Object Hunt

Last updated on September 28th, 2022 at 05:45 pm

Object Hunt

Object Hunt

Object Hunt is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kwalee Ltd, Object Hunt is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th November 2020 with the latest update 6th September 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Object Hunt ?

70,392 people have rated 1.3.4

What is the price of the Object Hunt ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Object Hunt released ?

Object Hunt was released on 24th November 2020.

When was the Object Hunt updated ?

The latest updated date of Object Hunt on 6th September 2022.

Where can Object Hunt be downloaded ?

You can download the game Object Hunt from Apple Official App Store.



The ultimate game of hide ‘n’ seek is about to begin!

The object of the game is simple! One person becomes the hunter, whilst the rest of you hide! But this game comes with a twist… You can’t stay as you are!

Become a prop to disguise yourself as, and find your perfect spot to hide otherwise you’ll stand out and get caught.
You’ll also get the chance at being the seeker make sure you sniff out the props hiding as people and find them all to win!

Object Hunt features:

  • New props to use
  • Skins to unlock
  • Become the hunter
  • Seek out the props

Updated on 6th September 2022

  • Bug fixes and improvements to keep you hiding

Object Hunt Review

Okay we said it so short when you can upgrade the time and its so cool that you can be the guy who tries to give people and love them that is Peggy Slenderman.

We like this game. Ok? Its actually really interesting. But we want to change our name on the game. We dont like beingYOU. And why cant we choose the piece of furniture we wanna be?? Its not fair for the game to randomly pick what you are. Its stupid. Can you please make it to where we can pick the furniture we am? Or make a new game mode? Or something? We like this game but it could be better. Please and thank you.

It is good but it needs some improvement.

Why should you have to watch an ad to be an hunter? And then they give you hints where the others are? Like.

We keep getting these ads that dont fit the screen and we cant skip them so we have to reset the game fix this now this is terrible.

Too much ads per match witch is like 30 seconds per match.

Not a lot to say really we just like the game.

Thanks for this game you are the best.

Its okay and its fine we love how there is not much ads and u know we love pretty much everything about this game soo yea.

This game is amazing they have one on the game Roblox but this on is better.

We like the game. Our kids and we play together but for some reason it’s stuck. It will show 40% progress to the next hunter and always choices us every single game now. Our phone has been updated and so has the game.

The pig got the lamp table but not us lol ok this game is like piggy but shorter and difrent monsters we like piggy and this game good idea!

Friend us on roblox our user is Noelle_nia1.

To many ads. We love the game but too many ads.

So much adds after every game you play nd we dont see any gun of it . We advise you not to get this game.

So we were playing the game cause it was fun but! When the hunter hit another object it made us go out. Thats so not fair we wasnt even in his line of sight. Pls fix this.

We like the hunter character and we like that you can become the hunter but the thing is, this is super boring and not at all fun. There is barely anywhere to hide and the hunter finds you so easily. We saw this game and the screenshots and an ad of this game, and we got super excited and thought this would be really fun, but then we found out that this is just another one of those cheap games that attract you with marketing tactics. For example, when youre the hunter, it tells you where people are and that makes it so boring. Like, WHO in the right mind would add that to an ultimate hide and seek game? And the objects are so easy to recognize. And why do you have to watch an AD to become hunter?! Added to all the stupid things in this game, there are way too many ads. We have played about 4 rounds and Im already thinking of uninstalling this game. Make this more exciting and fun. Please fix this.

This game has an awesome concept but horrible game play, every 5 seconds in in a round it just freezes on us and its so annoyingand to make matters worse it takes your battery and makes your phone super slow its not very fun. Im just not a fan sry.

The rounds are so short like fifteen seconds! And we wish you could add play with real people! Oh right, cant do that, cuz this game is terrible we bet you cant even do that.

This game is way toooo easy. You never get found and when you are the seeker an arrow pops up an shows you where everyone is. Do not get this game it is a waist of time and is not fun. Trust us you do not want this game.

This game has virtually no gameplay. You cant ever be the seeker unless you watch an ad. Also, half the time if you stay still the seeker wont find you. Overall a low effort game with poor ai.

Ever since we got this game it was so good that every single day we would play on it ( it was just to good! ) then we told our friends they joined it to and they agreed get this app it will Entertain you ( we swear we are NOT kidding! We played on this for 1 year and it was amazing! ) have a awesome day.

Amazing game but please you need to remove ads in the middle of the game it pops out an ad it make us angry.

It is a really fun game but theres to many ads! We really like it and Im really good at hiding its so much fun but almost everything you have to get with ads you can hide as different objects it is really so fun and a changes maps Im in the store it is really fun we recommend downloading this game.

There is more ads then the actual game and round feel fake and short But its was kind of cool.

This game is terrible. 1. So many ads. As soon as it chooses the object we are and we try to move theres an ad. This is supper annoying and a waste of time. Sometimes as soon as we click the game it brings up an ad. Theres no point of getting this game because you probably watch more ads than you play the actual game. 2. The games are so short. We wouldnt even say its 10 seconds its like 6 seconds for the seeker to look for people. You wonder why we quote that. Well its easy to tell. The people are bots and the seeker is a bot because you could be in plain sight and might not even get caught. And theres no way someone can find like 3 of the people in less than 10 seconds. While we were playing the game, we were watching the seeker and it hadnt found anyone and then the thing said it had found 3 of the bots. We DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO THIS GAME. PLEASE DO NOT GET THEY ARE SCAMMING!!

This game will give us an add then we want to get a new skin it says not available try again so we try again and it disappears other than that this is a fun game.

We haven’t even been able to play the game at all yet because when you open the game, the app asks to allow them to "customize" by allowing them to track your data & personalize ads. It gives you 2 options: Dont allow or Confirm, except the dont allow button is GREYED OUT and you cannot click it. If you want to use the game at all it forces you to click allow & confirm. Otherwise the game will not open. We even waited 30min to see if it was one of those timed ones to trick you into thinking it doesn’t work, but it didn’t change. This is not only extremely annoying and really scummy, but is actually against many states and other laws regarding allowing consumers to opt out of them tracking & selling your data. Like anyone else, we’ve clicked okay many times in other apps & games in the past, or in cookies on websites, etc, but that was by choice. The way this game is doing this, FORCING you to in a very underhanded way by giving an unclickable button, is gross. Nor does the app link to any Terms that you can see to view what data it will steal, use, or sell, but that’s less problematic than offering you a refuse button that CANNOT BE PRESSED. We have screenshots & video for proof. Please fix this.

This game is boring because the rounds go by so fast and it isnt challenging so please make the game more challenging.

Super good except they should give you more time.

Ok lets cut to the chase, we like this game, got a few ideas, lets go. First, let us change back to older skins. Second You know Piggy on Roblox the mascot is based off? Add these characters from that game: Dinopiggy, Badgy, Parasee, and Doggy. All of them are boys, keep their base designs the same, (keep Dinopiggy a spotted dinosaur, keep Parasees tentacles, etc.) and if you wanna know more about them, look at them in the Piggy wiki. Im gonna give you some ideas to spice them up so hear us out. Give Dinopiggy bandages on his arms, legs, torso, and above the torso bandages, a ripped up shirt, and a ripped up pair of pants. Give Parasee a strain jacket and a pair of pants. Give Doggy an earring, some gloves, and a hoodie, but make his fur grey. Keep Badgy the same. Use these ideas Im BEGGING YOU.

Love this game we hide when we what and seek its so fun.

Im only giving this 5 stars so it can be seen, if this was real we think it would be very fun, but sadly this game is fake your playing with literal bots because wherever you hide the hunter just automatically comes to you EVERY SINGLE ROUND? Doesnt make any since. So this game is a scam dont download it.

It is the best game of your life and ours trust me.

This game is good but we are always being found! We like it but the hunters look like piggy. What kinda game has someone that looks like piggy?! Why cant Real people who play have a username including us? Is the hunter seeing what objects we are? The answer might be yes. This game excites us :p.

We cant stop playing this game it is like we have our hole life in the game.

This game is easy to understand yet still a good pass time while waiting for something or if your just bored.

We love this game its a perfect little mobile prop hunt game! Although there is one thing we wish that would change the game, the game is too short. It should probably be a minute or two, but other than that this game is so fun. 4 stars.

The game seems to get stuck during one of the levels of the hunt. You need to fix it.

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