Merge Mansion

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:34 am

Merge Mansion


Merge Mansion is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Metacore Games Oy, Merge Mansion is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 16th September 2020 with the latest update 11th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


62,631 people have rated 22.04.01

You can download the game Merge Mansion from APP STORE.


Love, heritage, and betrayal put together in one mysterious puzzle. Maddie’s grandmother has something to tell.

This mansion is full of stories unheard of! Help Maddie discover what her grandma has to reveal about the family’s adventurous past.

Wipe off the dust and find new items, merge them into useful tools and earn surprising treasures. You never know what awaits behind the mansion’s next corner.

Unlock new areas within and around the Mansion, unveiling decade old family secrets on the way. With an abundant combination of items to discover and hundreds of engaging puzzles to solve, the Mansion makes sure it always has new secrets waiting for you.


DISCOVER – Be it a shocking twist in the Grandma’s past or a mysterious room in the Mansion cellar, there are always new things to look out for.

MERGE – Combine what you have into more useful tools. Can a rusty old shovel and a broken lantern come in handy? You betcha.

RELAX – Good vibes only, although there are some twisted secrets ahead.

EASY TO LEARN – Anyone can learn how to play this simple and intuitive game.

PLAY FOR A WHILE OR FOR LONG – Have a quick merge minute here and there, or become absorbed into an engaging merge marathon.

While Maddie’s journey into her Grandma’s mysterious past has just begun, there’s already a bunch of thrilling updates waiting to expand the story. We guarantee that Merge Mansion keeps surprising you merge after merge, month after month.

– It’s time to kick off your journey, the mysterious Merge Mansion awaits. –

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Updated on 11th April 2022

  • A new event comes Hopewell Bay to celebrate the start of spring!
  • With the Spring Event come new Boosters to open up a wealth of new possibilities in Merge Mansion.
  • New area with 290 tasks opening in late April for players on Level 34 and further.

Merge Mansion Review

This game is our new favorite and we love playing it.

We love this game and it gives you a limited amount of energy its called so you dont spend so much time on the game it was nice we like it.

This app s soooooooooooooo good, get it now!

Fun game for kids and adults full of mysterys love love it play it now pls.

Get this game. Join the merge menagerie.

We think thier should be like a bit more room in your storage and u should be able to get pets.

We love this game so much! The ads about the game were accurate to what you really do and its an amazing time killer! And you dont have to really spend real money to enjoy the game!

This game is so addicting! We got addicted after about 5 minutes of playing this game!

This game is really fun it takes a little bit of time to get some items but we think its just part of the game the only thing we wish is that we had some sort of way to see how to get every item because sometimes it gets confusing.

High great game and update but we were wondering what are the gold stars that some of the items have (they arent mentioned in the update)

Its a really fun game that locks you in for a good while. The events are fun, we honestly loved the St Patricks Day event. We wish that itll say how long the items can be used again. Instead of seeing speed up it can also say, 5 minutes, 1 day or something like that.

Honestly a great have. Developers are quick to fix issues and it keeps you guessing. Thanks got a fun game.

This is game is honestly rather fun. Reading the negative reviews are reading lies except the whole level 41 deal cannot confirm or deny as Im not that far. Certain items are won in mini games. You would know this if you pay attention, a monkey could figure that out. You dont have to pay to add more things such as coins, diamonds, and energy you can earn all that in the game. The only thing you have to spend to gain extra is your coins. No need to spend money out of your pocket. Unless you want to.

This game is really good whenever we are bored we play this game!

It is so fun everything that happiness is a Serprise we love it.

This game has real potential. The ads were very intriguing- we just had to download. Although we did think it was going to be one of those games with puzzles so hard that you reach one level you can never beat and then stop playing the game altogether (which is always a bummer because we like to carry on with the content) but no. The puzzles arent too easy, but easy enough so that there is a guarantee each level can be beaten without losing your mind. We mostly downloaded it to see if it is just like the ads, and it is! We cant wait to find out what the Grandma is hiding. Thank you to the creators!!!

Really slow but the premise is good. They certainly need to speed things up a bit. Also would like the option of being able to play landscape mode vs the letter orientation so you might also play on the iPad. Having to stop so items can catch up (time, again, too slow) and then allow the game to proceed is what would eventually make us stop playing Merge Mansion and move on to another game. Are you listening?

Really fun and addicting game definitely recommend :)

There is no adds and endless possibilities with this game! We usually get bored and stop playing games but with this, theres constant updates adding specials throughout so even if Im stuck theres always something to do without adds!

This is an amazing game and we love it even more because we can play our music while we play this game it is amazing we love it definitely going to recommend it to our friends.

We wish the board was bigger to be able to collect more items at once.

We want to reset our game and cant figure out how.

None of the gift boxes are being given in the spring event. We really love this game!

We love this game! So fun, easy to operate, well made and great story line! We love that theres no ads and dont bug you for money 24/7!

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We won’t quit until we find out what Grandma’s secret is. We’re here for the story.

This game is very fun. In the game theres a story line to it. A lot of story line games like these are always matching games (like match 3 the shape or color, etc.) which we find a bit annoying. (YES IK MERGING GAMES ARE LIKE THE SAME THING-) we find merging games funner. Its very fun and a good time killer. The only thing we would change is how long you have to wait. To get some resources you have to wait for the tool shed or box etc to be ready. Which can take up to around 40 minutes at times. Its kinda annoying because it gives you less playing time and more time waiting than playing. Other than that 10\10.

This game is fun and breaks of a lot of other things its always there when Im bored and its fun.

First of all, we love this game. Its so addicting and entertaining. But also, the ads are so good. We would honestly love a tv show to be made.

This game is so fun we play it all morning but its kinda hard but it sill looks fun thats whoever made this app!

We’ve been playing this game for years but the problem is that the new update wont let us play the game it just half loads and then says contact support.

Okay so we literally never write reviews (so im not very good at it) but we are OBSESSED. Idk how to describe it but it has become our emotional support game. We personally dont read the little storylines that pop up so we cant comment on those. But just the fun of merging the items (which can also get frustrating lol) to finish the task is just so satisfying in the end. Ps: dont break the piggy bank as soon as you get it. Save it and merge it. Youll have to wait 4 days to merge it fully but we promise you its worth it!

Its a puzzling game and its a great game to play with friends and family.

Im a regular daily player and absolutely love this game! Just downloaded the new update, and have found the larger ribbon at the top with an icon of the item merged and description highly distracting. We know what the item is we are merging; and another graphic draws our eye up to the ribbon now, rather than the play board. It actually makes us not want to play the game, unfortunately! Please consider making the ribbon smaller and removing that graphic, please. Thanks so much.

The game can go on and on and on if you give it your time. We’ve spent so much money on this game also tho lol. We Wish they wouldnt make it so complicated where you have to almost buy something everytime you run out of energy or money. If no choices left it somehow has the option to buy what you EXACTLY need. As much money as we spend we wish they would give back to those who do SPEND MONEY. But otherwise its a fun game get it lol.

This is a fun game, but it has stopped at level 40 for quite some time (one poster said a year!).

We dont normally write reviews but we gotta be honest, one of the best merge games we’ve played. 0 ads, great way to pass time, and so easy to collect coins and gems and just a great relaxing game. Our only few complaints are is that theres not enough energy, and when buying stuff the prices (like inventory space or energy) go up sooo quickly. But we absolutely love this game and its so much fun to play to pass time. And so much to do!!! We never run out of tasks!! Its great!!! Keeps you going!! To add we also dont like those stupid bubble or candy games bc im so terrible at them so merge games are so much more fun for us!!

We just recently downloaded this game last week and all we think about is what is this mystery about grandma and her mansion? We have so much work to do. We are only on level 11 and we are way too anxious to move forward but we run out of energy in minutes! This is a good thing cause we will play for hours honestly if it would allow us. Only thing we wish there was available is a way to purchase unlimited energy for a specific amount of time. That would lease our anxiety but for now we will be keep our cool.

This is a fun game to play when you are bored. The only drawback is that sometimes you have to gain so many levels in order to get tasks/unlock an area. For example, Im in level 36 and to unlock the next area we have to be at level 41. It requires a lot of until we reach that level but other than that great game.


Its so fun and Enjoy playing it !!!