Line Rider

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Line Rider


Line Rider is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by David Lu, Line Rider is a Action game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 9th August 2019 with the latest update 11th April 2021

Whether you are a fan of Action, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


94 people have rated 2.7.5

You can download the game Line Rider from APP STORE.


Draw a track for the sledder to ride on! The classic and super addictive sandbox game, Line Rider is now available with multiple riders, audio import, and new features to help you create your track:

  • Scrub through the timeline to go to any point in time.
  • Pause in the middle of the track and see live physics updates as you draw.
  • Visualize the trajectory of the sledder with onion skin.
  • Move, adjust, and copy lines with the select tool.

Updated on 11th April 2021

Fixed "Receipt hash invalid" issue.

Line Rider Reviews

How do you buy the full version?

Please add a show skeleton option to this version.

Idk how to play other peoples levels, are you meant to be able to do it?

This game is great and really unique and great, but theres a clone of it called, Line Driver which takes footage from content creators of this game and uses it in their adds without their permission. This is the original game tho and it doesnt spam adds ever 30 seconds so delete your knockoff Line Driver and download this.

Excellent apps! A small request – Please make the iPhone/iPad app available for M1 MacBook as well.

We need the skeleton to do more complex tricks. We would love to be able to see the hit box of the lines and the contact points of the rider like on the website version!!

Pleas developers tell us how to play other peoples tracks.

As someone who has sunk hours into this game we strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a creative mobile sandbox game. Its the original, and its the best.

Fun game but we are disappointed that our tracks arent saving, despite the fact that we hit save, causing us to lose hard work.

We have loved this game since we were eight years old. When we saw the new app, we immediately bought it. We have made three tracks over the past three days. Each one has taken us over two hours to complete, and we have named and saved every single one within the app. We save as we go just to make sure none of our work is lost. Every time we close the app and come back to it, all of our tracks are gone. The first time we were sad. After three times, we are devastated. If we cannot go back and enjoy our hard work, there is no point to this game. Im sorry. One star.

Since this is 3$, there should be more things. Now dont get us wrong, just cause there is not a lot of tools doesnt mean theres nothing to do, but we do wish there were way more things to make the track more complicated. For example, a randomized track which whenever you hit play to start it, theres a 50/50 chance for the randomizer lines to be there. And you should also be able to add a custom one. So like theres a plus button where the track buttons are, and when you click it it brings you to a check mark place, and you can check off invisible and it will be invisible, you could also check off Speed and it will be invisible AND make you go faster. Idk, just an idea.

We think there is a slight glitch though, because whenever it autosaves, the banner that is saying it is autosaving does not go away. We end up closing and restarting the app every time it autosaves to keep playing, which can be very annoying sometimes. It is saving though, since when we restart our progress from last autosave is there. Also, it would be incredible, maybe on a future update, to offer some of the features line rider advanced does, particularly being able to see the lines hotbox and the riders contact points. We just started playing this game and we love the exciting tricks other people are able to pull off, but many are using those tools in LRA to do it. Just a thought :) Otherwise great game guys!

The app is a well-performance application. However, we havent been able to upload music. We do not have any music/audio files, and when we try to put on music from a playlist we made on Music, it doesnt show our music. If this problem is fixed, then we will be happy. Otherwise, we will delete and turn to the website.

Please add free music. If that is a thing please tell us ho to play it. Ty for reading the comments.

The guy all ways goes throw the lines not vary pleased : /

Really let down with this one. The physics used to be entirely different in this game. Seems to be incredibly strict now. Not as fun as it used to be.

So we go to import music and it shows the files we cannot click on but when we do nothing happens. There mp3 files btw.

This is a really enjoyable game and we highly recommend getting it!

No refund,its actually worth. Just gotta play it alot. To see if its good.

Played like rider since the early browser days over a decade ago. This game does justice to the original.

This the best sandbox game we have ever played and how its so free! The only problems are maybe choosing colors for the lines and being able to see community tracks. Thank you for listening and peace out.

While we don’t actually use this app muh. It is real line rider is properly playable and not a horrible remake that steals videos for ads.

Hello devs. First, thank you for bringing this gem back. By far our favorite app, as well as one of our favorite browser games. Some things are still missing but we hope they will all be rolled out soon. Some of these features are multiple riders, as they all ride the lines together, allowing for far more creativity, as well as the ability to share and download tracks made by others. If these features are added, this game will be truly perfect.

Im not sure if this developer has access to all the old tracks from the old app when you could upload them, but we’ve been trying to get ours back for YEARS. We were Deemo in the last version of the iOS app and we would probably shed a tear if we were able to see our tracks again. They all disappeared when the last app got pulled from the App Store. Would mean the world to bring them back if theyre available.

Worth the money, its the real deal, not like all these fakes.

We dont know if hes affiliated with InXile Entertainment or not, but we did miss this being a mobile app. Thank you David for bringing back such an articulate classic. You get five stars from us but we have one question!! Will there be an online community to upload and share tracks like their used to be on Line Rider iRide? We sincerely hope so.. The LR community is so limitless!

This game used to be on the iPod Touch, yeeeeears ago. It had one of the most vibrant, active, and organic communities of players we’ve ever seen on a mobile game. Over the years, we’ve frequently searched the App Store to see if the developer had updated the game for todays devices. We figured he would eventually update it since he never took the old outdated version off the store. BOY am we happy we decided to look again the other day. We bought the game in an instant. He said hes going to bring back the online track sharing feature soon. The app is going to shoot to #1 in the store when he does. EVERYONE SHOULD GET THIS APP!!! (Look out for tracks from user The Creator once the online stuff is added)

So… Where do we start…? Uh… We just got this app and instantly wondered how to add the music. We might sound dumb for saying that. We have no clue what Im doing, all we know is that we wasted 2 bucks. Im very bummed. We have no clue whatsoever on what to do on this, we looked in the help section, but it doesnt even say there what to do. Im so very stressed and we hope you reply to this. Thank you.

Unlike all the other imitators, this one’s the real deal.

In that one video that boy make more how can he do that be we cant can you help us to make more.

As if we needed another time sink. This is waaaaaaaaay too much fun for a person who is supposed to get work done during the day. On a more serious note, thank you for writing this. Im in love.

Beautiful aesthetics, well designed. Takes <1 minute to learn so you get to the fun part immediately. Lovely lovely lovely.

Line Rider offers a simple premise on which you can build a world of immense depth. We’ve been able to stop by for a little bit or let our imagination (and the little character) go wild in a longer sitting. Im excited to keep making more courses and experimenting to see what we can get the little character to do!

Just like the website! Seamless and so fun!

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