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M.A.S.H. is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by jessica abroms, M.A.S.H. is a Music game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 4th March 2009 with the latest update 22nd December 2017

Whether you are a fan of Music, Word, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


9 people have rated 1.9

You can download the game M.A.S.H. from APP STORE.


Updated to include MASH Xmas, Holiday, Dating, Wedding, Classic & All Stories!

Remember the game M.A.S.H. (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House)? This is the MASH game with the most features for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Featured in What’s Hot and New and Noteworthy. Designed by girls for girls.

Who are you going to marry? Where will you live? What will you do in the future? Only this MASH can tell…

Choose your questions and either enter in your own answers or pick from the best selection of random answers. Who knew you were going to marry Justin Bieber and drive a cherry red Ferrari!

  • Pick from a list of questions
  • Write responses or pick random
  • Email & Save results
  • Play solo or with friends
  • Let the spiral magic calculate your future

Hope you get a Mansion!!!

It’s laugh out loud fun– especially when you end up marrying Dr. Phil and driving Bo and Luke Duke’s General Lee.

Updated on 22nd December 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Ready for iOS 11!
Happy Holidays!

M.A.S.H. Reviews

Its a great game! Its not the kind of game you would wanna use a lot cause its just the same thing over and over but its a good time passer!! Would recommend!

This game is sooooooo fun!!!!!

So funny! We love that the full version has longer stories!

So fun to play allllz the time.

We love this game! It’s really fun and it has lots of features! The price is only 99 cents so not expensive. But we hate the fact that it crashes a big amount of time. Then we would have to start all over but other than the crashing thing the app is awesome.

It says 355 days till Easter but its 2 days!!!

It is so fun we once got the same one in a row.

We love this game we are totally obsessed with it we love playing it with our friends we think it should be free though we wish we could give it four and a half stars. Just couldn’t give it a four.

MASH is a really fun and great game! We remember we used to do it at every spend the night with our BFFs on just a piece of paper! We suggest getting MASH because it’s easy category’s for you and friends! ;)

Mash is great, fun, and super cool and convenient at parties. 5 stars!

It’s awesome!!!!!! U have to get it! It’s creative and fun to play with ur friends!!!! So get it and enjoy!!!!!!

We absoulutley love love love this game!!!! And this is an absoulutley amazing version:) we adore it and we play it constantly. At sleepovers it is soooo much fun!!

Creative, fun game to play with your girlfriends. It’s always thrilling to find out your results!

Mash is awesome! We do it everyday and it is fun to do it on Ur friends. We recommend it!

Well we thought it would be better like the mash lite. It doesn’t have dating or classic or wedding. We would recommend just getting the lite version. So waist of money for us.

I. Never got full version 2. Closes 3. Needs more detailed questions!! But we still love the game.

We <3 this app we like all of our answers!

We love this game! We just wish you could please make it with a sound turn off option….

We were playin the gAme have a awesome time and it FROZE try to fiz we hope it does cause we this game.

We tunes wont let us download it. And we have been waiting for about 4 months. We just wasted $0.99 on nothing.

Don’t buy this app!! It is so worthless.

It’s really fun! We got it on our iPad and itouch worth the.

We play with our besties on it. LOL.

Best kind–fast, alone or in a group, nostalgic and timeless.

Love this game!!(: we put the say name four times on who im gonna marryy!!(: perfect results!!(:<3.

We use to play this in junior high lol.

Haha living in a mansion with Johnny Depp and our 31 kids driving a corvette! Oh yeah! :-) lol!

It’s pretty fun! We think it should be free.

Ok but the free mash is actually a lot more fun!!!

It’s a good app but it should also have the other mash apps like the valentines day one and fourtth of july built in.

This game is the most fun app. Our friends and we always laugh at our results. We also love the ‘random’ option… Always comes up with hilarious results. Buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was ok but the mash lite If dinner u get to out in more things like pets and like u can draw a bigger spiral. Also it doesn’t matter how namely times u do it!

Waste of money accidentally bought it…

Love this game and the app is super cute!!!!

Awesome!!! This app takes us back. Very fun! :o)

We love playing this game at sleep over parties. So entertaining!!!!

Clever app, you actually use the tough screen to "draw" your spiral! A hit with our friends too, good for lots of laughs :)

This game is totally awesome!!!!!!

Perfect reminder of a good old game of MASH back in the day to predict our future : )

This version of MASH is the best! And the update has a lot of funny new questions that you can choose.

We love this game! It is so much fun to see what it will predict for us every time we play.

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