Minesweeper Q Premium

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Minesweeper Q Premium


Minesweeper Q Premium is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Yi-Lun Lin, Minesweeper Q Premium is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 12th July 2011 with the latest update 30th May 2021

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Board, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


161 people have rated 1.46

You can download the game Minesweeper Q Premium from APP STORE.


Classic Minesweeper game for iOS.
Standard game rules with best, smoothest, very fast interface.

We will keep our best to improve this game, since we are also devotees of minesweeper !
Please free feel to provide your suggestion or bug report by mail.


◆ Easy to control (Drag scroll, Quick change mode, Quick open…etc)
◆ First tap luck
◆ Optional sound assist
◆ Highscore/Statistics data
◆ Game center support
◆ 8 appearance include classic style & shuffle
◆ 3 classic difficulty
◆ Fully configurable, board size & number of mines.
◆ Quick Overview
◆ Auto save
◆ Fast launch time
◆ Build in minesweeper help & Video tutorial
◆ iOS4 multi-tasking support
◆ Share with Twitter & Facebook
◆ Retina High resolution support
◆ 3D Touch support

How to control Minesweeper

Normal mode:

  • Tap a square to clear it.
  • Tap and hold to flagging.
  • Tap a numbered square next to that many flags to clear the rest.(Quick open)
  • Tap empty square to change control mode.(Quick change mode)

Quick Flagging mode:

  • Tap a square to flagging.
  • Tap and hold to clear square.
  • Tap a numbered square next to that many flags to clear the rest.(Quick open)
  • Tap empty square to change control mode.(Quick change mode)

Minesweeper Q Support

Please follow us on twitter to get the latest Minesweeper Q news.
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/spicalibar
WebSite: http://sites.google.com/site/stargazing2spica/
Mail: [email protected]

Updated on 30th May 2021

◆ Support iOS 14.5
and bug fixes.

Minesweeper Q Premium Reviews

The game is exactly what was advertised, which is all we needed. The controls are intuitive and work well consistently. We also appreciate the options for customization, both for the visuals and the settings. The thing that made us pick this app over all the others though was the companys privacy policy. This was the only Minesweeper app we saw that doesnt sell your personal data, and thats a rare thing these days! So to Spica, thank you for creating a great app while also having a great privacy policy. Ill be sure to look out for future apps!

We can play up to intermediate but does not show the board above intermediate. If we tap the blank area it responds but cannot be seen. Updated our rating because the developers worked with us to solve this issue. If anyone has this issue, you need to set your iPhones display from zoomed to standard.

This is one of the only apps that we paid money for, and the reason is that it simply nailed the minesweeper touchscreen interface like no other app has. It’s pretty much the only game we’ve kept on our phone over the years, not only because minesweeper is such a wonderful and intellectually-stimulating game, but also because it makes so much sense as a touchscreen experience! In flagging mode you can go very fast, and although you might hit a wrong tile once in a while, enough practice will give you the control to play without errors. We recommend the blue and orange modern layout, it’s aesthetically quite pleasing and doesn’t hurt your eyes when playing at night. In short, this app provides the ultimate touchscreen minesweeper experience, and we recommend it to anyone with any interest in challenging puzzle games!

Works great, configurable to your play style, and most importantly NO ADS! Totally worth the $2 or whatever trivial amount theyre charging.

Best interface we’ve used. Feature request: Support multitouch, in the sense that one may move the map with one finger while tapping mines with the other. This, plus a horizontal mode, would make this app 6/5 stars.

We’ve been using this app for years.. > 15,000 games and still lovin it.

Love the themes. Works flawlessly. A lot of fun.

This is the one app that we will be truly sad if it becomes unavailable. This app is simple and works beautifully. We have ours set to metro so we have to pay attention to the numbers and not the colors. We hope this app gets all the support it needs to remain active.

Love the game! We’ve emailed the developer to please make the game for Android for the longest time, but we guess it will never happen. No other app for minesweeper like this one. Oh well… So sad. Id give it 5 stars if it came to android.

We really love this game a lot, it is the only game we play and we are great at it, it helps us with our mental focus.

We tried several Minesweeper games before choosing this one. It is fast, fully configurable, works consistently. The price to remove ads seems fair to me; writing and supporting software takes a lot of work.

Love it! Great game whenever you have a few minutes to kill. Never gets old.

Fantastic game. Highly recommend.

Good but update so it’s not an app from iOS 5 please. Thank you.

We love Minesweeper and have played it for 20 years now. This is a wonderful implementation of the game and continues to be our preferred version of Minesweeper to this day. We play every day and rarely play any other versions because there’s no need. Plus, they tend to be inferior, in our opinion. This app is a must have for Minesweeper players.

Complete garbage. We just went twelve games in a row that came down to two blocks. One is a ours, the other isn’t. Every time it’s the wrong one. Completely pointless to have to guess which is a ours and then lose the game. No brain or strategy required. Until they update, get a different one.

Love the game, till it comes to a spot where you have to guess.

Plays just like it should. Appreciate the rolling statistics.

Awesome game but this new update has a tendency to switch modes for no reason. One second your flagging mines and then the next ours you flag goes off because the mode switched on you without notice.

We love this game. This is a great interface.

We keep looking for the best ones and right now this one sits on the top. Lots of options for tweaking how you play and it runs very well with no bugs or issues. We would like to see more theme boards :) This app also seems to update and is current. This should feed the Mindsweeper fix.

Best minesweeper game we could find on the App Store!

Very enjoyable. Doesn’t crash in our experience. Highly recommended. Wish there were more skins!

1 suggestion though make diagrams so that we could of learned it faster but soo awesome thanks for the ios version.

Love this game looks just like the computer.

Great minesweeper. However, with iPad, the screen fails to re-size with intermediate and advanced levels, so you are having to re-position the playing field so it is visible through a much smaller window. It’s a shame the game can’t take advantage of the entire display.

We never liked Minesweeper, but this app changed that. We are now an everyday player of the game, thanks to the easy to use layout and Quick Flagging and Quick Change modes. Normally we don’t pay for apps, but this was worth it!

Great game, but we would like the option of being able to see the whole board at one time, even if it is a larger board and the squares become tiny. Minesweeper rocks though. :)

It’s almost as good as the Windows version, but there was a trick in the windows version that would highlight all the squares around a number.

Fulfills our need to play, love it. Excellent fully functional near standard gameplay.

Very stable, functions well, awesome!

Has very thing you would expense Ina stood minesweeper app.

Great game, could use higher difficulties, maybe and endless mode. And you determine what percent the mines are.

So far so good with this minesweeper game. Good view of the playing service. Controls good. Seems like a stable app. No in game music, but that’s okay b/c there’s no interference w/ iPod music.

We’ve tried lots of Minesweeper apps, and this one wins by a mile. The developer clearly understands user interface and design.

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