Nexomon is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by LIME TURTLE INC, Nexomon is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 10th August 2017 with the latest update 11th August 2021

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Entertainment, or Strategy games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


5,270 people have rated 3.0.0

You can download the game Nexomon from APP STORE.


Catch, evolve and collect over 300 unique Nexomon!

Assemble the ultimate Nexomon team to save your friends and save the world! Clash against legendary champions and become a hero in this epic journey!

Game Features

  • Over 300 Nexomon to catch and train.
  • Evolve your Nexomon into new and powerful forms.
  • Universal App! Play on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.
  • iCloud support. Backup your data and play on all your devices!
  • Get exclusive Nexomon iMessage stickers!
  • A deep and engaging battle system.
  • Mighty and unique legendary Nexomon, find all eight of them!
  • Embark on an epic adventure to save the world from the Nexomon King!
  • Battle powerful and challenging foes in the Nexoworld.
  • Select from seven unique starters.
  • Explore all 10 colorful and vibrant regions.
  • Fully animated monsters, prepare to enjoy the most exciting battles!
  • High Quality gaming experience like no other!

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Updated on 11th August 2021

Fixed resolution issues on newer devices.
Updated graphics for various common Nexomon.
Added Luhava, a random legendary Nexomon.

Nexomon Reviews

Hours of content for a great price.

Our brother thought it was too easy though.

One of those games you just cant put down.

Ok so heres our reason it is great its easy but not too easy and you can grind, you can battle with real people, you can get a lot of Nexomon and its easy but also hard we love this game its perfect for any person they just need to give it a try and boom! You love it! And any person will like it its like Pokmon but not too much to be like a ripoff and its so good like actually it is perfect for anyone we know we said this already but actually its perfect for grinding, exploring, taming, and more so if you think its dum and a cheesy ripoff then just try it after you get to like the city you will love it no matter what ok thank you for reading this review and 5 its great thanks for making it and please try it bye.

Meaning if you played Extinction, thats a sequel and its totally worth getting this one too! This is the first game. In ways we like some aspects more, of course extinction made a fuller experience but both are all around great and deserve a play especially from Pokmon fans. Check out EvoCreo too if you get a chance. We do like Nexomon more though and recommend this over it!

Beautiful game in a mobile fashion. Highly recommend for Pokmon fans!

Really fun adventure and plotline. The twists were great, the Nexomon were great and the omicron and the 8 children Idea was so good. Worth the money. 5/5.

We see Extinction, we still think Nexomon 2 would be a great make keeping the mobile continuous.

This is one of our favorite games.

Aside from this being the best Pokmon-esque game on iPhone, the developers are fantastic. This game has been out a very long time and then they suddenly released a patch to fix the resolution on newer phones.

To be honest at first we wasnt to sure about the game , once we start playing it we got into it and we can say we are impress the game is actually pretty cool. We definitely recommend the game all we spend was a total of $6.00 just because we decide to buy a pack of 500 diamonds but wasnt need it to beat the game just made it easy to buy the Exp share of 480 diamonds. We give the game 5 Thank you to the developers.

We’ve always been a big fan of pokmon games, always looking for ripoff games to play while waiting for something new to come out. However, this is not a rip off game, this is a genius idea created by great developers and strays far from pokmon, but has the same type of process that everyone knows and loves. Nexomon, is an outstanding game for several reasons. The storyline, is amazing. The content, the nexomon (theres 300 btw!!), the characters, the flow of the game, it all hits the mark. The story just got better and better, and we’ve played the whole game twice now! It isnt easy, and it isnt extremely hard, it is perfectly balanced. The cities are amazing, the overseers are great but we cannot get over how perfect the story line is. The characters and dialogue in this game are great! However, there a few additions we hope to see in the new nexomon extinction(which we preordered bc this game was that good). We would like to see more side missions or dialogue options that (sorry to compare) pokmon has. Maybe some trade offers in the game with people, possibly more items given from people giving you more of a reason to speak with them. Maybe even secrets people can lead you to. But overall, it was done great. In the new nexomon we do also want to see more types! There are seven types in this game and are great but we would love to see more! One more issue we do see is status moves. Unless the move does damage and can have a status effect, its not worth using. Status moves only last one turn and therefor there is no reason to use it. You use a move to paralyze, freeze, or put the opponent to sleep, and they dont get to move. But they are able to use a move on the next turn when you use yours, which defeats the purpose of the status, not really giving an advantage. We would like to see more moves as well, however the move selections are great already. We would also like to see more mega rare or special nexomon choices than just one per type. We find it rather simple to create a very strong party and would like to have to make more of a decision of who we should bring along with us! The game does not end where you think it does, and it doesnt end again when you think it should. The story keeps going and going and it is amazing. The side mission for legendary radar is awesome as well, a great thing to add into the game when you do complete the story line! This game outdid itself and we hope the developers are proud, because we are very excited for the new Nexomon to come out. Overall, great game! And we really hope to see even more sequels after Extinction, because this game is too good! Congrats on a fantastic adventure game .

Would love to see backbone controller support for this game.

We have not played many but still, it was a really enjoyable game. Even after beating the main story, im going to keep playing till we get every nexomon. Thank you for creating this great game.

Love this series, have not had this much fun on a game in a while!

The game is fun. Many hours of play plus fun and funny writing. It borrows a LOT from Pokemon, but still keeps it relatively fresh. As far as we can tell, it’s easy to play the game without spending money without too much grind. We bought the special items and it made the game seem short (Tip to spenders, the 8 golden Nexotrap bundle is the best value). If you want to spend, $20 will get you more than what you need and imo the game is worth that money.

This story was incredible like when things seemed darkest we were at the edge of our seat if we could Id give this 10 stars great job guys.

We dont know what to do when we beat the game.

Dont listen to the clown review below us with gripes about the artwork and story. Both are amazing, you play your flat fee and get access to the whole game. No need for additional micro transactions lest you want to speed up progress, but again, its Pokmon inspired and the grind is part of the game. The sequel is also amazing, just disregard the review below ours entirely. He doesnt know what hes talking about, lol.

Amazing graphics, amazing music, great humor, and while it looks like a Pokmon copy, Id personally liked this better then we liked the Pokmon games. This one is a lot more user friendly, so much less handholding, enough difficulty that it isnt boring, while still not being insufferable amounts of grinding. While we dont recommend it for children under 12, its still an amazingly open age range, difficulty and interest wise. And it doesnt sacrifice story or graphics and things. It also doesnt include that classic annoying Pokmon rival. Also the way that it allows you to want to fight the trainers, instead of being forced to. Not to mention Pokmon (Pokmon Go isnt a Pokmon made game, it was made by Niantic, and Google) doesnt have a good mobile game. The only bad thing that we can say is that the UI placement hasnt been fully fixed on newer smartphones, and the Nexobox and Diamonds UI can end up in the middle of the screen. Otherwise amazing game, more then worth the money, Id spend +$10 on it.

Love this game so much! It has lots of funny moments and a great story. 100% buying sequel!

We had some much fun playing this game the story line was great. We can not wait to see if they made more games like this. We think is better than Pokmon. This felt more challenging and the final boss was really strong.

So we originally had a 5 star review. But now after playing this and then extinction and going back to this one again. Ima give it 4 star because we have a big issue with the fact that if our team levels up, so does the wild nexomon and trainers. Thats highly annoying. It should only get tougher as you progress the game. Otherwise we feel like you could become level 100 at the beginning of these games. Or is the level tap for the areas? We havent come across any, but its demotivating. And then it just leaves you to strategy alone. Thats all. Wonderful story/graphics/gameplay.

The most appealing thing about this whole game is the mere fact that its an attempt at a pokemon clone. We’ve played the first 6 generations of pokemon and a few of remakes and spinoffs, and although some of them were a challenge to stick with, this game couldnt hold a candle to the worst of pokemon spinoffs. The leveling is terribly awkward, completely unbalanced, and leaves the game feeling more like a sandbox than a campaign. The npcs are completely useless and talking to them will not only waste time but also make the game even drier. The story line… We cant even bother to be interested. Very wonky. The game looks good and some of the nexomon look cool. Its not the worst game we’ve ever played. But if youre looking for a pokemon clone, this is a hard, hard, hard pass. All this game will do is help you appreciate how much nintendo puts into pokemon.

Would love to see controller support added for the game!

Best game except omnicrons death and all the other Nexomon should return for the 3rd, sequel.

First of all its a great game. Its like playing Pokmon without actually playing Pokmon and it gives off the same feeling. However, our only problem are levels. We like to grind levels on our monsters and its frustrating to see that even though we win against Omnicrons children we still lose? We have a level 76 Carnagrius that went up against Arqua when we were omw to the desert. We killed her using slash because it dealt 750 damage and Arqua had 2500. Same with Grunda. We defeated both of them and we understand for the sake of the story we had to lose. But if we had to fight a person who we were going to lose to no matter what at least make the monsters tanky or insanely OP. It is a bit disheartening that we can defeat them easily but still manage to lose. On a side note, we really hope you allow the option of a fixed joystick and possibly make it bigger? Its hard to control your character especially with a small screen. The maps are a bit small because everything is big. Id like it if it was a bit smaller. Theres also not enough npcs to battle. While its easy to level up grinding wild nexomon itd also be helpful to have more npcs. We feel as if we’ve battled less than 10 npcs which is not a lot and it is fun to battle against them. Other than that its a great game to play! We highly recommend it!

We would give this a 5 star but does not support controllers. Can someone fix this?

We do not like that they make you use the Golden next trap.

This game is really a 5 star game butttttttttt control support would take this game to boy level and Beyond. We love mobile gaming and we hope to see controller support happened.

Aside from selecting our mon and going on an adventure there was nothing unique about the game. The battle mechanics is same as Pokmon albeit lacking a wide range of buffs and debuffs, making the strategy element other than fighting vs type advantages pretty non existent. Im not a big fan of the micro transaction aspect but we do understand from the context of a mobile game it is something the developers focused on in order to generate revenue. The plot had good pacing which we will give props to. The characters and the nexomon design were a B+ and we found the intro quite immersive. What hurt the game were the following: lack of dual types, lack of post game content and the final boss being a mon rather than a human, made it more of a mons vs humans narrative which was not our cup of tea. Also final boss was unnecessarily hard but we beat it just about. Being a Pokmon inspired game its unfair to compare so one should judge the game on its own merit. With that being said the game was for us ultimately average.

As someone who had played every Pokmon game nearly to death, the prospect of a high quality game in the same vein that we can play anywhere on our phone is exciting. While theres a lot to like about Nexomon, ultimately it lacks many of the features and mechanics of even the early Pokmon games, and we found myself losing interest. If youre a casual Pokmon fan or youre looking for something simple to kill some time, youll probably enjoy this game.

Not sure why the developer removed the player battles. Even if it was npc versions, player battles were essentially the true endgame. Now we guess we just mindlessly grind to 999.

We were playing the game for a handful of hours. Really enjoying it. Started looking up guides to find the starters (which are all available to catch in game.) Then we find out that there are items that you MUST pay for in the mobile version that if you were to buy the PC/console version, they would just be found in game. The costs dont even match. Nexomon on steam is $10. If we were to buy all the special items on mobile, it would cost much more than that. Itd be nicer if there was instead a premium version of the game offered to mirror that of the PC/Console. Anyway, its still a fun game, and Im gonna buy a copy on console, where, you know, all the features are actually available.

We lost all our saved data and our purchases on this waste of money. Dont download.

The story sections are long, unskippable, and soulless. Art style is cheap looking, uninspired, and soulless. The game is just soulless. Poorly designed. Trash. Cringe. Terrible. Flaming hot garbage. Like a bad fan fiction. But what can you expect from a crappy Pokmon ripoff with micro transactions? These people must have paid for fake good reviews because this game is truly a waste of time and money.

After trying with the Xbox controller and failing. We read this app doesnt support ANY controllers. No stars. Its based on a console game for crying out loud.

The game is built around micro transactions tot he extreme. The capture rate, which is horrible, forces you to purchase Golden Traps. Paid .99 for it, we feel ripped off. Deleted it.

Please make this compatible with backbone controller.

We love this game so much. Major nostalgia combined with modern gaming. We sincerely hope they keep this going. Some things to think about for the future, a map would be super helpful, and the menu/backpack icon is out of the way and not super easy to access. Really just small things, Im excited to see how they progress!

One of the best capture games we’ve played on any platform. Please add controller support – would easily be one of our favorite iOS games with it!