Meridian 157: Chapter 3

Last updated on December 3rd, 2022 at 11:10 am

Meridian 157: Chapter 3


Meridian 157: Chapter 3 is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by NovaSoft Interactive Limited, Meridian 157: Chapter 3 is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 29th July 2021 with the latest update 4th July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Puzzle, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,875 people have rated 1.1.0

You can download the game Meridian 157: Chapter 3 from APP STORE.


You have ventured this far, now there is no turning back. Uncover the island’s dark history by travelling through crumbling caverns and mysterious laboratories, but be warned, some may not be too welcoming of your presence…

The epic conclusion to the Meridian 157 series has arrived! Follow Dr. Zander into the heart of the facility to discover the sinister purpose behind the FLARE project, and to avert the impending disaster brought on by its conception.

With the most unique puzzles of the series, Meridian 157: Chapter 3 takes you to the source of the anomaly through a thrilling journey of mind-bending enigmas, perilous exploration and unsettling secrets of the island’s previous inhabitants. Follow Dr. Zander as he is pushed to his wits-end in this final adventure.


  • The final and longest chapter in the Meridian 157 storyline!
  • The most unique and challenging puzzles to date
  • Immersive graphics
  • Custom ambient soundtrack
  • A logical two tier hint system
  • Available in 9 different languages
  • Color blind mode

Updated on 4th July 2022

  • Minor bug fixes

Meridian 157: Chapter 3 Reviews

What a great game! The puzzles are multilayered, clever and challenging. The atmosphere is creepy. Best of all, the story arc holds together, and we found the ending very powerful. In most puzzle games of this sort, even the Room series (much as we love em), the story is ancillary and forgettable. This one does the best we’ve seen at having the story come together.

Fun story line. We have played a lot of these types of games and for us all the Meridian 157 chapters and prologue are very entertaining.

We had so much fun playing this series of games. The puzzles are fun and challenging but never impossible or frustrating. The graphics are amazing. Kudos to the developers!!

This game changes your reality to another place and time. It gives you the sense of being in a 3-D game, and the graphics are so detailed. Played this game for hours and we were sad to see it end. Plus, it no kids game, but for the intellectual, who loves a challenge. We have played all of their games and to us this one is the best.

Incredible game – we had been looking for a while for a new one we liked that could (at least) live up to Agent A which we loved. This game was as good, if not better. So much fun seriously.

Love this game, what a satisfying adventure! Excellent puzzles and great story and mystery! Well done!

Atmospheric, fun puzzles, solid storyline. Im a big fan of this type of game starting with Myst and going on to the Room series. If you liked those, this is a natural. Not a copy, a complement.

Just finished chapter three and we have that feeling of completion coupled with the desire for it all to continue. We loved playing this series. Thank you devs, we hope very much that you continue and make more amazing games.

We just finished the series. Well worth the time and money! It wasnt always obvious what needed to be done but we usually figured it out. Some puzzles of all degrees of difficulty. It could be frustrating, but thats kinda the point, right. Ill give it some time and play them all again!

One of the best we have ever played. Difficult but not impossible. Nice work guys!

Keeps you on your feet toes. A lot of searching and figuring out puzzles. Im just sorry it ended. We hope it here will be more.

We just finished chapter 3. We loved all 3 chapters and was challenged sometimes to frustrationbut we made it with the occasional hint and we appreciated how much depth there was to the game. Well worth the price of admission!

This took us back to the feeling of the very first Myst game. Thank you for such great care!

Absolutely worth buying; definitely going to play the series multiple times (especially when its a cozy, rainy day). Game quality increased over the years, plus we also love the creepy elements that give us wide-eyes and goosebumps! Cant wait for the next project! P.S. That puzzle to get the fire extinguisher might be the most anti-safety protocol ever!!!

We played all 4 chapters of Meridian 157 and thoroughly enjoyed them. Games were not time sensitive so you didnt feel pressured to solve them quickly. Tons of different locales. There was a fair amount of backtracking to collect items required to solve the puzzles, but generally you didnt have to go too far back to get what you needed. We liked the complexity level, not too difficult that it required a lot of hints, but not simplistic either. Hints were free and helpful without giving away too much information. It was definitely worth the small cost to play all 4 games without in-game charges. We will look for more games by this group. Thanks!

We spent countless hours on a truly amazing game. Puzzles were complex but not so much with a little time could be figured out, even with out using clues. Clues themselves were a nice touch as they didnt give the answer totally. Cannot wait for the next adventure, many thanks guys, was a lot of fun.

We’ve played through all three chapters now, and we can easily say that this is hands down the best escape room app we’ve ever played. The graphics and music are beautiful, the storyline is really interesting, and the puzzles are the perfect balance between challenging and intuitive. Love that you can play with or without hints. Worth every penny and more, and we hope the developer comes out with more. Wonderful game!!!

We’re really sad to have finished all the games. They were compelling and beautifully done. This last chapter was especially fine. In the end game we went from literally laughing out loud at the comment that appears while trying to get the fire extinguisher, to being genuinely moved by the ending. It was surprisingly poignant and lovely. A huge thank you to the developer for all the work and thought that clearly went into this.

This game was well put together and well worth buying. The puzzles made the challenge interesting. We like games that you pay up front and your not nickel and dimed throughout the game. We would highly recommend buying this game.

Amazing art that brings it to life, and some honestly difficult puzzles. We would like to see more from this developer!

The clues should be easier to figure out. The Chapter 3 shutdown protocol clue could have use an old adage, When in the green stay in between.

Super frustrating. On the first puzzle after you get the electrics working, the blocks dont work. The one on the door where you need to recreate the boxes on the shelves pattern. Im on an iPad and no matter how many times we click the puzzle none of the squares turn dark.

A story, a mystery, a journey with excellent graphics, puzzles to solve, clues to locate and then assemble to find the next path. Some parts hard enough to frustrate. Worth the investment if time to play.

We are hooked! Please hurry and make the next one!

We have played all the Meridian 157 games and have absolutely loved it! The complex puzzles had us taking out pens and paper to figure out, it was sooo much fun! We have told all our friends about it and they love the games as well! The intriguing story line, fun puzzles, and cool graphics make the game an amazing one! The end of Meridian 157: Chapter 3 leaves us with many questions but only one big one, When will the next game come out?!!?! We know that it says The End but will there possibly be a follow up? New character(s) coming to the island after seeing that big anomaly we caused in chapter 3?? Or will we possibly go back in time to when F.L.A.R.E started and see a whole new perspective? Or will we come back as one of the ghost people seeing if our work is or is not complete?? So many questions and we can only hope that they will be answered. We love all of your games and do hope youll continue on!!

This game was fascinating. Definitely not easy but with enough cleverly rendered hints that makes it doable. The story was gripping, the graphics stunning. Inever written a game review before but we are so taken with this game we broke with that practice.

Yeah, definitely 5 stars, right up there with the Room series, some of the puzzles were difficult but there was a linear reason as it tied into the story, very efficient solutions to solving a puzzle if you unfortunately get stuck, which kept said story moving along, kept us engaged and intrigued, the music and graphics were great as well ,.. The ending was frickn sadincredible job you guys.

Excellent gamepuzzles were fantastic!

Hands down this series provides the best apps of its kind. Awesome setting, quality puzzles. Great job. Cant wait to see whats next.

This game was very fun. Kept you wanting more. Played all 4 games in a week. Lol. Couldnt put it down. Got a bunch of guys at work playing it and it turned into a competition to see who could beat it first. Please make more!!!

All we can say is WooOooOOOooW!! Im not sure how we stumbled across the Meridian 157 series, but after finishing the Prologue, we were hooked and had to have the rest, and we have not been able to put it down for days and days and days now we just had to know what would happen next! It has been a long time since a game like this (especially on the App Store) has come along, that has kept us so completely mesmerized that Im willing to lose sleep over it, LOL. We played through the entire series on Hard Mode, just because we like a challenge, and the game definitely didnt disappoint it was challenging enough to keep us thinking and interested and glued to our screen for over a week. We absolutely recommend playing on Hard Mode if you are an avid/consistent gamer like us, and/or good at solving puzzles and riddles, and you enjoy immersing yourself in a game for a while before being able to solve it. We imagine the game moves along at a faster pace in Normal Mode, so if you want to get to the end sooner rather than later, then Normal Mode might be your thing. But we cannot say enough good things about the Meridian 157 series we would give it at least 3 billion stars if we could! The graphics are amazing. The soundtrack is creepy and thrilling and goosebump-inducing. The storyline is immersive and engaging. The puzzles and riddles are brilliant. And the little surprises every once in a while were enough to make our heart skip a few beats. Its all just SOOOO great!! A big thank you to NovaSoft for creating such an awesome game cant wait to see whats next!

Wonderful game and worth the money!

Cant wait for the next chapter. Excellent puzzles, very entertaining with out all the ads. Thank you!

Great game, lots of fun, definitely worth the purchase!

One of the most thought out games Iv ever played! Graphics were amazing, story line was well thought out, puzzles were sometimes ( at least for me) confusing. Hints were helpful when stuck. Hope to see another series form the creators of this game!!!!!

It was cool and very fun. Enjoyed it. There were a few non sensical puzzles but overall we got into the story and the objective of the game. We liked the ending as well. There was a build up of exhilaration and sense of accomplishment of the ultimate goal.

What a great game. Thank you.

Im a fan of these games and play variety of them, this one hands down one of the best. Played the room, and forever lost series games but this one was different in that we felt we were apart of the Adventure. Amazing and sad we finished it. Dont hestitate to try it. Wish we could give it 8-10 stars. Five isnt enough. Thanks!!

Story line was intriguing and kept our interest throughout the game. Wonderful graphics and effects. Puzzles were challenging and fun. Well done, NovaSoft! Im looking forward to your next games.

Entertaining, unique puzzles, easy to navigate, cool plot.

This has been one the best puzzle games we’ve played! For all of the small details that went into this game as well as the length, chapters and the best story line! We hope to see more like this one!

If you like escape room-style puzzles, this is for you!! We feel like we mustve solved 100+ puzzles. Great value for the entertainment. Highly recommend.

First game we have played, where there were no issues picking up items for our inventory. The puzzles werent too hard, but not super easy either. Easy to navigate in the game as well. Very well designed game! We played part 1 & 2 for hrs. Finished part 3 the next day, because we were so intrigued.

This series is really top notch. There are so many garbage escape games out there, but this series is quality through and through. Great level of difficulty without being to obscure, and the hint feature is a nice touch.

This one was tough (for us anyway), but loved it! We like a challenge and look forward to Chapter 4!

Our husband and we thoroughly enjoy playing this game together. We have played all the games starting with the prologue. Its fun for us to use both of our brains to come up with the solutions to the puzzles that are sometimes not easy to find. Kudos to the creators and makers of this game. Thank you so much for the enjoyment that youve given to our husband and I. We anticipate chapter 4 and encourage you to work work work because we selfishly want to play it.

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