MLB 9 Innings 23

Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 12:40 am

MLB 9 Innings 23

MLB 9 Innings 23

MLB 9 Innings 23 is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Com2uS Corp., MLB 9 Innings 23 is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 13th October 2016 with the latest update 10th June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Entertainment, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of MLB 9 Innings 23 ?

49,644 people have rated 8.0.5

What is the price of the MLB 9 Innings 23 ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the MLB 9 Innings 23 released ?

MLB 9 Innings 23 was released on 13th October 2016.

When was the MLB 9 Innings 23 updated ?

The latest updated date of MLB 9 Innings 23 on 10th June 2023.

Where can MLB 9 Innings 23 be downloaded ?

You can download the game MLB 9 Innings 23 from Apple Official App Store.



Enjoy a Major League Baseball game in the palm of your hands!

An officially licensed MLB Mobile Game!

◈ Game Features ◈
#Baseball heroes of the past added!
Hammerin’ Hank: Hank Aaron,
Trevor Time: Trevor Hoffman,
The Big Train: Walter Johnson,
Schmitty: Mike Schmidt,
Booger: Larry Walker

#City Connect uniforms to rep your team’s history!
Accomplish achievements to collect City Connect uniforms!

#More realistic gameplay with the Dynamic Camera!
Experience thrilling gameplay in every angle!

#Power Ranking Tournament added!
A battle to win 1st place!
Also, enjoy the pick’em Tournament and win accumulated rewards!

#Enjoy Major League Baseball on mobile!
For the 2023 season, we have fully updated the latest team logos, uniforms, stadiums, etc.
Approximately 2,000 MLB star players and 600 types of hitting & pitching forms, all perfectly implemented in realistic, full 3D graphics.
The 26-man roster and DH Rule have been applied to the National League.

#OVR Analysis Room added!
Utilize the OVR Analysis Room to create the ultimate team
Try out various Lineups and conduct simulations to create the most optimal team

#Career Mode added!
Select a batter from your league lineup to compete in records!
Play records and rankings will be updated in real time.

Major League Baseball trademarks and copyrights are used with the permission of Major League Baseball. Visit for more details.

Officially Licensed Product of MLB Players, Inc.
MLB Players, Inc. trademarks, copyrighted works, and other intellectual property rights are owned and/or held by MLB Players, Inc. and may not be used without the written consent of MLB Players, Inc.
Visit and check the Players Choice.

Device App Access Permission Notice

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Access permissions are requested in order for us to provide you with the following service when you use the app.


[Optional Access Rights]

  • Camera: This is the right to request when using the camera in the in-game profile.
  • Photos: This is the right to request when uploading photos from your device to the in-game profile.
  • Push Notification: This is the right to request when you want to receive push messages for the game.
  • ID for Advertisers: This is the right to request the use of ID for Advertisers (IDFA) for promotion targeting and tracking analysis.

※ Please note that you can still enjoy the service excluding features related to the above without giving access permissions.

▶ How to remove access permissions
You can always change access permission settings whenever you’d like.

  • Device Settings> Select the corresponding app> Choose either to enable/disable access

Consumer Information:
Supports multiple languages: 한국어, English, 日本語, 中文简体, 中文繁體, Español.

Items are available for purchase in this game.
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Updated on 10th June 2023

  • Ranked Battle has been revamped.
  • Skills and game balance adjustments have been made.
  • Monthly check-in rewards have been improved.
  • Applied mentors will be displayed in-game.
  • In-game QoL has been improved.

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MLB 9 Innings 23 Review

This game is amazing for all ages from collecting stars to playing as your team.

The game has a lot to think about but there is too many uploads and in the store you should move the prices down and it was a great idea to put upgrades in and that summer batting thin it really improves the game THE END From fan.

We love this game. Its just great.

This game is better than any other virtual baseball games we have been looking for we found this and now we play it everyday.

How do you acquire city connect uniforms?

We absolutely love this game, and we play it almost every day. However, theres one issue Id like to address. The games commentary announcer is pretty crappy. Hell says things like And thatll get down out there for extra bases! When the ball literally went right to our right fielder. Also, we think that you guys should add another game mode. Maybe Home Run Derby? Id love to see it in this game. Other than that, this game is awesome! Best, Your #1 9Innings Fan.

We love the game, its extremely fun but when we first downloaded it we wanted to play our friend. Im leaving a 4 star because we were disappointed when we found out we couldnt play our friend. The only option was quick playing. We wanna be able to pitch and field while our friend hits, same way with us hitting.

Us gustaria que actualizaran las plantillas de los esuipos como en la vida real que esten los mismo peloteros deberian perfecionar un poco mas lasdefiniciones que se pueda ver mas realista . Aumenten los dineros de recompensas siento que don muy bajos.

Tim is our all time favorite player and we have been playing this game for almost two years and havent seen him. The amount is low class player is frustrating. This isnt a game for the short term so dont treat it as such. People dont expect it. Your retention is dropping for 2 reasons. Until you address those issues you will have the same result.

This game is just way too easy we won a game like 50 to 0.

Hello we’ve been with the game since it first dropped we’ve played made purchases and worked on our roster to get it to where its at today. And for the first time Im unhappy and hope someone sees this and does something about what Im about to say. But after this new update our Diamond pitching staff level 20/20 with Stamina over 100 can no longer get out of the 5th inning while throwing a shut out less than 4 hits surrendered we had ZERO stamina after 5 innings and only 4 hits allowed. The Stamina drains SO FAST making these elite pitching staffs that we’ve spent time, card draws, upgrades, and money spent useless if a diamond pitcher with 107 stamina unable to go deep into ball games. Our pitcher had 44 pitches thrown 0 outs and was out of stamina at 36 pitches.

Why do outfielders not make errors? They make spectacular catch after catch diving every direction. Not realistic at all.

It Said that the server was shut down until June 9th and 10th. And we are mad that we did not get to play the game not once and that is dumb and we were excited to play it but it just took us to a page that said something(I am not going in to detail)But it did look fun in the picture and that is why we wanted it and we wanted it to complete our collection of games so if you want us to consider downloading this game back you better fix it now cuz we ant going to wait two more day for us to be able to play a game that is stupid so you need to fix your game that is probably why you dont have 5 stars. Fix your game.

We’ve been using this Gaming App Since Its Inception. And Until Recently, Through every update its gotten better and better. Now, Its Taking A Turn towards Being like FORTNIGHT, A Game we Utterly DESPISE. We play baseball to distract myself from the needs of our professional life, NOT to Play A Game SIMPLY to Beat the HECK Out of The Other Side. Is THAT where Our World Is Headed??? Where Everything Is KILLING And Mayhem. Stop ALLOWING THE Game of Baseball to be taken over by Bullies Like Fortnight Was.

This is coming from a paying customer! Game play is okay good event but they will screw you out of prizes then when you try to email them all they do is dodge your complaint. NEVER AGAIN! We are done with these clowns!

Amazing game we love it we play it every day so much to do we recommend.

Good game . Hbu j j j j j j j j h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h. $$$.$:!;$:77.

Very good game for a baseball fan.

Love baseball? Gonna love this game.

It is just a good game thx for making it.

Tanto dinero y tiempo invertidos en este juego para que salten con esta basura.

Great game but the graphics arent the best.

We cant find one game better than this one is the App Store her are some of the things we like about it: Its easy to win, you can do almost anything you could possibly imagine and lots more. All in all BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!

Our name is Julio. We love this game. Thank you.

The most realistic baseball game of all time frfr.

Great game for baseball kids like me.

Best mobile game period. You should make it more like MLB the show and make it easier to get diamonds.

Best game on IPhone we like the graphics and the camera freeze when we hit a home run. The City Connect Jerseys was the part that we were waiting on. Great game. Im rating this a 10/10.

Hi our name is mason and we love the New York Yankees but Aron judge his power is 103 but it keeps on changing the power and we also cant get babe Ruth for some reason and we really want him but overall the game is very good and also all of the white peoples faces are the same. But the black peoples arent for some reason and just fix it for us please. We love the game overall great graphics and also very fun to play. God bless you have a great day.

Great game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its cool we got a prime in a premium pack.

As a 14 year old with not much to do, this game gets rid of our boredom! A bit buggy when we used a prem skill ticket and didnt give us the skills but over 5/5 game, would recommend!


This game is so good. People who do not have a psa can play this. The game doesnt chost any money. The game has real graphics. Overal this game is better than mlb the show games.

Wish bring back where you can see the cards again . Also wish that every time you spend the money you didnt get the lowest card that you can get. But other than that love the game.

It is our favorite game because we love the sport but we feel like it should be a little more realistic and stuff should cost less stars and condition drinks also are way to many points because we bought like 100 and it costed like 80,000 points but other that you should be able to sell players to earn points.

We’ve had this game since 2016. It gets better with each update. We look forward to playing on the same days the Astros play, although we dont play a full Astros lineup. When you have a Diamond Mickey Mantle in your lineup, who you gonna play in front of him? Its just so much fun & the latest graphic simulations are a game changer. Get it, play, mash & deal on the mound!!!

We need more access to our team. We keep getting the same players over and over and scrubs that were on the Astros years ago. How about some more of the current young players!

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