My Dear Farm: Cute Farming Sim

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 05:30 pm

My Dear Farm: Cute Farming Sim

My Dear Farm: Cute Farming Sim

My Dear Farm: Cute Farming Sim is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by HyperBeard Inc., My Dear Farm: Cute Farming Sim is a Trivia game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 4th August 2022 with the latest update 23rd May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Trivia, Family, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of My Dear Farm: Cute Farming Sim ?

5,712 people have rated 1.8.4

What is the price of the My Dear Farm: Cute Farming Sim ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the My Dear Farm: Cute Farming Sim released ?

My Dear Farm: Cute Farming Sim was released on 4th August 2022.

When was the My Dear Farm: Cute Farming Sim updated ?

The latest updated date of My Dear Farm: Cute Farming Sim on 23rd May 2023.

Where can My Dear Farm: Cute Farming Sim be downloaded ?

You can download the game My Dear Farm: Cute Farming Sim from Apple Official App Store.



In this cute farming sim game, you get to start your own kawaii farm to show the world you’re cut out to be a top-class farmer!

  • Customize your character! Set out into this horticultural adventure being your best farmer self. Change your appearance, hairstyle, and even your pet to your liking!
  • Growing crops means a successful business! Once you’re done harvesting the products of your hard labor, go into the marketplace to sell your wares and build your farming empire!
  • Collect and decorate! My Dear Farm is filled to the brim with interesting furniture and decoration sets to unlock, so your farm can look as stylish as you want it to be!

Updated on 23rd May 2023

This build includes minor tweaks the game balance and the timer for building the house.

My Dear Farm: Cute Farming Sim Review

This is the best game we’ve ever played! Its so cute and the plants are so cute when they pop up! AND dont get us started on the animals there the CUTEST!!!!!! We recommend you play this game you will not regret it.

We love this game and all the others youve made! Your work is astounding!!

We loved this app so cute we love designing characters and homes! Its perfect for boredom and its FREE! PLS get!!

This is a good game but wish you could slow down time for house and there was easier ways to earn stars and wish there was a little more in the shop please add this HyperBeard and good job on tasukis odyssey. Hope you do good on Tasukis odyssey.

We love this game so much it relaxes us very much!! Its so fun to play. Although, there are some bugs. We bought 6 fences for 200+ dollars to harvest more plants, but unfortunately we wasnt able to get the fences. We really was confused. We bought them but they were not in our inventory!! As much as we love this game, we want our fences!!

This game is really cute and fun but after a month or so of playing you unlock everything, run out of space, and become bored. We will say we’ve noticed the team still giving frequent-ish updates so that’s good. Quick Improvements – ability to have multiple rooms, floors, or houses. One room simply isn’t enough. More patches of land to actually place the crops and decorations. Other – an actual use for the animals, especially the random seemingly out of place aquatic ones. Ability to unlock other shops, stalls, farms (with different themes). Being able to use all of that water to go fishing or at least place the marine life in there. P.S. We’re not watching two ads just to unlock one item. Not a good part of the update.

Its a great game we love the colors and the cute animals, we do wish we could interact with the animals, we also with we could sell some of the items we have.

So we love this game and Im too old for it but its cute its crafting and lets us relax and our brain know what to do so we that because our brain is weird its just one thing that there are too many instructions and the amount of gems you get so basically two thing but overall its a good game and we recommend you play it.

Its such a great game, the graphics are adorable and we love all the anime references in the posters. We just wish there was more to do in the game like having more mini games and unlocking more rooms in the house would give us space for all our furniture.

The trucks are annoying to watch an add for like 20 minutes and you just wait to get your prize and like maybe you can build a playground and like we can scavenger hunt for some plants and like it gives you a little checklist what to find and you cross it off when you find it,next the characters in the food delivery they only give you like four seconds to get the order and its annoying. It also just makes us feel kinda all stressed because of how short the delivery time is.

2 ads to unlock one item.. Come on Hyperbeard! This game has the cute factor but thats it! It needs gameplay help! There have been some great improvements made, It just needs more!

We love this game it always gives us something to do and the animations are so cute although we wish they made the characters a little more customizable we honestly love it and have really no complaints.

Well,i like all the things that they made and how they made the grandpa look so old.

Great game to play because its a lot of fun to play and it is a favorite of all our games ever since we played it.

Oml this game is so cute and satisfying AND FREE! Its is worthhhhh itttt!

This game is the cutest, and we find myself checking up on it all the time. The only thing we wish was more land because we have 2 of every plant and cant really place them without taking up our whole farm. Also we really wish you could zoom out more so we could see our whole farm. But all in all we have so much fun with this and probably spent more real money than we should have. But oh well lol no regrets!!

Very very funny and cute it also has so many different things to do and we love how you could expand your farm. 100% recommend.

We like this game is very nice its peaceful we just love it Vvbvbgh.

Im really hooked on this game rn, its like having Stardew Valley in your pocket. It really relieves stress and makes our happy. The ads in the game arent very frequent too. We’ve only been playing for about a month now, and we havent experienced any major glitches yet lol. The only weird thing that happened is when we opened it the other day and, for a split second, we could see that it renamed our farm, changed our character, and rearranged all our furniture too. We wouldnt say thats annoying, just kinda odd.

Its so fun and u been playing it for 5 hours straight-


We never am able to get into mobile games, we cant stay focused and get into things, but this game is seriously so cute. We love the music, the little sound effects, the wide variation of flowers and plants, the cute animals, we could go on. One thing we really appriciate are the little details!! They have such cute little easter eggs, we recognized a neutral milk hotel vinyl!! We’ve unsurprisingly spent money on this game, but even before we did the game is so so fun we have played it for days. We’ve heard that the developer has stopped updating this game, we hope they read these reviews and see how much people would love for it to be updated.

It never glitches, its mini games are soooooooooooo fun, and the best part is the animals are so freaking cute!! :D.

We previously wrote a review on this but forgot to add a couple things that we and many others feel there needs improvement. Animals, please please please have animals give some sort of item; milk, eggs, wool. Animals currently feel like a decoration instead of part of the farm. There also really needs to be added gameplay because the game gets really stale and repetitive after just a couple minutes. All we ever do is log on, see whats in the stores, collect our crops(which dont give nearly enough coins), and then log off. That all takes us about two minutes. All in all we really like this game and am excited for the future of it (hence why we’ve written two reviews for it) and we hope that the devs can make it more interesting and playable.

Pls play this game it is sooo fun and cute we have a frog and a sheep so cute ima not spoil anymore.

This game is so fun and cute! We cant wait for more updates and also more seasonal items! We wish they had the dog as an animal you can get in the game. Hopefully more fruits and flowers are added. We love that they added the house its so fun to decorate that every week.

This game is so fun and it is so cute.

We give this game 5 Stars, for many reasons. For starters we absolutely love the art style. It plays very nicely; and its great being able to decorate yourself. A lot of games have prebuilt looks, this, is all you. The animals are our favorite, they are too cute. The games mechanics prevent you from moving too quickly! We myself enjoy that, it helps keep your screen time down. Youll wanna come back later anyways. We havent had any issues with the game at all. Very large shoutout to the devs for this beautiful game, good job.

We’ve been playing this game for a bit now and we think its super cute and fun but once your leveled up and have no more plots to buy theres really nothing else to do. We think some suggested updates could be : more plots of land to buy to expand the farm, more freedom to decorate the interior of the house so you can put furniture closer to other things (the grid really limits how to use the space), better furniture for inside the house (this is just preference but we think the style of the furniture could be better maybe more farmhouse oriented and antique), we think a barn structure would be cool maybe not to decorate inside but another structure since you have the option of getting so many farm animals, new decorations in general since you start getting multiples of everything and we know people have their own taste of what they like to use and put out, lm not sure why the pictures for the app show other houses but maybe that could be an update to give players the option to choose a different house. We see other players have offered their own good suggestions and we think the developers have a good pool to pick from or too at least get inspiration from for the next update.

We literally have never written a review for a game but we took our time to write this one because we seriously love this game. Its so adorable and it brings us so much joy.

We think this game should update. Id like new stuff.

This game is relaxing and fun 10 out of 10 recomend.


Its an adorable, aesthetic, and actually FUN game. We absolutely love games about farming and being out in nature and just grinding to get things done, but this game doesnt make it to hard that youll get sick of it soon. ITs definitely not like any other farming sim or indie sandbox games we’ve ever seen. Must-play 100%. Also- NO ADs?! Yes for real we havent gotten a single add since we started playing.

This app is adorable! We know the game just came out we just have some suggestions- we wish that the players farmer could interact with the plants and the furniture! Like you know how you can water the plants? We hope that the farmer could water the plants itself with an water kettle. You can also you could buy different types of water kettles. Also we would LOVE if we could sell some of the furniture and plants for gems or coins!-but overall this game is very cute and interesting(keep up the great work!) .

Dont get us wrong, we love this game. Although there is 1 problem. In this game you practically have to wait for everything. Im not talking a few minutes Im talking around 24 hours.

We love this game a lot because of how casual and cute it is but we do have some feedback. The new update is nice but we think a menu to see what more can be accomplished and what has been completed would give more encouragement and engaging gameplay. New shops, animals, and/or other features could bring more excitement to the game as well. Thank you so much for this game and Im excited to see what you do in the future.

We love this game already within 1 day of playing it. But we want to sell things… We dont even really care for the money. There are just things that we never needed or things that dont match with our theme/aesthetic. We hope this isnt asking for too much. Selling things would give us a better experience!

This game is awesome for the most part and ads are kinda hard to avoid . But we love that it is gender inclusive and doesnt make you pick the typical girl or boy! And the farming aspect is is amazing though it is annoying when youre decorating and the plant you need is not for sale and you have to watch an ad to change the plants for sale.

Its very entertaining and fun it just has a couple of glitches we think could be fixed. We also wish you did have to wait so long to get your house.

Its adorable and really fun, we just wish there were more levels and a way to sell furniture we no longer want.

Its a super fun, cute game. We like the flow & instructions but we feel like it lacks something. Id like to be able to do more, have more space, shops & other things.

We were recently introduced to our Dear Farm, then put our friend on it which then put her friend on it. We are all incredibly addicted and obsessed with this game. We love the different animals, flowers, and how the game can be nonstop played and made better. However, we feel as if there is room for so much more improvement. When time to get a new animal, plant, etc, theyre the same ones for a few days or the same ones we already have pop up. Which can be a good thing, we would love to see a new one everyday, or put animals in a pattern almost or rotation. Oh and new animals!! Also, things are bought in the game 24/7 but there is not enough room to put everything down and really design the farm, and same for the house. More rooms for the house! All in all, our Dear Farm is in dire need of an update. We would LOVE to see new and improved our Dear Farm!

We love this game we were absolutely in love with this game when we first download it. But know after the new update it has been kind of laggy and is not saving the stuff we do. And we keep getting kicked off the app. And we have downloaded this before and got to level 9. But we really really really wish you guys would add more levels or at least another farm. Kind of like how on Kuma Sushi Bar there is another restaurant you can have once you get enough stars. Thanks for reading!

Its a super cute game and super addictive. However, there is a lot that needs to be updated. We would love to be able to have more than one floor for our house, be able to sell things we dont want anymore, and be able to level up past 9. There also needs to be a way to get rubies other then by watching ads or getting a single one from collecting coins from crops. Also Im not about the use of the watering can, it doesnt seem to do anything other then an animation. This game has a lot of potential and Im excited to see where it goes but its gonna take a while to get there.

We’ve played for two weeks and we’re already level 9 which is the highest level you can get. We’ve already unlocked all the farm space so there’s not much left to do but decorate. You can’t get any more tasks for rewards after level 9. There’s no section to keep up with what crops you have and don’t have, to see how many more you need to buy. We wish you could expand your house. The game is great but there’s a lot of room for improvements and we hope some come soon so we don’t have to find a new game to play!

We really loved this game when we first downloaded it and it has so much potential but after a few levels you run out of things to do. We feel like you should be able to make the house bigger, the little town should get bigger with time too but as of right now we think its the type of game that you have for about a month and then you remove cause theres nothing left to do. It needs an update. Badly.

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