My Tidy Life

Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 01:05 pm

My Tidy Life

My Tidy Life

My Tidy Life is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by RUBY OYUN VE YAZILIM DANISMANLIK SANAYI TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI, My Tidy Life is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 27th September 2022 with the latest update 6th June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of My Tidy Life ?

16,503 people have rated 1.2.7

What is the price of the My Tidy Life ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the My Tidy Life released ?

My Tidy Life was released on 27th September 2022.

When was the My Tidy Life updated ?

The latest updated date of My Tidy Life on 6th June 2023.

Where can My Tidy Life be downloaded ?

You can download the game My Tidy Life from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to My Tidy Life!
Are you crazy about seeing things in order? Do you like to organize or sort everything? Do you love renovating your place? Then, you will enjoy and feel satisfied while playing this game.

  • Tidy Neighborhood
    Walk around the neighborhood and help each place with their messy rooms. There is an untidy room in each building, and they are waiting for you to organize their places. A kitchen, a hobby room, or a bedroom, all of them come with fun unboxing, satisfying cleaning and organizing experiences. Each room is a unique adventure, can you tidy the whole neighborhood?

  • Renovate and Upgrade Furniture
    Tidying places is not the whole job. It is up to you to bring the light into these rooms. There are multiple beautifully designed furniture, so you can upgrade your rooms. Do you prefer modern or classical interior? Just decide your style and start designing your place as you wish. It is time for a new fridge, a sofa, or a bathtub.

  • Mini Games
    Light up the fireplace, fluff pillows, and organize your spices. Then, you deserve a bubble bath to relax but first, you have to prepare it for yourself. Numerous fun mini games are waiting for you!

You won’t believe how messy these cabinets, drawers, and fridge are.
Be the tidy hero and clean everything!

Updated on 6th June 2023

  • Bug fixes & improvements.

My Tidy Life Review

Dear game creators, Hello! We loved this game very much but after each item that we organize, etc. We had to watch an add. It took us SO long to just finish the house because of the adds. Yes, we do know that we could pay $7 for no adds but whos gonna pay $7 for no adds when the creators could just not put so many adds!? Please, if you get rid of the adds. Im sure that you cant get rid of them completely but if you do get rid of a ton of them, we definitely think more people will download the game. Thank you. We Hope you concern this request. If not that is perfectly fine. Have a fantastic day.

We like how its an interactive game and it lets you organize things but the ads are just too much like they literally interrupt between activities and its getting annoying and not only that it doesnt work when we go out of town because it says that it cant connect to Wi-Fi and its honestly pretty frustrating we have data, but going out of the country the service sometimes cuts off and the fact that we cant play it like that is really annoying.

The rating said 17+ when its not even 17+!! Please change this. It is SO STUPID! Its just a game about cleaning for 17+??? NO WAY!

Once you complete said levels, it just repeats. Nothing changes. And the levels in some of the ads? Not even there. Its honestly annoying and frustrating, and they dont seem to plan on adding any more levels. It would honestly be good if there were more.

This game has way to many adds you cant do anything without having to watch a add. So dumb. In our opinion do not download.

This game is great but when you get to level 4 its the same as level 1. And then we gets more boring over time because your playing the same level over and over again. Another issue is that there is an add every 2 seconds. We would care if you would limit that number. Thanks!

Nice its perfect if you have it.

We like this game a lot, but there is some changes. The first level is kind of boring. It could add some really good touches like sound effects and like more 3-D luxe and cool things we like how it has some shadows, but not all.

So this is pretty much a knock off of unpacking on the Xbox. We dont like the fact that you have to pay seven dollars to remove ads. Unpack in our opinion is a lot better than this due to the fact that $7.99 is just stupid, when unpacking is free to play no ads nothing. Unpacking has more levels and different years meaning the person as they grow up.

This is a great organization game, however theres and ad after almost every tast you do. And its fine for the most part but after a while it gets quite annoying. The second thing is there arent many rooms to do because after you get through them it just starts you over and it gets pretty repetitive. Although its quite fun if your not playing it 24/7.

Ok so its a fun and calm game but THERE ARE WAY TO MANY ADDS LIKE JUST STOP so if you would like more players than maybe dont have SO MANY ADDS.

We love these type of game but the ads. This one is like after organizing every single one, like we understand after completing a room but not after every organization.

This game has way too want adds. When we Finnish one thing, its an add. And buy no adds is $8. Please if you read this, it IS a good game, BUT, there are so many adds. Thank you.

This game is tidy life and how being tidy we are like slaves picking up after you.

There are literally only two levels. We did not realize this when we paid for no ads as we thought this was a game we would actually get an ivsstment out of as we quickly loved until realizing it was all repetitive after two levels.

We give this a 5 star review because this game is so satisfying NOT a lot of adds, plus it shows little kids to stay organized! We have told our friends about this app and they LOVE it and we are only 12-8! We would most definitely recommend this game!

Ads like every one too two minutes but really fun.

We love playing this game even though there is so many annoying ads that are within app. We are unable to get past level 6 Office Room. We are able to shred the first paper and then after the first sheet we are not able to shred the other two sheets of paper. Our app is updated to the latest version and we have even deleted the app and reinstalled the app and it still didnt work. We wish when there are glitches such as the one we are having you could be able to move on to the next level even if you didnt get all of the stars. Please get this fixed so we can move on to level 7. Thank you.

Please put your back into this game development. We love rn w concept so much but we feel the team is holding back on the potential this game has.

LOTS of ads and the time is not worth it. The first two levels repeat. It would be great if it was ad free and had more levels.

Honestly the add was amazing at First we loved this game but then it exited us out off the game When we went BACK into the game it would not load for a whole hour! When it DID load we could not move anything and the only level we could play was the bathroom one and it kept exiting us out and repeating this.

Do not waste your money on this app.

Dont both paying the add free experience like we did, we feel scammed just like triple A game developers lately and would request a refund if we could. We got add free because the adds ever two task (if not less) got bothersome, then you get hit by repetitive level design after the first 3 areas. Like if you show a map with multiple levels we expect different places to clean every time, that and the repetitive type of cleaning only shuffling stuff from big to small, color order, put stuff away/on a shelf, and wiping counters is fun for the first 20 minutes when there is little overlay but then it gets worse and worse. Like we said we wish we could refund if we could.

We love games like these, Im a tidy person in real life and we find calming. What we dont like calming is an ad every minute. If you only want to watch low quality ads, this is your game! Otherwise find a different game to play.

Kinda hard to enjoy a game when after every level is an add. Definitely deleting this game.

This game is amazing, we like it because,I love organizing and its fun so if you see this review DEFINITELY play it! – –

So first of all every time u finish doing something in a room their is an add. But it is a really fun game because in real life we love to help at school and clean up messes so this is the perfect game if you love cleaning up and like adds. The only thing we would say is make less adds because there are so many adds it is crazy.

We love the game so far so we paid ad free but Im still getting ads even after restarting our device.

The game is really fun when it allows us to play and get past the loading screen. It pops up with an error message every time and wont tell us what the error is, if this gets fixed then we might redownload the game. (This is not an issue with our wifi, we checked our router and tried it in different locations)

There is an add every 5 seconds.

Game was great, but the ads are top notch inappropriate especially since this game is for 4 year olds and older. Game is awesome and relaxing the adds never change though. The adds are also non stop you click the inappropriate ad comes up pls fix the ads and ban all inappropriate adds. Thanks for your time.

So we were playing the game liked it a lot then we got to level 2 and it glitched and then we refreshed our iPad still did not work then we did it again and then we thought it was time to do a review so that people would know this game is a this game is a blow off it is nothing but a trick the game creators are frauds maybe we would give it two stars if you work on not being a lire and nothing then a self pity game . Creators sorry you have a cold soul!

Its a fun game but we deleted it right away! It was constant ad after ad. We wanted a fun and relaxing game but the ads where too much.

We loved the concept of this game, and the actual gameplay was good to entertain but the adds were unbearable and made it unplayable.

We paid $8 to remove ads, but we are still receiving ads. It doesnt make sense.

It has potential, but no one wants an app that makes you watch an ad for every move you make. Either you pay or it becomes impossible to play.

We like it but there are too too tooo many adds.

Oo oo aa aa Best experience of our life. We think sometimes we even got more than 30 seconds before our ad break.

Playing this game with nails on period slayy love dis game.

We love cleaning so this game is perfect for me.

Overall it IS a great game, we wish there were less ads, but its super satisfying and fun. Great.

It teaches us to clean more and makes us want to do more cleaning. It also entertains when on a long car ride or on the plane.

Leaving 5 star so people see too many ads, So annoying plus 7.99 TO GET RID OF ADS?!? Ripoffs deleting your app and never playing again.

This is really great for stress relief. Its so cute and even has vibrations that makes it so realistic.

It is really fun but we hate how you have to have wifi.

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