Merge Tactics: Castle Defense

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Merge Tactics: Castle Defense

Merge Tactics: Castle Defense

Merge Tactics: Castle Defense is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by LoadComplete Co., Ltd, Merge Tactics: Castle Defense is a Strategy game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 13th October 2020 with the latest update 16th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Merge Tactics: Castle Defense ?

790 people have rated 1.8.0

What is the price of the Merge Tactics: Castle Defense ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Merge Tactics: Castle Defense released ?

Merge Tactics: Castle Defense was released on 13th October 2020.

When was the Merge Tactics: Castle Defense updated ?

The latest updated date of Merge Tactics: Castle Defense on 16th December 2022.

Where can Merge Tactics: Castle Defense be downloaded ?

You can download the game Merge Tactics: Castle Defense from Apple Official App Store.



Merge Tactics is a unique tower defense game filled with elements of growth, strategy, and challenge.
It lets you place blocks wherever you want, based on whatever fighting strategy you use.

Game Features:

Create Your Own Battle Decks and Strategies

  • You need different decks and strategies to effectively deal with the various invaders that attack your forces.
  • Every time you clear a wave, you’ll get to expand your territory on the battlefield and employ even more diverse tower defense strategies.

Combine Blocks into More Powerful Units

  • In this game, one can be stronger than two—even three! Merge your blocks on the battlefield whenever you can to create formidable troops.

Collect Blocks of Various Kinds

  • Collect blocks of different types—Melee, Ranged, Support, etc.—to create unique decks and try out various fighting styles.

Grow Your Castle and Characters with Gold and Artifacts from Battles

  • Grow your castle and characters to unlock new skills and get special loot rewards.

Experience this brand new td game, Merge Tactics!

※ Note: Merge Tactics is free to play, but you can buy certain items with cash to enhance your experience.
If you don’t want to use the In-app Purchase feature, you can always disable it on your device’s Settings menu.

Updated on 16th December 2022

  • Known bug fixes

Merge Tactics: Castle Defense Review

Highly enjoyable and not half hearted along with legend slimr.

Im enjoying this game so far, its quite nice as something to pick up here and throughout day on our breaks at work and being able to do we could of missions and then put it down till we have time to come back later.

Its pretty cool we like it much fun.

Great game! This game is very well made and calming.

We have been playing for a week so far and its so fun.

We are enjoying this game a lot! We’ve been playing for about a week, and we are enjoying the cute animation, the layout and level building, and the strategy component as well. We can stay on top of regular logins by putting in just a few minutes at a time, or we can sit down when we are not busy and lose track of time with it. We dont feel the need to be online for it constantly, and we still look forward to logging in when we have time. The balance of fun and effort is just right for us. There is a component of challenge, but the game seems to be designed so when a player hits a challenging level, they can regroup, choose a different approach, and then succeed, rather than getting indefinitely stuck on some impossible money-gobbling blockade. The progression appears to be well-paced, and technology advancements are earned as rewards for levels accomplished. We have watched a few ads for specific rewards in the game, but we havent seen any forced ads or anything that interrupts game play. All the ads we have seen have been optional. Overall Im quite pleased that we decided to download this game and give it a try! Thanks to the devs for making a fun and engaging game!

This is a fun game it is so good and fun and funnand good and fungood yayayayayayayayyayayayayyayay fun gam good gamme funnn.

It is a fun game and you can also see different things. And you can defeat the entire team of things.

Enjoying the game on day 1. Not overly saturated with ads. Nice work.

We like the game because it is fun and we liked having fun when we played the game.

The game is made really well and it’s not violent. This game also cool little events and mini games.

The game is pretty solid. No excessive ads, interesting gameplay, and easy to learn.

We were playing one of there other games legend of slime when we saw this. It looked interesting so we checked it out and its a lot of fun. Like some other people have said it can be played in many different styles and is easy to learn. Plus with it not having many ads you can play uninterrupted for as long as you want. Plus the leveling up makes you feel like you achieved more. Over all a great game.

The only reason we dont give it a 5 star is because no sandbox but its a really good game and does not flood you with ads.

The game is pretty good overall, but the finger pointing at the archer the entire time gets annoying, its hardly a game at the beginning in the fact that you dont even make the choices. Even after the combat is clearly known, it still wants to tell you what to do, and its so irritating that we cant even give it more than 3 stars. All of the games made by the devs are kinda like that but we like the slime ones because we would actually be lost, but this even after its taught and shown keeps going Edit: Game is still good, not bashing the devs, especially since there arent constant popup ads, and they dont use energy as an excuse to make money.

We love the games but the adds are killing us we will pay to permanently remove adds.

Our main complaint with this game, and indeead, all games by this developer, is that you can only mute or unmute in-game sounds. You cannot adjust their loundess in-app in any way other than that.

From everything we can gather and being a vet of the genre, this game is very well executed. Pay to win is incredibly prevalent, but only in the league aspect of the game in which you compete with others for prizes and rankings. If that mode was relegated to specific blocks that everyone had access to it would be a level playing field, but unfortunately more money = better blocks. Its a clear rich getting richer scenario, and if not for that this game (even with the other p2w/predatory micro transactions) would be a solid 5 star.

If a good game but the tutorial is aggravating with now way to skip it and the constant annoyance of the arrows trying you get you to buy a specific troop in a battle or trying to get you to go into battle while your trying to manage your castle.

Its a fun little game for what it is, and completely playable without watching the ads, that is if you DO NOT want to progress and is okay playing the same levels over and over. On top of that, its 45-60 second long ads. Not like the usual 20-30 second ads from other games. Its ridiculous! Literally everything, even the free chest or daily rewards is locked behind ads. Literally. Its like playing an ad simulator.

This account made our bank freeze all our accounts just from downloading it! Do NOT download this!

Some of the ads bug out and you get no reward at all and have to close the app to get back to the game. Shady dev, fix and we will increase stars.

This game has a great blend of strategy, difficulty, and progression, and is just fun to play.

Loving the recent updates and progression system!

We thought it was gonna be a boring merge game and stupid pay to win. But its actually very fun so far. We also have their slime dungeon game and thats our favorite.

Cool gam make sure to,add more updates!

Very fun game we recommend it if you want a good merging game.

We think its really cute,fun,cool, its just the best. We love the challenges and like how they fight. But yeah oh one more thing its AWSOME.

Love this game! It is a must play. Anything by Load Complete is a must try at least a few hours.

Its the perfect combo of tower defense and merge tactics! Not crazy with the ads, and able to get gold and gems fairly. Super cute and well put together game :)

The game is fine, the inability to turn off the background music makes it a no. Its sad, we like the game, we just we hate when games dont let you turn off the super repetitive game music.

So far the past couple days we’ve been playing we like it its pretty fun.. But we will see as it goes..

When we saw this was a merge game and saw merge in the title we kinda had low expectations for this game and wasnt going to download it but when we noticed that it was made from the same people who made The Fishercat (other amazing game by amazing people ) we decided to download the game and it is a lot of fun. If you havent played fisher cat we would really recommend it, especially because it is one of the few actual good mobile game because those are pretty rare and even if you dont like it, at least appreciate the effort. Obviously the game could use a little bit more work but its good.

This is a great game, complete and a lot of fun.. THAT IS until it becomes clear that: 1-You dont have enough Silver to work with 2-The enemy seems to have an unlimited amount of silver to keep upgrading 3-You only have 4 Battle Deck Slots to work with, so you never get to use the majority of characters. 4-You are stuck using the characters with the shortest Cooldown time and most of those do not have the fire power to win. 5-you will never get to upgrade characters to Level 7+ where they start to dominate because they keep getting destroyed and you do not have enough silver to replace them. 8-You will never get to change Commanders as Henry is the only one that produces silver Initially the Battle Decks NEED MORE SLOTS The Cooldown times need to be shortened And MORE SILVER needs to be produced each round Hopefully changes will be made or this one will become a DELETE and move on scenario.

We played Merge Tactics before the big updates and it was amazing. However after the update they removed endless mode and replaced it with Noberts league. We prefer endless mode because there was more rewards and it was soo much more fun and challenging. Im sad that we lost all our progress for endless mode. But overall the game is awesome. The developers did a great job with the gameplay and the graphics are beautiful.

We enjoy the game but we just read what merge tactics tracks and it makes zero sense that your photos, videos, AND test messages are collected AND linked to your identity. There is no reason a game needs any of this info at all. Thats extremely suspicious of why they would collect these personal information and data from its users.

After the update,you can play!

Crashes immediately since the update from Nov. 7th. Cannot even open game. IPhone 13 Pro Max latest iOS.

We’ve been loving this game, no forced ads, no in depth story but enough to be slightly amusing when it comes up, gameplay is very simple and feels clean, animations and art are of decent quality, overall great especially compared to the other merge game options.

This is one of the best games on the App Store we are begging you to get it.

This game is a wonderful blend of strategy and difficulty. It balances everything very well. The blocks each have their own abilities which you can use to defeat different levels. To the developers: might there be a way for those of us who do not pay to play to get the other commanders that are currently only for sale? Could we watch an equivalent number of ads whose revenue is similar to the cost of the commanders or something like that? Like each ad makes you 10 cents lets say and a commander is $19. Maybe we could watch 190 ads in order to get that commander? Have those ads be specific to each commander that must be purchased. You would have to click on the commander you wanted and would have to watch ads over time until you reach the specific number of ads for that commander, if that makes sense. Like no other ads you watch, like the daily ads for gems, or the ones for more tokens for the daily challenges would go towards the commander. You would have to watch a specific number of ads specifically focused on getting each specific commander. We would love to see this added, and we think it would benefit you as well as all the non pay to play players out there.

This game is actually a fun mobile game however its quite difficult but thats what makes it good. Love it 10/10.

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