Octro Tambola Housie Online

Octro Tambola Housie Online


Octro Tambola Housie Online is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Octro Inc., Octro Tambola Housie Online is a Card game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 9th May 2014 with the latest update 13th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Card, Casino, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


440 people have rated 6.28

You can download the game Octro Tambola Housie Online from APP STORE.


Octro Tambola Housie Game is an online Indian Bingo (also called Bingo 90 or Tombola) which you can play with your friends and millions of real players around the World for FREE. The Game is fun to play & very easy to learn.

Tambola, Housie Game by Octro is the most played Tambola Game and is inarguably the best indian Bingo Game. It is a fun game to play with family and friends anytime, anywhere for free. All you have to do is know the basic rules and you’re good to play Tambola Game Online.

Tambola, Indian Bingo, is a number calling game where the random numbers from 1 to 90 are called by the in-app caller/dealer and the players need to strike the called numbers off their tickets.
Each Tambola ticket or Housie Card has 3 horizontal rows/lines & 9 vertical columns, with a total of 27 boxes. Each line has 5 numbers and 4 blank boxes. Thus, each tambola ticket has 15 numbers. The first column has unique numbers from 1 to 9, the second column from 10 to 19, third from 20 to 29, and so on, with the last column having numbers from 80 to 90.

Octro Tambola Housie Game can be played with one, two, or three tambola tickets.

The Winning Combinations

Early five: The ticket first to strike off any 5 called numbers.
Four corners: The ticket first to strike off all the four corners called numbers. The four corners are 1st and last numbers of top and bottom rows.
Top line: The ticket first to strike off the 5 numbers of the top horizontal line as called numbers.
Middle line: The ticket first to strike off the 5 numbers of the middle horizontal line as called numbers.
Bottom line: The ticket first to strike off the 5 numbers of the bottom horizontal line as called numbers.
Full house: The ticket first to have all the 15 numbers as called numbers.

The first person to strike off any winning combination wins. The game of Tambola Housie ends when all the small wins & Full House are successfully claimed.

Octro Tambola is played with virtual money. A new player is a Level 1 player & gets 10,000 chips and 5,000 gems. For a level 1 player, each ticket costs 100 chips. The winning amount for each winning combination is based on the number of tickets sold.

Claiming the Winning Combination

As soon as a player has marked off the numbers of a winning combination on the ticket, he/she has to press the Claim button before the next number is called. On the new screen that appears, select the winning combination or combinations that need to be claimed. If the winning combination claimed is correct, you will get the winning amount. If it’s incorrect, the tambola ticket will be declared Bogey.

Multiple Claims

Unlike any other Tambola Housie Game, we give everyone a chance to win. In games with a large number of players, there can be multiple claims made on a single Winning Combination. For example, if someone claims a top line, you can also make a top line claim.

Types Of Tables

Octro Tambola has different types of tables that you can join depending upon your mood.

Public Table
This is the default game mode. A player here is matched with random players who are also playing on Public Tables. To join a public table, simply click on the “Play” button in the main menu and select the number of tickets you want to play with.

Tambola Party
Players can create their own private party and invite friends to join. Launch Tambola and select Party. Create and Join.

Be on the lookout for Tambola events. These are special game modes that last for a limited time and usually offer huge rewards.

Sponsored Events
These events are free to enter and reward the winners with real gifts like a phone, a bike etc. Be on a lookout for these Tambola events.

Special Voice Chat Feature
Now players on the party table can enjoy the voice chat feature and talk to the other players and have fun.

What are you waiting for? Download Octro Tambola, World’s most favorite Housie game, NOW!

Updated on 13th April 2023

Bug fixes and enhancements

Octro Tambola Housie Online Reviews

If u are planning to play this game for a longer time may be with breaks in between forget it. We played once collected huge number of coins and gems. We had to take a break. Lost all of those and started again from scratch. We have sent emails to octro but looks like all those went into void. No response. There is no team supporting this game afaik.

We had been enjoying the game initially, but there are so many bogus games, where it shows there are 10 players & as the game continues we realize that Im playing alone, which is extremely annoying. We cant even quit as we will loose there is a penalty. And whats with the unnecessary high ticket prices & stakes? To have a variation, try having more different items to win instead of just 6 options. And pls have an option of the lady just reading the numbers instead of adding phrases before each number.

Do not get app trying to scam people.

We feel this game works on trick when you have more coins you always get the numbers which are not in your ticket and when you are almost there to complete something to claim you wont get number till end. It seems like game doesnt want you to win and when you have less coins that you will not be able to play suddenly you get all numbers you want and win more coins. Doesnt even deserve one star.

In Housie, one can purchase a maximum of 6 tickets where all 90 numbers are available, but this game limits the ticket count to maximum up-to 4 only.

Initially we were so happy, we have some million coins then from last two day they took all and want us to buy coins using money. Well good luck developer, you can go n eat tuna fish.

Used to be great with the 5mil lottery and big win prize…. The update just killed the game… Bring back the old version!!

Everyday our chips reduce. We felt that so one day we took a screenshot at night when our chips were around 48 lakhs and when opened the app next day in the morning the reduced to 21 lakhs and even our gems reduced. That is so frustrating. Dont feel like playing it anymore.

You will find that half of the players are bots setup by this app. Hope they improve this.

We like it but the bogie part is bull crap.

In the lockdown of coronavirus our moms cousins and us Im 7 play this game when we tried to play it we like it very very much this is our best game ever.

All of a sudden leader board icon disappeared from our gaming profile.

This is one of the worst games we have ever played it is terrible and completely cheats you making cpu win everything.

Plenty of bugs.. Looks like there was a need to launch the app without proper testing. The wordt game app for sure.

Absolutely superb. Im a big fan of Tambola and this app truly justified this amazing game. Love the interface and all the included features.

This game so addictive but x close button not visible after an add is played also, UI can be more better. But thank you guys feeling nostalgic.

Our kid was playing and she accidentally selected wrong ticket claim and then everything grayed out and can’t play. Another time, she got 4corners and claimed ticket but again it says wrong and stuck. We double checked if she got 4corners and yes she got it Fix your app.

We would like to say we love this game but we recently realized that now there no daily challenges that were there before.. Looking forward to it.

Such a cool game.. An addiction too!

We like it very much but we should be allowed to choose the ticket of the game of our choice.

They charge us 100,000 chips for a ticket and then u wait and wait and only their bots win all the money!!!! The most boring game in all three of Octro Tri pack :rummy, teen patti and this mind numbingly boring one!!! You never win!! We are gonna uninstall after this review!!

Great version of the classic Tambola game…

We like this game. It’s much addicting.

It’s a lot like Bingo and just as much fun and addicting! We’re using an old 3G iPod and we’re not having any glitches, connection issues nothing. Great game! You should try this!

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