Agricola All Creatures 2p

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Agricola All Creatures 2p


Agricola All Creatures 2p is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Asmodee Digital, Agricola All Creatures 2p is a Strategy game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 16th August 2016 with the latest update 1st March 2018

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


24 people have rated 1.44

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Agricola: All Creatures Big & Small is a digital adaptation of Uwe Rosenberg’s award-winning two-player board game featuring farming and livestock breeding.

You’re in charge of growing a farm from its simple beginnings — just a hut and some fields. Send your workers to the village market to barter for goods and livestock. Breed different animals. Eventually, with your ever-growing animal population and special buildings, you’ll compete against your neighbors to see who has the best farm!

You only have three workers in each of the eight rounds, so make your decisions count. Play against AI, or claim your plot on a worldwide leaderboard and become a strategy game legend.


  1. Experience another faithful boardgame conversion from the studio behind Le Havre: The Inland Port and Patchwork.
  2. Engage in exciting 1v1 cross-platform multiplayer matches against players from all over the world.
  3. Focus on breeding the largest and most varied livestock.
  4. Use the Playback feature to review your best games and learn new tricks from the pros.
  5. Stay on your toes with challenging AI.

Updated on 1st March 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Agricola Version 1.44

  • Fixed some instances where the game would crash if you would try to exit it when animation was playing.
  • Rearranging animals now updates the score immediately
  • Fixed an endless loop in the AI where it would sometimes optimise its animal placements forever

Agricola All Creatures 2p Reviews

While the online player community is very strong and plentiful, and this is a pretty nice looking adaptation of Uwes classic 2P Agricola, the AI is basically nonexistent, with the computer choosing the same response to each action, so that you can play exactly the same game every time. So unless youre buying this to play online, you would be better off buying other board game emulators. On the other hand, if you like playing online opponents, this game is a great value, because the army of online Agricola enthusiasts will be only too ready to school you in this game. The worst drawback is that there is no back button. Once you select an action, youre committed. As it wouldnt effect an opponents virtual tabletop experience to be able to test out a move before submitting it, there is no reason for this.

We buy digital board games to play our favorite games on the go. We dont have a huge need for fancy graphics or sound. We even forgive a bad UI because Im a good sport and we figure it out and just deal with it (and this game has awful UI choices). The one thing that irks us more than anything, however, is a bad solo AI. And thats what this game has. It should be called: Agricola – the Bad AI. We have beaten the AI on hard mode every time. It never puts up a challenge. And because of that, Im bored of the game now. Im done with it. Bummer.

The AL opponent gets 4 points for every farm expansion that is NOT filled. If ours are not filled we get no points.

This game offers cross platform play, but wont allow you to use the same account on Steam and iOS. Also is not full screen on our device. What a waste of money.

It’s a great implementation of the board game.

Still waiting for a second expansion. :/

The graphics are a bit weak: low resolution and half baked. The menus are not intuitive. And worst of all there is no back button. But overall it’s true to the board game and runs well.

This game is a lot of fun but it refuses to let us log on, which is extremely frustrating when we’re trying to play it with friends.

This could have, and still can be, a great app. Unfortunately it crashes every time you rearrange animals during a game. Happened on our iPhone 6 and partner’s iPhone 5 during EVERY game we tried and played. Couldn’t actually finish a game due to this bug. Contemplating a refund as it’s almost unplayable- rearranging animals is a pretty important part of this game. Please fix this issue. Patchwork runs so smoothly, how can this important aspect of Agricola: All Creatures be so buggy to the point of crashing?

The game looks great, and seems like it would play well, however the app frequently loses state, crashes, or hangs, requiring a restart making multi-player with a friend a near impossible exercise in frustration.

Poor interface choices make this game much more opaque than it needs to be. At the table this game is easy to understand. This app hides this from the player and makes it difficult top see the state of the game. Why they did not just replicate the look and feel of the board band is beyond us.

Quality, fun, cute, worth the price, a wonderful board game adaptation.

We downloaded after seeing some good reviews. Not sure if it’s because of iOS 10, or what, but we find it quite buggy. We’ve tried to play two games, and am exploring the app by clicking around. Both games became unstable/failed. Wouldn’t let us complete an action, or action discs disappear, etc. Hope to change review soon!

Sometimes it won’t let us go back to market view from farm view no matter what you tab.

Excellent adaptation of the board game! Visually a bit cluttered and disorganized, but still very fun to play!

Great game, definitely worth it. However, there are some bugs that cause the app to crash when trying to move animals around or taking certain actions, where you are forced to take another action to bypass the glitch. Also, could use a detailed manual on scoring.

We had a gripe that the background for the Special Buildings pop-up text was too dark to read comfortably but we’ve since discovered it’s just "dimmed" and becomes lighter once you have the resources to build it. We still say in the dimmed state it’s a little too dark as you need to read each one trying to decide the one you want so you can gather the resources. So, even in the dimmed state they should lighten the backgroound a little. We still don’t like that "bar"up at the top during Local Games as it serves no purpose but the Devs say it’s here to stay. Anyway, this is a fun little game, well made, and (so far) bug free. We’ve read the extra buldings in the IAP add lots of variability and we think we see an option in the game where they can be selected for play randomly or we can choose the ones we want. If so, that’s a nice feature so we can mix and match the buildings we enjoy most.

This game is fantastic and Digidiced did a really good job adapting it for iOS.

It’s a very gorgeous implementation of the game. At first our multiplayer was broken, but logging out of and back into Game Center fixed this. The AI for the game is pretty bad, so stick to online play for a good opponent.

Agricola ACBAS is one of our favorite 2-player worker placement board games. It’s ported over just like Patchwork and Le Havre, which are also great board games. The interface takes a little getting used to as its not a simple scan of the physical copy, it’s built from scratch to utilize the added features of digital. However, once the UI learning curve is mastered, it’s a fun edition if you don’t feel like setting up the board game.

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