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Moncage is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by X.D. Network Inc., Moncage is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 16th November 2021 with the latest update 26th November 2021

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


87 people have rated 1.06

You can download the game Moncage from APP STORE.


Moncage is a stunning vignette puzzle adventure developed by Optillusion.

The game takes place inside a mysterious cube, with each side of the cube housing a unique world: be it an old factory, a light tower, an amusement park, or a church, etc. At first sight, they may seem random and unrelated, but upon closer look, you will become mesmerized by the subtle and intricate ways of how these worlds connect…

【Solve Puzzles with Mind-Boggling Optical Illusions】
Use your imagination and spare no brain cells to find the connection and pinpoint every possible interaction between different sides of the cube, then watch as the magic unfold in front of you.

【Collect All Photos to Unveil the Story】
Behind the puzzles, there lies a story with a surprising twist for the player to uncover. Collect the photos from obscure corners and angles to reveal the underlying story, one photo at a time.

【Get Unstuck with Thoughtful Hints】
There is a multitude of guidance systems to help prevent players from getting stuck. Focus can be activated to highlight the key items to the solution, while hint texts are available to provide further clarity. And, if all else fails, video walkthroughs can be unlocked as the ultimate safety plan.

【Prove Your Puzzle-Solving Skills with Medals】
There are a total of 15 achievements in the game, each corresponding with a Medal that has been crafted with a uniquely stunning design. A complete collection of the 15 Medals could be the perfect evidence to attest to your master puzzle-solving skills~

【Connect with us:】
Twitter: @MoncageTheGame
Email: [email protected]

Updated on 26th November 2021

-Fix some bugs.

Moncage Reviews

This game is phenomenal. We love these perspective-based puzzles and this definitely scratched that itch for us The art is beautiful and the sound design is incredible. Each cube having its own sound really immerses you in the experience. They always make good use of the premise. The only cons for us would be that some of the puzzles are a bit too obtuse. We would never have figured them out without hints. Fortunately they provide a generous hint system (along with a video if you get TOO stuck) The other con is that the story doesnt feel like it sticks the landing. We were engaged the entire time, but the ending left us wondering what the ultimate point was. Those points are really minor though, overall we think this game is wonderful.

It is really difficult, you might have to rely on the hints a lot, but if you played too much puzzle game like us, we would say this is THAT game you are looking for. Story is touching but it is definitely too blurry to know the detail, not a big deal to us. It is so difficult that developer literally have to use hints to push the game forward, but the logic becomes clear after two or three chapters and it starts to get interesting. Graphic, music and animation are nice. 5 star game.

Was able to finish in one day. Really looking forward to part 2.

Needed a lot of help along the way but got the hang of it. There is definitely a story line there. But darned if we can get anything more than a whiff of it. Overall glad we played through to the end.

And what a beautiful and seamless way to tell this story. We found myself in tears at the end. Love it.

A bit tricky at times, but also has a really well-designed hint system to get you unstuck.

This is a beautiful game with satisfying moments of intuition. The looping nature was nice and the hints were often enough to get us going without giving it away.

We hope it can be longer. After searching for the back story, we decide to play it again.

If youre like us and feel disappointed by puzzle games that are too easy this ones for you!

Id recommend playing this to anyone for its unique and fun puzzle design, but there have been some weird decisions that have irked us. Decisions like having the solution to exclusively one puzzle (iirc) involve matching on the same side of the cube, like going with weird logic like matching one door frame causes a door to open versus its own door frame. The hint system is pretty good, which alleviates these issues a bit so again, still highly recommended. Make sure you go for the true ending.

Beautiful, interesting and challenging game. We never write reviews, but this was too good not to praise. Highly recommend for anyone that likes relaxing, visual puzzle-type games.

Very fresh, clever take on the isometric optical illusion puzzle started by Monument Valley. Beautiful graphics and sound design. We wish more games were like this.

Great game, very challenging. Really gets the brain going. Whens the next story line come out?

We really enjoyed this puzzle game. Actually, there are puzzles within puzzles in this game. We think the game required quite a bit of intuition, as there are no written rules to guide you. If you get stuck, sleep on it, the solution will come to you. It reminded us a bit of Gorogoa, which we also really enjoyed. We appreciate all the thought and attention to the developers took with the puzzle.

Besides being an incredibly clever puzzle game, this also offers a touching tale. Challenging enough to need the helpful hints (which recharge on their own) but so rewarding when you figure it out on your own! Wonderfully done!!

This game is so beautifully designed. Id recommend playing this to anyone and everyone with a sweet spot for storyline puzzles. We wish it would never end.

We have been enjoying it but we got to the point where you turn the bottle to move on and we cant get passed it. According to the hints when you turn the bottle the label is supposed to turn to and then you can complete the section. We can turn the bottle but in the second position the label disappears, making it impossible to complete. Is this a glitch? Besides that, love the game. Edit: we ended up deleting and re-downloading the game and it fixed the bug.

The idea is neat, but the puzzles are so unintuitive that they become thoroughly frustrating pretty early on. We found myself not only waiting for hints, which we almost never do in games, but watching the videos. And even then, we still didnt really grasp how or why we ever would have guessed a particular action. Its not a bad game, but its not a particularly fun or satisfying one either.

When you have an interface that insists on doing certain actions in a specific order, AND also insists on you tapping to complete an action to turn something on while having you trying to maintain the merging of two separate images, this not only goes beyond ridiculous, this gets downright frustrating and makes ordinary patient people want to break their iPads in half and course the developers of the game. We love the concept. However, the devs need to keep in mind that if two actions require you to tap at the same time, once to merge and then once to complete a separate action, like turning on a light, then the program recognizes that as a double-tap and backs you out. This game was never meant for tablets and should have never been set up for tablets unless you could have come up with additional instructions for merging or having the scene merging lock itself in some way. Next time, thoroughly test your games before releasing them out into the world. It would save a lot of time and frustration. The concept is awesome and would’ve worked had you workshopped it a little more, but nothing frustrates us more than a game that is incomplete and frustrates the user because the devs didn’t take the time to figure out how to handle merging scenes.

We cant figure out how to connect the truck on the first level its really confusing.

The game is clever and challenging in all the right ways, BUT it was clearly designed for a non-touch interface, as the alignments necessary to get the puzzles to click into place are WAY too finicky. The result is that you know what you need to do but the UI makes it nearly impossible. We gave up at a light switch that was so near another item it was literally impossible to activate without shifting the view and making the switch inaccessible. After 20 mins of frustration we decided to stop wasting our time. Disappointing.

Its a pretty experience with a fascinating puzzle dynamic, but turns out it is next to impossible to play, and you dont even have any interest in playing because there is no story (sorry, cryptic faceless photographs dont count). The hint system is crucial because you never know what to do. If the developers had done any testing with real people this should have been a red flag. We finally gave up when it was impossible to replicate what the hint video did with the lighthouse light. We want our money back.

Read the reviews before purchasing this game. It is completely dysfunctional on touch devices. To say the interface is finicky would be an understatement. No more than a few screens into the game, it was impossible to align the roller with the trapdoor. 100 different angles and tries, no matter. This is not designed for iPads or iPhones. Dont waste money.

Unfortunately, we can’t get past the first puzzle because of a bug that doesn’t allow us to move an object we’re supposed to move, nor does it allow us to save our progress. We watched the walkthrough and we’re clearly doing the right thing. It just doesn’t respond properly on our device, an iPad Pro. Really disappointing that it stopped working at the very beginning. We were really looking forward to this game. Sad.

We cant connect the pin wheel to the trap door we know how to do it but it wont do anything plz fix this issue.

Story not connected at all, so you dont know what to do next. Everything else is okay.

This game left us in awe.. What a beautiful and brilliant game. We had no glitches or problems.

A lot of these solutions are illogical or weirdly convoluted. We found myself using hints on a many of them. We never would have deduced some of these solutions. For example, the light switch only able to be used in the split-second its illuminated. And the pressure plate. There are also some issues with items not connecting that appear to be aligned perfectly but arent.

We have been enjoying it but we got to the point where you turn the bottle to move on and we cant get passed it. According to the hints when you turn the bottle the label is supposed to turn to and then you can complete the section. We can turn the bottle but in the second position the label disappears, making it impossible to complete. Is this a glitch? Besides that, love the game.

It ALAWAYS CRASHED at the scene when that car driving into the garage(just after the introduction). Though we can tell It’s a wonderful game only with that three minutes gameplay(two star for that), we have to ask for a refund.

Crashes when truck drives into the garage. Just bought game 24 hours ago.

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