My Tamagotchi Forever

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My Tamagotchi Forever

My Tamagotchi Forever

My Tamagotchi Forever is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe, My Tamagotchi Forever is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 14th March 2018 with the latest update 12th July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Role Playing, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of My Tamagotchi Forever ?

23,495 people have rated 7.6.3

What is the price of the My Tamagotchi Forever ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the My Tamagotchi Forever released ?

My Tamagotchi Forever was released on 14th March 2018.

When was the My Tamagotchi Forever updated ?

The latest updated date of My Tamagotchi Forever on 12th July 2022.

Where can My Tamagotchi Forever be downloaded ?

You can download the game My Tamagotchi Forever from Apple Official App Store.



Raise your very own Tamagotchi characters and share the fun with your friends in
My Tamagotchi Forever, the first ever free-to-play mobile game!
Your Tamagotchi character needs your daily care to stay healthy and happy. Keep it
well fed, washed, and entertained and watch them evolve into different Tamagotchi
characters as they grow. My Tamagotchi Forever is bursting with delights and
surprises waiting for you to discover!
What can you do in this game?
Make sure you feed, wash, clean up after it and turn the lights out for a good night
sleep to stay happy and healthy. Psst! Tickle your Tamagotchi characters – they love
Play mini games with your Tamagotchi characters and guide them around town to
look for its friends and other bonus items scattered around. Let the search begin!
Evolve your Tamagotchi characters from one type to another depending on how you
care for them. Then, help them choose the best career path, be it scientist, rockstar
or detective!
Unlock the Tama Academy to send the kids to school for extra rewards and collect
themed items to decorate their home and keep the adults happy!
Experience AR (Augmented reality) by playing exhilarating Hide & Seek games with
your Tamagotchi friends in your real surroundings to collect treasure and bonuses!
Decorate your own Tamatown with items you like the most and unlock delicious
food and cute costumes for your Tamagotchi friends!
Play My Tamagotchi Forever and take the love everywhere with you!
PLEASE NOTE: My Tamagotchi Forever is free to download and play, however some
game items are available for purchase. If you don’t want to use this feature, please
disable in-app purchases in your device settings. The AR feature is only available on
selected devices supported by ARKit.

SUPPORT: Having problems? Let us know at

Updated on 12th July 2022

NEW FEATURE: Tama Collection!
This new menu allows you to know exactly where you stand in your progress: Characters, Outfits, Careers, Friendship Levels, Tama Academy Decorations, House Decoration and Town Items: you will need to collect them all to reach 100%.

My Tamagotchi Forever Review

We got this when we were like 5 years old and we still love it so cute but the growing up is weird our duck with a plant on it’s head is now a star 10/10.

This is making our childhood self soooooo happy right now!!!!!! We didnt think we would still be interested in this since Im an adult but after downloading it for jokes Im invested and have leveled up our frutatchi.

So we’ve been obsessed with the little tamagotchi thing and tried to get married but got regected so this is a great game very well done.

We remember having one of these in real life we used to kill them everytime but this is a good game.

The game is so so cute it has amazing graphics and is free!! Download today.

Funny story we had one of these things the older version and we thought it was so annoying cause it kept beeping so we dug a hole in our backyard and buried it. Then we think we threw it away.

Gurl this is amaZING we have two tamagotchis in real life.

This game is a little confusing and you have to figure a lot of things out but its cute and fun to play.

This game is awesome we’ve been looking for games for our kids they will love and this game made them love it we are so happy they made this game!! But not only that you get to take care of it they always wanted to do that with a game they liked Im so happy you cam up with this idea!! Blessings have a great day.

Its like the childhood game just improved. We love it so much!

This game is 100% amazing and we definitely recommend it, all though we just downloaded it. Its just like the actual tamagotchi, you can feed it, bathe it, and play with it! 5/5 Definitely recommend!

Hello we love tamagotchis and we downloaded this game and it is so fun its like a real tamagotchi on your phone.

We used to play with the actual tamagotchi as a kid and this is a great digital version! So adorable! The ads are annoying but we still love it!

This is the most cutest thing we’ve seen in a long time and it is so adorable and accurate we love the colors and and the how they look but we wish we could name them but otherwise Im so happy with the game.

Its like the old ones but more modern, most of the games are copies of others on the App Store though. We also dont like that we have to tap our tamagotchi to help them poop, Id rather they just poop on the floor tbh.

Its a cute game just why is one tamagotchi called kuchipachi.

Its better than the Talking Tom and friends games (and those are unsafe for kids) and its really cute.

This is an fun game!! We love the features and how simple it is! You also earn very quick coins in the game! You get your tamagotchi, and then it starts a life, and it ended with an career. After, you get another egg!! Its so sipmole and very easy to understand! We definitely recommend this game for any tamagotchi lovers!

We were very dubious of whether we would like this game or not but we totally do. It reminds us of when we were little kid and collecting these toys. Its so much fun to play and very rewarding and relaxing.

We love this game. Its a great way to pass the time when youre bored. We even pay the 4.99 a month to get no ads, unlimited continues in games, double coins and continuous play. Its such a cute little game. You really dont have to spend real money to have a good time unless you just want to to get further ahead faster.

This game has so many Easter eggs to the old Tamagotchi can compare the little creatures to this game is so good to like have your Tamagotchi go to college successful life.

Hello! If youre an developer please read this: we love this game! Its cute, addicting, and we play it with our friend all the time! Im not really mad with the ads, their fine. Anyway thank you for making the game! 5 star you deserve it.

When we were younger we had those egg shaped tamagotchis on key rings to carry around & take care of & we absolutely LOVED them!!! This is obviously an updated/amped up version of those but can u PLEASE in the near future maybe figure out a way that we can have friends?!?! So that other people we know that have this app can interact in some way?!?!

Okay, we are old enough to have played with the actual tamagotchi as a child. And we are loving this game! The mini games are fun and we love getting and growing these babies! Im such a nerd. But highly recommended!

Literally love it, played the handheld ones as a kid and its like the version we always wanted lol.

It is so good but we Want More Tomagothis!

How do we restart the game because we are born in 2014 and it accidentally put 2013.

Absolutely love this game is so fun, just the only problem we have with it is the ads.

Its actually very fun and cute, but its partially Talking Tom. But way cuter its mostly just the bar and feeding part, but it still poops IN THE BATHROOM (by the toilet ) but anyways, we totally recommend getting this app! Super fun and super enjoyable!

Is there no 100? We have been at 99 for weeks now and its full!

This is such a cool game we recommend getting it because the tomagachi never dies and you can have more than one! So definitely look into it! It deserves a lot of reviews and downloads please give it five stars.

This game is really fun! We have had absolutely no problems with it! When we saw this on the AppStore, we just knew we had to check it out because we have our own tamagotchi!

Im impressed how your Tamagachi talks from your notifications box telling you what it needs BUT.. We spent all our gems on Ice cream scoop game and we need another way to collect them so if you would stop to read our suggestion its very helpful and where do we finish our career for our Adult Tamagachi? And make more outfits and Tamagachis and im suggesting a Axolotl Tamagachi named after our almost gonna be here pet axolotl Axilotl (lotl not included irl or in-game) and im loving the game! We want more prizes like a new game on the prize wheel or maybe an outfit for any Tamagachi like an onsie or a unicorn bed or anything like that. Bey!

Omg as a 90s baby we love this game now its not like what we are used to is millennials but man does it bring back memories love it!!

We’ve probably been playing for 6 months or more now, got to level 96 and now have every single tamagotchi, we really love that it keeps you playing nowadays by having the incentive of completing everything, such as completing careers, feeding your adults at their apartments, buying outfits, furniture, or collecting cards at the tama academy. Youre pretty much never done with the game even though it can be seem as if things are going quickly, theres much to do. Sadly we love this game so much, and we wish it would recieve more recognition and love so we could see more future updates. We need more to collect!

We just see the app every day we love it we play it so much.

Omg plz download best game ever u have a phone pet almost so but the small animals are the cutest and u can build things for them and there little friends good job on making the game and ya plz download and if we are rong then make a come back to this review and if we are right then text me.

We got this because we were bored but this is really fun! Not going to lie, well thats all.

Great app. Sound effects r weird, u never rlly get to the 3 photos. They have to shower every 5 seconds tho.

We love this game so much and Im glad they made this game we love it so so much.

We really enjoy the game and it has been working well for us for a couple months now (I have an iphone 12 mini if that helps anyone) and our only concern is we wish there was more interactive features. Something id REALLY enjoy in the game is a friend option that could hypothetically be related to minigames or events in some sense? Being able to visit a friends house and give gifts or host playdates where one owner could take care of the others tamas? Im honestly pretty unsure of the full logistics of it but we feel like if its possible it could be a very fun feature.

We like your game but its too glitchy and we get mad because we are at level 9 but the academy wont let us in.

Love killing time w the mini games. Very kid friendly and addicting. Doesnt cost us any money and we have fun. There are a lot of ads but you get used to it.

This game is too cute and it also has a lot of mini-games within it too.

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