MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight

Last updated on November 29th, 2022 at 10:25 pm

MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight

MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight

MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Tilting Point LLC, MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 27th June 2022 with the latest update 25th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Sports, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight ?

3,661 people have rated 1.9.1

What is the price of the MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight released ?

MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight was released on 27th June 2022.

When was the MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight updated ?

The latest updated date of MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight on 25th November 2022.

Where can MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight be downloaded ?

You can download the game MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight from Apple Official App Store.



Make your way in the world of MMA Management – hire trainers, purchase gyms and fill them with state-of-the-art equipment, plan out your fights, pick up coaches that know their way around a ring, and of course, recruit your very own champions in the making!

Whether you’re going for a tanky heavyweight or an agile lightweight, the dynamic planner has you covered. Plan ahead and create a specific game plan to show off in the ring. Create a new plan for each fight so you’re never caught off guard.

With each new opponent, your fighter will learn and improve. Train them with new skills in your very own gym. As your fighter trains in different skills, they’ll learn new and improved offensive moves.

When your fighters have what it takes, hop into the Fight Club to test your metal.

Enter the ring! Win the battles and earn credits, prestige, and cash. Get ready to work hard and fight harder!

  • Collect a team of world-class fighters
  • Customize your fighters by training them with new exciting moves in the ring
  • Dynamic action-packed fights based on your strategies and fighter skills
  • Create a fight plan based on your opponent’s weaknesses and your fighter’s strengths
  • Use the right fighter and the right plan across multiple game modes
  • Survive against other players in the Fight Club!
  • Single-player multiple weight class campaigns with branching progression paths

Join in the ultimate MMA experience!

Updated on 25th November 2022

  • Fighter stamina regeneration fix
  • Performance improvement
  • Fix for getting stuck after "Try again" in team challenge

MMA Manager 2: Ultimate Fight Review

Fun game really we wish you can fight in the game still fun if you like football manger then you would enjoy this game.

We like the concept and have been really enjoying the game for the past hour or so but we’ve reached a point where when we try to train we get a message saying something to the tune of we cant train your fighter right now, try again or restart And we’ve done both of those things several times. We’ve even tried to restart our phone and reinstall the app itself. And then it started giving us an error on the loading screen saying Im not updated to the latest version. But we do have the latest version installed. So Im giving it a break for a while. At least until these issues are resolved. Other than that solid game if u wanna try your luck with the bugs.

All in all its good, a grind sure, but enjoyable for fans of the sport. What’s not fun is how frequently it errors out and forces you to restart the app.

We were enjoying the game and all its features but as soon as teams unlocked we went to go try it out, and as soon as we tried to join a team the game crashed and we have not been able to launch it since.

Look we do enjoy the game but the loading screen takes 5-7 minutes and that takes way too long. We really enjoy the concept but if we have a strong wifi connection we would expect to load up within the minute and not 5-7. It makes it inconvenient to play.

We love playing the game but the has new update and now we cant connect to master server. Just sits at the title loading. Please fix.

We have spent a good amount of money and time on this. The master server connection is lost every 5 minutes. You can not play this game consistently. The character stamina recovery is too low, Very limited character modification options. Nothing in this game is free, you have to spend credits or money or prestige or stamina for everything, even for renaming a character. A money milking project, that is designed poorly, both technically and gameplay wise.

Downloaded this game just to check it out and did not regret it! Mechanics are great and gives you a good experience!!

We love the game. We feel like a real manager over our fighters . Making sure they train a lot . Its holds our time well.

If youre looking to play a game 30 min a day, this game is perfect.

Multiple levels to this game many reviews speak on time consuming but thats the art of MMA. We do wish they were bigger development trees for martial art move dynamics, specifically Wrestling Single; double; leg sprawls however this is a phone app with no commercials forced in your face every five minutes. The game story is interesting, tournaments opens up and improves gameplay, we cant wait to see whats next!!!

The game cannot connect to the server.

Core mechanics of the game are broken, punching is still the best attack and anything on the ground is useless. Despite in game stats, fights must have a large rng factor or the game is just flat broken/rigged, as you will lose fights to people 50x lower than your fighters because nothing really affects gameplay as much as it should. Extremely time consuming and not worth money, doubt it will get better but its not a horrible game.

We dont understand the stats and the point of them. You think we would as they seem pretty self explanatory but no. We have a grappler style character who has 100+ in submission, takedowns, and ground grappling, yet he loses to enemies significantly weaker than him. We draw the line at him losing by submission in the pro league to someone with both base stats and fight stats LESS THAN 30. We dont understand the point of training to increase these stats when they do nothing.

This game is hot garbage and a money grab at best we wouldnt waste your time.

Downloaded the game open it up and it wont connect to master server. Says our internet is the problem but literally everything else with an internet connection works perfect so must not be us! Cant even try out the game.

Im trying to play this game but it just wont let us. We open the game and we see the opening knockout scene and the gym manager tells us to start from the bottom, we hit ok then it just starts over. Idk if Im doing something wrong or if its a bug but its very annoying. We’ve deleted and reinstalled the app many times but it just doesnt work. :(

We feel like you should give an explanation on how to complete the chapters because its frustrating trying to buy rings and stuff but cant get through the chapter to be able to buy one.

You can outrank your opponent in every category and it means nothing. This game would be ok if the engine wasnt such trash. Deleted.

Im hooked, a lot of fun and a good game just a lot of grinding and ads.

Update: the developers responded saying they were going to improve league play by matching people up with similar skills. This definitely isnt happening. We just went up against someone in league play with 300 more health points than us. Its ridiculous They dont match you up with equal opponents. Its a stupid pay-to-play game.

Addicted to the game, we made another account on our laptop (even downloaded blue stacks for the first time) on blue stacks though, every time we try to play, it tells us that we cant train our fighters and that we need to try again by restarting when we restart, our stamina on our fighters is gone?????? We took a screenshot to double check because we assumed it was being bogus full energy to zero all of a sudden plz keep us updated, love the game & huge fan of mma manager: Trained Killer gym: Gangsters Paradise.

And the ads do not respect your silent mode toggle.

Yet another ad farmer with no substance, no challenge, no strategy and no fun. Lots of bugs and crashes often but on top of the ads there are many pointless micro transactions.

Kinda cliche to say, though we usually dont write reviews. This falls into number 1-3 for reviews we’ve written on the app store. Its simple, creative, and unique. We’ve been nothing short of addicted to this game. Theres lots of strategy involved, the models look great. With the combat being decent for mobile. Theres only a few things that we feel like the game is missing. One is more cosmetic things. Though mostly faces for both sexes and also hair styles. Obviously this games design is a little cartoony and exaggerative of the sizes. Which isnt the biggest deal. We’ve also heard about the first MMA manager. Obviously good reviews all around. Though hopefully the second one sticks for awhile and you the creators, are more satisfied with the product. It was last updated a year ago. So itd be a bummer if a third one comes out just as soon. Lastly, one thing thats irked us a little is how you cant adjust heights. We could get it when your recruiting the randomized fighters. Though we did the custom character pack and basically made Anderson Silva. Middleweight and OP just as he should be. Though his height got randomized as 57. We dont care if you have to spend that blue currency or whatever to change your characters height. Like when you have to on other cosmetics. We would be really satisfied and Im sure a lot of others would to. Considering it would really deepen character creation. Changing skin tone would be nice to. Going back to the height situation we suppose if you want to maintain some realism you could always have height caps for each weight divisions. Kinda throwing more things in now. Though more divisions would be nice to. We think the women have all theres. Though all thats left are the smaller guys divisions. Such as featherweight and bantamweight. We really hope you read and consider all these ideas. Best of luck! Though now back to training!

If you have time this game is for you mall Mac.

We can’t advance because there’s no equipment that helps gain defense skills. We can’t get 30 in each skill set for a fighter.

No matter how much you train you still loose.

It is very pay to win which is understandable for a free game but still its frustrating that Im only held back because we dont spend money. Great game tho, very enjoyable, just wish certain features could be unlocked by time and skill rather than just money. Like the VIP section. So many awesome things, unachievable, no matter how good we am, simply because we cant spend the money. Not a HUGE problem, but considering its a competitive game, it can pose a problem for newer players. But still, Great game, 4 stars.

Great game love it. Play as much as we can 3 to 4 times a day. But since two days ago it hadnt let us connect plz fix!!! Ill up the rating more when its fixed.

Fun game. Takes a while to level up but its enjoyable the entire time. Developers listen to feedback and update often. 5 stars.

Mostly it will crash when youre watching an ad to refill stamina. Some days you get lucky and can watch all 5 most days you get 2-3 videos and after that it crashes every ad. Also make the ads shorter. Sometimes we get lucky and get 5 second ads and others days we get 1 min long ads. Which is ridiculous. No noble game ad should be 1 min long. Please fix these issues and the game will be perfect.

We love this game been playing it a lot but we see a lot of room for small quality of life measures, for example fighting skills can only be viewed if you train in the skill. It would be amazing if we could see what fighting skills need what training level without training the skill first.

We just downloaded it and we were really excited to play but we clicked Sign in as Game Center and it just crashes every time we enter the game.

After every action we started or completed, the ad for style yourself popped up. After. Every. Single. Action. Im clicking X more than playing the game. For that reason, uninstalled.

We like this game a lot but we think its stupid how our player can have 400+ skill points and we go to fight someone in campaign and they have 50 skill points total and some how we barely bet them. Pls fix this and balance out skill and strategy cause strategy should not have That much effect especially when we are more skilled in everything then our opponent pls pls fix this cause we like this game but this ruins it for me.

There is a lot of potential it is a really fun game. But the amount of times we have to close the app and re-open it because some function isnt working or loading so pretty annoying but not a huge deal. What truly frustrates us is now the app wont load at all. It will say preparing gym and then restart loading and does this over and over. We’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times. No luck. Side note is, we wish there was a way to see what moves you can learn prior to training so you can game plan how you want you fighter to be. Other than that It is a good game. We just hope you can access it.

Whenever we open the game, it crashes when its loading the gym scene, although Im sure this is only a problem on our device. We hope it gets fixed, we have tried Un installing the game and downloading it multiple times, but it still doesnt work.

Game crashes every time we even try to open it. We have an iPhone 12 w 128Gb.

They dont match you up with equal opponents. Its a stupid pay-to-play game.

Game is broken some fights your person doesnt even swing even tho they have 450 on punch and you set him to 7 on punches before the fight clinchwork in 400 but people grab our fighter and elbow him to death from the clinch we even spent 20 dollars and used it to raise his struck defense to 350 and his kick and takedown defense to 300 but he does not block or counter any grapples.

We have spent money and put in a lot of work on this game just for it to erase all our data and it has been nothing but a hassle over a month trying to get our account back which we keep getting told they cant find our info even tho we have provided receipts and everything and got denied for a refund this company is a bunch of crooks.

After a certain point, every button you press will lead to a screen asking you to buy cosmetics. Every. Single. Press. We thought it was a bug, but no. On top of this spam which makes the game unplayable, you can have a fighter with 5x more stats, but will still lose no matter how you set the sliders. Its embarrassing how they made 2 of these games but put so little effort into the actual gameplay and expect people to buy cosmetics.

El juego esta muy bien, aunque creo en la primera entrega de la saga la dinmica de lucha es mucho ms fluida y ms gustosa de ver! Por otra parte lidio con un error que hace que cada vez qu pasa us den menos deseos de jugarlo, cuando voy a luchar en sparring o en la liga profesional todo sale bien hasta que le doy iniciar pelea, cuando lo hago se cierra el juego inexplicablemente!

Basic functions (i.e., watching ads to replenish stamina, giving instructions to fighters at completion of training) dont work. Opened a support ticket with the devs and received no response. At least we didnt have to spend any significant amount of time or money to discover that the product is junk and the producers dont care.

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