Merge Mansion

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Merge Mansion

Merge Mansion

Merge Mansion is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Metacore Games Oy, Merge Mansion is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 16th September 2020 with the latest update 15th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Merge Mansion ?

98,655 people have rated 22.11.01

What is the price of the Merge Mansion ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Merge Mansion released ?

Merge Mansion was released on 16th September 2020.

When was the Merge Mansion updated ?

The latest updated date of Merge Mansion on 15th November 2022.

Where can Merge Mansion be downloaded ?

You can download the game Merge Mansion from Apple Official App Store.



Maddie says I’m keeping secrets. I say, what does Maddie know?! Our mysterious story is set around my family’s mansion, which has been empty for more than 40 years. You’ll help Maddie find out what’s happened and learn all about her, and the Boulton family’s past, as you renovate and restore the grounds together.

It’s rather a ride, I can tell you!
Sit down, grab a coffee – maybe a nice slice of pie too – and play Merge Mansion now.
Am I hiding something? You can decide for yourself…

After years of neglect, the mansion and gardens have fallen into disrepair, but Maddie is determined to save it from ruin and restore her family’s legacy. This child never rests…

By playing this relaxing puzzle, you’ll match and merge to renovate the house, clean up the gardens, plant flowers, find amazing discoveries and uncover hidden secrets on the grounds of the Boulton family estate.

Maddie uncovers her family history with every area she restores, but with each discovery she makes, there seems to be a new secret to dig into! Why did I keep the manor a secret? What happened to the family estate and fortune? Who is the man behind the mysterious statue? Can Maddie get the grounds up to code, or will she lose everything? And do I have any more secrets up my sleeve? Of course not. I am not hiding anything..

  • RENOVATE and restore Maddie’s new home and expand the mansion grounds with beautiful plants and furnishings!
  • MERGE tools, flowers, and other items as you solve the matching puzzle!
  • UNCOVER the story and plot twists in a mystery about family secrets and old grudges!
  • EXPLORE the mansion grounds and the world around it to unlock hidden areas.
  • RELAX and enjoy this casual puzzle game about a mysterious mansion with family-friendly, heartfelt dialogue!

Questions about the game? Our support is ready to answer at [email protected]

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Updated on 15th November 2022

Bring a chair and a pair of gloves because it’s time for a new update!

  • November is here so prepare for our Thanksgiving Event if you are at Level 12 or above!
  • An all-new Scavenger Hunt opens up after the Yacht Area! Revisit previous parts of the Mansion grounds to uncover clues that will reveal more about Grandma’s past!
  • New content unlocked in early December including a new Area, Mini Event and Season Pass!
  • Small fixes and improvements.

Merge Mansion Review

We downloaded this game to make fun of it a year ago but we cant stop playing. This game is so fun and we play it any time we wanna slap someone.

We’ve played a handful of games and we didnt expect this one to be much different, but its a fun challenge.

This game is awsome cool and fun , even our 5 year old cousins whant to come over to play. But we’ve been trying to reach the 4 logs but when we do it dosent say we have achieved it, overall those updates for the hollodays are really cool, cant wait to see what you do for Christmas.!! :) :) :)

We just got this game 20 minutes ago and am already loving it! It lives up to its name! The ads are true! You merge stuff to clear stuff, and then you uncover secret areas in the mansion! This is a super fun, easy, and good game for boredom! We would definitely recommend this game to anyone needing a boredom stopper!

We love it! Its a lot of fun to be able to relax and merge some objects! We hope whoever is in charge will get some good reviews. FrenchFoxPlayer.

Highly addictive and relaxing. No real story line. Wish there was.

It is challenging and very fun.

Ever since the new update we cant merge number 6 in the ignatius boulton section please fix it.

We really love this game and it keeps improving with new updates and events!

We enjoy this game a lot but dont like how now we have to go in order of tasks where before we could just work on the tasks we could finish while finding those darn paint cans or the harder items to get. Go back to letting us pick where we want to go, please.

We AM LOVING THIS GAME!!!!! They always have something for you to do in this game and its amazing we couldnt get a better game this game is awesome and your the detective and a interior designer all in one.

We got this game about 6 months ago and we havent stopped playing! Im not much of an iPhone/video game player but this game has us hooked!! Its so addictive, exciting, colorful, and fun!! The perfect mix for a boredom killer! We just wish there was no energy limit so that we could play for longer periods of time!

We seldom write reviews but we felt compelled to congratulate the developers of Merge Mansion for creating such a great game! We are truly addicted! The graphics are great, the story is interesting, the gameplay is loads of fun and no commercials!! What more can you ask for? This is by far our favorite game to play right now! We highly recommend it!

This game would be so much better if those cool ads you see all the time would show up as occasional cut scenes, but alas they do not. We’ve never seen one piece of any of those ads in the game and we’ve been playing a couple of years. They should add them! Update: so, after playing for over a year, we finally saw our first cool video in the game. The one where grandma is being hauled off by the police. We don’t know whether these always existed or were recently added, but we love it! Nice reward to look forward to.

We love this Game! It teaches Patience, it is relaxing and exiting. Believe it or not, it teaches Asset management. Thank you!

We absolutely love this game compared to any other game! No annoying ads popping up and having to wait for ads to load, it just takes some time to get thru each zone cause ya have to wait for the timers,but thats perfect cause it gives us a break so Im not glued to the game 24/7 which we would be with this one! Lol! Hurry up and make some more games like this! So we can play both haha!

This is a great game but the lives is what drives us crazy. We wish getting lives can be easier to have a longer play time. Also we believe when you reach the next level, you lives should refresh.

We click on update and it starts to download and it brinks you right back to update.

This game is our life. We get bullied by our friends for playing because it but it is honestly so fun and relaxing. Quite honestly it is the best thing to happen to ever us and Im prepared to lose all of our friends over it but we dont care because this game is way better company than them anyway. If you value living a happy and complete life you need to download this game. We would give this 10 stars, a ring, and a marriage proposal if we could.

We were looking for a game that didnt involve make believe lands, fairy tales or violence. We love a bit of mystery and intrigue with seasonal fun as well. This game is perfect for us! We’ve been playing for heck, we dont even know, but Im on level 37 so maybe two years? We are still engaged. We love the little challenges, and we do spend some money on gems, but we like to financially support the developers of games we enjoy. We were able to get 3/4 of the Halloween collection bought between last year and this. Other games bring out new collections for every season,and we like the choice, but we also appreciate the chance to earn a full collection as well since some of the bigger, cooler items take so many special coins!

We’ve been playing this game for 9 months until we’re shocked after this that we’re at level 39 and we can’t play until we reach level 51 to unlock a maintenance room. Do we have to play for more months to get stars? This is unfair.

Amazing game so great learning so much 5 star love the game.

Need an update to the items gift section. We have many items and cant get to the ones we need. We had to discard many just to get the concrete mixer. Such a waste. Should be when you press it you can select a reward you want to use. We get many daily gift rewards snd event rewards but csnt use them right away. Im glad when we purchase energy balls or coins they go automatically to the slot. Oversl definitely worth 5 stars. Thanks fir no ads. Biggest point. ***** stars.

There should be a friend or group system to help each other out.

Of course not a perfect game, but way more than what we were expecting. We just wish it was a little easier and less time consuming during the main story events. Been playing for months and still havent got in the mansion.

We enjoy the game but we cant finish the garage. Where do we find the yarn? Where do we find the initial start for the can for grandpa statute?

We really like this game but there are a few issues. First, the special events, like this Thanksgiving one, used to give you money for your items. Its stupid hard to get very far because the items it wants are very hard to get and then you cant even sell your excess of everything else because you only get $1 so you arent even able to build up some cash out of it. The parts to make the towel cabinets need to be more readily available. It takes so many and you can only get them from the blue chests. Merging the blue chest should give higher level parts of the cabinets. Also the cabinet disappears after awhile and you have to start all over. Also the storage spots should be cheaper.

We would give it a five but when you use so much of it to make the mansion look better you also have to wait so thats why we didnt give it a five we gave it a four.

After the latest updating, the numbers can’t be merged after 6. There are so many bigger numbers blocking the slots and our target is to get a 8.

We enjoy this game and have even spent some money on it. But it becomes very irritating when you start playing and within a few minutes youre out of energy. Im not going to spend real money on energy to play the game. Come on developers. Its in your best interest to keep up playing. We get so frustrated, we close the game and go find a different game to play one where we can keep playing for a lot longer.

Really good app except for updates.

Love the game though, the new update prevents us from merging two 6s on the ignatius boulton. Kinda upset because Im pretty sure its temporary but its alright.

We have been playing this game for over a year now. We love it! There no annoying ads popping up every second, the idea is so much fun, and its a good game to play for short periods of time (since you run out of energy or your item needs to recharge). Our only issue is that we HAVE played this for over a year and we havent even gotten in the mansion yet. Its very slow and kind of unrewarding. They are fixing the game slightly to help with it, but there is still a while to go. Still, its so worth the download and lots of fun.

We’ve been playing this game for over a year, and we love it. But, the items take a lot of time to get, and its hard. We wish it would go a little faster. Also, in the Old Well section, the couch is invisible. We dont know why. The cushions arent, but its invisible. Other then that, fantastic game!

We really enjoy this game, but we do have two improvements we would like to suggest. We feel like the prizes you win for completing levels and tasks should be able to be chosen when, and in the order you want them. It seems unfair that you earn it, but then you must take it at times that its not helpful to you to be able to get to the items you need, but then later you end up wishing you had the earned items you had to earlier waste. The other thing that we find annoying is that it is easy to mistakenly merge items you wanted to keep separate but in neighboring squares. We rarely have sold an item by accident, yet you have the option to undo it. We have frequently merged items by accident, and wish that an undo was available. Particularly the vases when they are in the process of being ready to have lightening bolts. The will be almost complete, we go to move them and poof, gone! Its the next level vase that we do not want The best improvement to date is showing how long before items are ready.

Wish progression was a little easier.

We finished the cemetery & Granny said next to do is the lighthouse. Well, wheres the lighthouse? Im at Level 41 and the next locked area to pop up is Level 51 which we guess opens a maintenance shed. But, to open up Level 51 you have to complete the Yacht area. Our Yacht area only has the speed boat & dock completed. The yacht itself was never put on our Task list to finish. So we currently have no tasks to do. We figure it will take us 2 years to get to Level 51 with only events to do. If that ends up being the case, Im moving on to another game.

This game is absolutely awesome we love how there are so much items and and so much things to discover but like somtimes the love we have spend like REALLY quickly and we dont have time to enjoy the game and PLEASE make the events a little more obtainable to win cause there like impossible thank you and we hope you make an improvement! Other than that its a really nice game and speacial thank you for reading . :)

This game is good but maybe shorter puzzles would be great and it would be great if well you know how you have to wait to get a box to give you more items to merge ? Well it takes to too long. It will also be great if you didnt have to earn more energy for the boxes to open but other wise this game is great and we play it, its fun.

Great game but after the newest update notification, it wont even let us open up the app. Right now, every time we open the app, it requires us to download the newest update in the App Store but the loading bar keeps spinning and never actually moved forward or starts the download. Im afraid Im going to lose our entire progress if we re-download and am unable to fix it.

Love this gamebut it takes way too long to get to a new levelespecially when the game doesnt have new levels. Im level 40 the next new level goal is 51. Why is this like that? Its going to take forever to even get there. Way too many points to achieve to get to the next level. Please Make it more achievable.

We dont understand the creators rationale or mindset for this game. To open next lvl you need 51. To get that you need the experience but to get the experience you need energy which is very little unless you pay (which we guess is the creators mindset after all and not players enjoying the game). Secondly- the Thanksgiving event is stupid ridiculous. The amount you have to merge to get main items is greater than 100 energy. To get the couch alone is ridiculous. Im only doing it to get the experience stars and coins so we can do the slow grind to 51 other than that event is not worth it. Creators- if your ultimate goal is to lose players your doing a great job. Stop thinking about filling your wallets and start thinking about what the players want. The game isnt fun anymore. If the game was fun people will spend. Use your brains you greedy idiots.

We started playing this game, on the first day we played for nearly 5 hours straight. We were instantly addicted. Its so interesting and fun. However, unless you are into spend a ton of money constantly on a game, it has a lot of flaws. It only shows you some of the missions for that particular level, and you cant view more until you complete the previous ones. You could be waiting weeks to get the items you need to complete one mission. Its ridiculous. Makes us want to stop playing. If it can be a little more practical and less waiting and waiting, it would be a 5 star game. But Im sure they are probably doing it like that so that people spend actual money on the game. So 3 stars.

The latest update has at least one bug. In the Ignatius Boulton event, the 6s wont merge, making it impossible to merge up to 9 and collect the most coins possible.

When we started playing this game, we absolutely loved it. It was five stars, even though it did still have plenty of room for improvement. Unfortunately, it has slowly become a one step forward, two steps back kind of game with all the updates over the last several months. For everyone new event or improvement, something that was once useful gets made almost completely useless and obsolete. Scissors no longer work with all items. 3rd level piggy banks no longer give as much as they used to. Energy chests also no longer give as much as they did before. Top level post lights no longer allow multiple moths to build up. And several holiday events have become nothing more than energy drains. Anytime someone posts about something that helps in the game, it suddenly gets nerfed or disappears. It has become obvious that the game makers care more about trying to get players to spend real money on it, than they do about player enjoyment. All in all, it is hard to enjoy a game that seems intent on making things harder on the players with each update, rather than more enjoyable.

We’ve been playing this game for a couple of months now and do enjoy it but over the last few days have found that our lightning bolt objects are disappearing after a while. Specifically items in the Thanksgiving event and the moth in the main game. We dont know if this is a new feature or just because of the level that Im at but we really dislike it. Especially with the Thanksgiving games its difficult to remember how you got the item in the first place. We keep having to go back to the wiki to figure it out. The clock is fine, make us wait to use an item again, but dont just have it disappear after its been used a certain number of times.

Its a fun game! We’ve become hooked nd want to keep playing, but we were in the middle of the Ignatious Boulton Event when the latest update took place, and now we cant merge 6s to 1) clear our 7 and 8s in cobwebs and 2) feed the wood chipper that need a 7 to start it.

We love playing this game, buttttt you need to make it so we have more energy!!! We probably get 3 mins to play and Im out of energy! Gems are sorta hard to get unless you have money to buy them or get a crate with some in iteither way its frustrating.

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