Lootbox RPG

Lootbox RPG


Lootbox RPG is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Mario J. Gaida, Lootbox RPG is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 13th January 2019 with the latest update 2nd May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


175 people have rated 1.96.001

You can download the game Lootbox RPG from APP STORE.


Lootbox is a nice little dungeon crawler that will take you directly to hell. Being one of His Great Unholinesses sons, you are about to set on a quest that will lead you to various places until you finally have the chance to help your father defend the realm against its enemies. If you want it or not. So, do as you are commanded, naughty brat.

The satisfying dungeon crawler is here!

"Oh no, an incoming call!"
no real time decisions, you can safely interrupt the game at any point.

"So late already?"
no need to exit the game, a real world clock can be switched on optionally.

"What? I AM DEAD?"
No permadeath, this is no rogue-clone. You can load/save at any time, or return to safety without losing all your money or equipped items.

"Damn! I died and I forgot to save!"
The game is autosaved every level, don’t panic.

"If I only could teach those damn rats what I’ve learned…"
You can come back to your old friends and show them your uber gear.

"Nice game, but my smartphone is over 5 years old…"
The game runs well on older devices, happy playing!

"Where can I buy money?"
Nowhere. This game is OFFLINE and there is NO Pay-To-Win mechanism. Sorry.

"Where is the chatroom?"
There are enough messengers already in the world, right?

"Where do I have to register?"
Register what? This game is OFFLINE. I don’t need your data, thanks anyway.

"Where is the premium version?"
There isn’t. Buy once, play endless.

Updated on 2nd May 2023

  • added Vampiric Essence – can be combined with a weapon to get a leech effect
  • improved Zombie Mode, uses more spells and is more intelligent now
  • new spell for Zombie Mode
  • new spell Summon Tortoise

Lootbox RPG Reviews

This is a really fun game! We thought is was going to be a really short simple basic game, but there is some decent depth to it, we really enjoyed playing it up until we killed cranborough boss. The quest line just seems to end after the wizard tower quest and getting the flower. There is no resolution with final quest. It just says your quest ends here and thats it. We think if you added a late game dungeon , with much better weapons and levels up to level 100 it would be helpful. After cranborough we had all this upgraded gear minus a weapon and really nothing exiting to use it on. We think it would be fun to have to option to max out all your stats late game. The end just feels very unfinished and could easily be fantastic with a few more dungeons.

Fun turn based dungeon crawler. Pretty simple design, but has all the essentials to make a challenging and engaging game. Enjoy!

A fun romp. Easy to pick up and put down, forgiving for stat mistakes, and a story that doesnt take itself that seriously. And no pay-to-win loot boxes anywhere.

Fun for everyone so go ahead and download it pronto. Reminds us of a very early Mac game, think 1986, named Tomb of the Taskmaker. Id play that game for hours on our 16mhz, 2mb ram Mac II. We said download it! Stop reading this and download now! Thanks dev!

We think this game is great. We have been spending a couple of hours every night for the last month. Time well spent?? Not sure, but we had fun.

Update: a couple more levels and better equipment helped. Still pretty brutal though. Old school. :) Graphics are… Old school. Difficulty is insane. Could use some balance. Vampires and other stuff at lower levels are very difficult to hit and do tons of damage.

Very fun and it took us back to when we played D&D as a child. We look forward to a sequel!

Perfect for casual or hardcore fans of the genre. We especially love the save functionality, as it makes dying or picking up after an extended absence a very low-risk ordeal. Simple and fun gameplay. Its easy to lose track of time as you continuously grow and progress your character, keeping the dopamine flowing with every new enchanted item or special mob. This game is awesome. Most importantly, its a genuine pay once, play perpetually . No hacky pay to win gimmicks, just an honest, true to its core, great game. 10/10 would dungeon crawl again.

The dungeons are auto generated like Moira except you get to save your game. Once you start playing, you are hooked. Loved this game and the creator. He also created a very good early PC Bard Tales game fantastically!

Our only criticism is that this game starts slow and tough and gives little indication of how deep, interesting and complex it is. Definitely worth playing and keeping. Minor bug found: we got the +1 to all stats for clearing the first dungeon but then after equipping and unequipping some stat-boosting items our First Aid skill has dropped to 0 and won’t reset back up to 1.

Truly amazing how much fun content is here. All of the major rpg elements are represented. Could not tear myself away from it for days.

Been playing this lots. Brings back memories of the old dungeon crawls where you try and become tougher and tougher. Thanks for a fun game!

Such a fun game. Brings us back to when grinding games were all about the grind being fun and not just pain to be relieved by $5 booster packs. Its a miracle a game like this even exists on mobile platforms nowadays. Totally worth a purchase.

Some QoL would be nice- auto explore, auto sort especially. Great fun.

Quera jugarlo pero us ha sido imposible. Soy ciego y voiceover no trabaja con el juego. Us gustara pudiera tomarnos en cuenta a los usuarios de voiceover que pudiramos disfrutar de este gran juego como todos. Muchas gracias.

This had the ease of interface you expect ftom a mobile app with the nostalgic feel of an 80s dungeon crawler. Made us think of the hood ole temple of apshai, ultimate 4, gauntlet, bards tale, ZORK days of our youth. Thanks for that. Not as developed as those on our list but seems like there is room for it to grow with the right amount of resources put to it. We thoroughly enjoyed this game. One suggestion to the creator. There were more spells we wanted to cast than slots to load them into. That meant we had to go memorize runes and use our runeboard to cast them. But maybe an option to cast them off the list in the spell book would make that less of a chore. With that and more storyline Id have given this 5 stars!

This was updated a year ago but devices with a notch still cant see the top of the gui? How do you make an iOS game that doesnt support notched devices?

That horrific old-timey font might lend some cliche style points but it sure as %¥(@ makes reading the ample in-game text an arduous process. UX 101 = use a readable font, and the background and text color should contrast well. Big fail for small screens. This game is a UX nightmare. Deleting.

You missed Skeleton! You missed Skeleton! You missed Skeleton! You missed your space allocation on our phone! You missed any chance of a review above 1 star!

What a gem. Seriously couldnt stop playing. Finished it and then played through again right away. Any more updates coming?

Very good, very swag. We like it!

Love this game. Not overly complicated & a flashback to long hours of gaming on our Atari.

This game is really amazing for a iPhone game. We’ve played many, keep a handful on our phone and this one definitely has got a spot. Keep adding stuff man!! Im getting close to the end!!!!

Im constantly scouring app releases looking for a game exactly like this! German developers, more than anyone, know how to recreate the feeling of childhood rpg escapism. We cant stress how good this game is. We imagine its also quite expansive. We’ve been playing since its release and have only yesterday learned our first spell. We especially love the perspective of playing the role of the devils son. Thank you for your beautiful creation! Hail Satan!

The game was challenging and fun, with a great 8bit aesthetic. Any idea when there will be an expansion? Capped on everything but havent found any game as enjoyable. Thanks!

We live in Korea but we really wanted to read the reviews so came here to say Also we rarely write any reviews but we are writing right now because we thoroughly enjoyed the game. And since we M here, being a nerd, we will write three reasons why we enjoyed the game so much. First, just our type of game which is 2D RPG with appropriate grindness. Second, freedom of stats(you can redistribute it for free unlimited times) and innovative spell mechanism. Kind of a spolier but you have to puzzle it through to get a spell which makes this pretty fun. Third, more updates coming to make this even better! We do have some recommendations for changes. We know there is a forum but Ill just briefly mention over here. Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont read any further if you havent progressed far enough. Make warriors great again… They too weak bro…

Fun, but you cannot see your health on the iPhone XR. Dev needs to resize the screen, taking into account the notch.

This is a gem of a game! Wish there was a way to support the dev since we got the game for free, we would gladly pay.

Old school rogue like game. We think our biggest complaint would be the scaling. We played what we would consider a decent amount to get the idea of the game- we beat the Gravelord. It was pretty fun while we played it. We think 2 details caused us to quit and delete: 1) losing all of that sweet loot when you get stuck and have to die (that feels bad). 2) the natural scaling of the game means way too much grinding on prior levels before you can advance to anything significant. We dont want to grind levels 15-20 on maze normal until we level up enough to go on to the next one. Tried and failed at the rat lair final floor because stamina rats were annoying. Tried and failed at vampire girls hard mode and got destroyed by stamina. Ah well, good for the 10ish hours we sunk, on to the next one.

We loved Silversword and this game is just as entertaining. It has just the right balance of difficulty while still providing all the elements to keep it interesting with the special armor, weapons and spells. Best of all the developer really takes feedback and continually updates the game to add features that make it more enjoyable to play. We’ve been playing for weeks and thoroughly recommend!

Been playing a few days. Nothing glamorous but very nice dungeon crawler game. Can play for minutes or hours. Highly recommended if you like dungeon crawlers.

We will not lie, we’ve been looking for an old-school offline rogue-like game for years, and when we saw this on the AppStore, we immediately bought it and we were pleased with what we got. We love the detail the game has and how it actually shows the armor on your character when you put on new armor and how it is slightly animated. The loot grind is a bit iffy, but its all so worth it when you get to go back and destroy the enemies you were struggling with before. This game is now one of our personal favorites and we are excited for what it will bring next! Also, question: Is there any rarity of equipment that is higher than uncommon?

Absolutely addictive game, thanks Mario! (And we love the duck.) But we cant for the life of us figure out how to learn spells, and Im getting slaughtered in the crypt as a result. Help? Thanks! P.S. Also love Silversword, of course!

We like the game… Pretty easy to go through a few levels and come back whenever without losing progress, but the spells ability is confusing. We’ve got a rune board, and a rune, but the spell we have listed says we cant use it because we dont have a corresponding rune for it. So, why cant we use a spell for the rune we collected and placed on the board? And how did we learn a spell we didnt collect a rune for? What am we missing? And which dungeon drops more runes? Because we’ve gone through several times to the deeper levels of at least the torture chambers (which is where we got the board and the rune), and the rat kings lairbeating both bossesand its frustrating to have lesser and greater magic skills, but no magic to use.

Really enjoying the game so far! Any chance that you will be adding swipe controls for movement?

Thank you for the update developer! We’ve been playing this non stop, very addictive. A nice take on a classic roguelike with no IAP or other pay to win shenanigans which we always appreciate.

Unable to get passed cranborough crypt. No enemies spawn starting at level 13. Unable to kill the boss because it doesn’t spawn.

As soon as we hit the fifth floor we get mobbed by way too tough enemies and it seems that there is nothing that we can do other than save and hope we can plow through with luck, that some people seem to like this is beyond baffling but maybe they are thinking back on times where such bs rng systems were more prevalent but we dont find this fun at all. We want to like this but we cant abide the die and restore thing to placate the rng gods, there is no skill beyond getting lucky. Also the ranged system is horrendous, we lucked on getting a sling and it is horrid how to shoot the thing.

We played this about 15 hours while at work. We think Im about half way through, but Im done with it. It plays like a turn based diablo 1. You slay monsters, gather loot, then head down to the next level. There are a lot of monster variety, with a new monster being introduced every 3-4 floors. Often we find that the new monsters are a lot tougher than the last one introduced. This causes an insane difficulty spike every 5ish floors. The loot itself wasnt very interesting. Youll mostly keep finding the same item that adds stats to one attribute/skill or another. We would play for hours before finding one gear to replace another. This game has a unique leveling system. You gain exp and spend skill points as per usual, but your max level is 10 until you buy scrolls to increase it. Every level past 10 cost gold to be able to acquire. In addition your max stats are lock to 20 until you increase your tier. Tiers are raised by completing story quest. Here is our experience with the game. First character we wasnt sure how to build him. We figured we would start off with constitution since In most of these type of games, you cant go wrong with more health. We leveled a few combat stats as well. When we got to the first difficulty spike on the 5th floor we couldnt progress. Id always miss and the enemies hit hard. So we tried again with a focus on strength/melee with a plan to save often to help us through. We struggled through the 5th floor and managed to make it to the next spike where we gave up on that character too. Third times a charm. Started with high defense with strength and melee being secondaries. This fared much better. With a little grinding we were able to get through the 10th floor. The spike at level 15 we pushed through with a lot of save scumming, but we did it. Finally beat the first dungeon. Next dungeon we had to fight our way through goblins. Every 5ish floors we would need to grind to be strong enough to take on the new challenges. Around the end we were coming up on mages who could 2 shot us, so we still had to do some save scumming to get through them. After fighting our way through the goblins we made our way to what we assume is the third dungeon (the crypt)? Im not completely sure becuse the game tells us to go kill dragons, but this is the only dungeon we havent been through yet. We get to the third floor and Im getting slaughter by everything. This is when we decided we’ve had enough. To be fair, maybe it would be easier if we had some spells. We have the ability to learn petty and higher magic, but we dont know how. The game hasnt explained it. In conclusion for a buck this game is alright. The monster variety was good, but the crazy spikes in difficulty were not. Also for a game with loot in the title, loot wasnt exciting.

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