Mad Skills Snocross

Last updated on January 14th, 2023 at 02:25 pm

Mad Skills Snocross

Mad Skills Snocross

Mad Skills Snocross is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Turborilla AB, Mad Skills Snocross is a Action game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 28th October 2022 with the latest update 13th January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Action, Racing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Mad Skills Snocross ?

2,887 people have rated 1.0.8

What is the price of the Mad Skills Snocross ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Mad Skills Snocross released ?

Mad Skills Snocross was released on 28th October 2022.

When was the Mad Skills Snocross updated ?

The latest updated date of Mad Skills Snocross on 13th January 2023.

Where can Mad Skills Snocross be downloaded ?

You can download the game Mad Skills Snocross from Apple Official App Store.



Experience the awesome thrill of snowmobile racing with Mad Skills Snocross, an intense racing game for all ages. Mad Skills Snocross features:

  • Eight customizable sleds, with more on the way
  • Amazing snowmobile physics
  • More than 100 challenging snocross tracks
  • A variety of fun terrain types
  • Wild Daily Dash races every day
  • Online play against friends, neighbors, and everyone else

Can you build the fastest snowmobile and compete at the highest level of action sports? Pin the throttle when the gate drops and see if you can defeat other riders on powerful snowmobiles over challenging terrain. This physics-based side-scrolling racing game is easy to play but impossible to perfect.

Win enough races and you’ll unlock faster, better snowmobiles. Climb the racing ladder, earn every sled, and become a snocross legend.

Sign in with Apple or Game Center, and your game progress will sync between devices.

This game permits a user to connect to social networks, therefore players may come into contact with other people when playing this game. Social Networking Service terms may apply.
Terms of use can be found at If you do not agree to those terms please do not access and/or play our games or use our services.

Collection and use of personal data are subject to Turborilla’s Privacy Policy, which can be read here:

Updated on 13th January 2023

  • Watch your opponents every move with Replays!
  • New improved Norway background

Mad Skills Snocross Review

We used to race Snocross professionally, its so realistic we cant put the game down.

Terrible and add ridden, plus game cheats. The graphics and game play are fine, but with some many ads its ridiculous, and also if you really start to win games, the game make it to where your snow mobile loses power and you lose the race. Dishonest and a waste of time. Sad, because other games made by same company are truly great, and this has that potential, but seems to be just an ad grab, and game that dishonestly limits you to prohibit wins.

We enjoyed the game at first but got to a point we could no longer compete because the other sleds are faster. The only way to upgrade your sled is by paying money. You cannot earn enough coins by just playing.

Takes way too much to upgrade compared to prizes, and constant non-skippable ads ruin the experience. Spend more time waiting on ads and expensive upgrades than actually playing. Total rip off and deleted within first 15 minutes of downloading. Dont waste your time on this.

This game is great you guys should think about coming out with a quad game similar to this.

You can have a sled at 950 and the ones you race will be 400 and theyll blow your doors off. Why even have upgrades as part of the game if theyre completely worthless.

You literally cant even win unless you spend a bunch of actual money.

Good god Im legit done playing due to the adds. We wanna play not sit here and watch fn adds.

We’ve been a fan of Turborilla and most the games they make. This one doesnt meet the standard. You can upgrade to the third sled and still get owned by a level one stock sled. There is little to no benefit to upgrade which kills our desire to play.

This game is good you should make a new one maybe.

When we try to wheelie off the start it slows us down, But it doesnt matter too much we are only starting the game.

Need to add arctic cat sleds. And fix the ad bugs.

We’ve been playing for a little over two weeks, the joystick was tricky to get used to but we’ve consistently been in the top 40 every week after figuring it out, we’ve noticed some of the guys at the very top of the leaderboard, however, somehow have way overpowered sleds, the current guy at #1 has almost double the power as sled 8 and shows he has sled #14, if Im missing something let us know but Im pretty sure theres only 8 sleds abailable. If we can get the havkers taken care of and maybe add a versus multiplayer so we can race friends that would be great, other than that no complaints this far.

Un like there other games where if you put enough of time and you can gain enough points to upgrade your bikes. This game it does not give you the ability to gain enough of credits to upgrade your bike it makes you have to pay to upgrade your bike theres no real way to gain any money or coins per the game to upgrade your bike. So to get by the first couple levels is OK but after that its nearly impossible to beat any of the bots on their sleds. Currently Im running a bike with 900 power against bikes running 300 power and we cant beat them theyre just so much faster than us. How is that even possible. And we cant gain any coins to upgrade our bike without purchasing. Very disappointing because the game seems fun but we just cant advance.

These people have never rode sled before whats up with the landing flat boost keeping the track to snow should be faster, and so hard to make money and progress.

We love these kinda games there super fun and we hope other people like it like we do.

Yall should add whips it would be cool.

If you ride your dirt bikes in the summer and your sno-no-deals in the winter, then MadSkills has both games for you. Use the rider like you would your own body. What a great piece of work these racing games are.

This game has made our brain shrink so small that we cant even read a doctor sues book.

We’ve been playing Turbos games for a hot minute every single one of them we’ve constantly been top 100 in all the games he has made we love all of them Im currently number 10 in the world in Snocross so it just shows how much we love the games . The only issue is the games release and they dont have enough content and or dont get updates soon enough content needs to be steady for the first year the game is released or it will lose players if he keeps this game up to date with constant updates not bug fixes then we see it being a huge success !

This game is a let down. As a die hard mad skill mx player, this feels like nothing more than a cash grab. The controls are awful, the game play is super slow unless you want to play, and the game is glitchy. The ads are over the top too. You spend more time watching ads than you play than game. And they want $6.99 to remove ads on a game that is no where close to MSMX3. Major let down.

We cant stand the constant requests for review and feedback.

We’ve been a fan of all the mad skills games. Especially mad skills motocross 3. When we saw they were releasing mad skills snowcross we were definitely excited. Having been playing the game for 24 hours now, we can say it’s a ton of fun. Definitely a steeper learning curve than the other games. This one is similar to mad skills BMX in the sense that you kinda have to pump on the jumps and lean down when you land. We fell like the controls can get a little wonky at times. We’re hoping this issue will get fixed in a future update. All in all, mad skills snowcross is a fun, addicting game, with awesome graphics. Looking forward to what the future holds for this new genre in the Mad Skills universe.

We love the game the graphics are great and it is not like a game where its easy to pass level after the next its a fun challenging game.

We love the aesthetic of the game plus its easier to play than madskills motocross 3. This game is the best of both worlds!

This game is very action packed and so smooth, it is a fun challenge. The levels are great and have a fun terrain. Overall a great competitive game!

We like this game. It feels significantly different from Mad skills mx3, and it feels like we are driving a snowmobile. With that being said, we wish the joystick you use to tilt the snowmobile wasnt a joy stick. It has no precision, so landing perfectly, one of the big game mechanics, is frustrating and inconsistent. Other than that, great game.

We love this game it has such good physics, we love how it is also more active then any of there other games its an amazing game.

Just as good, if not better gameplay than their motocross game. Really nailed it!

This snow cross game is awesome. Its great for kids!!!

This game is so rad good graphics realistic crashes, snow machines, rider, etc thanks for making this turborilla.

We like it a lot and it it very similar to MadSkillsMX3.

Title says it all,I think smoothness of landings should be the fastest but you shouldnt get extra boosts from it, everything else is great compared to mad skills moto.

This game is great but the joystick control is really bad if there was an option to switch to arrow control this would be a five star game no doubt but the joystick just holds it back a little.

Would be cool to see the addition of #plates, as well as an option for lean arrows instead of the joystick. Also the sleds seem too fast they dont really float through the air like the real thing.

Instead of a competitive, semi-realistic racing experience, which is what made the motocross series so great, you are presented with what we would describe as an arcade game. Cons: – Silly controls where moving the joystick up or down significantly changes your trajectory in the air. – Absurd fake boost of speed gained by landing a certain way, accompanied by a cheesy annotation on the screen congratulating you – Together, these result in a frustrating, inconsistent racing experience. Other issues that we see may be related to the recent release and currently small player count. Will update if they persist. Pros: – Progression, so far, is not bad. We were able to unlock sled #5 at the end of the second career section by just by completing career races and challenges and watching a couple ads to get some double rewards. There may be more of a paywall feel while progressing from here to sled #8, but it is doable. – Track design and features (ramps, deep snow, ice) are great.

Was very excited for a new MadSkills game but it was very disappointing the toggle stick is stupid made the game to complicated for no reason and the game does not feel good.

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