Type Spin

Type Spin

Type Spin

Type Spin is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by KAYAC Inc., Type Spin is a Racing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 22nd December 2020 with the latest update 19th July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Type Spin ?

16,408 people have rated 2.4.2

What is the price of the Type Spin ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Type Spin released ?

Type Spin was released on 22nd December 2020.

When was the Type Spin updated ?

The latest updated date of Type Spin on 19th July 2022.

Where can Type Spin be downloaded ?

You can download the game Type Spin from Apple Official App Store.



Spin the alphabet!

The shape of the rotating object changes according to the characters you enter.

Aim for the goal by making good use of the action of physics and the shape of letters!

Updated on 19th July 2022

fix bugs.

Type Spin Review

Whats the best game this one we love it and you should be proud of yourself.

Thank you for bringing this app.

This is the most amazing game ever besides roblox we love it so much we rate it FIVE STARS.

We absolutely love this game. You can have so much fun. You can play with your friends and go against other people. We would really recommend this game to others and yeah.

It is so fun but at the end of the rounds you get an add but until you collect them all they offer for a free skin and they only start you with the letter A but every round you get a letter such as B C D and so on it also goes in alphabetical order. And you also have to play against other players and they have other letters that you dont have but still DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!

We’ve noticed a significant decrease of towers in New York recently.

Ok so the only reason why we chose bossy R is because we going to show them that R is the bossy letter in the alphabet and we just want to say thank you for the amazing game ok thats all we have for today oh and dont listen to the 1 or 2 star rates!&!

When we unlocked the next letter it dissapeared, now we have to go back to using Q.

So this game is Awsome but one thing we got stuck under the tiles and lost please make that go away thank you so much for the game just fix that one thing Happy new year.

We like this game its fine but when youre at the end, its impossible to get the treasure chest because it moves way too fast, and we wish there were more skins for the leathers. Theres only nine skins and theyre not very cool looking. We just.

In the end of each round it gets faster & harder to play >:(

Wayyyyy too many ads. Game is okay. But we will not re-download on our phone.

So when we got to the second level it just had like ten ads and whenever we say we dont what to have this skin it makes us watch like four ads DONT DOWNLOAD DELETE NOW RIGHT NOW.

Hi this game it is really great when we are stressed out and play this game and it makes us calm.

Letter game is fun! Letter game is helping us to eat! Im happy you are yum letters.

Thank you well we can now advertise every game we wanted to but that is it us in every game we just don’t know. But. We are really good. And yeah we can’t say really much.

Please dont change a thing Aiden.

At first we thought it was to man ads but there were only 3 and its not bad the game is really good. Do the letter O on the things that knock down like dominos. LoL Bye!

We are so glad that we are able to make a plan.

The app is amazing and its a little bit hot its not that easy but its pretty hard its like amazingYou should download this app because its so good so fun.

This game is kind of boring and hard but its really fun.

This is a very fun game and very relaxing if you ask us. We could play for the whole entire day. That is how fun and relaxing it is.

We appreciate who ever made this game because it is so much fun we dont know why our brother does not want this game- Reagan Carlson.

Is great, although the ads are longer than the levels, we still like it.

We love how you can type, get through obstacles, and watch the letters move, but there are too many ads we seem to get stuck at. :-/

Simply put make the tracks longer, and make it pvp optional connect to fb. Itll be worth it.

Its an amazing game in all but its super glichy, we would have gaven it five stars but seance its glichy we gave it four stars but its an awesome game, just please get rid of the glichy ness. From-your 3rd biggest fan.

Fun game but it has too many ads (every second or so) and keeps freezing up. These ruined the players experience with the game.

Try Q good for water, ice, tossing, and moving. Kay. Now the game. Its ok, we started playing today, but… .~. We sorta donotlikey. Weirder than we imagined, its still good and all but… We’ve had other things. We’ve been working our tush on a farm ( we live on a farm.) 24/7/31/12/ even 5 365s and we got this. Sorta boring, but thanks.

We did that because all you do is just beat people.

Yeah This is a good game but it doesnt save progress, when you leave the app all the levels. Go back to 0 so please fix that thank you. Please dont ignore this like every other developer does.

Its fun but we were winning then it gave us a ad right in the middle but didnt pause the game and we lost.

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