LokiCraft : Creative Survival

LokiCraft : Creative Survival

LokiCraft : Creative Survival

LokiCraft : Creative Survival is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ethan Tinebinal, LokiCraft : Creative Survival is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 6th January 2023 with the latest update 16th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of LokiCraft : Creative Survival ?

2,704 people have rated 2.4

What is the price of the LokiCraft : Creative Survival ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the LokiCraft : Creative Survival released ?

LokiCraft : Creative Survival was released on 6th January 2023.

When was the LokiCraft : Creative Survival updated ?

The latest updated date of LokiCraft : Creative Survival on 16th April 2023.

Where can LokiCraft : Creative Survival be downloaded ?

You can download the game LokiCraft : Creative Survival from Apple Official App Store.




Build and Destroy Blocks. Get Resources and Create various Tools, Blocks and Weapons with which you can survive and build unique Buildings.
Choose your path in this world – the Builder (Creative mode) or the Ruthless Hunter who will do everything to survive (Survival mode)!

~ Be on the alert, in this world there are not only many peaceful animals, but also a huge number of MONSTERS! Fight with them, and you will receive valuable resources as a reward!

~ Explore the world, Swim across the seas to discover new lands and get resources – the world is almost limitless.

~ Build various structures – houses, castles, farms, cities … You can build whatever you want. The game has more than a hundred blocks and various items available.

~ If you decide to survive, you will have to monitor hunger and eat on time. Look for food, grow crops or kill mobs for Meat!

~ Build your House to hide from the Monsters, and then you will definitely survive the Night! After all, they will come for you … Zombies, Huge Spiders and other hostile mobs.

Actions in this world are limited only by your imagination! The game does not require any skills – you can figure it out in the first minutes of the game. In our game you are always and everywhere, you can have a good time.

And it is absolutely FREE!

Updated on 16th April 2023

Minor bugs Fixed

LokiCraft : Creative Survival Review

Works great, and if you download and cant activate fly mode(its double tap on the jump button, the only thing we would change is being a to select a section of blocks to ours or add to, in creative mode of course . Great game.

No beds really? We just got the game and wanted to build a house but then we realized there were NO BEDS!!! We really want to build a house with a bed so we can sleep its stupid we dont have beds in this game! We would like to see that on the next update.

Loki craft is not that bad of a game we just recommend it for anybody its kinda like Minecraft though,they have improved and fixed bugs and lagging but we just prefer the old Loki craft.

We love this game we used to play it but why did you change the view we like the old one pls bring the old version we dont like the new version.

The thing that we dont like you COPYED MultiCraft. And us and our friend we seen the game and we downloaded it we noticed it was a copy of the game. IF YOU WANT A GOOD GAME MAKE ONE NOT COPY ONE SO CHANGE IT TO SOMETHING ELSE ME AND MY FRIEND IS NOT PLAYING WITH GAME AGIAN!!!!

So dumb and no x button for inventory.

This game is really good, and it is like Minecraft!



The game was good but you cant place block.

We would prefer the l older version better and also there are so much stuff wrong like when you get in the inventory thing you cant exit is and the game looks like the images but the older version looked way better more like regular Minecraft and it was the only rip off that we enjoyed a lot with our brothers and now its like the rest of the ripoffs and there are so many bugs its unbelievable and how are you supposed to get the items in creative mode its just rediculas at this point.

Everything is good but why cant you build with blocks! It does not show us any blocks or building supplies we do not have anything to build with and be able to do anything! And when we put a seed number or name it does not pop up. For Example, we put the seed: marabell for Island Village instead it pops up as a iceberg! We do not have any other problems but fix this please! It does not make us satisfied with this app. This game would be a five star without any problems but with this problem we do not like this app. It would be nice or it would be generous of you if you fix this problem. Thank you, Anonymous.

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