Mahjong Demon

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Mahjong Demon


Mahjong Demon is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by NUTRACTOR, Mahjong Demon is a Card game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 6th July 2009 with the latest update 24th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Card, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


74 people have rated 6.2

You can download the game Mahjong Demon from APP STORE.


This is a Mahjong game of the Japanese style rule.
The Slider that exists under the screen is moved, and the tile is selected.
And, the Slider is done in the tap and the tile is discard.
Mahjong is the game to finish four Melds and one Pairs.

Example: [1, 2, 3][6, 6, 6][6, 7, 8][N, N, N][4, 4]

However, there is a hand not approved when Chi, Pon, and Open Kan.
Please note whether there is a hand when you do 1 and 9 in Chi and Pon.
In the rule of the japanese mahjong, one or more hands are necessary.
The hand can be made by paying 1,000 points and doing Reach.
However, when Chi, Pon, and Open Kan are done, Reach cannot be done.
If it is a closed hand, high point will be obtained.
About Lost Hand. A hand that is Waiting, but cannot be won off someone else’s discard due to the fact that the owner of the hand already threw a winning tile in their own discard.
Lost Hand if one in all winning tiles are here even if discard doesn’t do the tile which it wants to do. But, self-draw is possible even with Lost Hand.
The knack is that Ron is never done by the other party.
Ron is never done with the tile that does Discard.
Please reason the Hand from other party’s Discard and win.

Updated on 24th March 2023

  • Fixed issues with Stats and Continue.

Mahjong Demon Reviews

Great way to kill time. Excellent background music.

If we dont have time to play real people this is a pretty good way to practice. Scoring could be explained a little better.

Dear developer, now that you are on unity platform, can we expect a droid version or something for our chrome book? Would it be possible to have rules and scoring help within the app instead of going out to website?

Its the same (excellent) game underneath it, but the new user interface is, minus some improvements such as highlighting opponents discards more, bad. Tile faces are smaller, muddier, and largely obscured by the overlaid number. Blue dots and bams are nearly the same color. 3D is busier than the previous clear, simple 2D graphics and adds little. Unity takes noticeably longer to start than the old engine. We get it makes multi-platform support a lot better, but what price build convenience? Frankly, Id pay to have the old version back.

As good as it can get for an app. No micro transactions, no ads, no distractions, just mahjong. If we could give it more stars we would.

This a new review as the older version of this app was much better and less buggy, but once those bugs were fixed and this came out…. Now we just played a game with over six West Wind tiles in the game! What!? Please fix and print back the old look. Update: the newest version is great! Thank you for such a good app!

We use this game to get better at Riichi Mahjong. It has helped a lot since you can get so many games in so quickly and the CPU makes you aware of every move possibility. The downside is that the game is way too hard and has no difficulty setting (confirmed with dev.) If you can still have fun losing nearly every game then dig in.

This was our favorite mahjong app. It was simple, 2D, and very fast. Now they updated it with 3D graphics which makes it a lot slower with no way to go back to the original.

Great Japanese Mahjong game. Our only real issue is some of the settings dont seem to have a way to save or exit, requiring us to force close the game. Im experiencing this when trying to change player name and voice. Not a big deal, but still.

Clear instructions, good scoring system. Easy to understand for beginners but challenging enough for experts.

Keep up the good work! Thank you! Recommending this to all of our friends!

This version is a lot better than the out-dated version we were using and looks way better. (edited) Five star. [accidentally had phone set to silent]

Its pretty hard to find a good mah jong app but if you’re looking for fast paced ai mah jong, you’ve found just what you were looking for. The only problem is that you can’t play horizontally(only vertical) making it hard to press tiles if you have sausage fingers. It also has the ability to change from English tiles to japanese as well as the hands in japanese. Definitely a good purchase for any mahjong player to have a little fun.

Has good info for beginners. Play is fast. Don’t like the voices. Sound strange. Don’t like auto play after reach. But otherwise nice.

Though we tend to play Janryumon online on our iPad, we play a ton of this on our phone. It loads fast, the AI opponents play instantly, and it plays in portrait orientation (which is a bigger convenience thing than it really seems like it should be). Highly recommended for fans of Japanese mahjong.

Fabulous mahjong game on the app store! But would be even better with an iPhone 5 screen. Thanks!

Plays very well, with many rule options. For japanese riichi rules mahjong, its probably the best english language version. Biggest drawback is tile graphic size, which would improve dramatically if it used a landscape orientation.

Good UI – very user friendly and fun game play. Been looking for anything besides the solitaire versions (what’s up with all that anyway?!!) forever – this works!! WELL WORTH $1…!!

Love it! Please update it to iPad resolution.

This is good for English speakers because the number tiles are in both Chinese and Arabic numerals. Also it gives a good layout of the rules.

It’s great all we can say. Would be nice if the voices were not robots.

We’ll preface this with it’s a very good mahjong app. It does most things we want perfectly. Though the voices are annoying our phone is usually on silent anyway. That said your app seems to use a slightly different version of the Japanese ruleset. For instance a pon of dragon tiles does not give the one Han requirement. Also no terminals doesn’t appear to give a Han if you open it, where it does in most variations of Japanese mahjong we’ve played. If we had some way to play under the rules we usually do in person, that would be amazing. All aside, it’s still great to be able to play a quick game when we’re out.

V1.3.1 features excellent graphics and play. We’ve been looking for a REAL Mahjong game (not one of the tile-matching ones) on various platforms from our Mac to our Nintendo DSi. IPhone and Mobile Mahjong for the win!

We have 5 dif. Mahjong apps and believe the best ones are Mahjong Mobile and another Japanese one, so we’ve been forced to learn riichi mahjong – which we don’t regret at all. One thing would make this app our absolute favorite: could the games be played in landscape mode? That way the tiles can be bigger. Love the ipad version too!

Finally an app for Mahjong the way it should be played. If you want to play Japanese rules, this is the app to get. Voices and pronunciations of terms could use a lot of work though.

This is a re-write of our earlier positive review. The current version keeps crashing back to our "desktop" on the touch. It is now unplayable. Hope this gets remedied. Be aware that this is one of the Japanese variants of Mah Jong but, if you play Chinese Classic or Hong Kong or Shanghai or any other popular version, it’s easy to learn – at least enough rudiments to play. Reach, Dora Tiles and Sacred Discards are some of the fundamentals – and, for our money – they enrich the game. We still enjoy the other variants, but Japanese Modern is our favorite. The AI, unlike all the other Mah Jong apps we’ve tried for our Ipod Touch, is fairly strong. For example, SG Mahjong – the Shanghai game – is an app we really like. Yet, we can consistently win at the hardest level. Mahjong Mobile takes us to the cleaners as often – no more often – than we beat it. To win consistently, you need to read discards and really know special hands that will yield limit scores. We like the graphics on this program a lot – but our favorite game play feature is the means of discarding a tile. On most apps, you double tap or slide a tile. If your fingers are not thin – or if your aim is off – you end up accidentally discarding that red dragon you just drew for a hidden pong. With this app, there is a slider that moves beneath the tiles. When the proper tile is chosen for discard, you tap the slider bar and get the discard you want every time. Our only beef with the app is the voice adaptation. It’s annoying, because it pronounces char (hard k, as in characters) like char (as in burn the food). Dora tiles are called duh-rah’ – emphasis on the last syllable. We think the author might either consider losing the voice – or programming the words to be pronounced phonetically. But this is a small complaint about a really first rate program. Buy it – you won’t regret it! Dr. Gary Axelson.

Stupid game design….. Why the cards open at all times even when we chose not open stupid voices creeps us out….. Wish never bought this game.

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