Mix and Drink

Last updated on June 8th, 2023 at 01:25 am

Mix and Drink

Mix and Drink

Mix and Drink is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Serkan Cavusoglu, Mix and Drink is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 3rd February 2021 with the latest update 18th June 2021

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Mix and Drink ?

17,002 people have rated 1.8.14

What is the price of the Mix and Drink ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Mix and Drink released ?

Mix and Drink was released on 3rd February 2021.

When was the Mix and Drink updated ?

The latest updated date of Mix and Drink on 18th June 2021.

Where can Mix and Drink be downloaded ?

You can download the game Mix and Drink from Apple Official App Store.



Get ready to become the best JUICETENDER in the city! You should do the best job in lots of mini games.

In this beautiful game, there are tons of mini games which you can play different gameplay in each of them. As the development team, we keep adding one new mini game every day. Just keep playing!

Could you be the best juicetender?

Updated on 18th June 2021

Thanks for playing Mix&Drink!

We keep updating our beautiful game depending on our beloved players’ feedbacks.
1.8.12 Update includes,

Performance improvements

Mix and Drink Review

This app is amazing when we are boated it keeps us to have something to do our friends play it 24/7 and honestly we dont even know what to say.

There were so many ads that we were watching more of them than actually playing the game. So lame.

It keeps redownloading onto our phone after its been deleted 16 times! We wanna know how to stop this ridiculous mess!


At least you get to play games in the middle of all these ads am we right?! We thought the ads wouldnt be too bad but omg. Its 90% ads and 10% actually playing the game. Download it and see or just take our word for it and see. Its crazy!

The game is good itself but the ads need to be cut down. Theres no reason to have an ad after every person you start on just to decline a money multiplier just to get an ad anyways. Cut down on the ads in games!!

We were barley able to play the game without getting an ad everytime we tap the screen.

Kept seeing this on Snapchat and the ad made us mad bc we though its not that freaking hard stop messing up so we downloaded it out of angry and let us tell you we were surprised its quite difficult well it was for us anyways its a good game to play when your bored there are some ads but just turn off your WiFi and your good !

Whule the game is fun and engaging, it does have some flaws. For one, the night party scene is supposed to unlock on level 21, and im on level 248.

The game is a great idea and well developed for a free game but every 60 seconds their is a ad because it takes about that time to serve a customer in the game so you get frustrated the longer you play and takes away all the fun we had to delete the app cause we were getting upset cause we just wanted to unwind but could not cause they care about money more than their audience.

Its a lot of fun but its a little glitchy.

We love the game but there is one thing that annoys us. Every round after it is over it says one time offer so that is what gets on our nerves. But other than that we think you should get the app.

We stopped making progress in the world so we were basically stuck on the Beach forever.

The game is good the only thing that is bad about it is the ads. Way to many ads, every time u finish a round you have to watch an ad.

Whats the point in purchasing the ads free if you continue to get the ads and cant get around them? Would not recommend the game.

The ads are absolutely crazy!!! We were excited to play from the ads we saw on Tik Tok, but was not very excited when we saw the amount of ads. Theres an ad after every customer, and you finish a costumer VERY fast. The game and events were fun but its definitely not fun with the ads coming in every second.

The levels are fun but they take 10 seconds and you watch a 30 second ad between each one. Wayyy too many ads.

Way way way too many ads. After the 4th ad after the 3rd customer we uninstalled.

You finish a person suddenly an ad. You finish the ad you have to wait so you can decline watching an ad that will give you more in game cash or multiplayer. You decline that you have to wait again to decline watching an ad that will win you some random decorative thing. You decline that you watch another ad when you start a new person. Each actual game lasts like a couple seconds. Your watching ads and waiting around more than actually playing the game. All of the games by this maker are this way. It makes the game unplayable. The game is fun but not if you can barely get there to play it. Its not worth it due to all the ad bombing.

We would honestly give it 5 stars if you didnt have to watch an ad every ten seconds. Also why do you keep the one time offers up for so long before you can choose not to watch the ad. Games are so thirsty for money from the ads now a days that they arent even fun anymore.

See title. Worst offender we’ve ever seen.

These adds making us regret everything like watch this for a free item we clicked no thanks BAM add waiting right there for us smh. This app is just a money grabber that they botted with 5* reviews.

5 star rating are fake the game doesnt even let you play.

The game is fun, and even the ads dont bother us, but then not working when you want to unlock something or play a special level and it not ever working is very irritating. If they fix that would definitely give 5 stars!

Turn airplane mode on and WiFi off enjoy.

Overall the game is good but the Native American character is kind of racist, and theres too many adds. Its like one every customer.

It was a pretty fun game but way to many ads and it kept.

This game couldve been good but the amount of ads it has is crazy every single prize you get you got to watch an ad.

We paid for ad free and we still gotta watch ads to literally do anything in the game??? Like we paid to not have to have ads and to get/do anything you have to watch an ad??? Seems kinda sketch to us. Just our opinion.

As addictive this game is its such a shame that you cant even go 30 seconds without an Ad. It was so much fun but we couldnt take it anymore so we deleted it. Dont download this game we promise its just ad central.

The game itself as advertised is appealing but once played its not how it is portrayed to be. There are way too many advertisements in the game, you can simple do a quick level and an ad will come up and it happen over and over and you dont have full control over how you pore into the cup. Overall the feature are very poor with this game and we have been let down because it comes off as enjoyable but in reality it just got VERY irritating.


We mean we see that it has potential IF you let the player PLAY the game, but instead we get at least 3 chances to watch an ad that each take about 15 seconds to skip.

This game is fun when you can actually play. We cannot remember a game that was this aggressive with their ads. There is a 30 second ad after EVERY customer and sometimes there is an ad while helping a customer. 70% of your time on this game will be spent waiting for ads if you don not want to spend the money to remove them.

The game barely worked when trying to open it. We had to restart the game 9 times before we could actually play it. Half the mini games are not that fun and most of the time you wont be playing the game anyway. Ads take up more screen time than the game it self. There is 1 or 2 ads each new person before you get to play a game. Some of the mini games take 5 seconds and then you have to watch a 30 second ad. Most of the 5-star reviews are from bots to make the game look better. If you see this, do not buy this game ever.

We tried to get in the app but it was not working we have never wrote a review the 5 star ratings are fake and are done by company people.

Its so good and fun only thing is the adds we hate the but we really really really love this game and its very fun to play when your bored or when youre on the road or when youre just in your room just sitting so make sure you play this game a lot because its really really really fun so thats why we gave it a five star but really thats the only thing we hate about it is the ad we really really really hate the ads we wish they can take them away so thats why we might stop playing this game but otherwise its so so so fun.

It wont open, like it starts to load but then it brings us back to our home screen.

Who knew after playing one time there is an ad right after so lame. This game should be called how many ads can u handle until you delete the game. Our limit was after 2 we knew it was an ad game HAHAHAH wow. Wasted our time.

We keep seeing this game on snap ad and they made it seem sooooo hard so we were like we wanna see how hard it really is so we downloaded it and when we went to play it would show a grayish black screen then a blue screen then it went home so we deleted it cleared all our apps that were open still hung up our phone a restarted our phone and reinstalled it and it did the same! Stop showing the ad if the game dont work we were pretty upset when it wouldnt work at all.

Waste of time u get the app and think it would be fun wrong there are an ad every 10 sec dont waste ur time ok this horrible game we would rather read a book Than play this horrible game.

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