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Mr Jack Pocket


Mr Jack Pocket is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Meeple Touch S�rl, Mr Jack Pocket is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 16th May 2014 with the latest update 14th March 2018

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Board, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


35 people have rated 2.0.5

You can download the game Mr Jack Pocket from APP STORE.


The faithful adaptation of the board game: Mr. Jack Pocket! The famous and thrilling 2-player cat-and-mouse game.
The Pocket version tweaks the rules for shorter, more intense games.

Whitechapel, 1888. Despite the police’s best efforts, Jack is still on the loose. The famous Sherlock Holmes is tasked with ending the crime spree of this maniac. But Jack has a few tricks up his sleeves and disguised himself as one of the detectives on the crime scene! It is up to Sherlock to unmask the madman; but he must hurry, or Jack will vanish into the night…

Each player endorses one role: Sherlock or Jack.
Sherlock’s goal is to clear every other investigator until there is only one left: the one Jack is impersonating. In order to achieve this, he will need to have line of sight over his fellow detectives; each night Jack will have to tell if he is currently visible or not, allowing Sherlock to eliminate suspects. On the opposing side, Jack’s goal is only to delay the investigation until dawn, when he can escape. Each night, both players will be able to reshape the board in order to shed a dim light on the streets of the city, or to remain hidden in the shadows…

Play against an adjustable AI to sharpen your mind or test your cunning against players from all around the world!

To sum up, the game features:

  • The universe of Whitechapel inspired from the original board game, digitally modernized
  • A tactical gameplay for tensed games
  • A solo offline mode and an online mode

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Languages available: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Updated on 14th March 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Bug fix : online game

Mr Jack Pocket Reviews

A great deduction puzzle, and perfect for a 5-6 minute game. We’ve played this to death, and we’ve seen our skill with it grow steadily – we thought it was simply impossible at first, but then we learned to anticipate the AIs moves and plan ahead for subsequent rounds. The interface is a little glitchy on our iPad (and the game is simply too small to be enjoyable on our phone), but Ill forgive the clunkiness because we enjoy the game so much. We’ve logged over 1,200 plays in Medium difficulty, with (according to the app) a 70% win rate, and we still rate this as our go to game for a quick break.

A fun game, and we can win about half the time on easy. But two issues: When the computer plays the wild card token (move anyone) about half the time it moves no one but expends the token anyway. This is not allowed, as far as we know, and can mess up our strategy. A bug. A cancel button would also be nice when you touch the wrong icon. Thanks.

We read this comment above several times before downloading and we couldnt agree more. Solid game, definitely a good puzzle, but we think it would receive a 5th star from us if we had the ability to undo and go back to select a different action if we change our mind once we select the action Im gonna do.

Needs update. Crashes daily in mid game. Otherwise its a great hard game to play. Please update.

Game become unplayable after a few turns. :(

Fun game, but is unstable with latest iOS.

As other reviewers have suggested, this game is poorly balanced. We dont have a problem with the AI, because we think it would be easier to beat if the game were designed better. The biggest problem seems to be the suspect cards that give Jack extra sandglasses, which prematurely ends the game. The detectives have 6 turns to find Jack, but if he picks up a card that gives him 2 sandglasses on the first turn and another that also gives him 2 sandglasses on the second turn, thats game over. Thats not the AI being cleverI can win in 2 turns doing that if Im playing as Jack, too! Playing as Jack on any difficulty is way easier than playing as Sherlock on the easiest setting. Its no fun when your AI opponent has the game mechanics working in their favor and you never get the full 6 turns to do your best. The suspect cards should be reworked or just removed entirely.

Game play is smooth, graphics are great. Super fun game. Nearly impossible to beat even on easy. Out of the 15 games we’ve played. We’ve only won 2. We feel as though the computer plays cards to make sure the computer wins and every once in a while throws us a bone so we dont give up and quit playing. Its not because Im bad at the game. Its because cards are getting played to constantly cater to the computer and we dont really even have a choice but to lose the round. Great game. Terrible algorithm.

Great game, but app crashes every time we play it.

Have had the app for a long time. It worked really well for quite a while. It has recently started freezing up. Big bummer as our son and we play this a lot.

Buyer beware. App will freeze or crash, and its impossible to play a game with a friend. Refunding immediately.

After purchasing Mr Jack Pocket, have tried to use the Duel mode several times. Always get the above error. The login to Asmodee is correct because it works for Ticket to Ride. Because we cant get logged in, the Mr Jack app is useless to us. Have tried contacting Asmodee on several occasions with no response.

We’ve never played he game before. This tutorial does not even explain the basic of the game like which characters are portrayed by which icons and what makes something visible versus not.

Cannot play online duel. They game crashes and kicks us both out of the game.

We can’t speak to the online play time limit and we believe that may be legitimate. HOWEVER, this app is not too hard! Challenging AI is a genuine boon in games like this and playing against this AI has made us better at the game. We think its quality is a huge plus. Interface is great despite minor, minor quibbles quibbles. This is an excellent pocket puzzler that I’d recommend to fans of deduction games or the mr jack series more broadly.

We have the app and the board game and we play them both all the time with our wife. Thanks! Keep ’em coming, Asmodee!

We’ve logged about 40 games and we can say confidently now that on easy we can win about 50% of the time. The game is VERY tough on easy to start with. It’s like a chess game. You have to really concentrate and anticipate where the AI can/will move. But it is very manageable once you take the time to learn it. Fun game. Well made. We should’ve had more faith in Asmodee!

A very good adaptation of the card game. Enjoyable one or two player, whether you’re Jack or his pursuers. Does a decent job of explaining the rules, but once you figure it out, it can really hurt your brain trying to think one step ahead of your opponent.

Brilliant game, beautifully done. I’d give it five stars if we were ever able to actually win at it in Solo Mode, even on the Easy setting. The AI is way too strong. We seriously have never won in that mode.

When playing solo the computer as Jack wins at 5 hour glasses and not 6. When you play solo as Jack you need to fill all 6 hour glasses to win. Still fun and a challenge.

The game is a great two player game. After buying the app we will likely buy the board game. Pass and play works great. We do have a gripe that there should be the ability to undo a move to fix an accidental screen tap, etc. And there are a few things about the user interface that are a bit buggy so we have deducted a star. But the biggest problem is the online play. There is a 45 second time limit on your turn that you can’t adjust and if you exceed the time limit it aborts the game. There isn’t even an option to continue the game, it is just gone…. Very lame. Also, if you are playing an online game and you switch to another app or turn off your phone the game aborts. Come on guys…. How about online play with push notifications when it is your turn…. Take some lessons from the coding monkeys with their port of Carcassonne (if you have not downloaded Carcassonne yet do it now, best game board port ever!). Asmodee and Days of Wonder merged a couple years ago but they must have different app developers for their digital games. Ticket to ride offers a much higher caliber of online play than this game. Despite all this, we would recommend purchasing the app. It is a very fun game with a quick play time.

We love the premise of this game but if you are playing against the computer, it’s almost impossible to win… Even in easy mode. We play against our husband in local mode and it is more enjoyable. In easy mode the computer shouldn’t be so hard to beat. We are not a dumb person but out of twenty games we only won once.

Not fun to play. The cards and tokens almost always stacked against you. Not random. Kills the joy of playing. Don’t buy if you hate feeling futile. But it’s fun to play with someone else who is human.

This is a really fun strategy game however the interface needs work… Hoping the developers will read this. 1) There is no way to exit out of a game once you start. You have to shut down the app. 2) When you rotate tiles, the check mark is too big. We keep hitting it by mistake before it’s in the right place. Super annoying because then you have to shut down the game to start again. 3) The tutorial should have forward and back buttons so you don’t have to watch the whole thing if you miss something. Other than these seemingly small but very impactful annoyances, it’s a great game and I’d change the rating to 4 maybe even 5.

If we have one complaint, it’s that the designers really need to reevaluate the levels on their AI. We’re all for a challenge but the AI on this for Easy Difficulty should really be Middle or Hard. Even on Easy Mode it makes no mistakes, it never errors in your favor. Most times it gives you no options. Hard Mode, so far, seems nearly impossible to beat. Critical tiles get cut off in round one and the AI works to make sure you can never get a clear line to them. Think you’ve got it, the AI will find a way to undo that before the round is over. Every time. That’s fine for Hard Mode. But there’s not much difference between Easy and Hard Mode and that may discourage a lot of players. It may also really frustrate a lot of people into giving up. Other than that, we really wish the game had some kind of undo feature. Whether it’s accidentally swiping the wrong piece or inadvertently hitting "okay" instead of rotating a piece another quarter turn, there are a lot of easy mistakes to make that will sink your entire game. Sadly there’s no way to correct any of these. There’s no undo. There’s no "are you sure", you’re just kind of stuck. We also with pieces were titles more clearly. The game allows you to include several real life suspects, but you’ll never know who they are because you can’t see names and cards flash pretty quickly. Over all a decent challenging game that may drive away the easily frustrated.

So the tutorial shows this magic setup where jack actually moves your investigators to see more suspects. We have yet to see more than three on any turn, most of the time seeing one or zero. The AI is brutal. The tutorial should give tips on how to form strategies rather than a lucky play through.

Easy is super hard. The two player on one iPad is good. No one ever online. Just like all the other apps sadly.

Solo mode is clearly rigged against you. If you’re the investigator, the CPU obviously changes Jack’s identity throughout the game to prevent any early Jack reveals. The law of averages would say that in some games the investigator would "see" Jack on an early turn, but that never, ever happens here. The AI never gives up a "Jack is seen" result until your down to 3 or 4 suspects at best. Doesn’t ring true.

Just too difficult to win, either as Jack or the Investigator, even in easy mode. Really, no fun.

App is now comparable with 6+. Thanks.

After finally being able to play the game after months of it not working with the 6S, this game is 5 stars.

We waited and waited to try this. And it is wonderful and so well-done. Every little detail of the game works–the music, atmosphere, graphics, AI–really, beyond compare. You won’t regret buying this–it’s the perfect game for thinking people.

Very fun strategy/puzzle game. Worth the money. AI is genuinely challenging.

Simple, yet surprisingly strategic. Short gameplay, yet truly in-depth. Plus, an incredible replay value. Not only that, but the game developers created an amazing digital replica of the board game. With that being said, its no wonder we have only two recommendations for future updates: 1) An "undo" option 2) With the original rules in mind: an update that makes all three detectives at the beginning of the game facing a wall.

What a perfect game. Totally worth $6. We have only two problems- 1) some animations are much too slow, even w the fast option selected; 2) blitz mode. Seriously? You don’t have any time to think – it might as well be random.

First off we want to say we do enjoy the challenging nature of the game and deduction element. That being said there are a few small improvements that we think would make play flow better. For people who play on the iPhone, it would be very helpful to have the the portrayed that is on the street on the character card. We’ve had a few games as Jack where we think we’re the wrong person because we can’t actually tell who we are from such a small card. Second, when adding the optional character it would be nice to have a description of what they do. Instead we had to select them one at a time and start a new game, try and figure out what is different, then quit, and select the next just to understand how they changed the game. We’re still not sure what Lizzie Williams adds. Lastly, it would make the game a lot more fun to play if there was an undo when selecting your action. We have fat uncoordinated fingers and some times we hit the wrong chip. Though this is something from the physical game where there are no take backsies, and you HAVE to complete the action you chose.

It’s a good representation of the physical game. The AI, even on easy, has an uncanny knack for knowing who Jack is. It’s possible to beat it, but only if the tokens come up right for you.

The game lacks a good tutorial. It doesn’t tell what some of the cards mean, and/or the movement possibilities of the inspectors. We have played and still wonder how we won/lost. The interface and actions take time to learn & think to understand… It’s just an ok game… Nothing more.

We love the board game. This is not it. No instructions on how to play. Have to even guess at the tutorial how to play it. It is really difficult to know if you are hitting buttons or not, since the buttons don’t change or make a sound. We thought the screen froze, but nope the touch buttons are just super sensitive and we had to hit repeatedly like 10 times for it to work. We hope they improve the app, because we think it could be fun otherwise.

We bought this hoping it would be the same as the board game that our girlfriend and we like to play. However, although the theme is the same, the gameplay is significantly different. Maybe other people have had different experiences, but we don’t think the authors did a good job with game balance in how they reworked the board game. At least when playing against the computer, we find that the turns on which you (the human player) has two moves in a row are the only useful turns; on the other terms, the computer can do so much to screw up your moves that they’re more or less wasted. Every game seems to end up the same way; we either lose or win on the very last turn. Like tic-tac-toe, just with prettier graphics. We would also agree with some of the other reviewers that the documentation is incomplete and poorly written.

We still cannot get even the tutorial characters to actually move. This game makes zero sense.

This is how a game needs to be implemented on the iOS. The mini-tutorials are excellent and should be included in all games to give some education into basic tactics related to that particular game. The features included add interest and much repeatability, including blitz mode, new character tiles, and multiplayer. However, this game does not allow for online multiplayer (on an iPhone!), so we cannot in good conscience give this game five stars until then. There is a visual bug when one side collects a large number of suspect cards. Also, allowing easier tile rotation would be appreciated.

Does not work on iPhone 6s. :(

Whether the difficulty is in easy or hard the AI seems to play the exact same way. If the game is going to offer difficulty levels, it would be nice if they meant something. Other than that it is an awesome game.

It seems the app isn’t compatible with iOS 8. The game won’t even launch.

While we own the physical version of Mr Jack Pocket, we can’t always find someone to play. This is even more portable and easier to set up, incorporates an excellent AI, and contains a fun Blitz (timed) mode. Even with all this, can you justify owning both the physical and iOS versions? Ask yourself this: would a chess player own both a physical board and software versions of the game? Given the superb quality of this app, the answer for us is a clear Yes. For those who haven’t played before, there a brief and useful tutorial that scales nicely. We wish the developer cleaned up a few typos — otherwise, this is an perfect purchase for anyone interested in quick logic deduction games.

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