Logo Quiz Ultimate Cosmetics Answers

Logo Quiz Ultimate Cosmetics Answers

Logo Quiz Ultimate Cosmetics Answers

Logo Quiz Ultimate Cosmetics Answers Word List

Logo Quiz Ultimate Cosmetics Answers , Cheats, Solution with Word List and Logos for Android.


  • L’oreal


  • The world’s largest cosmetics and beauty company.
  • With its registered office in Paris and head office in the Paris suburb of Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine, France, it has developed activities in the field of cosmetics.



    • Global skin- and body-care brand.
    • In 1900, the new owner Oskar Troplowitz developed a water-in-oil emulsion as a skin cream with Eucerit, the first stable emulsion of its kind.



      • This brand has grown from a US-only soap bar into one of Unilever’s biggest global brandsStr.
      • It has attracted widespread media attention since 2004 for its marketing. That year, Ogilvy & Mather launched a series of ads for this brand portraying the real beauty of ordinary women.


      • Avon Products


      • It is a U.S. based, personal care manufacturer and seller company in over 140 countries across the world.
      • It is the fifth-largest beauty company and largest direct selling enterprise in the world, with 6.4 million representatives.



        • The brand has been known since 1942, and started in Italy, until spreading out and growing. The brand continues to be popular.
        • There was one thing that separated this watches from any of the others Ė the unisex style.


        • Chanel S.A.


        • It is the French house of high fashion that specializes in haute couture and ready-to-wear clothes, luxury goods, and fashion accessories.
        • The logotype comprises two interlocked, opposed letters-C, one faced forwards, one faced backwards.



          • It is a brand of Procter & Gamble currently used for safety razors, among other personal care products.
          • The company slogan is The Best a Man Can Get.



            • It is a German company, and one of the worldís leading cosmetics suppliers.
            • It directly owns three business divisions – Professional, Consumer, Cosmetics and Fragrances. All of them are exclusively dedicated to the cosmetics area.



              • It is a mass market cosmetics brand of L’Orťal that produces hair care and skin care products.
              • Current product lines include Fructis shampoos and conditioners, and Nutrisse hair color.



                • It is an American makeup brand sold worldwide and owned by L’Orťal.
                • The company was created by lanaya New York chemist T.L. Williams in 1915.



                  • It is a direct-selling company that uses multi-level marketing to sell a variety of products, primarily in the health, beauty, and home care markets.
                  • Its product lines include home care products, personal care products, jewelry, electronics, Nutrilite dietary supplements, water purifiers, air purifiers, insurance and cosmetics.



                    • It is a manufacturer of skincare, cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances, owned by the Estťe Lauder Corporation.
                    • The concept of 3-step skincare system is unique in the sense that it forms the basis of skincare for this brand.



                      • It is a French brand of clothing, accessories, perfumes and cosmetics.
                      • Its designs have been worn by a number of celebrities on red carpet occasions, including Rooney Mara at the 2012 Academy awards. Also responsible for working with Madonna designing her costumes for her Sticky & Sweet tour as well as the 2012 Super Bowl Halftime Show.



                        • Owned by L’Orťal since 1964, it is part of the Luxury Products division, which offers skin care, fragrances, and makeup at higher-end prices.
                        • The name was inspired by the ruins of a castle, Le Ch‚teau de Lancosme, while the roses in the area inspired the companyís symbol of the single golden rose.


                        • fake bake


                        • It was the first company to use DHA and Erythulose in self-tanning products to develop a flawless sunless tan that lasts 50% longer than most self-tanners.
                        • It consistently gets a #1 Rating as the Best Self-Tanner to hit the salon shelves.



                          • It is a leading Japanese cosmetics and skincare company.
                          • Founded in 1946, it has been building strong worldwide brand with very well known brandsStr, SEKKISEI, INFITINY and many more.

                          Old Spice

                          • oldspice


                          • It is a prominent American brand of male grooming products.
                          • It is manufactured by Procter & Gamble, which acquired the brand in 1990 from the Shulton Company.



                            • It is a chain of cosmetics stores founded in France in 1970 and acquired by Paris-based conglomerate LVMH (Louis Vuitton and Moet Hennessy) in 1997.
                            • Carrying over 250 brandsStr, along with their own private label, it offers beauty products including makeup, skincare, fragrance, haircare, bath and body products, and hair and make-up tools.



                              • It is an American skin care line.
                              • It’s current slogan is Challenge what’s possible, which was changed from Love the skin you’re in.



                                • Dr. Michael Babor founded the company in 1956
                                • The Group is represented in 60 countries and employees over 350 people worldwide. In Germany alone, 250 people work to provide our beauty services.



                                  • It is a Denmark-based hip and trendy cosmetics, bath & body, and fragrance company.
                                  • In 1979 the first product was introduced under the brand name.

                                  Thierry Mugler


                                    • He is a French fashion designer and creator of several perfumes
                                    • His first perfume appeared in 1992 and was called Angel.


                                    • jlo


                                    • Cosmetics owned by Jeniffer Lopez
                                    • Jeniffer Lopez exlusive perfumes



                                      • It is the top-selling brand of skin care and acne medication, whose products contain chiefly benzoyl peroxide, sulfur & resorcinol, triclosan, or salicylic acid as active ingredients
                                      • In 1961 the brand was bought by Richardson-Vicks

                                      Toni And Guy

                                      • Toni & Guy


                                      • It is a global hairdressing and training business founded in London,
                                      • There are more than 400 salons in the organization and it has won over 50 British Hairdressing Awards including Best British Artistic Team a record eleven times, British Hairdresser of the Year three times, and Newcomer of the Year seven times.

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