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Messiahs is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Fatih Beceren, Messiahs is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 30th December 2020 with the latest update 27th May 2021

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


3,695 people have rated 1.7

You can download the game Messiahs from APP STORE.


Can you convert the whole world to your religion?

A new faith is born and you are chosen to spread it.
Humanity will always find a reason to hate you. You need to use your words and miracles and improve your faith in order to spread it to the entire world. You must speak to people without gaining much hatred, visit cities and right wrongs with miracles.

You will meet hundreds of people and stories on your journey, starting either from Egypt, Jerusalem, or Rome and will get one of the twenty endings as you try to spread your faith.

You can upgrade your religion to reach more people and improve yourself to perform miracles or cause calamities.

Your words will create chaos in the world, and you must handle hatred, lies, kings, and demons to create a religion that all can follow.

Updated on 27th May 2021

*Bug fixes

Messiahs Reviews

This is a great idea game is done fairly well and we believe that future version of the game will allow them to roll out new features that aside we would recommend that they had a way for you to appoint your apostles to we have a system other than just faced points that allow you to do you things like write your own things or select from a list of affects or whatever so that you can create your own holy book and that you can create your own Commandments or choose the Commandments that you want to.

After 30 minutes of playing we think its a pretty solid game.

Our pastor shared this app with the church during one of his services. Im glad we get to play this game.

On our first talking with people we managed to get 771 believers out of 800!!! This game is awesome you got to try it.

The game is very good. Though it does get repetitive at times it is still a quality game with fun powers. The worst part is that people can be hypocritical. One will support slavery and the very next will hate it. The worst thing by far is that there seems to be a glitch. We had a massive religion, on our way to convincing the world, however, we got to one region, and we went through 6 areas. Before this we were averaging 6,000 believers per area, when we got here though, we could get no more than 99 per area. We died dispute the fact that we shouldnt have due to the unfortunate case that the game glitched and didnt allow us to progress we shouldve been able to. Though we are still mad about it our point stands. Good game but please fix this. It need to be fixed otherwise world conversion will never be possible.

The game is fun, and obviously built somewhat like plague Inc, but it has its own charms and shouldnt just be looked at for where the inspiration comes from but from the experience the game gives. Personally we dont like playing on easy mode much, so Im trying the game on hard mode right off the bat. Not dying is hard, but fun. Would tell a man he cannot have another wife just because he believes in our religion again.

Game is fun, a little repetitive with some choices. Also what we find increasingly annoying, is that when you die, you have to start all over again. You should be able to save a game at a certain point and restart from there or restart from last checkpoint?

Something about the game just doesnt feel complete you cant see your total believer count till after you die you can only see the believers from the last region thats really frustrating and takes away the only real progress you would be able to get it also gets extremely repetitive and needs about 50 new dialogue options. We really feel like the believer count needs to be fixed that is very bothersome that you can only see believers one region at a time.

Getting the effects half the time doesnt make sense to what words you choose. Itll randomly throw something on your about racial issues when the choice you made was about food or money. And a few of the dialogue options dont make sense given context. Definitely needs a good refresh update but a really fun title, all in all! Its fun trying to decide weather to be good, evil or somewhere in the middle.

Seems like a great game already but would really appreciate the ability to spread a diversity of religions such as polytheism and non-Abrahamic themed religions.

There will be answers to questions such as (and Im not saying verbatim) Say its wrong Prohibit this Which to us seems like the same answer at times, maybe Im just a little stupid idk.

We would prefer more morally questionable options It would be fun to have an evil religion to play with.

The game has a amazing concept but we just cant figure out how to talk to people they say something and nothing happens.

The game should include more regions such as East Asia and India.

This is a great premise and we have spent a decent amount of time playing & hope to play lots more. Really, spend the money, youll be happy. That being said, there are some really frustrating things. For example, when a regions hate is getting high, why cant we just, ya know, leave? Also, while our religion is spreading around without us, why am we not getting any faith points? Why is everything so expensive?! Could there be an improvement/ability that shows you which answer aligns with the peoples happiness most OR that shows what is aligning with your commandments? Also, why are there only negative affects? What about the good things (like people being more charitable because of our preaching)? And above all – why the heck do we keep dying so soon? Im playing on easy and Im not made it past region 8ish. Like, what the heck?

We really like it, but the Religion hate bar goes up way too fast.

The concept of the game is interesting and the art style is nice. We can tell a lot of work was put into this. However, it relies heavily on understanding questions and answers. The developer is clearly not a native English speaker because a lot of the questions dont make sense, and their outcomes dont make sense. This makes it very difficult to play, especially in the later stages, because you cant understand crucial questions or their repercussions.

The game plays almost nothing like plague inc. We dont know why people compare it to it. Its a decision game where you must guess what will get you more popularity. The game forces you to defend things youve never said or done but it acts as if you are making a new religion. You also go through a predetermined list of regions which are simply named Region. It doesnt matter how many people you converted because the game sets your total believer count. It tries to add challenge but it just feels forced(like randomly slapping a negative effect on you). And its terribly repetitive. People will ask you the same questions dozens of times. As long as it doesnt kill you, it doesnt truly matter what you answer as your religion is defined by the devs and not you. The premise sounds fun. The game is awful.

We thought Id be able to make up the rules of our religion as we go. From problematic to utopian dream! But this game is more like answer with what you think the game wants you to answer The powers arent very useful and you level up at the same rate each play through so theres not much variety in terms of how to spend your points. We got bored by play through #3. The game reminds us a very early version of pandemic.

We used to really enjoy this game! Went to play again, and you can no longer make any selections when you start a game and meet individuals. Without and choices given, you cannot proceed at all into the game. Very disappointing that there’s not even a place on the developer site to submit these claims. Especially disappointing that you pay for this game and the developers are not even responsible enough to maintain the game.

This game is a big letdown. We were comparing it to plague inc with its content/gameplay but it is nothing like that. If we could get a refund we totally would.

Interesting concept, but gameplay is boring. All you do is answer yes or no questions and have to guess at what the people want to hear. We were hoping it would be more like plague inc but its not nearly as fun. Keep looking.

You can recreate 1 existing religion. There are no alternatives. You die instantly if you arent a slavery worshipping Uber-Christian from the Bronze Age.

When we play this on iPhone, it crashes.

We have played around 10 rounds and we can let you all know that you must memorize the right options. The right option switches every time you encounter the same question. There is no building your own religion. You follow the exact path the dev wants.

App keeps crashing whenever we try to continue and cant continue the game past the start cause we cant answer the questions people ask. Waste of $2. Ill change our review if the game is fixed.

We’ve had to restart the game 11 times because this game is based on luck.

We were very surprised by the quality of this app. Not in a good way however. The choices are about as basic as they come, being all yes or no style choices, and you really have no freedom to shape or create a religion as advertised as the game will shoehorn you into one of 3 preset religions. The translation is awkward and its noticeable that the game was not made in English and the translation was not done by a native speaker. Upgrades are boring and as you play you are punished for choices at random. You are never rewards for a choice. The reward is nothing bad happened (this time). We expected more than just a yes or no question game but maybe thats our fault for expecting more from a top 5 app on the charts.

Wish we could get a refund, this game is nothing like Plague. No matter what you pick your the bar fills up and you lose. Even on the easiest setting. This isnt a game its a cash grab, dont buy it.

Its rather boring to be honest, nothing like Plague Inc.

We wish we had remembered how much we hate this type of game before we bought it. Choices where you lose if you don’t pick the best one for game play isn’t a choice, it’s just selecting the right answer.

This game keeps bringing up race in way that it seems like it wants you to side with and be prejudice against non white people.

First of all, very entertaining. Definitely keeping us Persuaded.

We really love the look and feel of it. Definitely worth it.

The game is a lot of fun and requires deliberate thought.

Seems really fun so far! Havent been playing long, but plays like Plague inc.

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