Lost Portal CCG

Lost Portal CCG


Lost Portal CCG is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Michael Camilli, Lost Portal CCG is a Card game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 17th February 2016 with the latest update 16th June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Card, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


252 people have rated 1.4.4

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Lost Portal is a collectable card game that involves exploring dungeons and fighting AI enemies and bosses, collecting treasure and leveling up your character to gain new abilities.


  • Four character slots allow you to create up to four characters at one time
  • Four levels of difficulty for enemies and for duel losses provide increasing challenges and risks.
  • Random enemies and card drops means no two games are exactly the same
  • 285 cards to discover in five rarities: common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare and avatar cards
  • Over 80 enemies and bosses to challenge across 5 towns and 15 dungeons in the main campaign, with even more after the campaign ends.
  • Aerahym expansion (IAP) adds 36 additional cards, another town, 3 dungeons and more enemies to face. It also adds four additional character slots and the level cap is raised by two.
  • Primeval expansion (IAP) adds 44 additional cards, another town and four dungeons filled with enemies. It also adds two additional character slots, the level cap is raised by two and 5 additional card backs are available.
  • Feldyr expansion (IAP) adds 40 additional cards, another town and three dungeons filled with enemies. It also adds two additional character slots, the level cap is raised by two and 4 additional card backs are available.

Easily add cards to your deck using the deck editor. Use color, type and rarity filters to find the cards you want. Each character you create can keep up to ten decks and can select different card backs for each.

Buy new cards at card shops located in towns and dungeons using gold you’ve collected. You can also sell unwanted cards for more gold.

Visit the Forge to create new cards by sacrificing cards from your library. Each forge has a random selection of rare cards that can be forged.

Gain experience by defeating enemies. When you level up, you gain ability points that you can spend, along with gold, to increase your abilities. Increase your Health, Agility, Wisdom and Intellect to gain different advantages and unlock additional abilities.

Updated on 16th June 2022

A few minor changes:

  • Modified end of duel to highlight the cards won or lost
  • Gatekeeper ability now triggers at the start of each player’s first turn
  • Consume modified to better handle interactions with the on death abilities of consumed creatures

Lost Portal CCG Reviews

An excellent game with deep CCG mechanics seamlessly translated into a dungeon-crawling RPG, complete with beautiful art and satisfying loot drops. So convenient to pick up for a quick match anytime, anywhere, being all one-thumb portrait mode.

The only thing wrong with this single-player CCG is that it’s priced too cheap! Easily worth the couple bucks — way better than most games that cost much more. FWIW we are a card game developer with more than 5 titles and have played them all too. Trust us this game is one of the very best. (note: This review was edited after playing the game and resolving concerns– all cards are indeed collectible). Suggestions for the developer: 1- More deck slots. There are 11 ways to create decks in terms of colors yet only 10 slots. This means that even if we only build one deck per color combo we can’t use one color combo ever (unless we delete a deck). 2- Make it easy for us to switch our character’s primary color rather than having to "edit" him from the main menu. 3- The green ghost card that retreats "on damage" is actually retreating whenever it dies, even on deathstrikes that are not damage-dealing. Either it should die without retreating or the text should be adjusted.

We’ve been playing this game for over a year now and the expansions keep getting better and better.

We’ve had this game for years now and we still break it out all the time. Its the perfect filler to play just a single battle when you have a few minutes to kill. And we’ve had immense fun tuning our decks to get better performance. We love this game and am so overjoyed to see some new content just released! Our only request to the dev would be to employ a way to reset the story progress for a character build but NOT reset the card library or built decks, so we have more game to play once we’ve beaten all levels but dont have to go through all the card management again. Alternatively a custom single battle mode or something using our developed characters would also be fun, as long as we could set it to give us a tough challenge. Awesome game all around, thank you for making and continuing to support!

Very fun. Easy to play for five minutes or five hours. If you love singleplayer card games, this is an essential download. We are a big Slay the Spire fan, but sometimes we want some persistence in the decks we create. This game scratches that itch for us in a big way. We’ve played 20 hours already, and anticipate playing quite a bit more. Highly recommended.

If it wasn’t for this game, we’re not sure what we would play on our phone, if anything. It is a single-player card collecting game where you build your deck of cards and face off against various AI opponents. We’ve loved other card games in the past, but they’ve been ruined by greed (Hearthstone) or power creep (Legends of Runeterra). Lost Portal may not have their production budget, but that just makes this a lovingly crafted, affordable game that is a lot of fun and endlessly replayable. There are no ads, no microtransactions (though there are paid expansions), no energy system limiting your play time, no daily quests pressuring you to play every day. Once you buy this game, you own it forever, the full game. That is both wonderful and rare, nowadays.

We normally dont write reviews or play games for years but Lost Portal is the exception. Its such a fun card game. Its very rare for a game to keep our attention for so long, even after we’ve beaten it but we always come back to Lost Portal. Making decks is fun and the difficulty is extremely customizable. Great choice for anyone who loves card games.

Left iOS for a few years after playing this game thru the original campaign. Got into CCG that went under after and been missing. So first thing we dl to play after coming back to iOS is this and its just as fun as before, a ton faster bc we were playing on an iPhone 4 and 5s before. This game is so wonderful and doesnt cost more than the couple of iap expansions. This game is what we were thinking of when we got our new iPhone after like 5 years on android. Couldnt be happier.

We love this game! So simple but intricate. Beautiful design and elegant gameplay with a campaign story to play. High replay value! We have played this three times again with different colors each time requiring different strategies. We bought two additional expansions and it is worth it. Hoping the developer will come out with more!

Great deck-builder. Good variety of cards and plenty of options to upgrade. Fairly easy to learn, but still enough depth of play to keep it interesting. We dont give it a full 5 stars because the randomness of card draws seemsoff, we guess. We have built and rebuilt our decks and still get fights where we draw literally nothing but all our mana cards. Other times, all minions and no mana. Our last game, we bought 3 new cards and we drew them ALL on our first hand. Hmmm. We get that this happens in card games, but it doesnt feel right here. Often matches come down to who has a good draw and who has a bad one and if you have a bad draw there is little you can do about it to turn it around; might as well start over. Still recommended though.

Animations freeze and combat results dont show sometimes. Buttons dont respond in some screens do you are stuck. Overall poor.

We cant even beat the first mission with the starter deck thats how bad it is. On top of that, the tutorial is horrible 1/5.

Hey! We’ve been playing this game for almost a year now and we still love it! It’s hard to find a mobile game we can play all the time, but this one is great. Just wanted to send the creators some love for this creation.

A mainstreamed MTG… Only problem was that we chose to start with a blue deck and its trash. Balancing really needs to get ironed out. Other decks start with 1 cost creatures that have significant abilities and the blue deck is lucky to get a mediocre creature that costs 3. After losing about 20 times to the first creatures in the game we deleted the character and started with a different color… Now the game is finally moving fine. It would also help if you offered some sort of description when people are choosing their initial school of magic as opposed to hey whats your favorite color?

Its obtuse and lets face the truth it also looks like a mid 00’s mobile game from a basement dev team. This is not up to par. Nothing is explained in the so called tutorials but luckily we have played old portable "lane combat" CCGs so knew what to expect fairly quickly. Newbies to the genre will suffer. Moving around towns and dungeons space by space is pointless time waster tapping. Just get to reason we are playing already… The duels. Forging and Purchasing cards is clunk not just from UI but the size and loom of your cards is ugly and indistinct. Color balance is laughable. Blue has Counter Spells, Direct Damage, cheap haste, creature buffs, card draw, and seems like everything else but simple healing. But we bet it has cards we never saw that heal. No thanks. Only positive thing we can say is at least we only wasted $2.

We have really enjoyed the game, so thank you for your work in crafting this fun, adventurous strategy game. 5 stars for sure. The only thing we would tweak is if the game was able to be flipped to a horizontal orientation. Thanks again.

Build your deck, play it, earn better cards, tweak it. Throw it away and build a new deck because you got OP drops. We love this game! No fluff, just straight duels and building out library.

If you enjoy HS adventure mode or games like Slay the Spire you will very much enjoy this game. Definitely provides enough of a challenge at higher difficulties!

We’ve played several of the popular card games. We have become surprisingly addicted to this one. It is PvE and there are a lot of different decks you can make. It is challenging enough on easy and we havent been brave enough to do the most difficult setting yet. There are two add on packs available ($2 & $3) that we just purchased. Definitely worth getting if you like a solid card battler.

Great CCG. Playable and fun at the purchase price.

This game is awesome! Played all the way through it (maybe 30 hours of gameplay) and then bought both expansions because we were having so much fun! This is unique in the App Store. Its offline (great for travel), has a leveling system, deep strategy/card deck, and super easy on the battery. Grab this game and get ready for hours and hours of enjoyable single player RPG offline epicness!

This is game is incredibly fun if you like tcg style games but in a PvE style. Theres an rpg leveling system in place where you can increaase attributes that give you unique in match perks (many are rng based) Deckbuilding is fun with several themes to try. No iap or p2w mechanics other than a couple expansions that add new maps and cards. The downside is that it takes a really long time to acquire many of the truly efficient cards. Meanwhile, many early opponents already carry 4x of these efficient cards in their deck so you run into scenarios where theres no chance of coming back. Especially early on, it feels unfair to get hit with low cost removal/board clears that have no drawback to the caster.

We play this game more than any other, in fact, we find it an improvement over mtg;! It only lacks a fifth color, that would really send it over the top for us!

We got so frustrated with mana burn/screw that we deleted the game a couple of months back. We just reinstalled it and lost our second consecutive match after drawing six Aeon cards over six turns each time taking a barrage of damage. At this point we had already played 9 Aeons, that is every mana card in our deck, dealing into our hand with 20 cards to spare. Even with random shuffling this is difficult to achieve, and it happens all the time. In physical games, if you shuffle poorly this can happen, but were talking about a digital game here, write an algorithm into the shuffling mechanic! This isnt fun, its what everyone hates about MtG and it has somehow reached its opus here.

Good concept of a card game but completely messed up balance. Seems impossible even on normal difficulty to move past the first 20 minutes of game play before the enemies cannot be beaten. Also completely opaque what the enemy is doing. We can only imagine what kind of absurd time and money would need to be sunk into this game to make progress. Too bad because the game dynamics are interesting.

Worth the money, without question, no ads, weeks worth of consistent play time, no timers or premium currencies. One of the best card games of its kind on ios, please port this to android asap so more people can enjoy this game.

This game is a triumph of indie game development. Its just a solid, well-crafted, well-balanced, compelling experience. Kudos to the developer. This is obviously a labor of love, and it shows. Thank you!

We’ve tried almost every ccg on iOS and this one is one of the best. The $2 price tag unlocks the entire game and you can earn every card in the game just through playing the campaign. The gameplay is tight and pretty well balanced and super fun. Even the inclusion of an endless dungeon for end-game content is fantastic. The only complaint we have is that it’s not longer and there’s a level cap. Other than that it’s perfect!

Every match you lose, even on casual, causes a random amount of gold lost. Thats the only resource to buy cards with… Why the harsh penalty? Game has good ideas, but the developer must hate all but hardcore players. We’ve been ranked in MTG and Hearthstone, so we know CCGs, and this is harsh, unforgiving, and makes us want to quit. Nothing like losing 100 gold after a loss, and only gain 5-10 for winning.

Probably the best 2 dollars spent in our 5 or so years using App Store. Didnt hesitate to buy expansion for another 2 bucks. You collect cards similar to MTG, go from one location to another. There are quests and character development with multiple attributes and skills, reminds us character skill progression as if diablo (although certainly much simpler). Ultimately what makes the game great is the combat system. Good balance, interesting cards, creatures, spells. We are currently using fire based cards and we see myself replaying the game later with other types of card. Tremendous replay value. Highly recommended.

These developers clearly care about this game. The mechanics are well balanced. The content is deep. The art is beautiful. Thank you!

We absolutely love this game. It is fantastic deck building game that can be challenging or easy depending on the settings. The graphics are amazing. The game play is phenomenal. We do not usually post reviews but this game is worthy of a positive review. Totally worth the purchase.

First review ever and this game really got a lot of play time from us. We like the fact it focuses on single player and has elements of being a RPG along with being a MtG sort of game. The RPG element does affect the game in a variety of ways. A summoned creature can have a chance to gain attack or defense, regeneration, rush (not fatigued and can attack right away), along with certain things like your character’s HP and how much aeons you start out with. The gameplay itself is fairly simple. You put down aeons of different colors (once per turn) and use aeons to summon out creatures or cast spells. At the start of your turn, your aeons fill up again based on the aeons you casted previously (there are other factors like your stats and certain creatures boost your aeons as well). You can use an aeon card (could be multicolored) then cast a creature/spell or vice versa. When you end your turn, your creatures attack from left to right. The position of each creature does matter a bit specifically for creatures that die and have an effect activated when they die. Your creatures will attack each end of turn if possible and will attack the player directly if no creature on the other side opposes them. There are some counter spells that are activated automatically when applicable like if opponent summons a creature of a certain cost and you have enough aeons to cast the spell. If we had to write out a con to be nit picky, the computer could be smarter at times. We are playing Normal so this could be false if playing higher difficulties but we believe that is solely stats increase for the enemies along with losing more than just gold when you lose a duel (could lose a card). The other con is for us there are not that many cards. We could be wrong but we think there are around 300 cards. You do see the same cards quite often. Coming from MtG, we guess this is a pretty unfair complaint and really doesn’t bother us as we put in a boat load of hours already. The whole game is very streamlined and is perfect for a mobile experience. We are able to do a quick duel or two (you will do more) when we are waiting for someone.

So we were actually working with the developer to fix his daughters computer and we saw him playing this game. We thought it was hearthstone so we sparked up conversation about the game. He told us this was his game where its like hearthstone but there is an adventure aspect to it. We had him there a long time and figured we would throw the $1.99 into the game to check it out. Not only do we love it but it has allowed us to finally delete hearthstone from our phone. The quests are awesome. The game play is slightly challenging, but still good enough to not get frustrated. The UI is very easy to get used to. Overall very good job sir!

We just started playing this game and it is a lot of fun, and challenging even on normal difficulty. We enjoy card games like Hearthstone and RPGs like D&D so this is a nice mix. We also like the fact that it has a campaign where you earn gold to purchase new cards and level your character. We are looking forward to finishing the campaign, this little game is well worth the money if your into RPGs and card games like Magic.

Sometimes it hard to enjoy modern CCGs as an adult. Time constraints, and specifically interruptions (kids) make it difficult to get a full game in online. Lost Portal gives us the CCG fix and we can pick it up or put it down whenever it’s convenient for us (the former much easier than the latter) we’ve spent an incredible amount of time with this game and have yet to buy the expansion. Comparing cost vs enjoyment with other CCGs this game blows them all out of the water. It’s the cost of what, one MTG booster pack? Pick it up, you will not regret it.

This was our 1st CCG we ever bought. We have tried others such as Pathfinder and liked this one more due to the dark nature but it is repetitive. We still love playing it tho. The developer is still updating here and there which gives us hope that he or she will take the game on a story driven mode or even like the mentioned game earlier since it is a game with little to no bugs as far as we have encountered. We found that the story mode in the game was nothing more than footnotes from a book and not engrossing character play.

Just about ready to delete this game. Playing on casual, and loosing about 80% of the time. We like a challenge, but this is not fun. Gold trickles in, but cards cost too much for the decent ones. AI always gets the right card at the right time, while you draw crap…6 turns in a row without drawing an aeon card (equivalent to mana in MTG) when that type is 34% of our deck?!? The odds of that must be in the hundreds of millions. Total grind fest just to earn enough gold for one decent card. The only reason this doesnt get one star is that there are no iaps to get gold or loot drops. You earn everything in game, but it might take years…

It is single player, but the campaign has a challenging pace. There are no random encounters until end game. Loot is randomized though. You can’t just outlevel your problems with random encounters. It is possible to hit a wall and lose especially on the higher difficulty levels. But this makes the game great. Four colors and six difficulty levels means great replay value. The game has great balance and is very fun. Different deck colors require different tactics. Red is all out assault, next is green. Black holds off the first wave and then destroys. Blue is the most defensive and grinds out a steady victory with armored units.

We don’t write many reviews, but we wanted to give Lost Portal credit for being a great single-player card game. It scratches a gaming itch we didn’t know we had.

Im not a CCG fan but Lost Portal was recommended as one of the better ones and glad we gave it a try. Im addicted and will be getting the expansion once im done with the main game.

We played many hours of this game. 100% recommend it. We didn’t find the expansion to be the best deal. Didn’t really feel like it brought in new archetypes and big change to gameplay. If you get into the game as we do though you’ll still shell it out. :)

Great game that you can play offline and has a lot of customization for decks and play styles can be difficult but very rewarding when you win. Even has DLC you can buy if you wanna play more.

For any fans of Hearthstone or Shadowverse who love the single player modes, this is the game for you. It’s a blast with a lot of variety in deck building. Absolutely worth it.

The fact that this isn’t built as a pay to win but a play to collect solidifies it in our top games with a perfect rating. The price is way under value as this is an easy buy for $10. We bought the DLC without a second thought. Great gameplay! Only one piece of advice. Please add multiplayer!!!!!

Our fav card game right now. Worth 5 stars if had landscape mode.

Creatures on defense deal no damage, making it more difficult than it would normally be to regain tempo. We don’t like this deviation from most ccgs, if that one thing were changed this would be 4 or 5 stars from us.

It needs a decent tutorial. As is, it’s a hot mess trying to figure out how to play.

Well-conceived app from an independent developer who has provided higher levels of polish and post-release support than much larger studios with far more resources.

One of the best card games we’ve played on iOS. Worth the buy!