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Mindustry is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Anton Kramskoi, Mindustry is a Action game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 8th June 2018 with the latest update 31st March 2021

Whether you are a fan of Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


602 people have rated 6.126.3

You can download the game Mindustry from APP STORE.


Create elaborate supply chains of conveyor belts to feed ammo into your turrets, produce materials to use for building, and defend your structures from waves of enemies. Play with your friends in cross-platform multiplayer co-op games, or challenge them in team-based PvP matches.

Feature include:

  • 24 built-in maps
  • A campaign, complete with a tech tree and unlockable areas
  • 4 powerful wave bosses to defeat
  • Energy, liquid and item transportation systems
  • 19 different types of drones, mechs and ships
  • 120+ technology blocks to master
  • 75+ different environmental blocks
  • Cross-platform multiplayer via local networks or dedicated servers
  • Custom game rules: Change block costs, enemy stats, starting items, wave timing and more
  • A powerful editor, with tools to randomly generate ores, terrain, decoration and apply symmetry to maps
  • Customizable map wave layouts

Updated on 31st March 2021

  • Fixed build being displayed as "custom build"

Mindustry Reviews

We had to delete this game because it was killing our sleep schedule. This is a real gem… We would estimate that it has at least hundreds of hours of gameplay. We were probably at least 50 hours into it and we were still unlocking stuff, still quite a long way from conquering the whole planet, still learning new techniques and improving our strategy. For 99 cents, youre not expecting maybe the deepest and most sophisticated RTS we’ve ever played.

We have been playing for years and it still is not boring.

We love this game, it is so addicting. But we have a problem. So, we have a lot of mods installed but not active, very few are active. But for some reason, liquids wont enter what im wanting them to enter. For example, im trying to put cryofluid into a tier 5 unit maker, the cryofluid wont go in. So we cant make tier4 or 5 units. Pls fix this bug or tell us what we can do to fix it. Btw, we do have a downloaded mod that crashes our game but we dont know which one.

This game we have played but we upgraded to a iPhone so now we have to but it its only 1 dollar! This is amazing incredible game good job!.

Pretty exceptional game honestly… Im obsessed with numbers games where we can micromanage the economy to min-mix everything and this is a great platform for that. The pacing is a bit slower than expected at the beginning, but we certainly dont mind it. It gives you time to learn the mechanics of various equipment and develop your tech tree. We cant speak for the late game yet, but we picked this up not knowing what to expect and binged for a straight 6 hours. Seems like a great mobile offering for those who like games like Factorio… With a bit more of an emphasis toward combat.

One of the greatest games out here, worth a lot more than it costs, and will provide tons of fun. 100% recommended.

After a few days sunk into this game, Im sold. Not only is Mindustrys core mechanics every bit as compelling and polished as Factorio, its also got a drastically better single player campaign with progression features that we wish Factorio could learn from. The space and resource constraints also keeps the levels fresh. You dont really get a lot of chances to build a mega factory with 16 x 16 conveyor bus lanes, rather every level forces you to make the most of the available space and more often than not, youre spending your time solving pixel-art-sized puzzles to fit your little artisan boutique mining operation rather than load-optimizing and future-proofing your production throughput with unlimited space to expand. Its different, but just as surprisingly fun. Unit building is also a welcome addition to the genre. We wish we could have more granular rts control over our units and that pathing werent so painful over conveyor lanes but its still an awesome experience to be on the other side of the tower defense game for a change. Love the game!

A great game in our opinion and congrats for be the first game in a while that made us be late for something, Keep it up.

So when we try to download some mods some say that it needs a new game version that isnt available right now which is kind of sad.

Hands down the best iOS game we’ve ever purchased. We would have been happy to pay 5-10x the price this is listed for. Fun gameplay, nice graphics, hours and hours of fun. Try it!

Hi! :) Just wondering when Mindustry V7 Is coming to iOS. Also we have a new unit idea! Ground Carrier Units! They should be able to carry at most! 1000 Items at T5 And move vvvveeeerrrryyyy slow to compensate for the high item capacity.

This wasnt made by anuke, but it the same, fun game.

This game has strong building aspects of factorio progression tree of satisfactory and tower defense game vibe of Bloons td 6 and quite few mods to mess around with a very detailed map maker pvp survival almost a hundred campaign nodes an easy server making system and modding system and a lan server system a wan server system and the ability to control towers.

Best mobile port we’ve seen. The smart placement on conveyors is a big time saver, and it just feels amazing to play, great job devs.

Genuinely one of the most fun games we’ve ever played.

This game, is just the best. We have played 334 hours on our PC, and the mobile is just as good. Multiplayer adds basically infinite replayability, has a neat campaign that is fun, and an editor. The editor on phone isnt the best, not gonna lie. The maps you make go into custom games, and 4 (5 counting campaign) gamemodes make this game packed with stuff to do. 1-5$ (dependent on storefront) is an absolute scam for this game, and it has a trello board and open code. Price is absolutely crazy for this game. 10/5 best game we have played in our gaming career so far.

This game has great quality, The controls are difficult to learn at first but are easy to master. Its a full steam release for a few bucks. It also has mods, a mobile game, HAS MODS 10/10 just for the modding.

Mindustry is one of the best games we’ve played on iPad. Its one of those games where you can get into playing it, then look at the time and its suddenly two hours later. If you like games like Factorio or Satisfactory on PC, or are just looking for a mobile version of Mindustry, look no further. You wont be disappointed!

Why is 7.0 taking so long we hope the developers answer.

The game has so much depth and content. Challenging but fun.

Best mobile game we’ve played to date. How have we not come across this before now?

In a nutshell: ours, build, retake, victory.

The game is great, we have played it a lot on PC. The only criticism we have is that it needs needs needs controller support on mobile. The belt placing system is not good for touch controls.

We love this game its so much fun however this morning it wouldnt load so we deleted it the tried to download it again but it wouldnt work.

Its good and all, but it could be easier. Also we dont know why people have said they couldnt pass the tutorial. This game just takes a bit of practice.

The game wont let us play online that bug needs to be fixed the story needs work but if you like tower defense games and factory building games this game is for u.

The game has good graphics, but is poorly play balanced. The dev wanted to challenge a few, but at a cost of frustrating the many. Our time is more valuable to waste it on something that isnt fun. Players will spend hours micro managing their resource collection and defense system, which will be destroyed by an overly powered guardian that can attack from the limits of your attack and quickly destroy your defenses. After countless hours and many attempts, you will eventually struggle and defeat the guardian and capture the sector. You would feel a sense of accomplishment, but it will be short lived. While playing the next sector, you will receive a message that the hard win you spent hours to obtain was lost without your attention, despite adding formidable defenses (impact reactors, cryo fueled meltdowns) after your win. No fun! Sectors with few resources (easy sectors) are attacked after you leave the sector and require resources from other sectors to even try to regain. The enemy difficulty needs to be lowered, and/or a mid-play save option. Attacks on sectors without your attention should be put on hold until you enter the sectorlosing without fighting is not fun. 5 cryo fuel meltdowns hitting an air guardian still fails. At the same time, 5 tractor beams won’ pull the same air guardian to your row of cryo enhanced thorium tornados. If these defenses dont work, why try?

Got stuck in the tutorial, the enemy killed our core, now we cant do anything. Didnt even lay one conveyor. We could drag a red selection box, but nothing happens as the game kept saying we cant do that in the tooltip notes. Looked cool, others seem to love it, we guess its just not for us. At least we only wasted a dollar.

We’ve played this on pc and its much better and its also free but this has finicky controls like placing the conveyors. A better way would make it so you can drag around corners and just drag it around in general. Or make the game controller compatible to make it easier but not all people have one. So if this was fixed it would make it so much easier to play.

Theres not much to say about this app other than please save your money. The reviews on line seem to be put in by the app developers in order to up their sales.

How does one actually PLAY the gameno tutorial!

Some of the buttons dont work, there are so many things and theyre hard to find now. We went a while without playing so its obvious that there would be new things but even the old things are worse now.

Either it didnt work on our Iphone11, or the tutorial was simply bad.

Uninstalled after trying to create a conveyor belt flow in a single direction.

I’d like an update for this game. It crashes and we are not able to play it. If it helps, we use an IPad 2 with iOS 9.3.5.

No tutorial, non-intuitive UI, complete lack of in-game help.

This is so complex, difficult, and overall fun, that if we get to a good wave Ill spend over 24 hours in one match(after saving, of course; we’ve got a life.). We’ve gotten in trouble because of how addicting this is. Its probably the best game we’ve ever played: endless gameplay, simple but complex, and godly multiplayer. And its on and runs smooth on mobile? Yes! To be honest we started on android 5.0, and losing our saves twice sucked. But we mean, it wasnt all too bad. We also played on PC, which is better, but also 3x the price. One warning though: This much fun may be illegal in your area.

We love this game! We also play on the computer, which is easier. There are some flaws. 1. Why cant we fight and build at the same time lol 2. No censors on community servers. We know it gives a warning before you join but you should still add one cause there are some pretty weird people out there Make placing easier. We usually build with our thumb and its a pain to build. Maybe a guide or something to show where youre placing? Other than that this is a game worth 30 dollars at least. Thanks to the devs for a great game.

We’ve hit a roadblock and we give up on this game. We like a challenge but this is too hard.

Great game 5 stars we have not had any problems with it and it is super fun.

Saw this game and was super excited. Cool concept, cool design. 2 hrs through and really underwhelmed. -The Bad Tutorial was just lazy developers going well, just shoot the things coming at your base. Didnt really touch on anything that wasnt the glaringly obvious part of the map. No fast forward or next wave option. And the conveyor belts… The most unintuitive touch controls we’ve ever seen. IPhone XS Max zoomed all the way in and it still doesnt place on the correct tile. Trying to snake the belts around rocks or anything? Good luck with the corners. Belts ends snap about 20% of the time and just becomes tiresome. Im sure if you entire plan is to use the belts to run in a straight line only between two buildings they are fine but we found placing them anyway but in a straight line too tedious and time consuming. -The Good Game looks great and runs smooth on XS max. No crashes or lags the entire play session. Also didnt seem to eat battery but you wont be able to play all day without a charger handy. We would still recommend giving it a try, just be ready to spend some time trying to get the hang of it.

We love this game and we always have. It is a mix of challenge and thinking, as most problems can be solved with efficiency in this game, meaning it is more thinking than anything else. We have a few blocks we would like to see in the game or in some form. We would like the command center to be replaced with a Garrison, a place that stores units and can stack together to store more. Bigger units take up more slots in the garrison, and smaller units take 1 or 2. You can click on the garrison (or multiple) and the units will rush into the garrisons upon the Stow command. There should also be more options for commands, like VIP (guarding a specific unit like pulsars guarding a reign) or flank, where they take not the shortest like normal but whatever will get the to the enemies blind side. You should also be able to assign targets that are of more or less importance (I know this is possible with logic, but not everybody is good at it). There is an alternative for the garrison not being a replacement but instead a supplement for the command center, maybe the command center should have a stow command upon which all units go to a selected garrison and overflow is assigned randomly. The aforementioned way is the best in our opinion compared to the others because it means leading separate armies. Somebody could link a dagger garrison to a specific control center, for better army control. You should have a low level of customization like coloring, naming, and stuff like that. What we mean by this is a garrison could be named Blue Squad, and have the color blue on the garrison to specify. With the aforementioned feature of having separate armies the unit cap should be raised by building garrisons and units inside it should not count. Upon a garrison being picked up, it should retain all of its units, making it slightly more efficient to transport units. The garrison should heal units slowly upon entering, varying by size. Overall we think this would make units a lot more coordinated and effective. If you read this, sorry it was so long. We think that Missile Silos should be added, and maybe underground units.

Just buy it. If youre looking at the reviews, debating over if the game is worth a dollar, Im telling you to 100% GO FOR IT! Zero ads or promotions, incredible campaign, awesome graphics, MULTIPLAYER, good UI, and not a single thing that we could find annoying. Great on a phone, but INCREDIBLE on an iPad (especially with a mouse!). Just… Buy it.

We’ve played this game for years now. Through different updates and different platforms, it has been enjoyable and engaging. We’ve never hesitated less to pay for an app, and dev if you read this thanks making and supporting this gem of a time killer.

This game is perfect. Pure factory bliss. If you think youd like it, youll love it. Get it ASAP.

We love the devs continued support for this game.

We are trying to place drills but the game says no for us putting drills down.

Stupid game. Doesnt matter how many towers and walls you built, enemy just pass thru it all, and destroy core. Maybe on PC this game Ok, but on the phone gameplay worst and actually unplayable. We upset about this game, just wasted money.

Not sure if Im doing something wrong but the tutorial says to select the drill and click the check mark to place it. We select the drill and theres no option to place it. A friend of ours also downloaded it and is having the same problem. Not sure if this is an iOS bug or what the problem is, but currently we cant do anything in the game. Hopefully we can find a fix because the game looks cool, just cant do anything.