Nishan Shaman

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Nishan Shaman

Nishan Shaman

Nishan Shaman is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Tencent Mobile International Limited, Nishan Shaman is a Music game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 4th August 2018 with the latest update 16th August 2022

Whether you are a fan of Music, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Nishan Shaman ?

515 people have rated 1

What is the price of the Nishan Shaman ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Nishan Shaman released ?

Nishan Shaman was released on 4th August 2018.

When was the Nishan Shaman updated ?

The latest updated date of Nishan Shaman on 16th August 2022.

Where can Nishan Shaman be downloaded ?

You can download the game Nishan Shaman from Apple Official App Store.



A free-to-play game created by six university graduates over five months.

The Legend of Nishan Shaman is a traditional tale passed down by Northeastern Chinese minority tribes for thousands of years. The tale is about how a female shaman named Nishan saved the soul of a young boy from evil.

Players will control Nishan and go on a magical adventure through different realms, defeating evil by beating on her shaman drum.

It is a casual story-driven rhythm game, as well as a serious game that aims to pass on the culture of Chinese minority tribes.

In the style of traditional Chinese paper-cutting art, with a mysterious and original shamanistic soundtrack and a compendium that contains abundant cultural information, Nishan Shaman will show you the charm of Northeastern Chinese minority culture.

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Nishan Shaman Review

This is one of the most beautiful games we’ve played. The only thing is the game ends… Maybe they will add more levels later. But we had a lot of fun with this game.

The cultural story is so well integrated into the game play, with simple yet highly engaging mechanics. Such a unique game! Look forward to more episodes!!!

We dont know what is amazing about this game but it is awesome.

We really like this games the music graphics every thing this game was actually pretty hard but this game is so amazing o like the story cultural we hope there going to be more games of this.

This game in our eyes is perfect. It tells a wonderful story and its very enveloping. Its the ultimate good versus evil. We dont know much about the backstory of the story but it tells an amazing story and its easy for people to get addicted to this game. Keep up the awesome for guys.

A treasure. Lovingly crafted, beautifully illustrated and an ethereally haunting soundtrack. Only complaint is that theres not nearly enough of it. Please make more!

We have never played a game that is so awesome! We love the stories they shows and how they read it to you in Chinese. Their song is wonderful, it is like from another time!

Wow wow wow we were expecting something simple and in truth it was but something about the game gave us chills. So full of substance. Its short but sweet. We had an amazing time playing! Honestly we would recommend to any and everybody. We want to applaud everybody that took part in the development of this piece of art!! If we could give 10 stars we would.

The preview does NOT do this game justice. We cant believe its only 5 levels. The story line, the music, the art, everything is beyond perfection. PLEASE UPDATE WITH MORE LEVELS. This is honestly the first time we have ever left a 5 star review and comments for any game. Its also the first time we’ve felt this overjoyed by a game since the apple store was released. These developers are talented. We cannot wait to see what they produce after graduation if this is the caliber game theyre creating while still obtaining their degrees. WTG.

Awesome game if u read this please be proud of the game.

Bring us more songs and ancient stories of Shaman.

We love this game it make us helpful we hope to add more act.

We rarely write reviews but this game is just so amazing we had to write one. The game has very simple mechanics but works extremely well with the games captivating and gorgeous visuals and music! Definitely worth a try!

The game is great! We typically dont like simple games or musical games but this one was amazing. We only wish it was longer or that the character gets more adventures.

We absolutely loveeee the game ! Pls do more ! Cant wait !

Thank you guys broadcasting the Chinese culture.

Nishan Shaman has got to be one of the best musical games we have ever played. Once we started playing, we couldnt stop until we’ve achieved and completed them all, not to mention that it was also very fun to play. Not only that but the music was beyond beautiful to the ear. This game is a work of art. Cant wait to see more!

Nishan is more than just a musical game. Its a showcase of old Chinese culture that has been nearly forgotten. The music is absolutely beautiful and inspiring, along with the storyline and artwork. The artwork reminds us of games like Monument Valley and is pretty awesome and engaging. Im happy and surprised we were able to get this for free.

A game developed by people truly passionate about a mysterious culture that are currently dying out. A mesmerizing story told by an old-fashioned mechanism.

We are currently graduating with a degree in CS and we are blown away by this app. The artwork is brilliant and the culture is truly put on display. The gameplay paired with music is genius and we have the utmost respect for all of the developers who grinded in their 5 months of creating this beautiful game :)

It was short but sweet. The controls, music, graphics, style all were amazing and made the entire story much more impactful. Hope this team will make more games soon!!

We ran across this game scrolling through our phone. What an unexpected delightful. It is beautiful to look at and fairly easy to play. The one down side is you cant really appreciate whats going on in the game background while playing. It is, however, meant to be played repeatedly so one can gain all of the icons and learn more about ancient Manchurian culture. We hope these young people fulfill their promise of more games to come!

Reminds us a little of Patapon, and amazing as it was produced by university students! We hope there will be a sequel and would gladly pay to get a full game with more songs.

This is so beautiful, we are at a loss of words. This is the first review for anything that we have written in our life. If you are reading this, please download and play. This is art. If any developer who was involved in this sees this, thank you for your beautiful work, hope you make many more.

We learned so much about Northern Chinese culture that we never would have known about and we learned in an amazing artistic and musical way, this really blew us away in terms of the art style and music. The game is rather short but as a completionist Ill definitely replay stages to finish the compendium so we can learn even more about this fascinating culture. Clearly lots of passion and amazing design went into this game and it couldnt be any other way.

We love both rhythm and story based games and its hard to find a game that can effectively pull off both- but this game does it! Even though its not an English language game the information and subtitles allows you to understand whats going on perfectly! We love the innovative gameplay mechanic and how it compliments the stunning visuals that directly play into the story. Its also deceptively hard in the amount of syncopation required even early on. Plus the informative section of the game really ties it all together- we personally love when games tie into different mythologies. And the score is incredible!

OH MY GOODNESS!!! There is nothing else to say. This game is one of the best musical games we have been able to find!! This is almost better than lost in harmony, except for the fact there is only five levels! We agree with the other guy, if there was more of this we think anyone would pay for it!

Only this we hate thought is that it is short we love the music and the story.

Only 5 levels long, but very fun to play. We tend to skip story lines but what we did read of this one was interesting, but the rhythm of hitting the drum and the cool songs made this worth it. Im hoping the team that made this will continue to build levels for it as we would love to keep playing. Art style is beautiful, like a storybook come to life.

Absolutely amazing, teaches you Rhythm and you dont even realize it. Art work is beautiful, we just wish the game was a little bit longer. Now only if Tencent could fix the hacker problem on mobile pubg. Lazy dudes.

Definitely a stunning game with beautiful music and visuals.

We just played this game and mastered it under an hour. We are a musician and we hoped for more challenges in the game. The game has a beautiful story and graphics. If it had more Acts we would have been more satisfied with it but for it is involved with exotic, folklore and complex rhythmic figures we are satisfied enough.

Simple gameplay, but with amazing sound and art work, the only negative is the length of the game but is free.

This is a great game we just wish there could be more levels what if there was a endless mode and you could try to beat your high score.

The game is amazing the songs are beautiful theres nothing for us to hate about the game just that it needs more we already beat the game it needs more levels but other than that the game is amazing.

Interesting but why is end keep make more sesson!

If you like music game, this is not missable. Fabulous pictures and music.

This game is amazing. The music, the story, AARGH!!!! We love it! We wish there was more to play. Id buy the dlc if there was one. Beautiful music and graphics.

Nishan Shaman is the type of game that we go to when we want a bit of challenge mixed in with a wonderful soundtrack and enjoyable storyline. It has a short, easy to learn and master game mechanic, perfect for an afternoon snack or just to spend some time! It is fully functional offline and promises a good hour or so of fun! Highly recommended. Hope to see more of this developer soon!

So beautiful! So engaging! Art, music, myth = gorgeous and thoughtful! Please do more. We would pay!

This game is amazing which comes from the hands of six new college graduates.

Every review has basically summed up everything. Download this and play it.. Its just amazing.

We were amazed at the beautiful graphics and music. Though there are only five levels, one must play until all of them are excellent to unlock the secret ending. We still have not gotten quite so far, but we love the game and applaud the developers for making such an excellent game!

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