MONOPOLY Poker – Texas Holdem

Last updated on May 28th, 2023 at 01:25 am

MONOPOLY Poker – Texas Holdem

MONOPOLY Poker - Texas Holdem

MONOPOLY Poker – Texas Holdem is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Youda Games Holding B.V., MONOPOLY Poker – Texas Holdem is a Casino game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 17th August 2020 with the latest update 23rd May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casino, Card, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of MONOPOLY Poker – Texas Holdem ?

2,021 people have rated 1.7.5

What is the price of the MONOPOLY Poker – Texas Holdem ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the MONOPOLY Poker – Texas Holdem released ?

MONOPOLY Poker – Texas Holdem was released on 17th August 2020.

When was the MONOPOLY Poker – Texas Holdem updated ?

The latest updated date of MONOPOLY Poker – Texas Holdem on 23rd May 2023.

Where can MONOPOLY Poker – Texas Holdem be downloaded ?

You can download the game MONOPOLY Poker – Texas Holdem from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to the official MONOPOLY Poker game. Are you ready to conquer the empire of Texas Hold’em poker ?


    There are three types of Texas Holdem you can play including: Cash Games, Sit & Go Tournaments, and super fast Spin & Play Rounds.

    Receive a free stack of poker chips several times a day so you can play for even longer!

    Beat the other players and prove that you’re a true card shark when it comes to Texas Holdem poker.

    Earn as many of the Champions Rings as you can in the Sit & Go Tournaments.

    Only the best players will reach the highest spots!

    Enjoy top notch graphics and animations.

    MONOPOLY Poker is a multiplayer game. Invite your friends to play with you in the tournaments…but will you be able to beat them?

    Show off your Poker skills from São Paulo to Las Vegas.

    The payouts will get bigger and better as you participate in more and more multiplayer tournaments.

    Press your luck and find out if you can win a huge jackpot in this version of Texas Holdem.

    You can enjoy this online poker game whenever and wherever you are with your phone or tablet.

    This is a Texas Holdem PvP game that plays by the rules to keep things fair. MR MONOPOLY shuffles the cards while using the best proven methods. You won’t find any roulette or bingo style poker here!

Do you want to join poker tournaments and become a master of poker? Download MONOPOLY Poker now and start playing today for free! The classic Texas Holdem game, now for mobile and tablets!

MONOPOLY Poker is a Play-For-Fun online poker game that is intended for amusement only. All in-game sales are final. The games are intended for an adult audience (i.e. intended for use by those 21 or older). The games do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at "real money gambling.

The MONOPOLY name and logo, the distinctive design of the game board, the four corner squares, the MR. MONOPOLY name and character, as well as each of the distinctive elements of the board and playing pieces are trademarks of Hasbro for its property trading game and game equipment. © 1935, 2021 Hasbro. All rights reserved.

Updated on 23rd May 2023

  • Bug fixes and general improvements

MONOPOLY Poker – Texas Holdem Review

We dont like the fact that Im forced into playing the highest table when our coins increase. We think we should be able to choose the table.

Second time. We dont think Ill go for a third. Have fun while they let you!

Started out fun but as soon as you start spending any real money to get chips he prepared to lose it all in hopes youll buy again. Also the tables are on a timer so you will see some unreal flops to end the game on time.

Fun to get all the money and build out the board as well as playing sit and go. The problem is as much as the developer say the deck is random, statistically its extremely improbable every 50-100 hands you see 4 of a kind and flop is always double AA in such frequency. Straight are rare and flush seems to dominant. While cards are random. Assignment of these cards seems to have a luck attribute assigned to each game player during a set time period and designed to move the game up and down in money such that it will nudge gamer to do in game purchase. A probability AI revenue maximization model also seem to be in place to extract in game purchase when luck goes up and down hard to wipe out the gamer making buyin more likely to happen. Its poker but not very real.

Not bad game but dont play black jack he will beat u so many times with his lucky draws.

Retired military veteran and when we take the time to write a review its because something was VERY BAD, or very good. This game is worse than bad. Its obvious they have it rigged for you to lose your chips so you have to go and purchase more with your hard earned money. Beware you will lose on the river every time to milk your chips to bot players. Find a better game and save some money!

There are so many instances where the flop has paid in them that in real world situation just doesnt hold up probability wise. Also in a 5 person poker game, the fact that everyone has high cards just arent high yet the game will encourage betting and follow on bets with everyone having high cards. In addition, having number of 4 of a kind and straight flush doesnt happen a lot in real world yet happens often in the game. The game also seems to ride folks up in chips and then rigged make the person keep losing with lousy cards. This is designed for person to buy in game chips and money ??!!! Much going thru big data and finding out tuning peoples luck and cards encourage chip buying behavior. All in all, the poker isnt real based on plays.

We find this much more like a real tournament.

Good game if you just want to pass the time playing a fun game, if you dont take it too seriously. You can build up a nice stack of chips, but then suffer losing hand after hand. Purely random. Theres no skill involved or needed. We would compare this to a bunch of kids trying to play cards.

Good concept and terrible execution. Worse poker app ever. Disrespectful to poker. All the effort to make this app was a waste. We wish this app was redone. The execution of the intertwining the poker and monopoly is unclear. Poker isnt even played in this game. Its just a bunch of people going all in with limited bets that are unadjustable in no limit poker. Money grabber app dont dont load. Its poker at a 2 year concept and only a waste of time. Monopoly is lost from the concept and should exclude them selves from who ever was ok of releasing this app.

Spent 50$ due to our addictive gamiblingn habits and this mustache ****** just takes our money like its nothing. Games rigged pointless and has no existence on our iPhones storage any longer. Png.

Game is not rng based, forces you to wanna buy chips. You will get high amounts of money and instantly drop down to zero, cant even let you play.

We tried other apps that had poker and they just seemed to complicated their was to much stuff going on. All we wanted to do was play some poker. Monopoly poker is easy to play the have a monopoly board where you can earn easy money when your broke. The only we wish they should add would be some other casino type games instead of just poker. They have lucky dice and we personally love lucky dice its so easy to win money and lose money. Instead of betting with people that dont even understand how to play poker. We think some of it is rigged but its still fun.

Get this game and you will play it.

Spin and play for 100k chips buy in – it ALWAYS lands on 200k to win , tired of wasting our time to win a measly 100k chips .. Boring – so we usually just leave the table and lose our 100k buy in.. So thinking of just deleting app as tournaments/ sit and gos are kinda lame and limited.

The game is designed to exploit your habitual taps and will constantly default to highest chip values of tables making it so you might accidentally wager your whole bankroll unwittingly. It also surrounds the ads for chip purchases with links to immediate checkout so be careful when trying to close those windows as they really are trying to get you to accidentally spend money! LUCKY DICE we were up to 1.5billion chips earned through pure gameplay and no purchases. There is a daily task of playing 30games of lucky dice. We normally do this with 5k chips but we guess it didnt register our 5k bet and was betting 200m per roll, and we didnt even know it because it runs in the background! Before we knew it our 1.5b was reduced to 200m and we wasnt even there to enjoy losing it. We contacted support about this clear error and they just blamed us saying we must have intended this bet since its what was submitted. More horse crap trying to get us to buy chips. Edit: more support citing user error instead of predatory design.

If you love poker (or if you just want to learn how to play) but you dont like the idea of spending real money, and you like high quality graphics and just an all-around great user experience, THIS IS IT. We loooove this game.

App no longer opens at all. Stop "fixing" apps that aren’t broken please.

Work on your security we want Real RNG.

Can you please add a mode where we can go against our friends instead of trying to invite someone and spam clicking the invite to only just barely miss it please if you do we will give 5 stars.

However so many douche bags think its real lol.

Algorithms are being used to make you win consecutively to draw you in. Then after awhile youll lose. This is a form of psyops for addiction. After you lose, your passion to win again will rise, this making you spend money to get there. And when you do, it will repeat the process. Anyone else catching on to this? The game is amazing besides that, but greedy people are steering the wheel!

Like all poker games this is NOOOO different design to get you to spend money!!!! No way that we hit 4 flushes in a row ON THE RIVER its like a Billion to 1 odds but it happened????? After building a bank to 3 million 10-12 bad beats in A ROW ON THE RIVER!!!! Its obviously rigged its a little better then WSOP but just a little in the end like EVERYTHING in this word its designed to rip you off!!!! Wish someone ANYONE would make a real ODDS game this isnt even close to one!!! Also it allows the all in on the first hand guys with a 3-9 to win vs AJ AK extremely often to get you to lose your chips and BUY MORE!!!! Game is shady like most are!!!!

This app is a crook, it stole our chips, after we built them up with paying a penny. We are we good poker player. What a waste.

Monopoly and poker how can it get better Atlantic City squared.

We enjoy it Soooo much! Most of the players are greatly talented and friendly! We cant help but come back every day!!!

This app is a complete scam, it targets people who spend money and makes them lose.

Game is pretty good as far as a poker game goes. With that said, the reason for the 1 star is the game constantly steals your chips. Many times in the middle of a hand the game times out and either folds our winning hand or takes to long for us to act. Also after we have won a table game, multiple time the game has timed out, sending us back to the lobby without our winnings or even the initial chips we paid into for the game that was stolen from us. SMH terrible system, needs improving.

Game always lags on us and we know is not our network because nothing else lags like this always drops us when Im on a great hand or top 3 on touney.

Awesome game we love gambling. Even when we run out of chips the game gives us more eventually so we dont have to spend money. We love gambling awesome game. The gambling aspect is great its like gambling without the repercussions.

Its fun but the blinds move up way too fast in sit n gos and spin and plays to the point where its just luck and it actually auto plays. It also feels rigged a lot. The win and loss streaks are like clockwork.

We have noticed the last week that multiple times we’ve won the game but got 2nd place. Lost out on money and a ring point.

Terrible game that is based off of rng for your opponents that are more than likely ai. Just a money grab and if u played poker perfectly you would still ultimately lose due to something dumb.

We honestly wish real money poker apps were made as good as this game is. Great UI, multi tabling on by default, clean game selection, good bankroll support, good progression systems, playing the game is absolutely amazing. The game rewards you for being reckless a lot so play loose and enjoy the funny moments. Great work dev team.

The game is fun, but too many people just all in turn 1. Would be better if they got rid of them.

Full disclosure – we love this game. We also dont like leaving bad reviews but Im hoping someone sees this and fixes the issue because it makes this great game feel Scammy Issue: There have been several occasions we have entered a Spin and play game with the remainder of our chips – we end up winning the match and the game takes all our chips away? The screen shows: TOO BAD! YOU LOST. Unfortunately you didnt win anything . And in the background it shows our character with all 30,000 chips, and our opponents have nothing left and the game is done..? So back to the lobby we go. Chip-less after winning our match again. The only two options left at that point are to wait long enough to generate enough chips to play.. Or to actually spend real money and buy more chips. Ironically- the game typically throws a Chip Sale!! Advertisement in our face upon arrival in the lobby. We have screenshots of us being robbed of our most recent winnings tonight if anyone at your company cares enough to see.. Please fix!

The quality is amazing and everything else is amazing too.

Dont bother the reviews are lies. The RNG is the absolute worst. You can play for hours and get nowhere. Delete the app and then play again for less than that time and still achieve the same thing. You constantly lose. People just turtle you until everyone is gone and they get hand after hand thats good. Its like the game favors the person folding over and over again.

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