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MILLIONAIRE TYCOON™ is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Savy Soda Pty Ltd, MILLIONAIRE TYCOON™ is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 28th September 2009 with the latest update 17th November 2015

Whether you are a fan of Board, Business, or Strategy games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


387 people have rated 9.1

You can download the game MILLIONAIRE TYCOON™ from APP STORE.



  • BOARD GAME IN UK, Singapore, Australia,
  • China, Mexico, Belgium, Turkey,
  • Hong Kong, New Zealand, Taiwan,
  • Thailand, Sweden, Norway, & 7 more.

WAS US $5.99

The Real Estate Trading Game Designed Just for iPod & iPhone.

Do you dream about getting rich? Practice first on your iPod or iPhone!

Start with a limited budget and be on your way to build a million dollar empire. A Monopoly style game unlike anything you’ve EVER experienced on your iPod/iPhone. Buy and sell property, trade on the stock market, purchase vehicles, attend game shows, construct skyscrapers, and challenge your friends!

This game is designed to be more addictive and fun than ANY traditional real estate board game you might be used to!

WARNING: This game is very challenging, and difficulty increases dramatically with each level. This is by design, and there will be no way to turn down difficulty. The AI has the same resources as you; it doesn’t get any special treatments or handicaps. The AI is designed to simulate real players so that you can practice for your multiplayer challenge.


  • Richer gameplay than Monopoly.
  • Use items to upgrade your properties, or destroy opponents.
  • Place traps, block roads, steal from other players.
  • Fun minigames to show your skill.
  • Build a variety of structures with many upgrades.
  • Monopolize entire streets to deal ultimate rent.
  • Trade on the stock exchange.
  • Purchase vehicles.


  • Up to 6 player multiplayer
  • Intelligent AI
  • Challenging Campaign
  • Quick Skirmish Mode


  • Visit 4 unique cities and their streets.
  • San Francisco
  • Paris
  • Melbourne
  • Hong Kong
  • High quality scores to go with each level


  • Smooth touch control
  • Shake the Dice
  • Tilt MiniGames


  • More levels, more items, more challenges


  • Massive expansion pack with New mini-games and new cities: New York, Dubai, Singapore, Beijing, Kyoto, London!

If you like games such as Monopoly, Game of Life, Civilization, or Sim City.
If you love TV shows like The Apprentice or The Amazing Race.
You will LOVE Millionaire Tycoon!


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NOTE: To unlock levels you must play in CAMPAIGN MODE.

Updated on 17th November 2015

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

-= V9.1 =-

  • Fixed a bug where player colours on some devices appear green.

-= V9.0 =-

  • Fixed a bug that causes game loads to crash on iOS 8 and iOS 9

-= V7.4 =-

  • iOS 8 Compatibility Update

-= V7.3 =-

  • iOS 7 Update

-= V7.1 =-

  • Fixed a screen orientation issue

-= V7.0 =-

  • iPhone 5 Support
  • iOS 6.0 improvements

-= V6.9 =-

  • Minor Bugfix

-= V6.8 =-

  • Added new mini game
  • Added new items and events
  • Gamecenter update
  • Fixed a number of minor issues
  • New Ladder system

-= V6.7 =-

  • Fixed critical white box glitch
  • Fixed loading issue and achievement bug

-= V6.6 =-

  • 2012 Update.
  • New maps and featured for 2012
  • Free Moscow themed map
  • Free Toronto themed map
  • Fixed GC achievements
  • Much faster loading speed
  • Improved game speed and stability

-= V6.5 =-

  • Fixed map editor load/save issue
  • Fixed LA street
  • Fixed Deal Game display issue
  • Fixed AI Stock issue

-= V6.4 =-

  • Fixed issue where text disappeared in mini-games
  • Fixed issue with dead players appearing in news rewards
  • Fixed map issue in LA stage
  • Fixed bidding issue in auctions

-= V6.3 =-

  • Fixed minor graphics glitches
  • Reduced download size

-= V6.2 =-

  • Fixed support for older model iPods
  • Fixed openfeint crash issue
  • Reduced download size

-= V6.0 =-

  • Updated for 2011
  • New game dynamics
  • Extra free level
  • Gamecenter
  • New reward function


Lots of fun, just wish there were new levels.

We love this game! We wish you would add more lands. If you add more lands we will buy them! Thanks!

We love how evil it is. Steal property, blow up hotels. Great fun.

There is something therapeutic about this game. Sure, there are glitches and we cant even count how many times we’ve repurchased the same thing for new devices or after hard resets or whatever. But its inexpensive and worth every penny. There is DEFINITELY strategy to this game (its almost like cheating… Like deliberately holding auctions when your opponents are totally broke). But we have downloaded and deleted hundreds of games over the years but this one remains on our devices no matter what. Love it.

We love this game just wish it didn’t end we need more levels please.

It would be cool to customize your player.

Fun to play but we need more update!! Love this game so much.

Mix between cashflow and monopoly!

We have been playing this game for almost 4 years now. Its very fun.

Fun game. Twist on Monopoly style strategy game.

It makes us very nostalgic for the golden age of mobile gaming. We just wish it were optimized for newer phones (just an aspect ratio/cropping issue), but at least its still on the App Store even though we dont see how it could possibly be making more than a dollar per player.

Love this game literally have had it since the first gen iPhone and we’re addicted.

Love this game but it dose tend to glitch once and a while.

Love this game, but wont restore our purchase on our new ipad :(

This game is so awesome we just got the full game and we really enjoy that you can play multiplayer. :)

Its like a faster paced monopoly with a touch of stocks, shop, and bonuses and penalties fpr landing on some spots. Interactive single or multuplayer.

We really love this game have had it for a very long time. Helps us to pass the time and keep us entertained at the same time. Its one of our go to games. It doesnt cost anything to play. Just needs more and new updates there hasnt been anything new for such a long time.

We wish they would release new maps! We’ve been playing non stop since it was released!!!

Old game and style but we love it.

We wish if they can make the map editor user friendly so this way we can build our own maps easily instead of paying for 3 maps. Thanks.

On our new iPhone we cant see the whole screen. Im addicted to this game and would even pay for a newer version!

We’ve played this game for so many years now and cant even number the amount of times we’ve used it as a hot seat game on a road trip. Its so fun. We especially like all the different maps and items your character can use. It also has a stock system in some maps that makes an added challenge. Its really a fun game and if you ever see it on the App Store we fully recommend it. Give it a 5star while your at it and enjoy this old jewel.

Love this game it is so much fun. When we are losing we feel the game is rigged, but when we are winning the feeling is awesome.

Been playing this game since its came out and still love it!

This is the number one game on mobile in our heart. Please update the game to fit the game full screen to the new devices. And please add this game to apple tv. It will be super fun if a family can play this on the big tv and laugh.

We’ve played this game for several years. Please update it. Its so much fun and unique.


Very very addicting, can be frustrating but alotta fun. Highly recommended for monopoly lovers.

Great game, very addictive, we downloaded it on our first iPad, and haven’t regretted it yet.

We’ve been looking for a board game other than the usuals and this one checks all the marks!

One of the best apps we’ve ever played… Very very impressed if you’ve never played it you’ll be hooked once you do.

We love this game. Our favorite go to game. Just wish you would offer another package of new boards.

We used s10 but they dont have this game. We buy an iPhone 11 to get this game.

Great monopoly like game. Plenty of levels and different cities around the globe. We can’t wait for extra levels to be added; please make the new update with new levels soon. The only drawback is that there is no way play online with random people from around the country. You either have to play the computer or play with friends at your house, sharing the iPad or device. We wish that there was a way to erase your progress and start a new campaign without deleting the game and re-downloading it. We deleted our game, and re-downloaded it, and we had no problem with purchased levels. They were still there. The arrow road signs are useless – those could be replaced with a better boost.

Thank you for fixing the issue with the players.. We enjoy playing everyday.

When can we get an android version.

This is our favorite game! Love the bugs they make the game more interesting. Wish you could speed up the others moves and play against other humans. Only game app we consistently play.