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Look Tile

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Look Tile! Developed by the innovative team at 新 盖, this Casual game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 1st December 2020, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 23rd February 2021.

Are you a fan of Casual, Puzzle, games? Then Look Tile is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Look Tile

Over 1,417 players have rated Look Tile. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Look Tile Cost?

Good news! You can download Look Tile on your iOS device absolutely free!

Look Tile Release Date

Eager to know when Look Tile first graced the App Store? It was launched on 1st December 2020.

When Was Look Tile Last Updated?

The latest version of Look Tile was updated on 23rd February 2021, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Look Tile?

To get started with Look Tile, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Look Tile

Look Tile is a wonderful casual Triple Match & Puzzle Game for people who want to kill time, reduce pressure and train brain.


  1. Super addictive gameplay!
  2. 30+ styles of Tiles!
  3. 1000+ Levels!
  4. Easy to play and hard to master

Download this new Tile Match game to enjoy the endless fun!

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Look Tile updated on 23rd February 2021:

fix some bugs.

User Reviews on Look Tile

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Look Tile below:

We have been playing this game for about 5 days. After you teach each level like the 1st 200.00 its days its Bering transferred but then it tell you that you have to watch so many add. Ok we have watched over 400 and still it says we have 73 hours we think it said befor the first 200.00 was transferred. We also have a 2 or 3 more that is pending. And each one says over 70 hours. So we want say it want work until 73 more hours to see if its transferred. But you know what they say. If it sounds to good to be true it usually is. Ok so we finished the 200.00 and the amount went off the screen but guess what it did not go to our PayPal account so where did the 200.00 go. It took our days to finish the 200.00.

The makers of this game are lairs and thieves! Promises to pay and you go through the process and you get nothing! Such a shame that these people are so dishonest! And the fact that so many people say something and they dont do anything about it confirms that they are lairs and thieves cause they dont care.

Whoever is the creator of this game is a straight liar we didnt get our money yet all that lost time.

They have been telling us that we received 900 dollars in our pay pal, but havent received anything at all. We even called pay pal & they said there is nothing in our acct. Meanwhile they say they are processing more money, but its been days & still processing. Im done with this game, THEY LIED about putting money in our pay pal. We never received any money.

We play the game had enough to withdraw from the 200$. We watch the 100 videos like it asked us to. Then it say wait for three days. Had a countdown on the game. When it came to the countdown to finish. Another count down became saying the money will be deposited after 118:58: mins this is crap we did what it asked us too we want what we earned. We watched every video.

Its fun to play and well the ads get boring after a while. But in order for you to get the money you win for the first $200. So Im not exactly sure if its all worth it, but it is a fun game if youre really bored.

We wish there was an easier way to cash out.

We played and redeemed all the money. 200, 300, 400, 600, 800 and 1,000. Had to make sure to watch certain amounts of ads before they process it. First it was pending and then after that time was up, it then says processing. We redeemed the $400 first and now it is ready and emptied. We checked pay pal. But nothing in our pay pal. We wondered if it is because we don’t have pay pal card so we sign up for pay pal card. So once we get it.. We will see if we actually get the money. Still have a little bit of hope that it’s not a scam.

We have been playing this also. We like the game also but there has been no pay out into our PayPal account. We have earned 200, 300 and 400 on 6/18 of which the 200 and 300 show succeed and the 400 processing. Please address this issue.

We been paying this game for a while we now we decided to give a 3 star just the fact we did reach the cash amount of $200 we also watched 150 ads to receive $200 to our PayPal but we had to wait 117 hours like 3 or 4 day know we went to check status said it was successful but we check our PayPal and money was not in there.

We were trying to find customer service because we supposedly got the two hundred into our PayPal account however we just checked it and its not there so we wish to know how long it will take to actually show that it is in fact in our account at this point not happy.

Why am we calling this a fake game you ask. Well Im on level 95 and have made $3000 dollars and have watched countless videos and have yet to receive any $$. Dont get us wrong its a fun game to play. We gave it three stars because it is a fun game to play but it doesnt pay out like it advertises. If you click on the gift box in the upper right corner it takes you to a screen that says succeed on all the money we’ve won, but we’ve yet to see it in our PayPal account. We continue to play the game because it is fun but we’ve stopped watching the videos to double our money, since its not gonna pay out. We’ve also noticed that when you click on the money to go to the screen to cash out, its now a blank screen. We guess we’ve reached the maximum amount that it supposedly offered. If you do download this game, enjoy playing it, but dont get excited about winning any money!!

The game is fun but domt expect to get paid. We played and fallowed all the instructions only to have our prize status say succeed and the date of 7 bussiness days ago. Havent gotten our money so why does it say succeed?

Fun game did the cash out watch videos and tells you processing then pending when the pending timer done it disappears when check it says succeed but never received the payout to PayPal.

We have cashed out since the 2/11/2021 and 2/16/2021 & 2/19/2021 and have not received any money even though it say seceeded but there nothing in our PayPal THIS GAME IS A SCAM!!! If anyone reads it true they done really pay it a lie they say to get to play there games. We STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANY MONEY FROM THE GAME (ITS A SCAM )!!!!!! Dont download it not worth the time if u want money cuz u never get paid!!

We played this game cash out twice money was pending then succeeded and we havent received it.

We really like this game. Was wondering it is really really. We have got to a couple spots and got enough to cash out now just waiting to see if you really get the money in your PayPal.

We’ve won money and watched all the ads and still no money in our PayPal account.

Never received any of the money we won. Sad.

We give this a one star its fun to play but you dont get the money. It said it was but its not.

We are playing this game and we have 200,300,400 in succession its been 3 days and we have not received anything but the advertisement says you will get you money this game is a BIG LIE!!!! Sorry but thats how we feel…

This game told us we had 400 succeed to our PayPal and we havent received anything why do yall have to lie to make people play these games Im not giving any stars cuz its misleading and misinformation like all other games.

Game is trash, and youre never gonna get the money. Everybody else is being nice but idc. It isnt worth it. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

We played the game and cashed out at $300 and $200. We waited for all the required hours and surprise we received nothing in our PayPal account. However, when we look at our Gifts, it says we succeeded but of course no money was actually paid. The ads continue to say they pay out and it is so easy but of course it is not true.

How can be possible this app is continuing working without repercussion ? The app developers are playing with all of us. You are taking advantage of the people in need. But guess what ? You are losing people and your app will be no longer available, you deserve it.

The only people who get paid in this game are the one who do the ads they get pay for false advertisement m we need atleast $200 to withdraw we got the two hundred dollars now it says we have to wait 3 days and watch 100 ads to get pay out Am watching the ads and its still saying we only watch 13 ads and we watched atleast 25 All these games do is lie to get people to play them.

We’ve been playing this game for a bit and finally got to cash out and it says that the $200 payment was a success but still havent seen the money in PayPal so feels like a scam to me.

THIS GAME IS A SCAM! We never received any of our money to our PayPal. SCAM!

We think the over all game is good. But once again, its just like all the other apps that say they pay. We have been waiting on a $200 pay out sense it was successfully sent to our PayPal account on 2/21. Which like all the other fake apps hasnt shown up. It isnt worth playing if you are expecting to win money. If we actually got the pay out then we would give 5 stars but at this point its not even worth one.

Have $500 that we have They say success. Where is our money. We guess with all the other fake games. No way to contact them.

Love the game did everything by the book ! Cashed out at each level and have received nothing at all! This game is a scam ! People would play because its fun but you didnt have to promise something you would not uphold!!!

Followed all the instructions and it said that it sent the money successfully but pay pal has no record of the 200 and 300 payment all false advertisement.

It says our payment was successfully on the app but theres no money in our paypal.

We still havent received our $200 even after watching 200 ads and waiting the 70 hours . Should have known .

Waste of time They just want you to watch ads.

This game is a scam! We watched all the videos/ads to cash out (500 to be exact) It then tells us that it will be 150 something hours before deposited into our pay pal, its been two weeks and it is still not in there. It shows that it has been deposited though in the game. The game was fun to play but not worth the ads you have to watch to actually play.

This game dont pay out like it says we havent received the 200 dollars we have won to our pay pal and its over the time it suppose to scam.

It requires that you watch 100 ads, which we havent done. Who knows that it will even work?

We have been playing games that say you can win money but not one of them pay. Thought this game be different. Nope still waiting for our $200.00 and in the process of redeeming $400. Its ridiculous they have you play for so long with a promise to put money in your pay pal account but never shows up. Its a waste of time. Define rly not playing any of these games that says you win real money. Its fake. Lies.

We have been told our card for $200 succeeded and $300 pending but that is just a scam. Since we already knew we were earning too much for it to be legit we are not surprised that we have not received any real money for this app.

Im still waiting on the money that was said it was sent Ill give it a few more days but, Im starting to wonder and if the money is on our account in the next few days then Ill change our rating for the game if not then we will not recommend this game.

This game is fun but it does not pay you at all. It extended the wait time then when it finally says success…… Nothing. It does not deposit to your PayPal at all. Dont play to win money. You wont get anything. This is definitely false advertising saying you win something and not giving it.

We played this game a lot but it does not pay out what so ever.

The game is fun and relaxing. But after cashing out $200 and $300 and being told that both have Succeed, we still have not received our PayPal money/gift cards. We have just cashed out $400 but expect it will be like previous two. The developers of these games really need to give us their contact info since keeping ones word would definitely garner more players. Not keeping ones word makes people leave.

This app maybe fun but its a fraud. You do everything you are suppose to to get the PayPal rewards but they do not pay you. They need a class action lawsuit filed on them. We wouldnt give it any stars but you have to in order to post.

We give you one star because of the lie you told we have played the game and our funds is not in our account and we’ve been waiting and theres nothing. Im still waiting on our pay.

We cashed out at 200 300 and all the way to 800 it said the money would be in our PayPal account the game says they sent it but its not there dont waste your time it is fake and they should take if off here so no one else gets scammed.

We win $900.00 and still dont have our money. It was supposed to be sent to us in three business day. Im still waiting!!!

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