Max & the Magic Marker – Remastered

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Max & the Magic Marker – Remastered


Max & the Magic Marker – Remastered is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Flashbulb ApS, Max & the Magic Marker – Remastered is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 30th August 2017 with the latest update 30th August 2017

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Family, or Education games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


74 people have rated 1.0

You can download the game Max & the Magic Marker – Remastered from APP STORE.


FUN FOR ALL AGES! One day Max gets a mysterious marker in the mail. The first thing he draws is a monster. As soon as the pen leaves the paper, the monster comes to life and jumps into another drawing. Oh no, it must be stopped! Max draws himself onto the page and the chase begins. Welcome to Max & the Magic Marker, an award-winning physics-based puzzle platformer that plays like a classic – but with a twist!

You have a magic marker that enables you to draw freehand in the game – everything you draw becomes a real, interactive object within the game world. Master Max’s extraordinary talent and help him overcome enemies, obstacles and puzzles!

This innovative game features 58 awesome levels in 3 unique worlds. Customize your controls and match wits with oodles of puzzles, each offering multiple solutions. Solve them all and earn loads of achievements!

Collect ink and numerous golden spheres, and if you’re feeling keen, find each elusive black sphere. Overcome the obstacles as quick as you can, and find a way to the evil monster who wants to damage Max’s drawings.

NOTE: Max & The Magic Marker is child friendly – no ads, in-app purchases or sketchy links.

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Updated on 30th August 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Max & the Magic Marker – Remastered Reviews

We love this game, we have always loved this game, we remember playing it a couple years ago, and it was our FAVORITE game. Im probably gonna get Max – The curse of Brotherhood because we found out that its still here. We think that this game is worth it and that you should get it, its not worth $1.99 though, its definitely worth at least $2.99, so if youre looking for a couple hours of entertainment, get this game. You wont regret it, we loved this game. We canny believe they remastered it.


This game brings back so many memories and its still just a fun as it was 6 years back.

So happy this was remastered. We played curse of brotherhood on Xbox numerous times. We love this game! We really hope they make a 3rd.

Played this game years ago and just purchased it again for our kids. A must have!!!

This is one of our favorite games ever!

This is one of our favorite games when we were a kid, we had so much fun with it. However, the game was removed from all the stores for a long period, we were really sad to find nowhere to download it. This remastered version is excellently optimized for retina screens which provides with better visual experience than before, and we’re glad to see the capability across all the iOS devices, because the iPhone and iPad version were sold separately. As we saw this item is released, we purchased it immediately. Hope the developer keeps doing a better job.

This is that game that our whole family played. We cant believe they remastered it and now its even better. We see a lot in this game.

A iconically fun, entertaining, creativity inspiring, and imagination triggering fun game for all ages. Well worth 2 bucks.

We loved this game and its so sad that there is only 3 worlds and we hope you can make a Max and the magic marker 2.

Just the right level of difficulty & enormously fun. All of the kids plus Mom & Dad love this game!

It’s one of our top ten favorite games; we rate it six stars!

Hi this game is so amazing trust us, it is a childhood classic. If you get this you wont regret it! The graphics are so adorable and well drawn and brings back nostalgia for the kiddy days! Its super easy to use too, when you press the left and right arrows you move left and right and the up arrow to jump up, the pause button to do draw mode, and then you can run over the bridges you created to get to the other side of water or whatever is in your way. One thing though there are purple monsters and they all go so close together that its pretty much impossible to avoid them and you die. Id like it if this was fixed so they are a little far apart so its easier. Also Id like it if during a game you could compete with friends and do a split screen. And if during a game there is an x button so u could play a different level. We hope you enjoyed reading this it wasnt boring, and please developers u have a great game, just make small changes. And new getters trust us get this game. Youll totally love it! Hope this was helpful and bye! Stay safe during COVID!

We love this game! We remember when we had our first iPad we were playing it non-stop. We downloaded the game and saved it in a folder that we use when we are on the airplane. We hope the developer takes care of the graphics to be sharper (on a par with what 2017 games offer). Low quality fonts and images take the whole user experience a notch down.

Great game but needs to fit the larger screens.

We like to play but its super hard to play and l would like you to make it it easier to get get through the levels. Bye love you.

This app asked us to review it even though we have opted out of app reviews in iOS settings, would have rated higher if not for that.

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