Object Hunt

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 03:58 pm

Object Hunt


Object Hunt is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kwalee Ltd, Object Hunt is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th November 2020 with the latest update 17th January 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


63,178 people have rated 1.2.1

You can download the game Object Hunt from APP STORE.


The ultimate game of hide ‘n’ seek is about to begin!

The object of the game is simple! One person becomes the hunter, whilst the rest of you hide! But this game comes with a twist… You can’t stay as you are!

Become a prop to disguise yourself as, and find your perfect spot to hide otherwise you’ll stand out and get caught.
You’ll also get the chance at being the seeker make sure you sniff out the props hiding as people and find them all to win!

Object Hunt features:

  • New props to use
  • Skins to unlock
  • Become the hunter
  • Seek out the props

Updated on 17th January 2022

  • Bug fixes and improvements to keep you hiding

Object Hunt Review

Super good except they should give you more time.

Ok lets cut to the chase, we like this game, got a few ideas, lets go. First, let us change back to older skins. Second You know Piggy on Roblox the mascot is based off? Add these characters from that game: Dinopiggy, Badgy, Parasee, and Doggy. All of them are boys, keep their base designs the same, (keep Dinopiggy a spotted dinosaur, keep Parasees tentacles, etc.) and if you wanna know more about them, look at them in the Piggy wiki. Im gonna give you some ideas to spice them up so hear us out. Give Dinopiggy bandages on his arms, legs, torso, and above the torso bandages, a ripped up shirt, and a ripped up pair of pants. Give Parasee a strain jacket and a pair of pants. Give Doggy an earring, some gloves, and a hoodie, but make his fur grey. Keep Badgy the same. Use these ideas Im BEGGING YOU.

Love this game we hide when we what and seek its so fun.

Im only giving this 5 stars so it can be seen, if this was real we think it would be very fun, but sadly this game is fake your playing with literal bots because wherever you hide the hunter just automatically comes to you EVERY SINGLE ROUND? Doesnt make any since. So this game is a scam dont download it.

It is the best game of your life and ours trust me.

This game is good but we are always being found! We like it but the hunters look like piggy. What kinda game has someone that looks like piggy?! Why cant Real people who play have a username including us? Is the hunter seeing what objects we are? The answer might be yes. This game excites us :p.

We cant stop playing this game it is like we have our hole life in the game.

This game is easy to understand yet still a good pass time while waiting for something or if your just bored.

We love this game its a perfect little mobile prop hunt game! Although there is one thing we wish that would change the game, the game is too short. It should probably be a minute or two, but other than that this game is so fun. 4 stars.

The game seems to get stuck during one of the levels of the hunt. You need to fix it.

The only two thing bad about it is that you have to watch and Ad to be the hunter and the hunter IMMEDIATELY goes to where you are hiding and no where else.

Yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet yeety.

So this is fun and all but like we dont know about you but we have to Watch a add just to be the seeker.

This game is SO boring, SO many ads, and literally you are never seeker and will never get caught.

We would love the game if it didnt have ads like after almost every round. It would be better if it had optional ads to improve your gameplay or progress, but nope.

The game is broke every time we play Im all ways a toilet fix it please and thank you.

Our dad farted because of this game and (and our mom farted to) And it stinked, deleted.

This game needs to fix there hunter mode because everytime Im the hunter or someone else there going to find us everytime with the arrow we can see the arrow.

Its not fun and the 5 stars are so fake people just try to be nice but this is not worth it.!! Delete this game at once.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We started playing this game and was like: hmm, not bad..! But its so fake! We were a lamp one round and hid in a horrible spot to test. And we still would not get killed! It makes you win every time! So fake! Sorry but 1 star.. :(

This is a great game Ill be honest! It is funny. Sooo. First, u r assigned an objet then there is a gaint room kinda like a house and one person is assigned to be the seeker and u have to find hiding spots around the house! We recommend it we already am on the 3rd level and stayed on the top hopefully that wont change!

Good luck on the new game and get it to 10M.

We this game but the only thing is that there are TO MANY ADDs we should not have to pay for the adds to go away plz fix that little thing in the game bye boys and girls.

When we first saw the ad for this game, we doubted its power. But as soon as we opened the app and saw Ms. Piggy, we knew we had made the right choice. This game is life changing. The way ms. Pig is so graceful with her swings is so inspiring. Ms. CrazyPig has helped us gain confidence. Our grades are up, our skin is clear, and our popularity has shot up. Object hunt has truly helped us live our life for the fullest. Thank you so much for making this inspirational app.

LOVE this game! SUPER fun and a BIG time killer! We 100% RECOMMEND.

We like it and all but it needs improvement like more rooms and stuff!!!

Its a good game but too much adds like a lot of games games are fun but we dont like the adds.

We just got this game and we see there is not glitches or anything wrong with the game so great effort.

Its just when we are not the killer, THE KILLER DOESNT GET ME WHEN we HIDE.

This game is fun but there is sooo many ads like every game we play theres a ad right after we play.

We feel like every time we play as an object, we never get found even if Im like a lamp in the bathroom or something stupid like that.

The ads are not appropriate for 12+ on this game there is ads about who is gonna have a abortion and who is the father.

Stop with the dumb ads our god there is so many you are just promoting your own game.

The seeker could be all the way across the room and we wouldnt touch anything we then we would get caught. DONT DOWNLOAD.

Dont let you hunt unless you watch ad.

Unless you allow the personalized ads you cant play.

First soooooooo many ads and you cant go agents each other and sooo boring do not get please so much scam do not get they did not try.

This app is si bad when we played it we kept on winnine smh do better.

Hi, we know it doesnt look like this game is good based off other reviews, but dont believe that we like this game so fun and the only thing we would change is make more places to hide in meaning more than construction and all that jazz. Thx Jabber wacky.