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My Tidy Life

My Tidy Life

My Tidy Life is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by RUBY OYUN VE YAZILIM DANISMANLIK SANAYI TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI, My Tidy Life is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 27th September 2022 with the latest update 7th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of My Tidy Life ?

2,490 people have rated 1.1.0

What is the price of the My Tidy Life ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the My Tidy Life released ?

My Tidy Life was released on 27th September 2022.

When was the My Tidy Life updated ?

The latest updated date of My Tidy Life on 7th December 2022.

Where can My Tidy Life be downloaded ?

You can download the game My Tidy Life from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to My Tidy Life!
Are you crazy about seeing things in order? Do you like to organize or sort everything? Do you love renovating your place? Then, you will enjoy and feel satisfied while playing this game.

  • Tidy Neighborhood
    Walk around the neighborhood and help each place with their messy rooms. There is an untidy room in each building, and they are waiting for you to organize their places. A kitchen, a hobby room, or a bedroom, all of them come with fun unboxing, satisfying cleaning and organizing experiences. Each room is a unique adventure, can you tidy the whole neighborhood?

  • Renovate and Upgrade Furniture
    Tidying places is not the whole job. It is up to you to bring the light into these rooms. There are multiple beautifully designed furniture, so you can upgrade your rooms. Do you prefer modern or classical interior? Just decide your style and start designing your place as you wish. It is time for a new fridge, a sofa, or a bathtub.

  • Mini Games
    Light up the fireplace, fluff pillows, and organize your spices. Then, you deserve a bubble bath to relax but first, you have to prepare it for yourself. Numerous fun mini games are waiting for you!

You won’t believe how messy these cabinets, drawers, and fridge are.
Be the tidy hero and clean everything!

Updated on 7th December 2022

-New rooms are ready for you to organize!
-VIP Christmas Room is here for the holiday season!
-Brand new city neighbourhood is now open!

My Tidy Life Review

Its an amazing game reallybut something well in our opinion funny when an ad popped up we thought our device died.

We love how you get to clean up with out doing it in your home we love tidy up games.

Is such a good game because we love organizing all kinds of different things.

Its a perfect game!!! We don’t understand how time flies while playing this game. You can see little tiny detail everywhere.

Our tidy life is a game that is relaxing and when bored it is the game that piped you personally we love it but when or if ( Which we know you will) you download this amazing game then thats for you to find out.

Not too many ads and good for people who love to organize.

We been playing for 15 mins and its amazingggggg.

This game is so cool and addicting we cant help we will play this game everyday!!

We like this game but we personally think that there are TOO MANY ADS!! Everytime we finish a task we get an ad.

Its good game, but it repeats levels after the Gamer room.

Ok we love this game it is so relaxing and helps a lot when Im stressed but the thing is there are soooooo many ads its annoying and just makes us mad.

It’s a cool game we guess but the worst part is that there’s ads every time your done working with a section.

We love this game so satisfying see8ng everything in there spots. This game could be better though, there is the adds. There are a lot of adds. We would recommend this game only if you have the money to get rid off adds.

The bathroom is a issue bc it gives us the same ad and it messes up our phone so bad and a issue our phone has been acting up ascents we got the bathroom level we like the game but the bathroom level Is bad Anyways byeeeeeeeeeee.

We love Tidy our Life so much! Its very relaxing and cute but we paid $10 to get rid of the adds and was disappointed to see that after levels 1 and 2 the houses repeat themselves we really hope Ruby Games decides to keep updating and adding new content to this game to make our money worthwhile!

Tidy life is good but every time we click the blue button all of the furniture drops down and then we have to click it again but other than that we really really like it.

OK let us be real, we saw this advertisement we fell in love with it we download it and we fell in love with the game but every two seconds you did get an ad, so we went to go see it about removing the yard $10 Im like thats awfully expensive but we love this game and we love the objective, however, that being said when we made it to the third town, it was a repeat of the first town, we immediately got angry for spending the $10 just for a game that repeats itself its not even funny when you do the same thing twice.

We really want to enjoy this app, but its so hard to with the amount of ads. Its beyond ridiculous. Theres an ad after everything we complete, and several ads before we even start a task. And to top it off, its $10 to remove the ads. We have never played a game where it cost that much to remove ads. If we did, its because they offered other things along with ad removal. Another issue, the levels are the same. Same rooms, same decorations, same everything. Why would we pay $10 to remove ads for the same levels?

The third level is the exact same as the first.

We bought the ad free option and we still have ads.

We really liked this game so its super disappointing that the ads are so excessive. It has an ad after every tiny task. We spend more time in ads than in the actual game. And $10 is outrageous to pay for no ads on a phone game. What a bummer. Uninstalled.

Just straight up find another game.

It looked like a fun game but it was unplayable due to all of the ads. Whats the point.

This game is alright, Im all about design and organization, just its way too laggy and has ads every two seconds. We get theres a no ad thing but still. Soooo laggy, and when you get the ads, they are super long and freeze and you cant play your game. We wouldnt recommend playing. We mean, you do you, but you will not enjoy.

The levels are too easy,. The mess is often already organized. For example, when putting things in the fridge, every item is already in its own basket, so all youre doing is tapping for each item. The touch feedback is weird, too. If you pick something up, its not going to be under your finger, itll be floating above it and this really breaks the immersion. One final thing: the levels are crazy short, and you get an ad after every single one. That means an ad every 20-30 seconds. And to remove them, you have to pay a whopping $10. Thats ridiculous, made especially greedy by the fact that the time you spend in the app overall is two-fifths just watching advertisements.

After we downloaded the latest update, with its promises of a new neighborhood, we were ecstatic! We got into the game, and realized they got rid of two houses, replaced them with a vip pass, and then when we tried upgrading one of our houses it got stuck, and was already complete, and wouldnt let us complete it. Not worth your time, honestly. It was fun before this update.

This game really helps us dealing with our organizing obsession. Loved rearranging, organising, sorting. Such a cozy environment and cute objects! Please please add more rooms <3 we cant help myself and keep playing this game all day.

This game is fun but there is so much ads. On the first round there was no ads witch every game has a ad on the first round. But then there was non stop ads. You need to stop the ads.

We loved it. Until we finished all levels and there was nothing else to play. We updated the game and it erased everything we already did !!

It says in recent updates that new houses and rooms are added, and a new neighborhood. We can only see the same 6 houses in both level 1 and level 2. Not fun. How do we get to these alleged new houses and rooms?

Cool game fun to play but too many ads and every level is exactly the same.

The game itself is pretty cute and enjoyable, but there isnt anything new once you played the very few levels. If they add new stuff Ill redownload it, but for now we wouldnt be able to play anymore because its so repetitive.

First game is to rearrange bowls, desert plates and regular plates in a wash rack, finish it BOOM ad. The next game is for rearranging magnets on a fridge between food and travel, you complete that boom ads. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME, IT IS CRAP.

We had given this game five stars originally because it was cute and didnt require a lot of thinkingbut we updated it and it deleted ALL OF MY PROGRESS. We decided to just delete the app entirely. We loved this game but now Im just upset. Screw the devs.

Such a good game! We love tidying things and it gives us such pleasure! PLEASE ADD MORE LEVELS CANT WAIT TO PLAY!

We love this game it is so calming! Love the smooth game, cute graphics and variety of tasks!

What a great game!! Thanks for creating this, this game become our bff during our mental breakdowns Ocd people you should check this !!

This game is one of our favorite puzzle games. There are various rooms and neighbourhoods to play. Different concepts are visually beautiful. And there is a calming music.


Great game to kill the time and relax! There are amazing rooms and love the upgrades!

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