Music Dash – Full Mod Fight

Last updated on September 20th, 2022 at 09:05 pm

Music Dash – Full Mod Fight

Music Dash - Full Mod Fight

Music Dash – Full Mod Fight is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Dalian Jingmao Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd., Music Dash – Full Mod Fight is a Music game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 12th August 2021 with the latest update 14th September 2022

Whether you are a fan of Music, Entertainment, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Music Dash – Full Mod Fight ?

10,973 people have rated 3.1.3

What is the price of the Music Dash – Full Mod Fight ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Music Dash – Full Mod Fight released ?

Music Dash – Full Mod Fight was released on 12th August 2021.

When was the Music Dash – Full Mod Fight updated ?

The latest updated date of Music Dash – Full Mod Fight on 14th September 2022.

Where can Music Dash – Full Mod Fight be downloaded ?

You can download the game Music Dash – Full Mod Fight from Apple Official App Store.



Music Dash is a rhythm running game.

How to play:
1 Choose your song
2 Control with one finger
3 Hit the notes with various weapons

Play with game, anime, EDM music.

Key features:
1 Massive hot songs
2 Exciting and challenging tracks

Free New Songs! Check the game!

Music Dash is a music game from Jingmao Tec. Contact us by App Store or email below. We’re looking forward to your game feedback to improve our game!

[email protected]

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Updated on 14th September 2022

General update, More content, Bug fixed

Music Dash – Full Mod Fight Review

This game makes you have to watch 1000,0000,900 ads its stupid dumb your a idiot if you made this game and deleted off the App Store.

We hate this game its to HARD once we downloaded it when we did the intro we were like oh this is easy, lets try friends to your end and it took us 10 REIVIVES to get to green so we were like we QUIT.

What if we got so far and we just lose.

FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN has always been our favorite game it has been our favorite game ever since it came out and we just really like the characters the storyline and we really like the characters especially boyfriend and girlfriend we’ve always kind of liked boyfriend the most but also girlfriend the same cause boyfriend has you know he can beep and bop and you know and thats basically the language speaks in so Im reading this game five stars out of five not just because we like Friday night Funkin because we want to support even rip offs of Friday night Funkin.

Its amazing but has too many ads :/

This game is insanely awesome but please add Isolated from Funkin. Avi and Convo vs Hecker plz they are us and our brothers favorite FNF songs thank you.

This game is the best and is is cool.

This game has everything we love, Music,Challenges, manly music. BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!

We gave this a 5 stars because we really like it first when we saw this ad we thought it was fake like those free roboux ads but gave it a try and we LOVE ITbut the ads why so many ads but except the ads we ove the game but we wish there were all the weeks and mobs in the game like fnf and some songs like anoying orange sliced but everyone sings it we wish when you a dirffent character singing we wish you turn into the character but we like it and we love this more then beat battle cause when you only miss one note you just die and some songs say it is easy but for us IT IS NOT so we like this more then beat battle.

Thank you for his game we love its time to get funky.

We love the game but the ads they sometimes show up Randomly sooo Pls can you get rid of the ads PLEASE!!!!!

Best game ever. Songs are lit love it.

This game is so fun and easy for starters avoid the black and red arrows hit the arrows that are different colors you can choose characters like sonic,tails,Huggy wuggy,kissy missy,mommy long legs,bunzo,and even a baby!! We prefer doing sonic songs because there fast and hard so try it for yourself.

Its literally our first time playing and we already enjoy it.

Guys if u are saying rude things about games please dont because all of these people work very hard to bring us good games so please do NOT say rude things about games because these people work very hard.(I love this game)

Can you please add rainbow friends as a singer you can get from the packs in the shop.

It is a… GOOD GAME but when we played goodbye world it is huggy wuggy.

We got this game thinking it would be crappy but it is fun but NO MORE ADDS.

This game is absolutely amazing we swear this is one of the best games we’ve ever played in our life.

We have been in love with Friday night funkin witch is fnf and soooooo much poppy playtime in the game and we love the game all Together but the addddddddddddddddddddddds! There should be less because if you play a song and you play a ad first sounds ok but if you lose you have to watch another ad like come on! Thats a down side on music dash so pls fix it its a great game tho everything but the ads is good.

This game is truly awesome because its like beat saber but mobile and also its FNF and Im a big fan of FNF and we would totally recommend this game its super fun.

We take it back of what we said its really good.

This game came up on an add and we say to myself this looks fake but now we play it 24 hours a day.

We love this game so much Its is fun it has so many cool stuff and songs we hope you get it its so fun.

Ok so With all this fake ads taking our time away. After a while a saw an ad that looked interesting and it was this game so we downloaded the game at first we thought it was gonna be fake and crappy until we played it so after a while we wanted to list 5 reasons why this game is so AMAZING. Number 5 just to say we love the characters and graphics it reminds us about the real free night funckin . Number 4 also the songs are really good and match the real songs also its good for jamming to it our favorite is fleetway sonic. Number 3 its good this game isnt a scam or fake whoever made this game is the best. Number2 this game is really fun and it passes time. Reason 1 and finally the last reason why all of these mixed together makes it a really good game we dont know how anything bad kill with this game whoever made this game youre the AMAZING .

We keep on dieding on ending seasons and yea.

We love this game and the song unhappy.

Hey, we just played your game and OH BOY, its the best rhythm game we have on our phone. But it would be nice if you could reduce the amount of ads in the game, it sometimes makes the game slow after we watch the ad. But even that, the game is still great!

We love this game so much we like most fnf games but the controlls feel a bit slippery so we dont feel in controll at all times but still a great game.

This game doesnt have fnf sky mod and theres not that munch skins so keep working on updates.

We wish you can make the player jump speaking of player can you add more players pls and can you add mods we type pls thanks bye.

The game is overral great, The ADs get extremely annoying and the death notes instantkill. Maybe in the future had a HP feature similar to how the fnf healthbar works?

We like the game a lot but we hate the ads.

We were playing this game it showed an ad that was a very inappropriate for kids.

What happen to tails and sonic.

Hi! Thank you for adding tails to the game he is our favorite. All we ask is that if you could please add more sonic characters! Please and thank you! Oh and one more thing could you add Pokmon? If not thats ok we’re fine with the sonic characters. Please and thank you.

We really like the game for its fast gameplay like other game dont have but Its lacking something, songs. To make the game potentially one of the best dash games out there we need more songs. Adding songs every week maybe? We know it sounds like a lot but the results could be big. But this is just our opinion after all.

We love this game so much it is a good game we want it to be a five star app it is a relaxing game if your bored play this game.

When we first saw this game on an ad it looked fun but we were too lazy to download it so we just skipped the ad and we thought we were never going to see the ad again but boy was we wrong. It keep showing up everywhere when we were watching YouTube or when we were playing an game etc so we eventually gave in and put our laziness aside and downloaded the game. It took an few minutes to download the game because we didnt have that much storage left on our phone but that aside we opened the game and ngl we were excited to play so when we played the first song (which was the huggy wuggy one) the controls or should we saw the moving was an bit slippery so if you move the character just an little to hard you would get sent sliding to an place that didnt have your notes or you will get hit by the npc notes (which you would die from) and we ended up having to be very careful about how we move our finger to control the character or else we will mis an not or die from an note and another thing we have with this was the one hit you die because of the slippery controls when you hit the dark red notes you instantly die from it which we didnt really like so Ill give you our suggestion you should make an 3 life heart thing so that if you get hit by one of the notes you will still have 2 lifes left or 1 life left but other then that we found this game very fun and we would definitely recommend this game to anyone that touch their screen and move the control lightly so 4 stars for me.

We like this game but there are a lot of ads, we need to see an ad to play a song, we need to see an ad to be revived, we see an ad when we finish a song. Theres just too many advertisements in this game, also some of the songs that we like arent here like nerves hazy river, milk, and hungry. We would really like to see these songs because we love them and its a shame that there not included.


This game is very addicting. There is not many ads and there are one interrupting you during a battle. It is very simple and easy to play. And the song are amazing to! We know this is an off brand FNF game but this is the best one we have ever downloaded and played. We recommend others should download this.

Amazing Game! We Love It So Much we Rate This 5 Stars!

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