Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale

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Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale


Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale is one of the best $6.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Eric Farraro, Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale is a Card game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 26th August 2020 with the latest update 29th April 2021

Whether you are a fan of Card, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


226 people have rated 1.0.260

You can download the game Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale from APP STORE.


Battle the likes of sozzled bearbearians and nuke-addled snotwolves to protect our glowing green world from the sweaty hands of the Uberlich! Krumit’s Tale involves the same core deck building mechanics as Meteorfall: Journeys and the same cast of overly optimistic heroes, but expands the ‘swipe’ mechanic into a dynamic grid based system. This means more depth and longevity – our heroes will have to choose perks to complement their deck-building strategy and carefully manage the board if they wish to triumph.

  • A follow-up to the popular mobile solo deckbuilding card game – Meteorfall: Journeys!

  • The brave heroes of Meteorfall return! Play as five different heroes – Bruno, Greybeard, Mischief, Muldorf, and Rose – each with their own cards and a distinct playstyle

  • In true roguelike fashion, each run is different! Your journey is built from 20+ unique dungeons, 25+ fully animated enemies, more than 50+ perks (passive bonuses), and more than 300+ cards

  • More than 30 achievements to unlock

  • Feeling competitive? Check out the daily challenge mode! Each day has a different set of modifiers which tweak the rules of the game in radical ways.

  • Mobile optimized gameplay. The game can be played one-handed in portrait mode and auto-saves frequently

  • Play across multiple devices with iCloud save support

  • Offline play. If you want to enjoy Krumit’s Tale on your daily commute or on an airplane ride – go for it! No online connection is required

  • Join an active community of players on Reddit ( and Discord (

Updated on 29th April 2021

Full notes:

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Submit feedback automatically by typing !bug or !feedback.

April Bug Fix Update


  • #1688 – Removed Gathering Storm from the Daily Challenge tile pool
  • #1699 – Removed Bone Armor from spawning in the Endless Mutation Daily Challenge
  • #1702 – Removed Poet from the Pauper perk list


  • #1694: Fix an issue where the Sniper perk showed up with no description
  • #1696: Fixed various Greybeard abilities not interacting properly with Mark
  • #1704: Fixed a rare crash in the Endless Mutation
  • #XXXX: Backstab can no longer target hidden enemies

Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale Reviews

  • Clever and quick gameplay – Can step away at any time and not lose progress, even if you kill the app – Each character is so unique its like playing a different game – Feels like we make progress no matter how far we get since we get some rewards for leveling up the character.

This game deserves to be at the top of the charts. The strategies are deep, the animations fun, and the gameplay rewarding. We wish we could go back and play it fresh, as though Id never played it. Oh, it also has vibes of Adventure Time. Two thumbs up!

Easily one of the best card games on the AppStore. Yes, its hardbut its not unbalanced as we’ve seen in other reviews. It takes patience to learn each class. Failing over and over again will help you to succeed and when youve beaten the final boss with ease with every class, youll wonder how you ever thought it was hard at all. Brilliant!

Yes its hard, just like Slay the Spire is hard when you first start. This game takes a ton of practice to master. We lost maybe 30 times before we won our first game. Shouldnt discourage you, thats what makes it fun for us – so much more rewarding when you get your first win! If youre a fan of deck building roguelikes (Slay the Spire, Monster Train) then you will enjoy this.

Not just click bait. We had a terrible toothache with several rounds of complications and surgeries. This game kept us sane through the pain and process. Thanks for making an engaging and stylish game that diverts from agony. Cheers:)

Clever and quick gameplay. Can step away at any time and not lose progress, even if you kill the app. Each character is so unique its like playing a different game. Feels like we make progress no matter how far we get since we get some rewards for leveling up the character. Update: This game is also available for M1+ MacBooks and has shared progress with mobile! Its awesome!

Unique game mechanics and heroes. Tons of replayability. Strategy plays a much bigger role than luck. 5/5 stars for this. Absolutely worth the money. Hoping for more updates.

Beautiful, challenging, fun game. Every encounter feels like a little puzzle to solve. Plays great on mobile.

This game is hard. Its not Elden Ring hard where its skill based and youre able to get better and better until you progress. Its just hard because the game is not balanced. We’ve played every card-based game out there. Even if its a difficult game, usually theres some sort of mechanic or combo that you can utilize to make your chances easier. We’ve found nothing in this game that even remotely improves our chances. We dont think we’ve passed the 5th round. Even by the 3rd stage, some of the enemies are just too overpowered compared to you. 70% of the time you will die by that round unless you get lucky from RNG. Its a good concept and theres potential. The art style is great and theres some fun mechanics. We wish there were more class specific perks. It seems like theyre all universal across each role; and the options are limited at that. Its easy to pick up, but hard to progress. Despite leveling up and unlocking new cards, it doesnt even help you in the slightest. Theres some good qualities but this game needs some serious balance.

We kept seeing the description roguelike deckbuilder and was really excited. We waited until we got paid, then excitedly bought this game. We’ve played it a lot the past few days and its different from other deckbuilders in a way that doesnt click well with us. Theres a lot of strategy involved, but Im not familiar enough with the cards to plan very far ahead. Furthermore, losing repeatedly starts to get repetitive and draining. Sadly, Im just not feeling it. Ill stick with STS on mobile and Monster Train on our Switch (until it comes to mobile). Those games are more our speed. However, if youre up for the challenge and like puzzle/strategy/resource management, this game will entertain you endlessly!

We regret spending money on this. A couple reviews made it seem amazing. In actuality, its kind of mediocre and boring.

Hi yall, first time reviewer. Loved the game until we are not able to log in without it crashing the moment we open it. Redownloaded and it is still crashing. Please fix, we want to go back to playing.

Forces you to grind to get better items to even have a chance to beat the game. Strategy is garbage if any at all. Any rogue like game that punishes the player until theyve leveled enough to win is doing it wrong. Look at Slay of Spire as an excellent example of rogue like and rewarding the player for learning the mechanics (plus a little bit of luck) to beat the game after only a few tries instead of this stupid grind.

So there is this thing in the game that really messes up us trying to get better whenever we get to a boss we only have a maximum of 6 hearts! This really annoys us A LOT we hope you fix this glitch it would mean a lot to us if you fix it thank you for reading this.

Just bought it today, played for a bit. Can we get a refund. This game is not our cup of tea. We dont enjoy playing this at all.

We get the appeal, the graphics, but it just isnt a very good strategy game in our opinion. We love Slay the Spire, Darkest Dungeon, Ring of Pain, Knock on the Coffin Lid, Pirate Outlaws but both Meteor Falls were just not the strategy we are looking for, wish we could get a refund but oh well, we will research games better in the future. Although it was listed as similar to the above games, recommended, on multiple sites we do not agree, very misleading.

This is no slay the spire. Really a big disappointment. Bad UI, no significant tactical choices. Do not buy. Should be free.

This game is the best puzzle, rouge like, card game you can buy on the AppStore. Its honestly so good that if youre reading this and like card games, stop reading, just buy it!

Really enjoy the game quite a bit and is a perfect time waster, but lately we cannot even boot a dungeon without it crashing. Please help, we would love to get back to playing and will easily change our review to 5 stars on e the issue is fixed.

Make an easy setting for casual players.

We bought the game because it was supposed to be in Czech. However, Czech characters are not displayed, so it is unusable.

Artwork is quirky and on-point. App works fine on iPhone 11 except no sound. Gameplay left much to be desired. Odd mechanics. Stingy on the gold. Rewards didnt seem to make an obvious difference. Steep learning curve for the casual player. UI needs some massaging trying to hunt for the right object to press. Seems oddly difficult and really only suited for hardcore players that want a game to be punishingly frustrating until you figure out the special combo of cards that work for the particular deck youre playing. Lastly, not worth the price and adding purchasable characters seems wildly greedy for what you get. We would pass on this until it becomes free.

May seem a tad bit confusing at first.. But our goodness. Just like the first one, Im HOOKED!!! Im playing this as much as we are the new Call of Duty or AC. Im not even completely sure what it is about Krumits Tale, but we can easily say this is the best game on the entire App Store.

Fun and frustrating if you enjoy rage quitting . Overall this is the type of game that turns a long wait into a short one just play Explorer Mode to Enjoy. We’ve played long enough to not be mad and give this game 5 stars. Avoid Standard Mode House Rules the game will choose the time and place for you to lose…

Preserves the stuff that made Slay the Spire great, and Id say even improves on it. These deck-builders have a way of becoming stale when you realize the optimum slim deck, and try to get rid of as many cards as you can. This results in players ignoring the vast majority of the game cards (even the original Meteorfall had this problem). Here, you want to acquire as many cards as you can, and youll end up with some wild synergies that really add to the fun. The other fun layer is knowing what youre up against in each dungeon… This lets you plan the overall room, instead of just battle by battle. Throw in the fun, animated cards and superb voice work and this is pretty much a perfect mobile game.

Such a fantastic game. Stats hidden deep, each run we feel like we find a new way to strategize. Less mindless than the other meteorfall (also a fantastic game). Such a perfect game for iOS. Some UI things maybe arent so obvious unless you know to look for them, coming from pc, but plays so nicely and looks great.

Easy to learn and difficult to master. Tons of items, perks, abilities, and classes give the game a lot of replay value. Dev is also super receptive to feedback and engages with the community. Absolutely worth your money.

We’ve been playing this game since early access on steam and insta-purchased once we found out they ported it to IOS. Each run is different from the last and that means the replay ability is through the roof. No in-app purchase THANK YOU its so rare in the app marketplace now. Great strategy deck building kind of game and easy to pick up but fun and challenging to get good at.

Love the game, all around! Great theme, great art, great animation, great music, great gameplay and mechanics! Worth the money and worth your time for sure! Id love to see this on switch! Id even buy it again!

Super good stuff here, on a stack fax no printer UwU.

We bought and we are still playing Meteorfall since day 1. We never thought that the sequel would be this good and it is… So good! This game actually feels like Meteorfall grew up, graduated game college, and became a full grown game! We can only dream of what its kids will be like. Bravo!

This is one of the funnest and addicting mobile games we’ve ever played. The best part is, theres no micro-transactions or hidden fees, its a pure game experience. If you like deck building, rogue likes, or RPGs youll be able love the highly strategic gameplay. On top of this the animation style is slick and really unique. Buy it already!

The game itself is fun enough but the big selling point is the style and art. Its fantastic just to look at.

Decent game but feels like a bit of a chore to play vs. The original. Just played for a few hours, but by that time the original had us hooked- still trying to ploughing through this one. Feels less balanced and more difficult and just not as fun. We do have hope though as the devs are really good with improvements over time. Will keep playing and see what happens.

We love Meteorfall but this game is not doing it for us. The gameplay is not making us want to keep trying/learn more like the last game did. Its just not as fun. If we get hooked in later we will update our review.

Lock up in gameplay. Refund policy for a still buggy game?

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