Eufloria HD

Eufloria HD


Eufloria HD is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Omni Systems Limited, Eufloria HD is a Strategy game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 9th February 2012 with the latest update 18th September 2017

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Puzzle, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


561 people have rated 1.3.1

You can download the game Eufloria HD from APP STORE.


** Apple Best Game of 2012 Runner Up ** Achieved #1 Paid App and Top Ten Games Worldwide
** Universal App: Supports iPhone/iPad ** BAFTA and IGF award nominated

Experience “Eufloria”, an incredibly addictive ambient strategy game that anyone can play! Explore a beautifully realized universe rendered in a style that is unique and compelling.

"It’s hard to express how much we love Eufloria" – Pocket Lint (App of the Day)

"Soothing ambient music, beautiful abstraction… one of the most enjoyably relaxing wars we’ve ever waged" – Mac Life

"The most stylish and unique RTS you’ve ever seen" – AppAdvice

"Fluffy seed death meet enchanting RTS" – (Japan)

Experience space exploration, conquest, plant growth and bio mechanical evolution. Conquer asteroids in deep space and use their resources to grow and nurture semi-organic plants and creatures to do your bidding. Plan your strategy against AI opponents that all vie for the same resources and offer fierce opposition.

Eufloria is easy to learn, and enjoyable to master. It’s a game for everyone. Try it now!


  • NEW iPhone 5 support

  • NEW iPad Mini support

  • NEW iOS 7 support

  • NEW iPad Retina support

  • NEW iCloud support (automatic game progress synced between devices – not current level progress)

  • NEW Game session in progress saved (automatic within level save when switching apps)

  • Beautifully designed touch screen interface

  • A 25 level “Story Mode” with many hours of gameplay.

  • “Relaxed Mode”, for a more ambient experience which anyone can enjoy.

  • “Skirmish Levels” that can be played over and over.

  • “Dark Matter Mode” for a stylish, more challenging way to play.

  • Original ambient soundtrack by “Milieu”.

  • Many procedurally generated levels which are different every time!

  • Twenty achievements for Game Center users.


“A beautiful and entrancing addition to the iOS library.” – Digital Spy

“A truly standout game on the platform.” – iLounge

“…-a unique real-time strategy experience” – Gamespot

"It’s truly in a league of it’s own" – Boing Boing

"Planting a garden never felt so cutthroat" – Kotaku

"This game is fast becoming an instant iOS gaming classic" – Mobile Tech Review

“Elegantly simple and startlingly beautiful, it deserves to be played by everybody.” – PSN Stores

“…-gentle poetry.” – Wired magazine

  • Some quotes refer to PC/Sony PlayStation 3 versions

Updated on 18th September 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

64-bit build so Eufloria will live on :)

Eufloria HD Reviews

This reminds us of the board game Risk a little, but a lot more interesting visuals and sounds. We wish there was a multi player mode. Sept 2017: we still play this. Thanked for making it iOS 11 compatible!

Easily the best game we have ever played on the App Store. While some of the reviews on here may have found the game to be too challenging, we found it to be the perfect combination of logic and strategy, bringing about a truly enjoyable experience. There are not so few levels that you can finish the game in a day, nor too many where you spend weeks trying to make progress. We have never played a game like it, and we hope to play a game like it again! Definitely worth your time and money.

This game has been a favorite of ours for years, both on Android and now iOS!

Nice balance of strategy and skill. Great if you only have a few minutes to play or you want to play for hours! For us color blind people the grey on red levels were the toughest!

Years later this is still our favorite game for the iPhone! Always looking for a sequel or a similar game like it. Hope they make one soon! About to play it all the way through a beat it for a third time.

This is our go to time killer. We’ve played through this game at least a dozen times. There is nothing else quite like it. This app is like an old friend. Please make Eufloria 2 or add DLC.

We love these types of games, and we remember playing this on back on the ps3. We instantly bought it when we saw it on mobile because Its among the best node-based games out there as far as graphics, sound design, creative mechanics, and music. The art and interactivity are what make this game stand out amongst strategy games in general. You can zoom in and watch individual seedlings grow on the trees, break off, attack other seedlings, etc. It makes you feel like youre dealing with real world, conquering asteroids and fighting off real enemies. It definitely has very chill vibes. Its the type of game you put headphones on to play and just relax and enjoy the strategy. Dont be fooled though, once you finish campaign levels you can play those levels in Dark Matter mode, which can get pretty difficult. The area in which this game suffers the most is replayability. There are 25 main campaign levels which are fun to replay a few times, even just because the music is nice and the mechanics are genuinely enjoyable, but once you do it all several times it can get old, even in Dark Matter mode. There are 8 skirmish arenas which are actually pretty epic, but that may not be enough for the average person. Dont get us wrong, we still play this every day because its an immaculate experience. Its just that the game has been around for a while and theres so much potential for new content. At the end of the day, its totally worth the price for what it is. Great art, great music, great everything. We will continue to play it for a long time, and we recommend it to anyone who wants to challenge themselves or just chill.

We wish they would make more. Im addicted. We’ve been playing over and over for years now. Make another. Take our money.

We truly wish it wasnt over – theres no better accolade than that. This is when we express the desire for more, a second, a continuation. Id take recommendations to match this experience. Well done. Worth every penny. If you are into strategy, get it.

More games like this please !! Will pay Its soothing Its mind accelerating Its brain bending Fun!

This game is so so good. We check back now and then to see if they have released a sequel or a new game because we’ve played eufloria to death. Truly a lovely paired down but still advance RTS.

We got this game a while ago and played it non stop over Christmas. Love. It. Its entertaining and relaxing to us. Also very unique. We cant find anything else like it. We hope they make more.

The way we prefer to game is to listen to podcasts or audiobooks while we play. This game does not allow for this.

We own Eufloria on multiple platforms. Im constantly replaying Dark Matter mode to try to beat our best times. Eufloria never gets boring – we easily burn out on other games but not this one. We’ve even been known to let it run in the background just to listen to its music while we work.

Update: regarding the September 2017 release, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! We love this game, but it has graphics issues on the iPad Air. Dark mode looks horrible and the backgrounds on some levels of the other modes are so saturated that it is really hard to see the seedlings. Maybe the seedlings are also too small to be seen well. Surfing a bit shows that the Air indeed has graphics differences from earlier iPads. Please, please fix this! And please post a status on your forum!

Music, visuals, gameplay, controls all come together masterfully in this game. Can not recommend this higher. Its the best game we’ve played on iPhone. No pay to play bs or in game currency just a good ol fashioned game. No idea how this isnt more popular. Waiting for version 2 or multiplayer mode. Fantastic, 10/10!

This game from 2012 is still our all time favorite game for handheld devices. It has aged very well. Get some headphones. Get comfortable. Then jump into this game. You will not regret it.

We started playing this game back when it was only released for the pc. We bought it years ago for IOS and never. Get tired of it. Now in 2020 we finally write a review. If you have never played this game and are a fan of rts you will love this game and the different way it presents the RTS genre.

Beautifully done. The best game we’ve ever played on our iPad. Cant wait to see what the producers of this game will come up with next, because this game will be hard to top. Thank you.

We beat this game so long ago and thought we had enough. We recently purchased a new iPad and Im loving it again. We love the battles. Its such a strategic game. We build up a squadron of fighters and attack one to two planets at a time. The sounds are soothing and the game play though violent, is calming. Love this game. Wish it were 3D.

This is one of our favorite games on any platform of all time. Id happily pay the dev a lot of money for more content or a new version of the game (hint hint hint).

It’s provided hours of fun. The story they write is pretty imaginative. The levels are challenging but not too hard. The music is relaxing. We highly recommend this game.

This game has been on our phone since at least 2013 and we still play it now and then, even years on. Nothing came close to this for us. Please update for the newest iPhones!! We cant save level progress now with our new phone!

This is the only game review we’ve ever written. We’ve played this game so many times over and over both on our iPad and our PS4, and would love some more levels! This is our favorite game and none other in this genre even come close. More please!

First played this game back in 2011, we must say that playing on tablet felt a lot better. Option to accelerate the gameplay is quite useful in quickly finishing some levels. Love the visuals and background music, among best in most of the games we have played. Must checkout Milieu on YouTube.

This till this year is our favorite and we miss it so much.

We’ve been playing this game since it was new, and we still pick it up regularly. Its the game we come back to when some other game finishes up or gets boring. Somehow, this one never has. Its kind of magic like that.

We love this app and find it challenging and enjoyable. It was hard enough that we had to restart each level a few times, but once you figured out the right strategy for that level, it wasnt that hard. We wish there was more! It made us so sad because we didnt think level 25 was the last one until the credits popped up, and we had to go play the skirmish arenas for awhile. We think it would be cool to have a follow up game where youre trying to find/save the growers or something. Also, why is it listed twice in the App Store? The app icon is different, and one is listed as a puzzle and the other a strategy game, but other than that theyre the exact same. We dont know if that is purposeful or some bug, so we just wanted to let you know. Great game! P.S. If you value graphics at all, this game is amazing.

We just decided to replay Eufloria on an iPad Pro, and its still a beautiful, balanced, relaxing game, all these years later. If you havent played it, you should.

We love this game so much! Pros: Graphics are simple and smooth as silk. Audio is great as it flawlessly fits the game. So much replayability! Cons: It seems it is not selling well enough for them to make a sequel or add more content. So as a result, this game is sadly quite short. We pray the Creators can make more in the future!

Please add more maps or add to arcade and add more maps and well just add more stuff to it!!!

Thank you for keeping this beautifully designed app alive by adding 64-bit support! Fingers crossed for more updates to come.

Thanks to the devs for keeping this great game alive.

The tutorial was a bit slow but the rest is fantastic! We hope to see the devs maintain this game for newer versions of IOS.

One of our all time favorite games ever! Endlessly replayable!

Love this game. We’ve been playing it for years. Is there anyway that it could be optimized for iPhone X.

Great visuals, gameplay and music.

Like 4 or 5 years ago, we played the demo of this game and loved it, and just recently we refound it! Its a wonderful aesthetic and you could literally play for hours. If you are going on a plane, its a perfect game to keep you mind off things.

There are no games that we feel the way we feel about Eufloria. We are addicted to it and am we ashamed to say that. This may be our first review ever on the App Store in 15 years of having an iPhone. Pray for us.

This is a great game thats worth the money. Try it out for sure.

Needs more levels or something to keep us wanting to play. Otherwise! It was a waste of our money to download this game.

It just crashes at some levels. Cant proceed.

We dont see any HD graphics, it looks blurred and minimized and we paid more for this than for the regular Eufloria this needs some management!

We paid $5 just to play the story mode. The other modes arent even unlocked unless you complete the story if your reading this trust us its not worth it. At Allll!!!!

Cannot surpass level ten (the four Giants )

Great game, challenging, and the music is interesting, too. Love the colors!

Have it on the PS3 and loved it! This is better … Fantastic game!

Loved this game! Lots of fun to play, very challenging and good story line. Even better is that this game is properly supported by the developer. We’ve replayed this game several times now and never had any bugs come up even though iOS has been updated several times. We’ve been frustrated by this problem a lot more lately with other developers. Thank Omni for this game and for making it stable!

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