review

We like the idea of what we have to do with it.

Dear, trivia game we love this game it is so fun and we love trivia games and we are kind of good at this game and we will try to get better and we hope we do and we like to beat people in games.

Wake up to reality! Nothing ever goes as planned in this world. The longer you live, the more you realize that in this reality only pain, suffering and futility exist.

There are a lot of ads and it costs 12 dollars it should be like two dollars.

Its a good game dont get us wrong but we’ve been playing for a couple of weeks now and we have won 2 frames and a pawn and the game wont give it to us! Even after closing the app and restarting it! So not fair!

Tone it down wit the ads jeez everywhere we click is a new ad.

Love the game but playing for 5 mins and it overheated our phone and it only does it while Im on your app.

We love this game but every time we play our phone gets extremely hot, not sure if its a coincidence or if our phone has issues, but before we download the app we never had this issue.

We like the game but it doesn’t give us frames when we’ve earned them. We get all 10 for the frames and it still doesn’t show them as available :/ it gave us the first one we earned but the other ones haven’t worked. Also collecting chests while in a game: we will watch a video to collect it and then we don’t even get to open them. Thinking about uninstalling this one. Can’t even get the things you work for.

We really want to give this app a five star because we absolutely love the concept and playing the game. The problem is that it has SO MANY glitches. Im constantly getting kicked out of the game or the game is freezing on a question or a video and then we lose our progress and its really frustrating. It would be really great if they could fix the glitches so Im not getting kicked out or frozen all. The. Time!!!! Other than that, fantastic game!!

If you like trivia crack, it is a good game it has all the same elements. The only thing that makes this game horrible is how you only get 45 coins for achieving the chest at the end goal and how there is an ad after every. Single. Level. It is making us want to delete the game. Im only on level 5 and it is making us so angry, you dont have a choice wether or not you want to watch an ad. Horrible. Trivia crack fix this and we promise youd get better response. Also we have NEVER in our life wrote a review about a game so that shows how horrible it truly is.

Fun game, but far too many ads to really make it enjoyable. Will be deleting.

We really want to like this game, but it’s got a lot of problems. We don’t mind ads on a free game, but there are /way/ too many. And some of the "topics" are pretty niche, if you don’t like that topic you have no hope of getting a question right, it’s one thing to have something like sports which is a pretty broad topic and popular with a lot of people, but then specific topics for things like The Big Bang Theory or the Kardashians? Great for the people who are into them, but if you get stuck with one of them, you’re just plain out of luck. On the other hand, while there are questions that are too specific, there’s a lot that are far too easy, if we feel like we’re either going to get a question a kid could easily answer, or one we have no hope of answering it really keeps it from being fun.

We just did the 25/25th pineapple house (SpongeBob) question, and it told us that we got the SpongeBob pawn when we look at the pawns that we have,, however, it tells us that we have to answer questions from pineapple house to get it we already did this fix this or we will stop playing this game. Also, the same thing happened with the Simpsons avatar border. Still waiting on that.

Fun app but CRASHES CONSTANTLY. Please fix! (Also lots of spelling and grammar errors in the trivia)

Its almost unplayable with the amount of ads that pop up. We can understand an ad popping up for a power up, coins or some other function, but even to leave one game to go back to the menu youre hit with ads.

It wont let us play we installed the game because our friends wanted it to play with us , but when we open the app all we see its a screen saying sign as username and Im not username but no matter how many time we press any of the option it just doesnt work.

Boring, thumbs down, rigged to have to watch ads, way too many ads, long long ads, even the paid version has too many ads, the game is rigged to force you to still watch ads, should have an option to buy the game without any any any ads. Even if the game was $300. It is worth paying that just as long as we dont see ads. The game is worth $0 because too many ads and boring questions. Any amount is worth it just to play with no ads. Please make a version with no ads at all. Way too many ads. Boring questions. Crashes after watching an ads for extra roll and lose spot. Pointless paying for the game if still rigged to watch ads. The animations are ok. Thanks.

You have to watch an add every 3 clicks. Game stinks.

We were playing this last night and then today it had the same question as the test.

Its really nice and can help with our science class this is the best app ever or game because its like homework but fun and we would never ever delete this app.

Al menos igual para el reto siguiente.

Muchas preguntas algo fcil pero muy entretenido.

The answer to the title is yes, it is SUPER addictive, when we were younger, our mom had it on her phone, we were seven so we didnt really know any of the answers but still found it fun. Now at the age we am, we still find it fun.

We think the app is just plain swell.

Hi our name is Samantha we love the game.

This is a GREAT game except that it glitches and some of the questions are almost impossible to answer bc u dont even KNOW it!! But most of the questions are pretty good the glitching is the worst tho.

We enjoy the game a lot but we have a couple problems with the app. 1 it has too many adds we feel like we cant enjoy the app to its full extent. 2 the app is rated 4+, we tryed to play with our younger sibling but they were having a lot of trouble because they had not learned any of that stuff yet. We recommend for a little bit older kids. Otherwise a lot of fun to play, they also made a bunch of different versions of the app. Each one with a different feature added or different style in general.

We’ve been enjoying this a lot, but the developers should pick long ads or frequent ads, we can see getting burned out on frequent long ads.

Trivia Crack Adventure is a fun trivia game to play and we enjoy the temple trial game. The questions are greatly themed and fun to answer. However, we often have to close out of the game and reopen it, causing the Temple Trial to reset due to the game freezing every few minutes. Besides the game freezing, it is a very fun game to play and we hope this issue can be resolved.

So most of the questions stand true to their answers but some of them are completely wrong like one of them was whos Steve and Nancy kid from stranger things none of them had kids because they were all kids and we had a Star Wars one and it was who said we have a bad feeling about this and the iconic people who say it was Han Solo and obi wan and a answer was Han Solo so o chose it but it said it was Ben solo.

We are very disappointed- after completing the Disney sing along category we are unable to get the underwater princess. The same has happened to other completions. So lease fix.

The game is fun and everything but every time you lose or got the question wrong you have to do a ad and it waste time a lot of time.

We have been playing this game for awhile! We enjoy the whole concept of the game and that you can possibly learn something as long as the facts are correct! Every time we have updated this app lately it has gotten worse and it doesnt accept the answer that you have chosen and then times you out! Or it just doesnt open at all so that you cant play! This game would be truly amazing if there was a chance or 2 to actually win something worthwhile that would last! Also if the bugs were fixed!

Fun to play but way to many ads.

We love the game we just started and its so much fun! Theres one problem and we might quit because of it. The amount of adds is absurd and we cant change play the game without adds every second. Im not paying 12 dollars just so we can enjoy a game when there are others with no adds. If we were able to play with no adds this would be a 5 star game for sure. If the adds were only if you wanted to to gain something in the game thats fine but a add every time we lose and every time we mess up is to much. Please fix this so us and some many people can enjoy this game.

Its all fun and games until it freezes on you. We clicked the right answer and it froze so we lost a turn multiple times. Im on the verge of deleting the app.

It may work just fine on a newer iPad or other device. We have an iPad mini 4 from 2018 running iPadOS 15.3.1. But we couldnt get the app to run properly. We tried four times but never really got into the game. There were modals that wouldnt close or an audio track playing with nothing but a black screen displaying or just plain freezing, technical issues crashed the game each time.

We paid the fee to upgrade and get rid of ads (btw it only eliminated the ad when you lose your turnyou still have to watch the ads for every reward) but now it crashes all the time. We started playing today and it quit twice before we could answer a single question.

Great game all around, but the amount of adds they force you to watch is unbearable. By far the worst we’ve ever seen.

Game gets stuck on a black screen which is very annoying cause we have to forcefully close it and open it again for our data and progress gone.

We love the game but when we paid for no ads it has been shutting down by itself, freezing up and cheating us out of earned extras.

Firstly, we have ad targeting off and all privacy settings to maximum. Ads for trend diets and weight loss pills are NOT acceptable in games EVER. We deleted this app because it was triggering our eating disorder with these ads. It makes the game unplayable. Shame on you for allowing these to pop up.

We paid the $13 for no ads and EVERYTHING we do we still have to watch ads. The only time we dont is when we lose and go back to the main screen. If thats all it is you should state that. Not tell people its ad FREE when its clearly not! We want to know who to contact to get our money back! With as many ads that are in this game and to charge people $13 ( more than any other game to remove ads), you should be ashamed.

We Just paid $13 to get no ads, and our kid was given a choice to watch an ad to get an extra life. Really??? Would like our money back.

Downloaded the app and we cant even sign in we’ve restarted our phone and reinstalled the app countless of times still didnt work huge glitch that needs to be fixed.