Merge Fighting: Fight Hit Game

Last updated on June 4th, 2023 at 03:40 pm

Merge Fighting: Fight Hit Game

Merge Fighting: Fight Hit Game

Merge Fighting: Fight Hit Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Freeplay LLC, Merge Fighting: Fight Hit Game is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th August 2022 with the latest update 12th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Merge Fighting: Fight Hit Game ?

2,610 people have rated 1.13.10

What is the price of the Merge Fighting: Fight Hit Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Merge Fighting: Fight Hit Game released ?

Merge Fighting: Fight Hit Game was released on 24th August 2022.

When was the Merge Fighting: Fight Hit Game updated ?

The latest updated date of Merge Fighting: Fight Hit Game on 12th December 2022.

Where can Merge Fighting: Fight Hit Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Merge Fighting: Fight Hit Game from Apple Official App Store.



Get ready for extreme fighting and weapon merging!

Merge Fighting is an awesome merge game that takes street fighting to a new level!

Ruthless punks and street fighters are terrorizing the city. It’s time for you, the king of fighters, to teach them a lesson they’ll never forget! Use the power of weapon merge and prove yourself as the ultimate fighter in an epic test of strength and skill in this fighting game.

Being a street fighter champion isn’t just about the fighting skills, it’s also about knowing the right moment to attack or retreat. Watch your enemy’s moves during the battle. If you see them swing at you, take cover or dodge the punch like a ninja. Wait for the right moment and attack with all your might to score a KO!

Not all street fighters will be easy to defeat! Some battles will require an individual approach. Analyze every detail of your attacker’s gear. Do they have a defense? Or perhaps they’re armed with a ranged weapon? Plan out your every move and destroy your enemy with just one timely hit. Go down in history of this fighting game as the deftest king of fighters!

Merge matching items in your arsenal to craft new weapons with more damage! Rebars, axes, swords, crowbars, flamethrowers — whatever item will suit you well in this merge game, even a road sign. Become the merge master by creating the deadliest weapons and make your enemies regret ever crossing your path!

Get into deadly head-to-head fights
Experiment with a large arsenal of weapons and fighting armor
Merge items to craft the coolest weapons
Kick harder and get rewarded for powerful punches
Perform satisfying critical hits and finishers
Boost your stamina and strength
Explore new, exciting locations

Infinite 1-on-1 battles, fun weapon merging, and impeccable action—there’s so much to love in this thrilling merge game. Join Merge Fighting as the greatest weapon merge master and save the city from injustice!

Updated on 12th December 2022

Minor bugfixes and improvements.

Merge Fighting: Fight Hit Game Review

-Will there be new materials? If so, how soon? -Add level 5 merging. We have so many level 4 items its not even funny. -Maybe add a new world and new enemies + new skins?

We played 2 days and got them all and there easy ai.

The game is really fun but could you please maybe buff some weapons like the icicle and the stop sign, because they are not that good. But could you pull a diep. Io and make it so you can pull up a log that allows you to see every combination in the game please and thank you some reviewer of this good game.

Ok so this game is great and we hope you read this its sooo fun 1. Theres barely any ads except for like one but we havent ran into many so yeah keep up the great work Love:your favorite player.

This game is an absolute blast too play, so much so that we’ve had it for about a month and Im already in the 300s when it comes to the levels. That being said, we would suggest making the enemies you fight harder or make it harder to get great weapons like the lightsaber and such. Once you get all the perks unlocked and start leveling them up it becomes really easy to BREEZE through the levels. Overall, really great game though! Absolutely love playing it!

We enjoy the game mechanics and the option to get rid of ads as most games give but the game would be just a bit better if you guys could fix the bug where the game crashes the screen goes black and we have to exit and re enter the game its kinda annoying other than that the games great!

Its good but too many ads in our opinion.

If you dont feed it money, it blacks out and becomes unplayable.

Starting off with adding more X-rays, what we mean by that is add a X-ray on critical hits that have a chance to show like in the ads and add more X-rays like where you break the opponents neck or breaking their jaw and more. Add more abilitys like one where you throw a beam at your opponent and throwing a huge fireball/ice ball that burns/freezes your opponent.

It was fun and all, but we didnt get to do much, because it kept crashing.

On day one of release, there were no ads. The ads ruin the game.

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